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• 7/20/2018

Updates (July 2018)

This is my third time typing this post because it goes *poof* every time I resize my browser window...

New template - {{Citation needed}}
This is used on other wikis and it was sorely needed here. This wiki is still missing so many sources for a huge amount of info. Hopefully the Kubera wiki community will help in finding sources because it can get time-consuming. Whenever you spot a [Citation needed] and you think you know which episode the info was mentioned, let us know (here, discord, wherever).

Universe - article updated last week-ish to add the list of dimensions revealed in Ep.3-57. Also took out the bit about Hell being part of the god realm.

God realm - took out the bit about Hell being a part of the god realm. It was only speculation! Not canon! This happens too often...

God - I heavily revamped this article, and took out the lines that stated that the primeval gods are beyond 5th-zen classification. This was never stated anywhere! Speculation! However, it was stated on Currygom's blog that there are only 1st-5th zens and that the primeval gods are 5th-zen. I don't know where "beyond" came from. The article also used to state that gods can have children with other gods. No. No. They can't. New gods only happen when a new jurisdiction opens up, etc. Oh yeah, there are a whole lot of [Citation needed] in this article now!

I'll continue to add various updates to this thread throughout the month.
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• 7/17/2018

How money works in Kubera.

Hello I'm new to the Kubera wiki and I'm sorry if i sound unintelligible by saying this. How does money work? Money is written something like this - 10000/100. I'm confused as to how this works. Can someone explain this to me?
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• 3/11/2018

Currygom's Blog Posts

Hello! First, I just wanted to thank everyone involved in this wiki and in the Author's blog post translations! This wonderful series wouldn't be the same without them!
Second, I wanted to know if there were any plans to translate those blog posts that missed translations from Season's 1 & 2?
Unfortunately, I know nothing of Korean, and I haven't been able to find a way to translate the blog directly. >_<
I figure it's a long shot, as translation is time-consuming, but I wanted to at least try asking!

(And hopefully I've posted this in an acceptable place)

-The Lovable Babo-Smith
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• 3/8/2018

Season 3 Episode 48

Some serious crack theories were thrown around in the Discord chat because of this episode...
쿠베라 - 3부 48화 너의 7년 (3)
쿠베라 - 3부 48화 너의 7년 (3)
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• 2/28/2018

Season 3 Episode 47

More revelations about Hoti Visnu!
쿠베라 - 3부 47화 너의 7년 (2)
쿠베라 - 3부 47화 너의 7년 (2)
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• 2/21/2018

Season 3 Episode 46

Discussion about Kubera Episode 3-46.
Another surprising relevation!
Tap anywhere in this post outside the Naver link image to open the thread.
쿠베라 - 3부 46화 너의 7년 (1)
쿠베라 - 3부 46화 너의 7년 (1)
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• 2/15/2018

Season 3 Episode 45

Discussion about Kubera Episode 3-45
Ahh, Shess in the preview!
Tap anywhere in this post outside the Naver link image to open the thread.
쿠베라 - 3부 45화 비틀어진 새 (12)
쿠베라 - 3부 45화 비틀어진 새 (12)
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• 2/15/2018

Season 3 Episode 44

Discussion about Kubera Episode 3-44
(Sorry, this is over a week late. I'll keep it here for future discussions.)
쿠베라 - 3부 44화 비틀어진 새 (11)
쿠베라 - 3부 44화 비틀어진 새 (11)
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• 1/31/2018

Season 3 Episode 43

Discussion about Kubera Episode 3-43
The image below links to Naver.
쿠베라 - 3부 43화 비틀어진 새 (10)
쿠베라 - 3부 43화 비틀어진 새 (10)
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• 1/26/2018

Season 3 Episode 42

Kubera Episode 3-42 discussion!
Webtoons link:
The image below links to Naver.
쿠베라 - 3부 42화 비틀어진 새 (9)
쿠베라 - 3부 42화 비틀어진 새 (9)
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• 1/8/2018

Batoto Forum closing
Batoto's last day will be January 18, 2018, and the Kubera forum members will be scattered to the four winds. There already exists mulitiple Kubera chat groups, including a large one on LINE chat, and at least two Discord servers. If there is interest in continuing some of the active threads from Batoto over here (Kubera Season 3 discussion raws, in particular), then all newcomers are welcome.
I don't think an unspoilered Webtoons discussion thread would work here, however, because of the spoilery nature of the wiki.
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• 1/8/2018

List of mysteries

This list was originated by Kitty1826x on Batoto. I didn't think it would make a proper wiki article, so I decided to put it in the wiki forums.
I'm still in the process of populating this table, and it may take a while!
Anyone can reply to this post to suggest additions, and I'll continually update this post. I'll probably highlight questions that have since been answered and put them in spoiler tags.

It's simply a list of questions we still haven't gotten an answer to in the story yet, but now in a sortable table. (Basically a list of the mysteries for you to try to ponder over. )
Please keep the replies to just questions that should be added to this post. Please include the episode number if applicable.

Episode No.
Why did Agni see nothing but a red X when he used insight on Asha?
Episode 10
Leez Haias
How did Leez break through the door of the barrier room?
Episode 20
What did Agni say to Gandharva where the lightning covered the text?
Episode 20
Why did Kali want to kill Shiva?
Episode 42

Whose transcendental value is 17860?
Episode 2-4
Why did Visnu strike a deal with Asha?
Episode 2-10
Whose reflection did Yuta see in the Lake of Reflection?
Episode 2-33
God Kubera
How was God Kubera able to give the Sword of Return to Leez?
Episode 2-45

Who's the one who is going to stay with Leez until the very end?
Episode 2-66
Who threatened Brilith in order to force Agni to leave Kalibloom?
Episode 2-68
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• 11/24/2017


I just added a minor feature that allows extra info to display when you hover over specified text, which is underlined with a dotted line. Keep in mind that hovering can't be done on mobile, and this function should be restricted to useful but non-essential information.
Source: Leez continues to sleep, seemingly confusing Asha for &lt;abbr title="Anna Haias"&gt;her mother&lt;/abbr&gt;.
Result: Leez continues to sleep, seemingly confusing Asha for her mother.
I used it multiple times in Kubera Leez/Synopsis, so you can see it in action there.
Here is more information on Tooltips, for those who want to learn more about it.
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• 11/21/2017

Call to motion to remove Battradio as bureaucrat/admin because of abusive behavior

This is a formality to start the process of removing Battradio as bureaucrat and administrator of the Kubera Wiki. Any attempt by Battradio to edit or remove this discussion will be considered a hostile act. Be aware that only the Wikia Staff has the ability to remove those permissions from Battradio, so this discussion exists to express the desires of the Kubera Wiki community and its active administration (myself-User:Horseshoe Crab, User:Tierra Nevada, User:Rojopixler, and User:Selenianece).
Battradio has a long history of fighting with other editors over content on the wiki. He uses his seniority (as the bureaucrat who has been here the longest) to impose his changes to the wiki with no discussion, and when there is disagreement, he has on multiple occasions attempted to futilely remove permissions from other bureaucrats or to block their IP address. His "I'm right, you're all wrong" attitude and refusal to discuss with the community or compromise is a detriment to this wiki. His fondness of adding conjecture to the wiki articles is also a detriment to this wiki, when the rest of us try very hard to make sure all information is cited. I will list specific examples in a followup post, and I will ask the community to do the same.
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• 11/10/2017

The Administration of Kubera Wiki

First some definitions of administrators and bureaucrats:
Administrators can protect/unprotect pages, block/unblock users, delete/undelete pages, grant rollback rights, grant/revoke chat moderator and discussion moderator rights, and edit locked pages.
Bureaucrats can do all that, plus grant/revoke administrator rights and grant (but not revoke) bureaucrat rights.
Issue #1: This wiki has 15 bureaucrats. Only 6 of us (me, Battradio, Mizavari, Rojopixler, Selenianece, and Tierra Nevada) have logged on the wiki in the year 2017. The other 9 (Alacia, BlackLily, Bootylicious39, ER-Robot, Goobera, IMacha, Kitty1826xx, Lilith140, and MEG V) are inactive and should have their bureaucrat rights revoked. This requires contacting Wikia staff because none of us is able to revoke bureaucrat rights. Should they return to the wiki in the future, they can ask for their rights back.
If anyone is opposed to revoking the bureaucrat rights to the above 9, please respond below.

Issue #2: Edit wars. If a source of information is clear it should not be disputed because you think everyone else (including Currygom!) is "wrong". The source material should be the last say, not creative interpretation (which has been a problem on this wiki for years).
The latest edit war on Sword of Hellfire (read the article's comment section) has gone beyond ridiculousness, especially when one bureaucrat insists that all the other active bureaucrats (who are in agreement) are "wrong". The purpose of posting Issue #2 is to document this problem and promote discussion so we can avoid having Wikia staff becoming involved.
I would like to have this dispute resolved once and for all.
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• 1/25/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 1/3/2018

Updates (July 2017)

I added a YouTube modal that will allow YouTube videos to play as a pop-up instead of taking you to YouTube to watch them. As of now, this is only relevant to the Kubera Fandub trailer, but I think it's nice to have.
I also added a Discord widget since there are several of us using a Kubera channel on Discord, even though it's not as active as the Kubera Line chat.
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• 6/30/2017

Spoiler Alert** Asha arc after revealing she is batshit crazy

**SPOILER*** Do not read if u do not want to

Okay one thing doesn't add up.. If Rao is so strong, then how was Asha able to (u know). Even if he was caught by surprise, Asha probably wasn't as strong back then as she was now. And it doesn't really make sense for her to do what she did... If she felt a sort of responsibility towards Leez because of her actions towards her father, then I would understand why she protected her rather than killing her. But she even stated that she killed Rao because she didn't want him to go back and she didn't want Leez to have a happy, easy life. 

WHICH DOESN'T MAKE EVEN MORE SENSE. Because she talks about how great Rao was which means how the hell was she able to kill him?? I mean there must have been other people around at Carte at the time. Did she kill em all too like, it don't make sense yo. 
Anyways so she protected her rather than killing her, which still doesn't make sense because if she hated her, then wouldn't she have killed her on the spot. I mean how can you feel a sense of responsibility towards Rao if you killed the damn man??? Well, I think I'm just really hoping her father is alive somewhere because I feel so friggin bad for the Leez. 
Also, can someone explain to me why Yuta betrayed Leez by choosing Asha and hurting Leez's feelings? I didn't really understand this part.
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• 1/3/2018

Updates (December 2015)

Some recent happenings:

I changed the background from the old Aeroplateau/Yuta one to old/new Leez. It looks neat on PC, but on a Powermac it looks mostly black. Should I lighten it up? I don't want the background to distract from the content. (The background doesn't appear at all on mobile.)
I'm trying to keep the mobile version of the front page up to date every week. If you haven't viewed the wiki on mobile for a while, Wikia has made quite a few updates this past year.
I started to convert some infoboxes to the new Portable Infobox that Wikia wants everyone to convert to. There were still some bugs in them earlier this month, but one important one was fixed by Wikia this week so I may start converting things over (starting with magic items, then transcendental skills, all the way up to episodes and characters last since they're the most complicated). If you want to see how they look, the articles linked at the bottom have already been converted. I personally prefer the look of the stacked layout, even though it takes up more vertical space. If you have any input or opinions, reply to this message!
Neutral Bow (stacked layout)
Cosmic Blast (normal layout)
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• 1/3/2018

Recent changes / things to be done (August '15)

8/2 - I made a slight change to the top navigation, under Kubera Universe, replacing Main Characters (which are already listed on the front page) with Timeline. Mizura has plans to make updates to the Timeline article.
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