Agni's Weapon is a god-level item created by the god Agni. The weapon has an embedded transcendental skill, Sword of Hellfire.


It normally resides in the lower level of Hell.[1] Agni usually requires a medium such as The Staff of Agni to summon his weapon to him. While in Hell, no such medium is required. The embedded skill, Sword of Hellfire, is a technique which can copy any fire attack that Agni has used in the past or any fire attack that has been used against Agni in the past. The reason this is important to the storyline is that much less of Brilith's vigor is used when he is attacking.


  • An alternate translation is Weapon of Agni


During Sagara's attack on Atera, Lorraine brings the newly modified Staff of Agni to Brilith. Agni convinces Lorraine to give the staff to him instead, using it to summon his weapon.[2] He then uses the god-level item to activate his unique transcendental skill Sword of Hellfire. This skill allows him to attack Sagara and the other Ananta clan suras using Vasuki's unique skill, Nine Snakes of Hell.

Simultaneous to Agni's counter attack on the Ananta clan, Brahma is visiting Hell and comes upon Yama. Brahma notices that Agni's Weapon has been summoned from Hell. The two of then discuss how Agni's courtships are never peaceful.[1]


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