Airavata is the 2nd-ranked sura in the Kinnara clan. She has yet to appear in the story, but she has been mentioned several times.[1][2][3] Her son, Shess, is the one of the oldest living rakshasas, and she occasionally sends him out to do tasks for her.


The FiniteEdit

Airavata sends her son Shess to Willarv in order to help Taksaka find out about the incident that took place in Ian's village. According to her, Tak is second place in the Vritra clan for poorest emotional control, so they should help him avoid causing more troubles for his clan. Shess assures Taksaka that she is truly worried about him.

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Kubera - Season 1Edit

6: The Past I Yearn For/Longing for YesterdayEdit

(3) Sagara mentions Airavata when Gandharva refuses to negotiate with her and Manasvin. After realizing Gandharva would not take part in their plan because his clan was allied with the Garuda clan, she suggests that Manasvin ask Airavata instead. Manasvin agrees and they both leave. It is unknown if Airavata agreed to take part in their plan.

10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

(5) Gandharva confronts Shess and Leny in a field near Kalibloom, and points out that if they have joined Sagara, then Airavata and the rest of the Kinnara clan must have as well. Shess denies it, yet takes the nastika king to Atera in time to save Maruna and Sagara.

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Kubera - Season 2Edit

16: Caution/The BorderEdit

(5) In a conversation with Kubera, Shess reveals that he was sent to the human realm by his mother to support him. He explains he will not join Sagara's army, because Airavata knows that is not what Kubera wants. The god notes he had not expected her to interfere in such a way.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She's one of the three persons allowed to call Taksaka by his nickname Tak, meaning they are good friends.
  • Airavata is considered one of the "Great Beauties" of the suras, along with Shuri and Urvasi.
  • In Hindu mythology, Airavata is the four-tusked white elephant who carries the god Indra.


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