Akasha is a nastika from the Garuda clan. As of the year N1, after Vinata's death, she became ranked 2nd in her clan, and is next in line to become King after Garuda.[1]


2-167 akasha's face

Akasha's face

Akasha is a pale nastika with long blond hair. Her hair is decorated with beads and various ornaments, and she wears a white cloak that covers the top half of her face. She also wears a tight-fitting black dress that has a high collar and high slits up the sides. She has red marks and dark lines below her eyes that are difficult to see because the hood of her cloak mostly covers them.[2] Akasha's eyes cannot transform into human form.[3]


During her meeting with Maruna in the year N1, she taunts him about his father being incapacitated,[4] and expresses disappointment that he shows little grief over the loss of his parents.[1]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known at this time.


  • It was revealed in Episode 2-167 that Samphati is her daughter.



In the year N1, Akasha meets with Maruna at the Garuda clan stronghold and tells him he must advance from 3rd to 4th stage within the next four years or he will lose his siblings. She hands him off to a 5th-stage rakshasa, Samphati, to help accelerate the process by using any means necessary, including torture. She also reveals that Jatayu, the name taken by his brother, was also the name of Samphati's dead sibling.[1]

Season 2Edit

27: Last Stand/Last ResortEdit

(3) While waiting for Samphati to arrive through the gate, Maruna reveals to his brother Yuta that Akasha had asked him to return both of his siblings to the sura realm in order to revive their father, Garuda. When the realms where separated, the Power of the Name remained in the human realm, which lead to Garuda's collapse. Maruna painfully recalls Akasha bringing up the possibility that Garuda may not wake once the siblings are returned, implying that the siblings may need to be killed.

28: Emergency/FlightEdit

(1) When Samphati arrives in the human realm, Maruna asks her if Akasha could no longer wait. She replies that he is taking too long.

(6) Maruna argues with Samphati that the other Garuda clan nastikas do not support Akasha's scheme to kill off Garuda's other two children in order to revive him, aided by the snakes, and that the King himself would not agree with their actions.


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