Anna Haias is a pure-blood human and the mother of Kubera Leez.


Anna is a woman with yellowish tanned skin, dark-green hair, dark-green eyebrows, and light-green eyes. Her daughter Kubera last sees her wearing a long pinkish sleeved dress with a grayish-black apron on-top of it.


Anna appears to have a cheerful and caring personality. She doesn't mind her daughter sleeping in late, and seems to approach situations in a restful, motherly way.



When Gandharva had asked Kubera Leez for her name upon their first meeting, she recalled Anna advising her (as a very young girl) to never tell her name to outsiders, claiming her name was special.[1]

She is at one point shown folding clothes and calming a whiny Kubera, while mentioning 15 years.[2]

Anna once appears with a blue dress and apron, and a broom, trying to sweep leaves, but is interrupted by Roen, who excites a young Kubera. She tells her daughter she was a fighter in her youth, and had many Half friends at the time.[3]

Season 1Edit

On the morning of her daughter's 16th birthday, Anna is greeted by a now-awoken Kubera with a hug and an "I love you." After some playful banter, Anna suggests that her daughter go see Kaz and pick some mushrooms.[4]

She later appears in Kubera's dream, 'waking her up' into the dream. She suggests that Kubera pick a new name that she liked, hinted on Haas and Kaz being alive, and wakes her up to reality where her friend (Asha) would await.[5]



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