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Asha was born on planet Carte in the year D996. She was a pure-blood human child; her father was likely a pure-blood like herself, and her mother was likely a quarter because of her pink eyes and purplish-blue hair. Her father died before the age of 30 under unknown circumstances during the Cataclysm.
2-174 bitty kiddies (detail)

young Mirha and Asha[1]

Mirha Simon's mother also died during the Cataclysm, so the young girl was taken in by Asha's mother and raised like a sister to Asha, although Asha did not feel any affection towards her.[1] Asha possessed very high intelligence but a low divine affinity of only 136, which prevented her from being admitted to Carte's only magic school, Eos Magic Academy.[2][1] Asha was extremely bitter as a result, since this stopped her from her goal of joining the elite class of magicians. She resigned herself to becoming a scholar instead of a magician, and spent all her spare time learning everything she could from the library instead of playing or socializing with others. Because she looked down at all her "simpleton" classmates, she developed a reputation of being an arrogant know-it-all.[1] Asha managed to memorize the layout of all 400 areas of Carte's water channel because it was the location where Carte's magic exam was conducted.[3]
2-174 Asha's mother

Asha's mother[1]

In the year N5, when Asha was 10 years old, a series of catastrophic red sky incidents occurred on Carte, one of which killed Asha's mother and left Asha an orphan.[3][4][5] It was at this time that Visnu appeared from the past in order to make a bargain with her, offering her power if she was willing to give up anything. He showed her a horrific vision of the moment of Ananta's death at the hands of God Kubera 500 years prior; this was the only time the perpetually-stoic Asha was ever shown crying.[6][7] Visnu gave her the choice of boosting her divine affinity by killing a group of people, or living out the rest of her life quietly.[7] She chose to kill all 12 people, then tested her new divine affinity by casting hoti marut to cut her hair short. Visnu then restored her hair and told her that from that point on, she was to kill those with the name Kubera in order to increase her power.[8]

2-177 the talk

Next, Visnu gave her a huge list of instructions regarding future events to memorize in order for Asha to gain the power she wanted. When he was about to list the post-N15 choices, she asked him why she must shut down the transport ship's engines and make it look like an accident. He replied that it will set off a chain of events that will result in the death of two people; the loss of the latter will have a detrimental effect on another candidate with a higher potential than Asha.[8] He told her that he came to her because she had "the highest probability of losing this war" and allowed her to borrow his power with the use of hoti visnu. He warned her that since he no longer exists here as a god, the spell is very unstable, and using this spell will slowly eat away at her existence.[9]

2-158 rao and asha

Rao holds a photo of his newborn daughter as Asha looks on[10]

Shortly before Carte's destruction, Asha met Kubera Leez's father, Rao Leez, before they boarded the rescue transport ship. At this point Asha still seemed unsure about Rao since she was apparently happy at his offer to become her sponsor on Willarv. But when he showed her a photo of his daughter that just arrived via delayed communications, Asha decided then and there that she hates that girl.[10] Asha apparently had killed more people before leaving the planet, with three uses of hoti visnu in the year N5 the day after her 10th birthday.[2][11] Rao insisted that Asha's actions were a mistake and assured her that he believed in the possibility of her future in spite of her straying towards the wrong path early in life.[12]

From N5 to N12, Asha was involved with the deaths of 29 humans and 32 halfs, all of whom had the real name Kubera, and her divine affinity grew to over 10,000. She would kill and resurrect the halfs repeatedly, increasing her divine affinity with each kill, until her hoti visnu usage count exceeded 1,000.

1-21 unexpected test partner

Asha at her magic test[13]

In the year N11, at the age of 16 and after graduating from Eloth's University of magic,[14] Asha joined Brilith Ruin in her test for obtaining a magician license.[13] Being without an arm and with a rather masculine demeanor, she was mistaken for a boy by the young priest, who didn't want to believe her claims about her graduation at such young age. They quickly set aside their debate when Asha proved to be a genius at calculations (while Brilith performed rather poorly), and Brilith demonstrated her extraordinary divine affinity. The third test would be quite dangerous to the both of them if they didn't join forces; they killed most of the simulations with combinations of spells—with Brilith's tweaked by Agni—and a final bhavati agni which saved Asha from an attack from the final simulated sura.

Asha was not allowed to take the final test because of her non-triple birth attributes, despite her claims to be able to take it nonetheless, and was forced to accept the A++ magician rank Laila Hemawati created for her. Asha revealed that the reason she took the magic exam was to gain access to the Human Search System, which can only be accessed by rank AA magicians. Laila gave Asha written permission to use the system if she takes Brilith to Eloth, plus she also needed permission from the other AA-ranked magicians.[15] Saha On refused to grant her permission,[16] however, so Asha has Lorraine Rartia use it for her.[17] Asha used the information to locate her final human victim, who had moved somewhere else, but because she now had a magic license which allowed her to be tracked, she was finally caught and arrested.[16]

Asha's first murder trial was held in the year N12, and she ended up being only charged with involuntary manslaughter for the 29 human deaths, which were all ruled accidents due to lack of evidence and motive; at this time nobody else was aware of the Kubera connection just yet. Asha goes on to kill three halfs, covering up their deaths with hoti visnu and leaving them unsolved.[16] However, after Asha's final use of the spell (which happened to be on the day of her 17th birthday), she suddenly ceased to exist for the next three years; apparently this was a penalty for using the spell so many times. It is very possible that Asha invoked the penalty on purpose in order to extend her life for three years, because Saha later discovers that Asha's lifespan was supposed to come to an end in the year N13.[18]

Season 1Edit

(P) The human with the fur coat is introduced as 'a mysterious magician' in the prologue of season one.

Chapter 1: A Girl with a God's NameEdit

(1) A short, blue haired human with a fur coat walks pass Kubera Leez who is up on a hill.

(3) The human with the fur coat puts her left arm around Kubera Leez's neck and casts hoti vayu hoti chandra to conceal and dodge the red bird's Crimson Burst. The human then asks whether Kubera knows how strong that red bird is and that even with a group of magicians would be hard to take him down. She continues that Kubera is lucky. Had she come a second later, Kubera would have turned to dust. She grabs Kubera's hand and explains that she plan on taking her to Atera, to a safer place, after losing sight of that red bird.

(4) The human with the fur coat gives Kubera Leez a lecture after the latter rants that she would rather die where they are than go to Atera and pulls her hand away from the hand of the human with the fur coat. The human tells Kubera that the latter is frozen by her own fears, and that she is arrogant, weak, and reckless. She does not know how to say thank you to her savior nor can she control her own emotions. She looks like an idiot. The human agrees with Kubera that the latter should die right here, so that it would be better for the world. Annoyed, Kubera calls out 'hey'. The human replies that her name is not 'hey'. Her name is Asha. She continues that if Kubera wants to die then she can die alone. She does not want the red bird to find where they are and give her more trouble. She goes on to explain the effects of hoti chandra. The red bird might be able to sense where they are using the sixth sense, but it cannot see nor hear where they are unless she or Kubera steps out of the boundary then the magic would wear off. Although they can run away after the magic wears off, Asha prefers using minimal magic. After hearing Asha's explanation, Kubera Leez apologizes and tells Asha her real name (Kubera Leez) as a farewell courtesy. But when Kubera is about to leave, Asha trips her by binding her two feet in place using hoti brahma. Asha explains that she would love to leave her, but the latter unfortunately has the name; thus, she will do whatever she can to protect her, even if it means using up all the magic uses for the day. Confused, Kubera tries to tell her, again, that she does not want to go to Atera. Asha responds that she does not care for her opinion before casting hoti vayu.

After teleporting to someplace else, Asha states that they will walk from here as the red bird should not be able to follow them anymore. Kubera states that she can find her way back. Asha bids her good luck in finding the way back when there are many suras who are hungry for food. Annoyed, Kubera asks her whether she knows how she is feeling right now. Asha wonders then proceeds to analyze that Kubera's actions and words are contradicting, but two things she knows for sure: Kubera wants revenge and wants to live. Kubera tells her not to make assumptions. Asha responds that even without the mind-reading ability, she can tell that Kubera also wants to cry. She goes on to tell a story of a ten year old child who has buried her tears and has sought revenge after losing everything. She compares how that child is totally different from a kid who whines all the time. Ten years have passed and that child is still seeking revenge. Asha concludes that Kubera is not the only unfortunate person in the world, so she should not act childish or go bother someone else instead. Right after the story, she sees the red bird approaching them. She hurriedly grabs Kubera's hand before the red bird attacks.

(5) Unfortunately, Asha slightly miscalculates and ends up with her right arm under a boulder, much to Leez's distress, who has no idea what to do without hurting Asha. The magician ends her predicament by simply destroying the boulder with hoti agni. She calls Leez a burden, but is forced to partially take it back when Leez creates a shock wave with her punch, despite her bleeding arm.

Chapter 2: The Queen and the BumEdit

Once they arrive in Atera, after Leez is caught embarrassingly drooling over some skewered mushrooms, Asha headsfor the local magic guild and orders Leez not to move. Unfortunately, Leez is not listening. After she finishes booking two A-rooms at the guild (with a very disappointed Ruche Seiran in charge of preparing the rooms), Asha is forced to go looking for her. She finds Leez much later in a temple garden, where Agni brought her, and Asha is extremely suspicious of him, but cannot grasp who he is despite her analytical abilities. She threatens Leez with cutting off one of her ears with a bhavati marut spell to make her listen better to her orders, and then they exit the garden together, leaving Agni alone. The god is left completely mystified due to the result of using insight on Asha, in which he saw nothing except a big red X. According to Agni, this kind of result is "unthinkable" to see in a human. He notes that there is something suspicious about Asha and that she is hiding something, but says nothing as he watches them leave.

Upon their return to the guild, Asha discovers that Ruche is away on a mission with Lorraine Rartia to investigate the recent red sky incident, and warns the other magicians not to talk about Leez's village in front of the girl herself, offering to pay generous compensation for the silence. Later, Asha goes up to meet Leez outside of their rooms. After inspecting the doors (one of which is visibly suspicious looking), she hands Leez the key card for the (normal) room that was meant to be hers. Once Leez has gone inside her room, Asha uses a gold coin to trigger the traps Ruche prepared in the room meant for Leez. After all the traps noisily go off, Asha decides to sleep sitting on the floor in the hallway outside Leez's door.

Chapter 3: The Sorrow of LossEdit


Asha using Bhavati Vayu

That same night Gandharva attacks Agni. The god's rage spreads fire all over the city, almost trapping Leez and Asha in the guild building. Asha uses hoti kubera to break down Leez's door, only to find her asleep on the floor and refusing to wake up. Taking pity on the fact that Leez is still dreaming of her lost mother, Asha decides to keep her unaware for a bit longer, and takes her out of the room using bhavati vayu to walk from the 5th floor down to the streets on fire. As they head to the temple, another fire blocks their way. Leez, apparently unconscious, somehow carries Asha all the way to the temple, and jumps over the wall. Leez does not remember how they got there and Asha decides not to tell her.


Asha after deflecting Maruna's attack

Discovering that Brilith has fallen into a coma-like catatonic state for unknown reasons, Asha demands to be taken to the room with the barrier orb, ignoring the protests of the temple magicians. The temple magicians are left with no choice when the sky suddenly turns red, heralding the impending attack, and Asha goes to the barrier stone in order to reactivate the barrier. Leez offers to do it in her place, since she has triple attributes, but Asha points out that she has no idea how and promptly kicks her out of the room before she can say anything else. She then proceeds to change the barrier's attribute and reactivates it successfully just as Maruna fires his transcendental skill, thus saving the entire city of Atera.

Chapter 4: AAA MagicianEdit

Activating Atera's barrier causes Asha to become extremely fatigued, and it takes her almost a month of rest to recover completely.

The day she awakens, Brilith, Leez, Ruche and Lorraine go to her room to give her presents for her birthday. Leez is the only one to not know of that date, and leaves the room shortly after Asha opens Ruche's and Brilith's gifts (a swimsuit and a red hat, respectively), looking for something to give her as a late present.

Chapter 5: The Golden KnightEdit

Asha runs after Leez and stops her as she is about to escape from the temple. A while later, while Asha is with Brilith discussing the gods, Leez takes her chance and escapes successfully. The news of her disappearance is brought to Asha by an unaware Ruche, and Asha is deeply disappointed with Leez's lack of obedience.


Brilith's gift

Several hours later Asha finds Leez, with a foreign item affixed to her wrist, and informs her that they will be traveling to Kalibloom.

Chapter 6: The Past I Yearn For/Longing for YesterdayEdit

The following day they discuss going through Rindhallow to reach Kalibloom, when Asha asks Leez why she has not asked her anything. Her reply—about how Asha is the only person she has—made Asha almost slip something very important, but something prevents her from speaking and instead she cuts off the discussion.

A bit later, as Leez and Asha eat Ruche's cooking, Lorraine and Airi Yui arrive; Asha kicks Leez under the table to hide the Golden Knight she is wearing. Asha then leaves Leez alone to eat and goes outside, where Lorraine gives her a pair of Hunter's Eyes x50 as a present, and Airi informs them of the imminent sura attack on Rindhallow. This news makes Asha change her plans and tell Leez to immediately pack her things. Lorraine starts to talk about the red-sky incident in Leez's village, but Asha quickly kicks Leez out of the room to prevent her from hearing what the magician was about to say. Lorraine then proceeds to inform Asha that the number of deaths registered as zero, which bothers Asha.

After packing her things, Leez asks Asha about survivors in her village and Asha, after hesitating a little, lies, telling her that there were none, and blames Leez for their deaths, since she has the name of a god. Leez starts to cry, but then Asha offers to teach her how to kill Maruna as a means of taking revenge. She then explains the legend of the Sword of Return, a god-class item capable of preventing regeneration, and their reason for going to Kalibloom.

While departing from Atera, Brilith asks Asha to stay, and why she keeps so many secrets. Asha replies that Brilith keeps secrets from her, too. Meanwhile, Leez spots a person who looks a lot like Kaz and wants Asha to let her check, but gets cut off by a hoti vayu spell, taking them away from Atera.

Chapter 7: Half (半)Edit

After a week of traveling, partially by foot and partially by using teleportation spells, they reach a town where Leez witnesses a Half auction for the first time, but Asha stops her before she can even object to the auction. In the evening, while Asha is booking some rooms, the Half escapes and Leez vanishes, greatly annoying Asha. She goes to the fish fillets store Leez was eying before, and is informed by the vendor that Leez was indeed here, but went after the Half hunters. She reaches Leez just as she was being threatened by the hunters, scares them away, then heals the Half while Leez was begging a still boy to save her ears from being cut off. They transport the still-unconscious girl to their room, and while Leez is busy getting dinner, Asha talks with the boy, discovering that he is mute.

They arrive at the dining room; Asha is determined to test the boy, and orders only vegetarian plates. Because of Leez's comment about hating people who waste food, the boy swallows his food whole. But later, while Leez is busy tidying the room, he goes outside to throw up the food, followed by a suspicious Asha, who threatens him if he becomes a danger to both of them. After clarifying things, Asha hands him a notepad and a pen, tired of seeing him write on the floor with his blood. The following conversation makes Asha realize that their chance encounter with the boy is not a mere coincidence, but rather something planned by the gods, which she does not like one bit. However, she accepts the sura boy into the party.

The following day, Asha proposes three names for the boy, but Leez refuses all three, since they are more suitable for a dog rather than a 'human being', and starts to think of something better. While accompanying the Half girl on the road to her village, Asha is forced to depart ways with both 'Halfs,' since the girl doesn't want to reveal her village's location, and instead accepts the boy's escort.

While traveling, Asha asks Leez if she would be friends with a rakshasa, but Leez's expression makes her immediately take back the question, pitying the poor sura boy disguised as an Half, who makes his reappearance only a day later. Asha, amazed at his speed but still suspicious of him, offers to let him travel on his own, considering Leez's hatred for sura and the fact that he is much faster without them. But the boy insists he wants to travel with them.

The following day, after choosing the name 'Yuta' for the boy and threatening Leez into cutting off one of her ears, Asha teleports one last time.

Chapter 8: The Wavering KingEdit

Asha's teleport brings them near Mistyshore's checkpoint. After waiting for a while, when it was their turn to be checked, a hurt young man suddenly runs into them and cuts the line, also calling Asha a 'pervert' for wearing a skirt. Asha takes a glimpse of the man's information on the display as he checks in, and learns his name, rank, and location, and decides to have a 'nice friendly conversation' with him.

After leaving Leez at a hotel (while Yuta vanishes to stay by himself), Asha goes to Mistyshore University of Magic's headquarters, looking for Ran Sairofe, who just received the news of his failure in the Topology exam and is considering enrolling again. After a talk with professor Rana Reimia, and a distraction provided by the appearance of Kasak Rajof's sura form—which Asha understands was due to something done by Yuta, the magician forces Ran to embark on a quest through the water channel in exchange for his graduation.

Chapter 9: RivalEdit


Asha wakes up Leez, and is disappointed to discover that she already had dinner. But the reappearance of Yuta, who is following Agwen Rajof, makes them leave their room to accompany Agwen and her unconscious father in their room. Asha explains to a surprised Leez the circumstances regarding the Rajof family, and then Agwen, grateful for Yuta's help, offers to buy dinner. But as they eat, a message arrives and Agwen immediately begins to pack for her emergency departure to Atera, while Rana informs Asha that Ran is terrified of Halfs, so she may need to find someone else for the quest, or leave their Half friend behind. As Asha tries to think of a way to get both Yuta and Ran in the party, Yuta runs out, and returns after a while with a pair of magical earrings that he borrowed from Mr. Kasak.

The following morning, while they were waiting for Ran outside the water channel's entrance, Yuta secretly throws up the three cucumbers Leez forced him to swallow, and after that they catch up with the water magician. Right after they entered the channel, as Yuta and Leez are making fun of Ran, Asha creates a boat with hoti brahma and tells Ran to mark the route quickly, before the spell expires. Unfortunately, the route changes almost immediately, forcing Asha to use hoti surya to make sense of the maze.

Chapter 11: The Power of the NameEdit

In the Water Channel, Ran observes Leez's unfeminine actions, and, assuming that she was Asha's girlfriend, wonders what she liked about her. He asks Asha about her preferences, and Asha tells him that she didn't care about a girl's face other than to distinguish one person from another. Ran interprets this statement as Asha only cared about breasts, and deduces that Rana didn't have a chance. Looking t his expression, Asha assumes that he didn't know the way, and tells him to go straight, causing him to complain.

The groups continues traveling for a week, and they decide to rest before entering Area 51. After everyone is asleep, Leez goes off to take a bath, but wonders too far off. When she finally returns, she notices that everyone was searching for her, and comes face-to-face with a dripping-wet Asha, who had even searched in the water for her.

Chapter 12: Lies for YouEdit

Leez asks Ran about people who can use magic without calculations, and he replies that he was one such magician himself. This causes Asha to mock him and it leads him to bet 10,000 gold that he scored higher on his magic exam than she did on hers. She accepts the wager and tells him they will compare their scores at the Kalibloom Magic Guild. Leez interrupts to ask if there was a test to see if someone could use magic without calculating, so Asha uses hoti brahma to create a pair of loops. Just as Ran is about to start the test, a boat filled with terrified magicians appears. They inform that the signs in Area 51 started to change randomly, and state that the three of them were the only survivors of their original party of thirteen, and they had encountered black suras with undefined shapes that caused their magic to fail.

But Asha doesn't heed the warning and leads the group back and forth through Area 51, stating that they would keep doing this till they entered Area 100. This was safer than passing through several areas and risking encounters with suras. Ran is still worried about the strange suras appearing in Area 100, but Asha decides to deal with this once they get there. Ran thinks she's irresponsible, and asks her what she can do without her magic, but Asha replies to this by assuring him that they would remain safe as long as they did what she said.

After failing in a 100 attempts, the group decides to rest. Leez once again asks Ran about the test, and he takes it. When she correctly guesses that a shape could not be formed from the second tube, Ran compliments her. But Asha dismisses the accomplishment, by stating that every magician would be able to guess it. Ran reprimands her for this comment, stating that many people in his class weren't able to get it in one try. He then continues with the test, and explains to the girl that a theoretical shape could be guessed, but it was impossible to draw it. Leez points out that indeed, it wouldn't be possible to draw it unless one makes the shape intersect itself, but that didn't correspond to the image in her head. Asha is surprised by her answer, and so is Ran, as it revealed that, like him, Leez could learn magic without calculations. However, Asha dismisses the whole concept, noting that using magic by guesswork makes one dangerous to those around them. Ran is annoyed at Asha's inability to praise Leez, then suggests teaching Leez a spell that doesn't cause much damage even if it fails-hoti kubera. Leez turns around to ask Asha if she too knew the spell. However, Asha is gone.

In another tunnel, Yuta asks Asha why she wasn't teaching Leez magic. Asha tells him that indeed, it would be better for Leez to learn magic, but it would be better for Asha, not Leez. Yuta is confused by this answer, but Asha then asks him why Leez would suddenly show interest in magic, and how she'd learn about magic without calculating while they were in the channel. When Yuta doesn't reply, she tells him to forget about it, stating that even without calculations, magical theory is difficult. Thus, it would take time for Leez to learn magic.

But, as if on queue, Asha hears Leez shouting hoti kubera. Startled, she thinks of a woman asking her if this isn't what she wanted, and telling her to be happy that the most useless pawn had acquired a useful function. She then thinks of Rao, telling her that while she was living for the dead, he was living for those who were alive. He told her that his only wish was for his daughter to find happiness. Clenching her teeth, Asha starts mentally apologizing over and over, and heads back to find Leez. However, it turns out that Leez couldn't cast the spell. She just tried saying the spell since the theory seemed easier than she expected. At this, Ran points out that along with theory, visualization was important as well. He then casts hoti kubera himself, helping Leez to visualize. Leez then tries to cast hoti kubera once again, but fails again. Asha notices that the bracelet was off, and then tells her that it's enough. She then instructs both Ran and Leez to go to bed.

The next day, the group reaches Area 100 in the first try. Asha tests the area with hoti surya, but is unable to see the outer limits due to the large size of the area. While navigating through, they note that strangely, the ceiling is all black. On their way, Ran wonders about the type of suras mentioned by the magicians earlier. Asha states that they may be from the 'Chaos clan'. There was very limited information on them, and they were rarely sighted in the human realm. She adds that it was forbidden to even utter the name of the clan, surprising Ran about her knowledge.

The boat suddenly stops, and Leez tells Ran to cast hoti varuna again. Ran notes that the spell shouldn't have run out yet, however. Looking up, they see a huge creature with red eyes.

Ran realizes that it was one of the suras that the magicians earlier had mentioned, and decides that someone had to act as bait for the others to get out of harms way. Deducing that he was the only one who fit the bill, he gets up, only to be ordered by Asha to sit back down. While Ran is arguing with Asha, Yuta writes down something and passes his notebook to Leez, telling her to ignore him and head straight to the exit. He then leaves the boat and is captured by the sura.

After he disappears, Leez angrily states that they should go after him, but Asha doesn't heed her and instead instructs Ran to start moving the boat again. She then informs Leez that Yuta left of his own free will and assures her that Yuta will return perfectly fine. Not convinced, Leez decides to go after Yuta on her own. Ran grabs her, but Leez pulls her hand away with her bracelet activated, surprising Ran at her strength. Asha uses hoti brahma to bind Leez, but Leez casts hoti kubera, and the spell activates. She breaks away from Asha's restraints.

After breaking free, Leez jumps off the boat and runs away after Yuta. After she is gone, Asha tells Ran to keep going while she goes after Leez. Ran objects, and states that even the strongest magicians or fighters could die fighting a sura, making Asha agree to take him with her. On their way, Ran notices a sign, with an unreadable symbol. Asha informs him that the symbol was part of the alphabet of Plant Carte, and states that they were in one of the 400 areas of the Channel in Carte. This surprises Ran, as they were now in a planet that was destroyed way back in N5. Asha points out that the Channel wasn't exactly located on the planet, so it is now a sealed place without an entrance or an exit. She then reveals that she had memorized the layout of Carte's channel, as the magic exam was held there. Shocked, Ran realizes that Asha is a survivor of Carte, and took the Carte Magic Exam there. He thinks it doesn't make any sense, since Asha would have been a little child in N5. Asha accidentally steps into a trap and tells Ran not to move. She instructs him to go ahead and find Leez before her hoti kubera runs out, then disappears into the trap.

She reappears in another area, and realizes that it was quite close to her destination. To conserve her uses of hoti vayu, she casts bhavati vayu. But before she could proceed with casting it, a large Chaos sura appears behind her. Because of its size, she decides that hoti brahma isn't enough, so she'll have to use another spell, even though she doesn't want to use it there. She casts hoti visnu.

She next appears in the channel where the rest of her group was just in time to see Yuta flying away. She informs Ran that he might not return, and suggests that they leave the channel before they collapses.

As they make their way through the crumbling tunnels, Ran complains about her not telling him that Yuta was actually a rakshasa. Asha replies that since he had just met them, there was no guarantee that he would believe it. Ran then asks if she knew a way to return to Willarv, and she points out to a passage that had suddenly appeared. Ran points out to the accuracy of her predictions. Asha does not reply to this and instead instructs him to prepare his spell.

After the group manages to escape, Ran asks Asha if the Channel collapsed due to the fight between the suras. Asha replies that as the Channel was a god-class Item, built by Brahma, only a power equivalent to Brahma's acting on it could destroy it. She then states that she couldn't guess the true cause for the collapse. 

Ran further asks why the name of the clan of Chaos cannot be used, to which Asha replies by telling him about the Power of the Name, astikas (who later came to be known as natural gods or created gods), nastikas and the primeval gods. She then adds that Visnu was the one responsible for naming each of the astikas and nastikas. As they already had names that were immortal, none of the primeval gods except Kali had the desire to take the names. She took possession of the left over names of the nastikas that were not used because of they had flaws.

Ran realizes that Asha was referring to the god who made the Sword of Re and had a bad reputation. He finds the information interesting and asks why they didn't teach it in school. To this, Asha informs him that the knowledge was considered heresy, causing him to complain. The magician then adds that the information was beneficial. He just didn't have to talk about it. Ran once again poses a question. This time, he asks whether or not Yuta will return, to which Asha informs him that Yuta didn't benefit from traveling with them, and it was his decision.

But Yuta returns soon after, and Leez tries to find Asha to tell her about this. The magician is in the shower, apparently with blood on her towel. When Leez opens the door to the bathroom, it greatly angers Asha, who casts hoti marut and bhavati indra on her. Leez complains that it was her fault to not lock the door, to which Asha points out that the lock was broken, and blames her for not knocking. She then adds that both Leez and Ran had no manners. Elsewhere, Ran is pouting. He too had opened the door to the bathroom while Asha was in the shower, who got mad. He still didn't realize that she was a woman.

Later, the group continues its journey to Kalibloom via hoti vayus. Leez and Yuta hold on to Asha for the teleport, and Asha calls Ran to come over too. Since Leez and Yuta were already hugging the magician from the sides, he decides to hug her around the neck, but lets go when he sees her angry expression. Still angry, Asha tells him that he could either come with them on his own or return to Mistyshore. She then teleports away with Leez and Yuta. Annoyed, Ran decides to follow the group until he claims the prize for his bet.

Season 2Edit

Chapter 13: LostEdit

(1) Due to the influence of the chaos barrier, Asha ends up teleporting Yuta, Leez, and herself to the Kalibloom forest. She mentions to Leez that there will be suras and poisonous plants to keep a lookout for. As they walk through the forest, Leez expresses concern about leaving Ran behind, but Asha says it is not her business to care. Then as if she already knew Ran has caught up, she casts bhavati vayu on him before he was able to cast bhavati varuna as a prank. Asha hustles Yuta and Leez to move along and to not stare at Ran who has been thrown into the air. Later in the evening when Ran reunites with them, Asha explains that her vayu magic was not intended to cause harm because her calculations are usually accurate that the magic would not work as intended in the chaos influenced barrier. Right after Ran calls her a “dangerous bastard”, Asha changes the subject by provoking Ran about her beating him with the magic exam score and her gaining the 10,000 gold from him. Later on as they make their way through the forest, Asha casts Indra magic that not only hit suras but also Ran and Leez—“unintentionally”. When they are getting closer to the Kalibloom checkpoint, Asha warns that there will be stronger suras like stage four mara and upani that they need to watch out for.

(2) Asha finds it strange to have a half trap in front of the checkpoint, because it might harm humans. But then she says that since Ran can destroy the trap with his hand, the trap might not have posed much harm. Then when Leez comments that she is hungry, Asha assures her that they will visit a restaurant as soon as they cross the checkpoint, and that Leez can order whatever she wants.

(3) Something is following and aiming at Yuta. After Ran uses hoti indra without calculation in the chaos barrier, Asha grabs his shirt and chides him. Having the same annoyed expression, Asha tells Leez to stay close to Yuta and not fall behind.

(4) Asha, Leez, Yuta, and Ran have arrived at the Kalibloom checkpoint. When she overhears Ran calling Leez, Chickie, she tries to provoke Ran again by stating that, perhaps, he does not feel sorry for the chickens of the world.

(5) Noticing that Ran is about the recite another spell without calculation, Asha muffles his mouth with her fur coat. She states that she does not care if he wants to die, but she does not want him to take the rest of them with him. After Ran gives his reasons for wanting to cast a spell: he felt something wrong and Yuta is gone, Asha still believes those are not good enough reasons to warrant his action. Later, she and Ran notice that Yuta fell into a trap. But Asha stops Ran from helping Yuta, because she knows that it is not an ordinary trap for Yuta will disappear along with the trap.

Chapter 14: Blood/HideEdit

After Yuta suddenly disappears, Leez complains to Asha that they should immediately go after him. To this, the magician coolly replies that Leez could lead the way, even though the girl did not know where Yuta had disappeared to.

After the group arrives at Kalibloom and books a hotel, Leez once again voices her concern about Yuta. Asha replies that he was most probably taken by half hunters. And since the trap used to catch him was extremely expensive to activate, she narrows down the culprit to the richest women in Willarv, Riche Seiran. At this, Ran proposes to go to Riche's house and buy Yuta back for a huge amount of money, since they couldn't take him by force as the house was full of installed traps.

As planned, the three of them go to Riche's house, Asha answering Leez's questions about Kalibloom on the way. They are invited into the house by a huge servant, and take the opportunity to look at Riche's vast collection of expensive items. Asha takes special notice of the Neutral Bow, kept in a glass case. Through the CCTV cameras, Riche is informed of her guests. She is alarmed at the sight of two important people, and hatches a plan to drive them away without handing Yuta over to them. Asha, realizing that their initial plan won't work, requests Ran to return to the hotel with Leez, assuring him that she would return with Yuta, without spending any money on him.

After the two leave, Riche comes out to greet Asha, assuming that she is there for the half. But to her surprise, Asha instead expresses interest in buying the Neutral Bow. Riche offers it for the greatly inflated price of 100,000 gold. The magician accepts the offer and then asks where she keeps all the halfs she had captured, to which she gets the reply that they were locked up in the basement. Asha points that it would be difficult to confine an aggressive half, but this is dismissed by Riche, who states that there were traps and god-class items installed to prevent any escape.

But, as if on queue, the alarms in her house go off. Someone was breaking through the basement doors one after another. At this point, Asha starts bargaining for the Neutral Bow for a cheaper price. At first, Riche is reluctant to believe Asha's warning about the half, but seeing that none of her cameras were working, and the doors were continuing to be destroyed and traps continuing to fail to stop the half, she gets perplexed and finally sells the Bow to the magician for 100 gold. After she signs the contract Asha makes preparations to stop Yuta. She requests that the Marut&Asvins Statue be brought down to the basement, but Riche objects. Asha quickly manages to make her comply, and goes down to the basement with the statue and is locked in there.

At that moment, a half-tied, bleeding Yuta appears and Asha uses bhavati indra to break the statue into the blood which it was made from. She offers it to the half as food, which he takes. Believing that Yuta was back to his senses, the magician is relieved and explains that the statue contained gods' blood, which was more nutritious than the meat of suras. She then states that she understood that he must have acted on instinct and hunger. But when she reaches out her hand to untie the Hide of Bondage off him, he smirks and suddenly bites her arm off before she could react.

Asha has a flashback about her meeting Visnu, and uses hoti visnu on Yuta, reverting him back to the time before he was caught by the Hide of Bondage. After the half regains his senses, he sees Asha covered in blood, and realizes that he was responsible for it. Realizing that he was the one responsible for it, he hugs Asha, crying. Taken by surprise, Asha hesitates, and asks Yuta that is she and Leez were to fight in the future, whose side he would take. When she sees that his question puzzled him, she dismisses the question, stating that she already knew the answer.

The magician changes the topic, and states that she wanted to finalize her deal with Riche, and asks for Yuta's help. They break out from the basement, shocking the merchant. With Yuta intimidating Riche, Asha tells her that she wants to sign another contract.

When the two return to the hotel, Ran becomes suspicious of how she was able to take the Neutral Bow and the Hide of Bondage for free. The two start to discuss how useful the items are, and from Ran's point of view, they were pretty useless because the Hide cost a fortune to activate and no one knew how to fire the Bow. He and Asha begin to argue again, and the issue of their magic test score bet is once again brought up.

Chapter 15: The Weapon of a GodEdit

Ran witnesses Asha practicing silent magic by striking a dummy with lightning and incinerating it. He is stunned by her skills, as it was extremely difficult to control the path of lightning with silent magic. Asha points out that it was inefficient, but would be useful within the Chaos barrier as it would enable her to not hit the her allies when she uses magic. At this, Ran complains that she could have even used it in the forest, but the magician replies that she was out of practice. When the two return to the hotel, the group discusses what they should do. It is decided that they would first go to the Magic Guild, where Ran and Asha would compare their exam scores and then head to the Temple of Earth.

The Kalibloom Magic Guild President is honored to compare the scores of both the only A++ magician and the only magician to achieve a perfect score in Mistyshore. But points out that as they took their exams from different places, the scores would be hard to compare. When they check the score sheet, Asha's rapid calculation test score was higher, while Ran's divine affinity score was higher. Currently at a draw, he compares the third part of the exam. But since Ran's real score was suppressed as it had crossed the maximum marks, the scores could not be compared. The deciding factor becomes the 4th exam, where Asha received a 0. The president says he can't compare the last score since Asha was prevented from taking that exam, but Asha concedes anyway, and admits her loss in the bet. Ran suddenly asks an assistant to lend him her glasses. After confirming the score sheet depicting Asha's gender as "female," he pats her, saying that apparently there's a mistake in the data. The assistant corrects him, stating that Asha is indeed female. Ran thinks back to all the times he misbehaved with Asha, thinking that she was a male. Unwilling to admit he was wrong this whole time, he denies Asha's true gender, insulting her further.\

Later that day, Asha approaches a distressed Ran. Having already planned to apologize to her and cancel the bet, he jumps to say 'sorry'. But when he sees that the magician is accompanied by Leez and Yuta, the word is unable to escape from his mouth. Instead, he points out that everyone made mistakes and tells her that he would cancel their bet. So she should 'be a man' and call it even. But Asha is not amused and asks for his account number. Ran is worried about accepting the money under such conditions, and recalls that Asha wanted to modify two god-class items. He says that instead of the gold, she could give him the items, but Asha refuses before he could finish his statement. Ran then states that he only accepted payments if it was in real gold coins. As it was not possible for Asha to pay him up-front, he would keep the items until she made the payment, and also get them modified in the meantime by his brother. Asha agrees with these terms, but asks him why he made this offer. Still unable to apologize, Ran gets frustrated and heads back to the hotel, stating that he wasn't going to the Temple of Earth with them.

Asha, Leez and Yuta head for the temple, and to Leez's horror, she finds out that it is located on a moutain 9,050 metres up. But before she could latch on to Asha to teleport away with her, the magician teleports alone, leaving a message with Yuta that it sudden teleportation to a height would cause dizziness and that she should just crawl up.

When Asha reaches the Temple of Earth, every citizen gets excited.Siera, the Priest of Earth apologizes to her for the commotion and explains that it wasn't very common for famous magicians to come to the Temple of Earth. He then and asks how she came up without bhavati kubera, and is shocked to learn that she arrived via hoti vayu, as the interference caused by the Chaos barrier makes it dangerous to use. Asha asks to go somewhere more quiet to wait for her companions. When Siera asks her why they did not accompany her, Asha replies that there was a greater chance that her calculations would go awry had she carried more weight with her. When they had moved to a quieter place, Siera informs her that 'someone as famous as her' had arrived the day before, but Asha interrupts him by asking if he happens to know where the Golden Knight was at the moment.

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