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Basic Information
Race Sura
Clan Asura clan
Rank Nastika
Clan attribute Darkness
Source attribute unknown
Gender male
Authority King
Personal Information
Family Ravana (former lover)
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 38

Asura (아수라) is a sura and king of the Asura clan. He is still alive during the current story.


He's fond of his second-in-command, Ravana, to the point of constituting his only known weakness, especially when Ravana is in female form. In the beginning of the universe, Asura had children with Ravana which is the main reason for his fondness for him, despite the troubles Ravana always causes him.

In The Finite, he played a minor role in the second epilogue, stopping Taksaka from killing Ravana, after he recklessly provoked the dragon. To thank Tak for sparing Ravana, Asura proposed an alliance with Taksaka to support him in case he wanted to overthrow Vritra, but the dragon refused.

Asura was the first to be asked by Manasvin to participate in his plan, since they're allied. The Insect King declined, stating it sounded like fun but it was not his style.[1]

Asura sent only Hura to help Sagara in the human realm. At least Cloche seemed offended by this, wondering whether the Asura clan was looking down on Sagara.


  • He wears black armor in his human form.
  • He has been the only king of the Asura clan and is currently the second strongest (after Vritra).
  • He used to fight with Yaksha when he was alive, and came close to death a few times because of it.


  1. Season 1 Chapter 20: The Sorrow of Loss (9)

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