Binding of God is one of God Kubera's unique transcendental skills. It allows him to pull a visible target towards him. If he identifies the correct target, he can use Shorten Distance and pull the object as he quickly moves past it—As a result, normal people would see the object suddenly disappear for no reason.

There are similar normal transcendental skills, but this one is unique because there is no delay and it cannot be stopped with physical power. There are a few normal transcendentals and one magic spell that can stop this attack.

This skill does not work on 5th-zen gods or nastikas.


After God Kubera uses Shorten Distance to return to Atera carrying Leez, she mentions that they also need to bring Lorraine's box back to the city. He then drops the box in front of them, leaving Leez wondering when he found the time to grab it during the few seconds it took them to get to Atera.[1]


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