Note: The Volumes are in Korean only. There are no English book releases at this time.

Currygom's books can be bought directly from Naver Online, or other various sites and bookstores in Korea. In other countries the books can be usually ordered from manga web stores, or in big cities, directly at comic/manga specialist stores (which may or may not include exorbitant shipping fees, since the books come directly from Korea). More information:

'NOTICE': Aladin USA is no longer functional. When the new site is figured out (it is also in Korean), the rules will be updated on the Batoto forums.

Volume # Cover Contents
Volume 1 Kubera book 01 Chapter 1: A Girl with a God's Name (Ep. 1 thru 5)
Chapter 2: The Queen and the Bum (Ep. 5 thru 11)
Volume 2 Kubera book 02 Chapter 3: The Sorrow of Loss (Ep. 12 thru 20)
Chapter 4: AAA Magician (Ep. 20 thru 22)
Volume 3 Kubera book 03 Chapter 4: AAA Magician (Ep. 23 thru 26)
Chapter 5: The Golden Knight (Ep. 27 thru 35)
Volume 4 Kubera book 04 Chapter 6: The Past I Yearn For (Ep. 36 thru 42)
Chapter 7: Half (半) (Ep. 43 thru 50)
Volume 5 Kubera book 05 Chapter 8: The Wavering King (Ep. 51 thru 57)
Chapter 9: Rival (Ep. 58-63)
Extra: The Daily Life of Goo Bera No. 4
Volume 6 Kubera6 Released February 2016
Chapter 10: The Night it Rained Fire (Ep. 64 thru 73?)
Volume 7 Kubera cover vol7 Released August 2016
Chapter 10: The Night it Rained Fire (Ep. 74? thru 83?)
  • The Daily Life of Goo Bera No. 5
  • background info on the barrier system
Volume 8 Kubera cover vol8 Released December 2016
Chapter 11: The Power of the Name
Chapter 12: Lies for You

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