Bountiful Earth is one of God Kubera's unique transcendental skills. He can bring forth anything created from nature—minerals, gems, fruits, vegetables, or even rare herbs. However, strictly speaking, it is not a pure creation; rather, he summons them from somewhere else, or brings them from his own home in another dimension. It is unknown how large his home is, since he can summon treasure almost endlessly.


When Leez complains that she should pay the true owner of the bracelet since she is unable to take it off, God Kubera tells her that she is too honest, and uses this skill to summon gold for her as compensation for the bracelet. He then realizes that the gold bricks would be too heavy to carry, and so replaces it with a gemstone. Leez declines, convinced that he is a thief.[1]

In a cold forest far to the north, Sagara encounters a younger-looking Kubera feeding a large variety of vegetables to several starving animals.[2]


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