1-21 calendar

The two dates shown happen to be Kubera Leez's and Asha Rahiro's birthdays.


The calendar in Kubera partially corresponds with our own. There are:
12 months in a year
36 days/3 weeks in a month
18 days in a fortnight [1]
12 days in a week
24 hours in a day, divided into 12 pairs (or Times)

The 12 months in the Willarv calendar are named after 12 gods. The 12 days of the week and the 12 pairs of hours in a day are also named after the same 12 gods. The month, day, and time (in that order) of a person's birth determines his/her birth attributes. For example, Kubera Leez was born on the 10th month (Kubera), the 34th day (Kubera), during the Time of Earth so her birth attributes are triple-Kubera.

Table of attributes

There are 12 known attributes: Resurrection, Creation, Destruction, Chaos, Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, Sky, Wind, Earth, and Death.

Attribute Main God Sura Clan Calendar
Month Days Time/Hours
Chaos / Nil Kali → — Taraka 1st month 1, 13, 25 midnight-2am
Darkness Chandra Asura 2nd month 2, 14, 26 2-4am
Resurrection Visnu → Asvins 3rd month 3, 15, 27 4-6am
Creation Brahma 4th month 4, 16, 28 6-8am
Wind Vayu Kinnara 5th month 5, 17, 29 8-10am
Light Surya Yaksha 6th month 6, 18, 30 10am-noon
Fire Agni Vritra 7th month 7, 19, 31 noon-2pm
Water Varuna Gandharva 8th month 8, 20, 32 2-4pm
Sky Indra Garuda 9th month 9, 21, 33 4-6pm
Earth Kubera Ananta 10th month 10, 22, 34 6-8pm
Destruction Shiva → Marut 11th month 11, 23, 35 8-10pm
Death Yama 12th month 12, 24, 36 10pm-midnight

Reminder: a month in Kubera has 36 days.


  • Visnu (Resurrection) was the patron of the 3rd month before the year N0. After his disappearance during the Cataclysm, Asvins replaced him as the patron of the 3rd month.
  • Shiva (Destruction) was the patron of the 11th month and 11th pair of hours before the year N0, which is why Leez calls this time the "Time of Destruction".[2] After his disappearance during the Cataclysm, Marut replaced him as the patron of the 11th month.
  • After Kali's disappearance, the Chaos attribute was replaced with the nil attribute in the human calendar.[3][4]
  • Brilith summoned Agni in the 7th month, which is the month of Agni.[5]
  • God Kubera's hair turns gold during the Time of Earth (assuming sunset occurs between 6pm and 8pm).[6]
  • (Fun): Nualie's Kubera Attribute Finder can help you find your birth attributes.

Age in KuberaEdit

In the webtoon, characters age according to Korean cultural tradition, in which they age on New Year's Day—1st month, 1st day of the year—and not on their actual birthday (unless they were born on 1-1).[7] Also, babies are considered 1 year old at birth, since pregnancy counts as the first year of life. In the case of Asha Rahiro, she was born on the 21st day of the 11th month of D996, and by the New Year of D997 she was considered 2 years old, even though by our reckoning she was only a month old. This also means that since she graduated from Eloth University at the age of 16 in the story, by our reckoning she was only 14 when she graduated (and Brilith was only 15).

How to calculate a character's year of birthEdit

In the story, the year N16 begins at the end of Chapter 2-34 - The Test of the Sword (1), and all characters' ages advance one year at that point. The basic formula for calculating a character's year of birth from his/her age in N16 is 17 - age for those age 17 or younger, or 1017 - age for those older than 17.

Kubera Leez is 17 years old in the year N16. 17 - 17 = 0, so she was born in the year N0.
Mr. Kasak is 133 years old in the year N16. 1017 - 133 = 884, so he was born in the year D884.


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