This chapter focuses on Yuta.

Episode 89Edit

Season 1 Episode 89: Lies for You (1)

1-89 generosity

a fun day out

Inside the water channel, Asha examines the earrings that Yuta borrowed from Mr. Kasak, which are now broken. She wonders about the reasons, since god-class items normally restore themselves immediately, or disappear if the god has disappeared from existence. Yuta writes that he will be more careful, but Asha worries about Ran and Leez finding out. Yuta promises that he will leave if he interferes with their journey in any way.

In the merchant district of Atera, Leny enjoys shopping together with Agwen. Shess and a reluctant Kasak follow not too far behind. The half dragon is very troubled about his relationship with his daughter, who puts on a pretense that everything is fine. Shess observes that Kasak thinks differently from the other dragons he knows, and is incredulous that he would get rid of something as crucial as his earrings. Kasak sounds uncertain that he will get them back, so Shess offers to help him and his daughter keep the peace.

Back in the water channel, Leez asks Ran about people who can use magic without calculations, and he replies that he is one such magician, causing Asha to mock him, leading him to bet 10,000 gold that he scored higher on his magic exam than she did on hers. She accepts the wager and tells him they will check each other's scores at the Kalibloom Magic Guild. Leez interrupts to ask if there's a test to see if someone could use magic without calculating, so Asha uses hoti brahma to create a pair of loops. Just as Ran is about to get started with the test, a boat full of scared magicians appears. They report that the signs in Area 51 and beyond no longer work and randomly change. The three of them are the only survivors of their original party of thirteen, who encountered black suras with undefined shapes that caused their magic to fail.

Yuta suddenly thinks of a woman telling him he can never be completely out of her reach, and that neither Garuda, Shuri, nor Visnu can stop her. She claims that she made him so that if he left her, he'd forever be alone. Yuta grits his teeth.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Yuta and his notebook): "Lies for You" is Yuta's chapter, like many expected. The title has multiple meanings, like they always do. So who is lying about what is still a mystery!
    • (Visnu's god items): The number of god-class items made doesn't matter much, as few hundred weak items don't make much of a dent to the god's power. But one strong god-class item can cripple the maker's power, so such an item is usually held by the god who made it. Agni's staff is a special case.
    • (Shess and Kasak): Weird duo. Shess is older by faaaar, by the way. If you combine the ages of everyone in Atera (excluding Agni, of course) it would be still less than the time he's lived. I like hats that cover ears like these, but they look horrible on me...
    • (Leez's goofy face): Like Leez's face here. That's why she's the main character. Asha would never make a face like this...
    • Not sure whether I should put in an explanation for this ring puzzle. It is literally impossible to solve, so if I try to describe it, perhaps it would cause some controversy...
  • We see another one of Visnu's items, a scarf, in a later chapter. It doesn't appear to be broken.[1]
  • Kasak got mad when Shess called Agwen Princess, even though Kasak claimed that he only calls her that to remind himself that she's his daughter and not abandon her.[2]
  • Leez did comment that she wanted to learn magic before,[3] but this episode reveals that she probably gave up after Asha told her that calculations were necessary. In Leez's defense, Leez can't even multiply,[4] nevermind handling university-level mathematics such as Topology. (extra trivia: Currygom majored in math education)
  • Asha correctly guessed that Ran would freeze part of his body when casting bhavati varuna. We saw a fine example of that earlier.[5]
  • With 1 gold = about 44 USD (varies with the won/USD exchange rate), 10,000 gold would be about 440,000 USD.
  • At the end, Taraka is apparently referring to how Garuda, Shuri, Visnu, and Gandharva hid all three siblings.[6]

1-89 keeping things cool.png
1-89 really surprised to see another boat.png
1-89 roughed-up travelers.png
1-89 worsening anger.png

Episode 90Edit

Season 1 Episode 90: Lies for You (2)

1-90 jumbo rings

the test suggested by God Kubera

Asha leads her party back and forth through the tunnel to Area 51, theorizing that they can get to any area from 52-100 by doing so. This is safer than passing through several areas and risking encounters with suras. Ran is still worried about strange suras appearing in Area 100, but Asha decides to deal with this once they get there. Ran thinks she's irresponsible, and asks her what she can do without her magic. Asha assures him that they will remain safe as long as they do what she says.

After failing in 100 attempts, they decide to rest until the next day. While setting up their beds, Leez notices that Yuta has left. She asks Ran about magic without calculations again. Ran uses hoti brahma to create two large loops—one normal, one with a single twist—and asks her to imagine gluing the edges of the loops. For the first loop, Leez guesses that it would form a tube shape, then correctly guesses that doing the same is impossible for the second loop because of the twist. Ran compliments her for guessing correctly right away, but Asha dismisses the accomplishment. Ran recalls that even Rana had trouble figuring it out at the academy, and scolds Asha for judging Leez at the standards of magicians. When Asha glares at him though, he stops, worried that he's giving off the impression of being interested in Leez, whom he still thinks is Asha's girlfriend.

Leez asks him to continue, and Ran explains that in the case of the second loop, it is still possible to guess a theoretical shape, though most people can only imagine an incomplete answer. Leez points out that indeed, it wouldn't be possible to draw it unless one makes the shape intersect itself, but that doesn't correspond to the image in her head. Asha is surprised by her answer. Ran is really surprised as well, as it reveals that like him, Leez can learn magic without calculations. However, Asha dismisses the whole concept, noting that using magic by guesswork makes one dangerous to those around them. Ran is annoyed at Asha's inability to give praise to 'his girlfriend', then suggests teaching Leez a spell that doesn't cause much damage even if it fails: hoti kubera.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Asha): (Note: The Korean version of this episode was released 11-20-2011.) For Asha's birthday(11-21), I drew her lots and lots! Even in the scenes where Ran is talking, the focus was on Asha... lol
    • (Leez looking defeated): There isn't much for Leez to eat here... for obvious reasons. She must be on the strictest diet she's ever done. But a certain attribute of hers just won't go away.
    • (loops): I tried to put together an explanation, but skipped most of headache-inducing stuff. Because we exist on a dimension lower than where the solution to this problem exists, it is literally impossible to understand, just like how a 1-D being would be unable to understand "circle" and a 2-D being wouldn't understand "sphere."
    • Ran and Leez "know" the answer, but they cannot express it.
    • (Rana getting frustrated): I used to do stupid things like this, too...
    • (Asha and Ran): ★ Pop Quiz! ★
      What is this probability Asha was trying to explain? The fastest to tell me the answer to the closest 0.01% gets free music. (For areas 52 to 100, the probability is same.)

      Wow, the answer is already out. Super fast!
      Answer: (48/49)^100 = roughly 12.72%
  • Mizura's explanation: There are 49 possible areas to reach. Assuming equal probability for each, the probability of not reaching area 100 in any one attempt is 48/49, or 97.959%, and the probability of not reaching it in 100 attempts is (48/49)^100 = 0.12721, or about 12.72%.
  • For the test, Ran is referring to the Klein bottle, which can only be visualized in four dimensions. Some people are actually capable of such visualizations.

1-90 Area 62.png
try again
1-90 making every effort.png
doesn't see it
1-90 realization.png
can't explain
1-90 utility.png
light will emit

Episode 91Edit

Season 1 Episode 91: Lies for You (3)

1-91 zomg monster (detail)

Chaos sura

Ran suggests teaching hoti kubera to Leez. She is startled at hearing her own name, quickly acts as though it was nothing, then asks what the spell does. Ran is surprised by her ignorance, and explains that it is a spell to make her stronger. Leez listens to his explanation, and turns around to ask Asha if she also knows the spell. However, Asha is gone.

In a separate tunnel, Yuta asks Asha why she isn't teaching Leez magic. Asha tells him that indeed, it would be better for Leez to learn magic, but it would be better for Asha, not Leez. Yuta is confused by her answer. In response, Asha asks him why Leez would suddenly show interest in magic, and how she'd learn about magic without calculating while they were in the channel. She then tells him to forget about it, stating that even without calculations, magical theory is difficult. Thus, she thinks that it'll take time for Leez to learn magic. She expects Leez to start complaining about how difficult it is.

At that moment, Asha hears Leez shouting hoti kubera. Startled, she thinks of a woman asking her if this isn't what she wanted, and telling her to be happy that the most useless pawn has acquired a useful function. She then thinks of a man, telling her that she's living for the dead, whereas he is living for the living. He told her that his only wish was for his daughter to find happiness. Clenching her teeth, Asha starts mentally apologizing over and over, and runs back to find Leez. However, Leez just smiles apologetically and tells Asha that it didn't work. She tried saying the spell since the theory seemed easier than she expected. Ran tells her off for being impatient, noting that she should at least see the spell first. He proceeds to cast hoti kubera, causing a golden glow to surround his arm. He tells her that visualization is also important.

Looking at the golden glow, Leez thinks back to the glow around Mister,[7] as well as his subsequent explanation. She deduces that hoti kubera is the spell he talked about. She then tries to cast hoti kubera again, but fails again, much to Ran's amusement. Asha sees her bracelet, currently off, then tells her that it's enough. She instructs both Ran and Leez to go to bed.

The next day, the group manages to reach Area 100 in one try. Asha tests the area with hoti surya, but notes that she is unable to see the outer limits due to the large size of the area. While navigating through, they note that strangely, the ceiling is all black. Later, Asha informs them that they are near the exit. Ran wonders about the type of suras mentioned by the fleeing magicians earlier.[8] Asha states that they may be from the 'clan of Chaos'. There is very limited information on them, and they are rarely sighted in the human realm. It is forbidden to even utter the name of the clan. Ran is surprised by Asha's knowledge.

The boat suddenly stops, and Leez tells Ran to cast hoti varuna again. Ran notes that the spell shouldn't have run out yet, however. Looking up, they see a huge, looming figure with red eyes.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (shocked Leez): Leez must be surprised quite often since her name is that of a god. I had similar, rather embarrassing experiences like that as my name is similar to a certain subject's name.
    • (Asha approaching Yuta): Yuta, as was shown in Ep.52, has very good hearing.[5] Well, his eyesight won't help him with that hair over his eyes. By the way, this icy background is rather boring to draw...
    • (Ran and Leez): Ran and Leez argue like this quite often, not unlike actual siblings. Ran is usually nicer to females, while Leez tries not to be rude to most of people.
    • (tiny boat passengers): Rather hard to see the main characters... lol. Well, it doesn't really matter much, anyways.
  • Leez said she wanted to learn magic back in Ep.21.[3] We learn this episode that Asha never intended to teach her in the first place, but that it was for Leez's sake.
  • The identity of the woman that Asha is thinking about is unclear. Some fans theorize that she could be Shuri, who disappeared with Visnu.[9] Asha made a deal with Visnu on Carte in N5, so she could have met Shuri as well.[10]
  • The man Asha is thinking of is Leez's father, Rao Leez.[9] He went on a mission to Carte shortly before the Cataclysm,[11] and appears to have met Asha there.[12] Like Asha, he was part of the last transport of survivors from Carte to Willarv in N5, but he was no longer aboard when the transport arrived.[11]
  • When Leez fails to cast hoti kubera, Asha noticed that Leez's bracelet is off. We later learn that Leez cannot cast spells unless the bracelet is on, and the reason is due to the divine affinity of both Leez and the activated Golden Knight.[13]
  • The creature is named Taraka. We learn more about her in the next few episodes.
  • Taraka's eyes nullified Ran's hoti varuna but not Asha's hoti brahma. This is because Brahma is a primeval god,[14] and Chaos suras can't nullify the magic of a primeval god (indeed, this was used to guess back then that Brahma was a primeval god, before this was explicitly revealed).[15]
  • Yuta appears to be an exception to the above rule: he nullified a hoti brahma spell cast by Agwen Rajof.[16]
  • Later on, we learn that knowledge about the Chaos clan is considered heresy.[14][1]

1-91 haughty voice (detail).png
taunts Asha
1-91 idealistic (detail).png
wishes for happiness
1-91 jarring thought.png
avoids teaching
1-91 magic demo.png
offers visualization

Episode 92Edit

Season 1 Episode 92: Lies for You (4)

1-92 into darkness (detail)

into darkness

Upon seeing the the looming figure, Ran realizes that it's the sura mentioned by the magicians earlier.[8] Asha confirms this, and states that most magic will be nullified as long as its eyes remain open. Concerned, Ran decides that someone needs to act as bait for the others to get out of the sura's range of vision. He looks over the options. Asha appears to be a typical magician who's never exercised. Leez is a useless human girl, and Yuta is young and doesn't look too strong. He decides that he has to be the bait and gets up, annoyed that his graduation quest has come to this. However, Asha tells him to stay seated. While Ran is arguing with Asha, Yuta writes down something and passes his notebook to Leez, telling her to ignore him and head straight to the exit. Before the others can react, he then runs off on the water, ignoring Leez's cries for him to return.

The looming figure looks amused. Her finger breaks apart into many tentacles and picks up Yuta, bringing him to her eye level. She tells Yuta that it has been too long, and that Visnu had used dirty tricks to prevent her from finding him. She then proceeds to squeeze him, causing him pain, then taunting him for being in his weak human form. However, Yuta recalls Asha telling him that Leez hates suras.[17] He bites himself to prevent himself from transforming. Surprised by his reaction, she tells him that he's deluding himself by thinking that what he's feeling is love. She takes him away, promising to educate him.

Once they have disappeared, Leez is angry and wants to go after him. Asha merely gives instructions to Ran to start moving the boat again, then informs Leez that Yuta left of his own free will. She tells Leez that Yuta will return perfectly fine. Angry, Leez decides to go after Yuta on her own. Ran grabs her, but Leez yanks her hand away with her bracelet activated, surprising Ran with her strength. Asha then uses hoti brahma to bind Leez, but Leez casts hoti kubera, recalling God Kubera's instructions to use her mind.[18] With the spell activated, she breaks away from Asha's restraints.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Yuta approaching the sura): Sorry for posting late. I was very tired.
      Yuta is literally walking on water here, but Leez is too busy at the moment to notice such things.
    • (Yuta writing in his notebook): Yuta is left-handed, which is why his clothes open on the left side and he writes with his left hand. He can use both hands, though.
    • (Yuta getting the squeeze): The teeth of various species of animals differ depending on their food source. Humans have only four sharp teeth, but dogs and cats have much sharper teeth. Yuta has very sharp teeth, with even more underneath those being shown, because he is a complete meat eater.
    • (Leez breaking her bonds): 'hoti brahma' is not supposed to be broken so easily, especially when cast by Asha.
  • Ran and his deductions:
    • Ran estimates Asha to be a feeble magician. He's wrong about that.[19]
    • Ran estimates Leez to be useless. In this situation, he's only partly correct.
    • Ran estimates Yuta to be a small fry. He's definitely wrong about that.[20]
  • Ran says he'll have to use 'it'. It appears he may be capable of using a transcendental.[20] Sadly, he doesn't know that Chaos suras can nullify those as well.
  • From Asha's behavior, Leez actually realized that Asha is hiding something from her. She later recalls this in a key flashback.[21]
  • It is possible to guess Leez's divine affinity from this episode, the previous episode, and God Kubera's explanation of the Golden Knight.[22] The true value is revealed later.[13]

1-92 do not provoke it.png
want to get to the exit
1-92 sharp teeth.png
wants the others to get to the exit
1-92 tied up.png
won't exit without Yuta
1-92 unexpected success (detail).png
exits from her binds instead

Episode 93Edit

Season 1 Episode 93: Lies for You (5)

1-93 Leez casts hoti kubera


In a past memory, a very young Yuta cries because of what happened to his only friend. He tells his mother that he hates her. His mother asks him if he really believes that she was the one responsible, then tells him to believe what he must.

Back in the present time, Leez examines the glow all over her body. Ran is surprised that she cast hoti kubera on her entire body on her first use, and even managed to break through Asha's hoti brahma. Before Ran can stop her, Leez jumps all the way to the top of the cliff. Ran is surprised that she didn't need intermediate steps, as it is a rare skill even among fighters. He suddenly thinks of a man with curly green hair, and wonders why he's thinking of him. Mentally, he notes that if that man's child were alive, he or she would be Leez's age. He also thinks about Leez's name. Asha tells Ran to keep going while she goes to find Leez. Ran objects to her going alone, noting that she is human, and that a human is so weak compared to a sura that even the strongest fighter or magician can die in an instant. He recalls himself crying in front of a portrait of Rao Leez, his date of death marked as N5. Asha agrees to let him come along.

Yuta tells his mother that he was planning to go to the sura realm, so she didn't need to come find him. She asks him who he wanted to find, noting that Garuda and Vinata didn't care about him, and Shuri disappeared with Visnu. She concludes that he is looking for Maruna and Kalavinka, but claims they probably forgot about him. Yuta remains silent, and she notes that he is so well-made that he no longer needs to close his eyes when facing a god. She then informs him that Maruna and Kalavinka are in the human realm, but that she's taking him to the sura realm immediately. She tells him that he can't feel emotions such as friendship or love, because she made him unable to feel so. Yuta denies that, so she states that Maruna and Kalavinka can be excused because they share Garuda's blood.

However, she then turns the topic to Leez. She notes that there isn't anything special about her, in terms of ideologies, strength, personality, or looks. There is no reason for him to be attracted to her. Yuta meekly replies that he doesn't need a reason, but his mother laughs and claims that Shuri has ruined him with useless fancy words, as no love exists without explanation. Yuta says that he just felt she was different from the first time he saw her. She asks him what he'd do if those feelings turned out to be a form of suppressed hunger. This surprises Yuta but doesn't seem to convince him, so she offers him a chance to face the truth.

Yuta's mother takes him to another location which appears to still be in the channel, yet is different. It reminds Yuta of the sura realm because of the atmosphere. Yuta sees Leez from afar, and his mother mocks Leez for her futile attempt to rescue her son, noting that she'd die as soon as hoti kubera runs out. Yuta is worried, but his mother holds him back with a tentacle, stating that if he wants to go, he must do so in sura form, though it would force him to reveal his true nature. She tells Yuta to watch and realize that what he's feeling isn't love.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (younger Maruna and Kalavinka): Not really important, but it's been a long while since we've seen Maruna.
    • (Leez's shoe): I realized that I often drew the Velcro straps on Leez's shoes in reverse or skipped them altogether... lol
    • (Ran): You have run 100 meters (33 feet) in 10 seconds or else you're considered elderly or disabled. 1000 push ups would be normal for man on this world.
    • (Yuta's mother): Yuta's mom originally had more cleavage, but it was toned down. Her profile will be up when her name is mentioned.
    • Yuta's hair is similar to his mother's, but his eye and skin color look like dad's. He kind of looks more like his mom, but he's still young. He can change.
  • The friend that Yuta is thinking about is a Garuda clan rakshasa named Jatayu. See spoilers section of Ep.2-105.[23]
  • Ran thinks of Rao Leez and has even attended his funeral. This is one of the moments that hint towards the fact that he knew him personally. He also eventually makes the connection between Leez and Rao.[24]
  • Rao's photo marks the year of his supposed death: N5, the same year as the destruction of Carte,[25] and the same year Asha lost everything and swore revenge.[26] We learn the circumstances in Season 2.[11]
  • Yuta's mother may be referring to the fact that gods can use insight on rakshasas by looking at their eyes. To prevent this, a rakshasa normally needs to close its eyes.[27][28] Gods can still use insight on Yuta if he allows it.[29]
  • She also mentions that Shuri left with Visnu. In a previous episode, we saw someone telling Gandharva that "Visnu and Shuri are no longer of this world."[30]
  • We see some of Shuri's teachings in past episodes.[31][32][33]
  • Yuta will recall Taraka's words, that his feelings are those of appetite and not love, much later on.[34]

1-93 another friend gone.png
mom's fault
1-93 effortless jump.png
high vault
1-93 familiar skill (detail).png
old friendship
1-93 Yuta refuses to transform (detail).png
super tight grip

Episode 94Edit

Season 1 Episode 94: Lies for You (6)

1-94 quandry

one eye is enough

Leez is surprised by the place she's arrived in, but before she can start searching for Yuta, black figures appear from the ground around her. Yuta is worried, but his mother assures him that Leez was made to not die so easily. She praises him for instinctively choosing the best type of prey, even if he hasn't realized it, and tells him to watch and learn why Leez deserves to be eaten.

Elsewhere in the channel, Ran is surprised that a sign is unreadable. He also worries about the fact that the way back has disappeared. Asha informs him that the symbol is part of the alphabet of Planet Carte, and that this area is one of the 400 areas of the channel on Carte. Ran is surprised that they'd be on another planet, especially since the planet was destroyed in N5. Asha recalls pleading to her mother to open her eyes. She then confirms that the planet has been destroyed, but notes that the inside of the channel isn't actually located on the planet, so it is now a sealed space with no entrances or exits. Asha reveals that she has memorized the layout of Carte's channel, because the magic exam was held there. Shocked, Ran realizes that Asha is a survivor of Carte, and took the Carte Magic Exam there. He thinks it doesn't make any sense, since Asha would have been a little child in N5. Asha then tells Ran not to move, as she appears to have stepped into a trap. She instructs him to go straight ahead and find Leez before her hoti kubera runs out. She then disappears into the trap.

Asha reappears in another area, and notes that it's fortunately quite close to her destination. To conserve her uses of hoti vayu, she casts bhavati vayu. However, a large Chaos sura appears behind her.

Left alone, Ran notices that oxygen is getting sparse, and the air smells wrong, so he casts hoti kubera to proceed ahead. He suddenly hears a loud rumbling sound, and when he comes out of the tunnel he sees Leez with the ground around her destroyed.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez looking up): Leez is so different from me that she is almost like the opposite of me. Well, we both like eating, so not completely. To those asking if the author is pretty, unlike Leez - You can count Leez's beautified version to be comparable to her. (Currygom doesn't think she's pretty.)
    • (Leez surrounded by Chaos suras): Only the eyeless ones showed up. If there had been some with eyes...
      —Thanks for reading Kubera this far.
      Just kidding. Yuta would have murdered their faces.
    • (strange water channel sign): Carte had been mentioned in passing several times. Do you remember? Well... it wasn't important yet, so you may not. Please note that the four planets mentioned in this story so far are Willarv, Carte, Isholy, and Konchez. The planet where the Cataclysm began is a different one.
    • (Ran avoiding a trap): Asha made such an amateur mistake... Strange...
  • According to Taraka's profile on Currygom's blog, Taraka can make new minions appear at will.
  • Since Asha took the magic exam on Carte in N5, this means she took her exam, lost her mother,[26] met Rao Leez,[12] and came to Willarv all in the same year. Brilith has also mentioned a magician who used his lifespan to bring the survivors of Carte to Willarv.[35]
  • In several previous episodes, we saw that Asha and other magicians tend to conserve their uses of hoti vayu.[36][37]
  • Leez used one of the Golden Knight's transcendentals this episode: Earthquake.[38]

1-94 bunches of Chaos minions.png
Watch out!
1-94 can't cry out.png
Watch out!
1-94 it's a trap.png
Watch out!
1-94 traps everywhere.png
Watch out!

Episode 95Edit

Season 1 Episode 95: Lies for You (7)

1-95 Leez uses Pushforce

can't contain this

Leez has destroyed the ground around her, killing the Chaos suras surrounding her. Yuta's mother notes that Leez is presently much weaker than Yuta, but will grow stronger in time. She tells Yuta that unlike other clans, who search for larger prey, those of their kind search for stronger prey, but feel fear when faced with an opponent they cannot defeat. Thus, the best prey are those who they can usually not defeat, but are at their mercy after being weakened. She thinks of Gandharva in the sura realm, surrounded and bloodied.

Yuta claims that this isn't the case for Leez, but his mother notes that their perception of strength is not limited to the past or the present. Leez has a 'future' surpassing Yuta's 'present', making her attractive as food. Meanwhile, Leez has regained her senses, and is surprised that the monsters have disappeared while the terrain has changed. Yuta's mother concludes that Yuta was confused by his feelings, and ended up deluding himself into thinking that it was the 'love' everyone was talking about. Yuta blames his mother for interfering, stating that he can choose not to see Leez as food. She thinks that he always says the same thing, but will end up losing her, mourning, then wiping her from his memory. Rather than seeing that happen, she states out loud that she'll kill Leez herself.

Leez realizes that she blacked out again. Recalling all the past times when she blacked out, she wonders why it keeps happening, and wishes she could remember what she did then. She then sees Yuta being held by a monster atop a cliff. Unable to hear Ran shouting at her, she heads towards them, warning the monster to let Yuta go. Yuta's mother wonders why everyone keeps calling her a monster, and sends tentacles in her direction.

Elsewhere, Asha notes that her spell hasn't activated. She then notices the Chaos sura behind her. Because of its size, she decides that hoti brahma isn't enough, so she'll have to use another spell, even though she doesn't want to use it there. She casts hoti visnu.

Yuta's mother catches Leez with a tentacle, and taunts her for being unable to pick her battles. Still, she notes that Leez should have been powerless after using her 'chance', so she should be dead by now, but her hoti kubera is keeping her alive. She is too proud to use her eyes against her, however. Crying, Yuta pleads for his mother to stop. Seeing Yuta, Leez recalls her village, and how she lost everyone to her opponent because she was too weak back then. However, she has strength now, so she promises never to run away again to save her own life. She vows to save Yuta, and somehow forces back the tentacles. Yuta's mother is shocked, because Leez should have used her 'chance' for the earthquake. Leez's fist then flares up, and she jumps to punch the monster, telling her to get lost. Her opponent is stunned for a moment, then activates her red eyes.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (bloodied Gandharva): Gandharva has been out of story for such long time... By the way, his blood is part of his human form, which is why it's red. Yuta is a special case where he can't change the color of his blood, and so that's why his black blood gets mentioned in his profile.
    • (Leez and the rocky terrain): I wanted to draw the same rocks at a different angle... Then I gave up halfway and just drew them randomly.
    • (Ran in the distance): Extra: Ran Sairofe, age 36. student.
      Well, his time to shine hasn't come yet. But I'll show the 'possibility' of it next episode.
    • (Asha looking up): Asha's narration was actually done in 0.000000000001 sec.
  • Leez used one of the Golden Knight's transcendentals, Pushforce, against Taraka.[38]
  • Leez recalled all the blackouts she had in previous episodes:
    • Running down the cliff after Maruna destroyed her village.[39]
    • Jumping into the Temple of Fire carrying Asha.[40]
    • Avoiding an attack by a sura after the Golden Knight was stuck on her.[18]
    • We learn more about her blackouts in Season 2.[41]
  • Taraka's flashback refers to when the Taraka clan attacked the Gandharva clan in the year N5. In this scene, Gandharva is in human form because Taraka clan suras can prevent nastikas from taking sura form.[42] We also get Gandharva's point of view of the attack.[43]
  • Taraka tells Yuta that Leez has a future that surpasses his 'present'. In Season 2, Yuta mentions that he can defeat a 4th-stage rakshasa, if that rakshasa is focused on transcendentals.[44]
  • When thinking about Yuta, Taraka is referring to the past incident between Yuta and Jatayu. See spoilers section of Ep.2-105.[23]
  • Earlier this chapter, Taraka nullified Ran's hoti varuna, but not Asha's hoti brahma. Since Asha chose between hoti brahma and hoti visnu this episode, it basically implies that Brahma, like Visnu, is a primeval god, and her magic can't be nullified by Chaos suras. The fact that Brahma is a primeval god is confirmed later.[45]
  • The reason Taraka freezes for a moment here is not because she is surprised by Leez's attack, but because she saw an insight.[46]

1-95 captured seafood.png
battered fish
1-95 monster.png
in a pickle
1-95 open eye.png
eye candy
1-95 wound up.png
knuckle sandwich

Episode 96Edit

Season 1 Episode 96: Lies for You (8)

1-96 new monster

second sura

Taraka activates her red eyes, causing Leez's bracelet to turn off. She then grabs the girl with a tentacle and smashes her into a cliff, and blames herself for not finishing her off earlier. With Leez buried under the rubble, Taraka thinks she's dead, but wants to make sure. Yuta is shocked as he observes the scene.

Yuta recalls a woman with blue-green eyes calling him her masterpiece, but states that she will not leave him there alone. So, she will take her maternal love, which she refused to give up until then, and give him a mother who will always put him first, would do anything for him, and would always return to his side even after repeated deaths. She concludes that she will never see him again, but that he will always be able to see his mother, even if he doesn't wish to. Yuta wonders why she was smiling as she left, even though she knew that the boy would suffer. He transforms into sura form and rips apart the tentacle keeping him prisoner.

Unaware of this development, Ran is surprised that his hoti kubera spell really disappeared the moment the sura opened its eyes. Still, he is able to hold out without hoti kubera despite the unpleasant atmosphere. He wonders how he could rescue Leez against a monster immune to magic, and wonders if he should attempt a sneak attack from an unseen spot. He deduces that he'd only deal minimal damage, and be killed immediately afterwards. He wonders if he should use 'it', and recalls a conversation with Rana right after his magic exam. Ran used the ability because the simulation was so realistic that he thought Rana would die, but it allowed him to get the highest recorded score ever. Still, Rana scolded him and warned him never to use it again, as it might kill him. While Ran ponders whether to use the ability or not, he gets hit by a stray rock, and finally notices that a second, stronger-looking sura has appeared, and is fighting the first sura. The two disappear from view. Ran decides to search for Leez and Yuta, and sees Leez climbing out from beneath the rubble, bloody and surrounded by a green light.

Elsewhere, Taraka asks Yuta what he's doing. Yuta tells her that he did his best to protect Taraka this time, but Taraka never changes, no matter how many times she resurrects. Though Taraka once told him that he took the things he didn't wish to believe and erased them from his mind, she wouldn't tell him what he had forgotten. Taraka says it was because the knowledge would only hurt him. Yuta says that for the same reason, he didn't want to tell her the truth. He did the first few times, but she forgot each time she resurrected. Even though Taraka has insight, she distorted reality to only believe what she wanted to. Taraka only thinks she is the King of the Taraka clan, with power and beauty surpassing all, and that she had a proud son with Garuda. But apart from the name, all those memories actually belong to the primeval god Kali. Yuta is also the only one who can see her with a beautiful appearance.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (released 1-1-2012):
    • (Yuta attacking Taraka): Sorry, the end of the year meant so many relatives coming over and keeping me busy...
      This is technically the 100th episode, because of the Prologue and the Goobera episodes.
    • (Taraka smashing Leez): The tail is a lot larger than Leez realizes. Leez has suffered more severe violence here than in past episodes. I originally drew blood all over the shattered rocks, but removed it before uploading the episode since it was too brutal.
    • (rock hitting Ran's face): Head_is_mightier_than_rocks.jpg
    • (closeup Yuta): I ended up drawing Yuta's sura form in a darker color, because in a lighter tone it felt so... naked.
    • Happy New Year (2012) to all of my readers~!
    • (addition - click on the link): PS: I indeed drew Yuta's form darker to hide some details.
  • Yuta has referred to both Shuri[33] and Taraka as his mother, but the true clue to his identity lies in Ep.48 when Yuta tells Asha that the rules of the Sword of Return, created by the Goddess of Chaos, Kali,[47] did not apply to him.[48]
  • Kali tells her son that she must leave and that she will never see him again. We later learn that Kali has disappeared, causing Chaos spells to disappear along with her.[49]
  • By now, it is possible to guess that Yuta is the true King of the Taraka clan:
    • Shuri taught him the Way of a King.[33]
    • Taraka, who considers herself the King of the Taraka clan, called him her successor.[33]
    • However, Taraka herself is only a weak puppet made by Kali to raise Yuta.
  • Ran's damage score from his imagined hoti indra is 1337. It may be a reference to leetspeak, maybe because Ran realized he would be pwned.
  • Ran probably used a transcendental skill during his magic exam. They require more vigor, since the user is using his own power instead of borrowing the power of another entity.
  • Leez used one of the Golden Knight's transcendental skills: Regeneration.[38] If the bearer of the Golden Knight receives a mortal attack, this transcendental restores the user to their pre-attack state. However, it might not work if a Chaos sura is nullifying the abilities of the Golden Knight,[34] which may be among the reasons why Yuta had to take Taraka out of visual range.

1-95 Taraka's Chaos eyes.png
1-96 crushed girl.png
1-96 how it will turn out.png
1-96 regenerating Leez 2.png

Episode 97Edit

Season 1 Episode 97: Lies for You (9)

1-97 new monster looks familiar

In a flashback, Taraka remembers cradling Yuta with Garuda facing her. He looks up to her monstrous form, and notes that Taraka is truly a mother created for the son alone. From how she appears to him, he deduces that he has been granted leave to depart. He expresses thanks for the only consideration that person has ever shown him, noting that she is now somewhere his voice won't reach.

In the present time, Taraka starts crying, and begs Yuta to tell him how she managed to forget everything.

The green glow around Leez finally fades, leaving Leez fully healed. She complains about being dizzy, and is confused that she no longer feels pain. She tries to go after Yuta again but stumbles. Ran catches her just in time, but is confused about the light from earlier, noting that it resembles a fusion spell. He then realizes that she fell asleep. He is surprised that she's fine, even though her hoti kubera ran out. Suddenly, he hears a loud rumbling sound, and realizes that the water channel is collapsing. The way to the exit also collapses, leaving them stranded.

Suddenly, Yuta shows up in sura form and brings Ran and Leez to safety. Ran is surprised that one of the monsters is helping him, then realizes that it reminds him of Yuta. He dismisses the thought at first, finding it impossible for a superior sura to be traveling with humans. When he asks why it's helping them, Yuta carves into the stone that Ran seems fine with suras, and it'd be nice if that were the case with Leez. Ran concludes that he really is Yuta, and realizes that Asha knew the truth, but kept it hidden from Leez. He tells Yuta that he should return to human form to continue hiding the truth from Leez. Ran suddenly hears Asha calling to him, then sees Yuta flying away. Asha tells him that Yuta may not return, and that they should find a way out on their own, or they will be stranded in the middle of space.

Elsewhere, Yuta returns to Taraka's side.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Taraka): How much hair would you need for a style like this? Half the hair on her head is more than all my hair combined. Taraka and Sagara have really, really, impossibly long hair.
    • (Garuda and Taraka): Taraka's size is always changing. She can be about size of a human or become large enough to fill the water channel.
      Garuda has six wings. Why did I do that??
    • (Yuta carrying Ran and Leez): Yuta's sura form is smaller than those of Maruna and Kasak. He is still in his 2nd stage. He's quite big for 2nd stage, actually. Yuta has a tail so I don't have to draw his butt every time... plus it works as weapon that's stronger than his legs or arms.
    • (Yuta and Ran): No one asked where the sword was all this time... lol
      By the way, the red lines on his chest and wings keep moving. Kinda creepy if you think about it.
  • In the flashback, Garuda is talking to Kali. Later, we learn that Kali disappeared long ago.[49]
  • Ran was referring to hoti asvins hoti kubera. This fusion spell was used by Airi in her fight against Clophe.[50]
  • Much later, we learn that Ran didn't tell Leez the truth about Yuta because he assumed that Leez had a phobia of suras. He probably assumed this because he has a half phobia.[51]

1-97 Garuda and Taraka.png
cold shoulder
1-97 hitting the hay.png
out cold
1-97 treacherous situation.png
look out
1-97 waiting.png
sad look

Episode 98Edit

Season 1 Episode 98: Lies for You (10)

1-98 Yuta and Leez's future (detail)

Yuta asks Taraka if she's made her decision, but claims he knows the answer. In a flashback, he recalls Taraka asking him to kill her so that she can escape from her role. The younger Yuta cries because Taraka stops showing any maternal instincts the moment she realizes the truth, proving all her words until then to be false. After he kills her, however, she is reborn, having lost her memories about the truth. The reborn Taraka asks Yuta why he's crying, and he responds that he lost someone very precious to him. He concludes that he needs to lie to protect his mother.

In the present time, Taraka grabs Yuta's hands, noting that he had to kill her every time. She apologizes for what she did to him, and reveals that she realized some time ago that there were lapses in her memory. They corresponded to the moments when she realized the truth, but she refused to probe any further. However, Yuta had to remember everything. Yuta promises to protect her this time, but Taraka smiles and tells him that lying is harder than he thinks. She thinks of the anger and frustration of having the blame put solely on her shoulders. She then tells him that she's happy that she's better than her previous selves, because this time, she chooses to live. She wants to try harder to prevent her son from suffering. Yuta is worried about her, and Taraka thanks him for worrying about her and acknowledging her as his mother, even though she's a fake.

Taraka tells Yuta that she can't stay any longer, and asks him once again if he'll come with her to the sura realm. Yuta says he won't, and Taraka regrets telling him about Maruna and Kalavinka. She then asks him if he'll leave Leez, as he no longer needs the Sword of Return. Yuta tells her that he plans to help Leez draw the sword if necessary, then leave afterwards. Taraka seems frustrated by this, but assures him that she's too weak to drag him off by force. She then reveals that she hesitated when Leez was about to attack because she saw something very important then.[15] Yuta realizes that she used insight on Leez and interrupts her, noting that her view of the future is distorted, and she used it before to separate him from his friends. Taraka asks him to listen without taking it seriously, because she'd regret not telling him otherwise, as she can't see the future at will, and this vision could be important. She then tells him that in the few scenes she saw of Leez's future, Leez was alone in all of them. She was either fighting countless suras, standing alone in a deserted plain, or crying. But then Taraka saw her son in her future. In that vision, Yuta is attacking Leez and pinning her down while holding a transformed form of the Sword of Return. Leez, however, has extended a hand to touch his cheek.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (smiling Taraka): I added a brightening effect, and it looks weird... But too late now...
    • (past Taraka and Yuta): Taraka's magic boots sometimes disappear. Actually, I forgot to draw them here.
    • (sura-form Taraka and Yuta): The reason his wings are useful.jpg
      Why do I keep artfully hiding parts of Yuta's sura form?
    • (Leez + insight): Not initially planned to be included, but I added this scene because the poor main character seemed to be missing.
  • In one of the flashback scenes after Yuta killed Taraka, you can see his hand is black, probably from being covered with Taraka's blood.
  • When speaking of lying, Taraka is referring to the fact that Yuta had killed his friends before, then pushed the blame onto Taraka. See spoilers section of Ep. 2-105.[23]
  • Yuta claims that Taraka's insight can't be trusted. In the finite, Kali also had a reputation as a liar.
  • The Sword of Return has a different shape in Taraka's vision. Currygom then mentioned that it could change shapes.
  • It is actually unclear how Taraka came to the human realm in the first place: Asha mentions that Chaos suras are rarely sighted in the human realm.[43] Gandharva also later thinks of her, but thinks that there is no way she could be where he was.[43] This means she could have had help to get there.
  • Notice that in Taraka's insight of both of Leez and Yuta, neither of them have the scarf.[46] The missing scarf is explained in Ep.2-176.[52]

1-98 desperate to end it all.png
bad mom
1-98 mom is different.png
better mom
1-98 staying with Leez.png
helping Leez
1-98 vision.png
fighting Leez

Episode 99Edit

Season 1 Episode 99: Lies for You (11)

1-99 chaotic gate

A dark, crackling gate forms near Taraka and Yuta, and Taraka prepares to leave. She tells Yuta that the future she described won't happen if Yuta leaves Leez after he draws the Sword of Return; however, it seems that he will be unable to leave her side. She warns him that the longer he stays with her, the more it will hurt. She asks once again if he still chooses to return to her.

Ran carries the unconscious Leez as he follows Asha through the crumbling tunnels. He blames Asha for not telling him the truth about Yuta sooner. Asha points out that Yuta barely knew him, and the boy had no reason to trust him with this information. Ran asks if they have a way to return to Willarv, and Asha points out that a passage has already appeared. Ran finds her predictions amazing and almost suspicious. Asha has a dark look on her face as she hears that, then tells him to prepare his spell.

The group finally escapes the channel. Ran asks if it collapsed because of the suras fighting. Asha tells him that the water channel is a god-class item made by the primeval god Brahma, so it can only be destroyed if a force equivalent to Brahma's power acts upon it. She then claims she can't guess the true reason it collapsed.

Ran then asks Asha why the name of the clan of Chaos can't be used. Asha asks him if he knows about the Power of the Name, then explains that there are names holding special kinds of power. These were giving to the first living creatures of the universe, which were then divided into nastikas, Those who are strong, but live only once, and astikas, Those who are weaker, but can resurrect themselves an infinite number of times. The astikas later came to be known as natural gods or created gods. The ones responsible for naming them was the primeval god Visnu. He already had a name that was immortal regardless of the existence of the universe, so he had no interest in keeping the other names. So, once the universe was created, the most powerful names belonged to the newly-created beings. Out of the four primeval gods, Brahma and Shiva also held no desire for the names and their power, but Kali was different. Whatever the reason, she took possession of the leftover names of nastikas that were not given out because they had flaws or elements of danger.

Ran realizes that Asha is talking about the god who made the Sword of Return, who had a bad reputation. He concludes that the name of the Chaos clan was among those taken by Kali, and that Kali is both a primeval god and a nastika. He finds the information very interesting and wonders why he didn't learn this at school. Asha informs him that the knowledge is considered heresy. Ran then starts complaining and proclaims he'll forget everything. Asha tells him that all information is beneficial, and one just has to refrain from talking about it. However, she is confident that she'll be released even if she's arrested. Finally, Ran asks about Yuta's return. Asha informs him that Yuta doesn't benefit from traveling with them, and he has to make a decision. Yuta is shown looking at the gate.

Leez wakes up in a village near the exit to the channel, not far from Kalibloom. Ran is surprised by how fast she woke up. Realizing that Yuta isn't there, Leez rushes to find Asha. Outside, she realizes that the water channel is closed. Others believe that the Gandharva suras within have become violent. She sadly thinks back to all her moments with Yuta. Curry mushrooms start appearing everywhere, and people nearby rush to gather them. However, all Leez notices is Yuta, standing atop the cliff.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (suras v. gods): There are many nastikas and gods, but I only drew the first nastika kings and the 5th-zen gods. It looks like they are about to have a 7 v. 7 fight, but in reality one nastika king would be more than enough to sweep all seven gods away...
      Still, in the left group, two are dead (Ananta and Yaksha), one is in a coma (Garuda), one is almost out of his mind (Gandharva), while the right side stays strong. Maybe being able to resurrect is better.
    • (Taraka entering the gate): Taraka's hairstyle is revealed yet again. Some thought there were twin tails, but there aren't.
    • (Ran and Asha): Ran looks like a cute boy here!
    • (water channel exit): Like Asha said, their passage through the water channel is finally over. It was a nightmare for me. Similar-looking scenery that required so much work!!!
    • (city buildings): But drawing buildings makes me want to go back... lol
    • Well, only one episode left, so I gotta give it my best.
  • The noise beyond Taraka's gate is similar to when Kasak used the Crescent Gate.[2] Kasak later reveals that the Crescent Gate leads to a void filled with Chaos suras. This is where Taraka has gone.[53]
  • Much later on, Yuta will recall Taraka's words warning him of his upcoming suffering.[34]
  • Ran is fine even though rocks are falling on him. On the other hand, no rocks are falling on Asha. Perhaps she is calculating the trajectory of the rocks, and smartly avoiding them (this is only half a joke).[54][19]
  • Since the water channel was created by a primeval god, it can only be undone with an equivalent force. Some suspect that either Asha's hoti visnu or Yuta was responsible.
  • This episode confirms that nastikas are stronger than gods. This could have been guessed from the fact that under normal circumstances, both Gandharva[55] and Sagara[56] are stronger than Agni (and from the fact that not all nastikas are extinct yet, despite the fact that gods try hard to kill them).
  • The silhouettes of 5th-zen natural gods and nastika kings are positioned according to opposing elements, with the exception of Vayu and Kinnara, both Wind (references point to previous mentions for lesser-shown characters):
    • Yaksha (Light) vs Chandra (Darkness)[57]
    • Ananta (Earth)[58][59][60] vs Indra (Sky)
    • Asura (Darkness)[61] vs Surya (Light)
    • Vritra (Fire) vs Varuna (Water)[61]
    • Gandharva (Water) vs Agni (Fire)
    • Garuda (Sky)[6][47][28] vs Kubera (Earth)
    • Kinnara is next to Vritra, and Vayu[62] is in a corner.
    • Yama is probably not shown because he is a created god. We also see several silhouettes of the gods in Ep.38.[61]>
    • Currygom noted (in the blog entry above) that the shown match-up is impossible. Also, Yaksha and Ananta are already dead. Shuri is now king of the Yaksha clan.
    • We also see Kinnara holding Vritra. In the finite, we learn that Vritra and Kinnara used to be lovers near the beginning of the universe, but he dumped her after the dragons lost their emotions as part of a deal to avoid extinction.
  • Here, we see Visnu just when Shuri is born.
  • We finally confirm the identities of the four primeval gods (references point to previous mentions):
  • When Leez goes outside, a person complains about having to go through the polar region to reach Atera. This is the original route through Rindhallow that Asha was planning to use.[37]
  • The notice is signed by Teo Rakan, the President of the Kalibloom Fighters Guild. We first saw her silhouette when Kubera told Leez about Kalibloom.[22]

1-99 Taraka.png
1-99 escape.png
1-99 watery eyes.png
1-99 Yuta (detail).png

Episode 100Edit

Season 1 Episode 100: Lies for You (12)

1-100 hugz

In the future, Leez expresses regret that she was unable to lessen Yuta's pain or realize his grief. She regrets not seeing the shadow beneath his smile on the day the two reunited, after their passage through the water channel.

In the present time, Leez rushes towards Yuta, in such a hurry that she ends up tripping and losing a shoe. She hugs him tightly, relieved that he's safe, and tells him that she thought she'd lost him, too, just like how she keeps losing everyone else. Yuta wants to return her hug, but recalling Taraka's parting words, he holds himself back. Leez asks him how he got away, then drags him back after recalling that he no longer has a notebook. Her shoe is left behind.

At the hotel, Leez tries to find Asha. The magician is in the shower, with apparently red splatters on her towel. When Leez tries to enter the bathroom, Asha casts hoti marut and bhavati indra against her. Leez blames her for not locking the door, while Asha retorts that the lock was broken, and blames her for not knocking. She adds that Leez and Ran both share a lack of manners. Elsewhere, Ran is pouting because Asha got mad when he accidentally opened the door. He still hasn't realized that Asha is a woman.

In Atera, Shess catches up with Kasak in a dark alley. He asks the Half dragon about the magicians' meeting he's about to attend. Kasak tells him he needs to go because it's about the attack on Atera, and asks the rakshasa what he's worried about. Shess notes that the dragon has something he needs to hide, and that there's a summoned god at the temple. Kasak reveals that insight won't work to gain that particular piece of information, since facts originally obtained through insight can only be re-conveyed through oral or written means. They can't be retrieved via insight again. Shess smiles and notes that Visnu must have cherished Kasak, and decides to return to Leny. Kasak asks him if he won't come along to the meeting, since he likes humans. Shess tells him that despite being a neutral sura, he'd still have trouble facing a god witih civility.

At the Temple of Fire, Agni is pensively looking into the distance. He had hoped that the person would come himself, but it didn't happen. What's more, that person would run away if he approached first. Agni adds that even insight won't work on him. Brilith suddenly calls him, reminding him of the magicians' meeting. Agni promises to attend, much to her surprise.

At a meat restaurant, Ran claims that he found out about Yuta being a Half, but that he's all right with Yuta. A happy Leez asks him if he's cured of his Half-phobia, but Ran claims that he's only fine with Yuta. Leez then asks Asha what she bought, and she responds that she went searching for float patches to repair the swimsuit she received for her birthday. Leez wonders why she'd need to repair it when she never went swimming. Ran wants to tell Leez about what Asha did in the water channel, but Asha prevents him from doing so. Ran thinks Yuta is pitiful for traveling with humans and thus being forced to eat small portions, so he orders a hundred portions of raw meat for him.

Outside Rindhallow, Maruna wonders what's happening with Gandharva. He saw him arguing with God Kubera and then disappearing again. He wonders if Gandharva is refusing to talk to him, and thinks it would be better if Gandharva raged at him openly. He notices Sagara complimenting her underlings for bringing back good information, so he asks them what they're talking about. Sagara tells him that he doesn't need to know since Gandharva and God Kubera decided to leave him out of this mission, as he'd just get in the way. She taunts him for being abandoned.

Ran, Asha, Leez, and Yuta are on their way to Kalibloom again. Leez and Yuta hold onto Asha for the teleport, and Asha calls Ran to come over too. Since Leez and Yuta are already hugging Asha from the sides, he decides to hug her around the neck, but lets go upon seeing Asha's angry expression. Asha tells him that she changed her mind, and that Ran can decide to come along or return to Mistyshore on his own. She then casts hoti vayu and disappears with Yuta and Leez. Angry, Ran decides to follow along until he claims the prize for their bet. He casts hoti vayu as well.

Elsewhere in Kalibloom, a young Half with bunny ears informs a blonde woman, whom she refers to as President (LINE Webtoons: Union Master), that she has spotted an injured pureblood human that needs sponsoring to pass the checkpoints. Gandharva sits near a cliff, disguised as a human.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez): Tried to keep it short, but failed at doing so... Sorry for being late.
    • (Leez after tripping): The reason why the stone was there may or may not be revealed later. I think it would be more fun to hide little secrets like this... Later on, many of you will figure it out. Eventually.
    • (Ran being punished): Even when he saw Asha while showering, he still hasn't realized that Asha is female.
    • (Kasak): So many characters appeared, so it is rather hard to choose the scene for posting. I randomly chose Kasak-ssi. He is not double-lidded. He just doesn't open his eyes fully. It is inherited from Taksaka, who opens his eyes even less.
    • (Kalibloom): Kalibloom, the location where Season 2 will start. The morning sky is like that there.
    • Gandharva's waist sash is supposed to be tied on the other side, but I am too lazy to fix stuff like this now... lol
  • Apparently, losing a shoe is considered a symbol of loss in South Korea. Leez never did recover her shoe, which is why she's wearing a slipper on one foot before Asha teleported them towards Kalibloom.
  • There appears to be blood on Asha's towel when she's taking a shower. We later learn that the use of hoti visnu eats away at her existence, so she may be suffering from the effects.[10]
  • Asha normally always locks the bathroom door. Leez noticed this when she started traveling with her.[37]
  • Agni wanted to meet Shess. The Kinnara rakshasa has existed since near the beginning of the universe so the insight of the gods doesn't work on him.[66] Oddly enough, even though he told Mr. Kasak that he'd have difficulty facing a god with civility, he has no issues talking to God Kubera,[67] but that may be because he's following his mother's orders.
  • Asha's swimsuit is the birthday present from Ruche.[68]
  • Asha interrupts Ran from telling Leez what she did.[69] She also interrupts him when he tries to tell Leez again in Season 2.[70]
  • Ran's embarrassing moment #5: Walking in on Asha taking a shower.[71]
  • Ran's embarrassing moment #6: Hugging her from behind.[71]
  • Gandharva is about to infiltrate Kalibloom. Sagara later states that he wanted to leave out Maruna for Maruna's sake.[72] This could be because Kalibloom is a city with many halfs, and Maruna respects halfs of allied clans.[73] Riagara later realizes that he was reluctant to attack the entire city of Atera for the same reason.[74]
  • The two near the end are Teo Rakan and her adopted daughter, Elwin Rakan. Teo's silhouette could be seen when God Kubera talked about Kalibloom.[22] Her name can also be seen on the notice in the last episode.
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 12: Lies for You. The title could refer to:
    • Yuta and Asha lying about Yuta's identity to Leez. Ran later joins in.
    • The group lying to Ran about Yuta's identity.
    • Agwen lying about being fine around her father, and perhaps her father's subsequent response.
    • Perhaps Asha not wanting to teach Leez magic, for Leez's sake.
    • Taraka lying to Yuta about the truth of who killed his friends.
    • Yuta lying to his mother about her true identity.
    • Kali who basically made a lie of a mother to raise Yuta.
    • What Taraka told Yuta before departing may or may not be the full truth.
    • Leez lying about the fact that she already realizes the truth, as we learn later on.
    • Kasak lying about... something, apparently related to Kalavinka.
    • Agni lying to Brilith to keep her from being too worried.
    • Sagara kind of lied to Maruna about Gandharva abandoning him. In fact, Gandharva wanted to leave Maruna out of the mission, out of consideration for him.
    • At the very end, Gandharva lies about his identity to get into the city, which will in turn lead to a whole lot more lies.

1-100 anguish.png
future anguish
1-100 interruption.png
bloody towel
1-100 meeting concerns.png
hidden knowledge
1-100 wrong idea.png
wrong idea


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