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Season 2 Episode 1: Lost (1)

2-1 campfire


Asha's group is unable to teleport directly to Kalibloom even though it is within their sights, because the Chaos barrier interferes with magical calculations. Asha abandoned Ran back at the water channel exit, but he secretly follows them anyway. He wants to have his little revenge for being left behind, so he attempts to use hoti varuna on Asha, but ends up flung away by her much-faster bhavati vayu. Later at the campfire, Ran is still upset, stating that anyone other than him would have died from that spell; Asha only rebuts that he tried to use magic first. The atmosphere grows tense and when Leez tries to mediate, both tell her to shut up.

As they travel through the forest on foot, Leez would remove obstructions by brute force using hoti kubera. Eventually, the group becomes used to being "accidentally" hit by Asha's anti-sura spells. While Leez feels that clearing out suras is an easy task, Asha warns her that the level of suras will rise to 4th-stage upanis and maras as they approach the city. Soon enough a mara appears, only to be immediately killed in one strike by Yuta. A secret camera records the action, and a green-haired woman with a fan decides to capture this very interesting half.

Teo Rakan, Kalibloom Fighters Guild Branch President, and Elwin Rakan, a half sponsored by Teo, venture outside the city to investigate a suspicious man. They locate the shirtless man standing alone with an injury; he claims to be in need medical attention in the city, but lost his ID and clothes.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (blog screenshot): Webtoons these days are released at 11pm, so I set my blog posts to publish at midnight, and no prob! But.... what?!?!?! (I guess it was when the episode was out late for some reason and the blog post came out first? -birdie) I have to manually put this up, I guess.
    • (Asha and Leez): The first chapter of Season 2 is Lost, as I mentioned at the end of Season 1. It can be taken many different ways for many characters. So that readers can take different meanings from them, I decided to stop coloring chapter names following the main character's colors. (I used to color each chapter's name in the color of the most important character.) And the color of To be continued (at the end of each episode) will be changed to the color of the last character to appear in that episode.
    • (forest): Forest of Chaos. As it was shown at the end of Season 1, Kalibloom is a city surrounded by mountains and forests. As Asha said, in this forest your magic calculations are messed up, so one must be careful when using magic, especially the type that can end very badly. So magic should only be used when there is room for some mistakes.
    • (campfire): Ran is very uncomfortable in his mage robes. He was wearing them only because he had to go through the water channel. He wanted to take them off in Ep.85, but Asha made him keep them on.[1] So after leaving the water channel, he changed into some clothes he bought in the next town. The mage robes... Maybe they're in his bag.
    • (Teo and Elwin): Kalibloom Fighters Guild Branch President Teo. (Profile will be revealed three episodes later.) I wonder how many of you guessed she would look like this? She will be quite important in Season 2. Her silhouette was shown in Ep.32.[2] The mysterious lady with the fan was shown in Season 1, too.[3]
  • Leez is still wearing a slipper after losing her shoe at the end of Season 1.[4]
  • Asha called Leez burden/baggage again (the Korean word is the same), which is how she described Leez when they just met,[5] a term she repeats later that day.[6] It later turns out that this is affecting Leez much more than she is letting on.[7]
  • Leez whines that she wants to get a magician's license. She first said that she wanted to learn magic back in Ep.21.[8] She had to give up because she was told that calculations are necessary,[9] but evidently she took interest again after learning that magic without calculations is possible.
  • This is the first time we see Yuta's eyes turning blue-green, the same color as the eyes of Kali and Taraka. It's unclear what they can accomplish currently, but we later learn that there's a certain skill normally unavailable to rakshasas that Yuta can use when his eyes turn this color. See spoiler section of Ep.2-110.[10]
  • After Yuta killed the sura, Leez actually suspected something, but pretended not to. She later recalls this scene in a key flashback.[11]
  • Elwin claims that Teo is weaker than Airi.
    • Teo is the ranked #2 fighter,[12] so Airi may be the ranked #1 fighter (according to Kasak's profile on Currygom's blog, he is unranked because he hasn't participated in tournaments for a long time).
    • However, it is unclear whether Teo is actually weaker than Airi: the junior fighter tournament limits quarters to using limited weapons OR magic, whereas purebloods can use both.[13] There may be similar rules for the adult fighters' tournament.

2-01 grandstanding.png
suspicious nature
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suspicious excuse
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suspicious behavior
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suspicious man

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Season 2 Episode 2: Lost (2)

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Teo and Elwin immediately rush to the assistance of the strange man (Gandharva).

In Atera, the meeting on the sura attack is about to begin at the Magic Guild and a few important people are late, but Mr. Kasak arrives on time. Also in attendance are Ruche Seiran, Lorraine Rartia, and Airi Yui. Airi recalls (thanks to a diary entry) getting 10 valuable autographs from Kasak before the Cataclysm, but doesn't actually remember how because of amnesia from the Cataclysm; Agwen hadn't remembered anything about them when she asked her about it, either.

Brilith rehearses her speech but wants to avoid calling Agni Babo Kim. She then becomes upset over his lack of preparation and leaves him behind. Agni makes the decision to break one of Visnu's rules after he saw Brilith's sadness about having to hide him.

Teo treats Gandharva's wounds before returning to Kalibloom. She worries about how he would manage inside the city without having any money or being able to remember his own name, and so offers him some work.

Advancing through the forest near the city, Asha and Ran discover more and more half traps (which Ran breaks with his bare hands), while the only thing Leez cares about is food. Yuta senses the cameras following their group. The stalker behind the cameras continues to plot to capture the boy.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Elwin): Elwin's eyes and ears are her sura traits. Her hands look the way they do because she's wearing gloves. She doesn't have a tail, though!
    • (fainting Ruche): People with the same surnames are not necessarily closely related. Characters from famous magician families appear often, and so the same family names come up often. This is only because the story focuses mostly on magicians, but when compared to the overall population, those surnames are really not all that common. The same goes for characters with triple attributes.
    • (Agni): This book (TC: The Ravishing of Mrs..., Webtoons: Desperate W...) is from the same series as the novel from Ep.65, The Ravishing of Mrs. Witch (Webtoons: The Cris...).[14] This is actually a bestselling series of novels. Most of the books next to Babo Kim are from the same series. They are erotic novels, but Babo Kim reads them for the plot... Or does he?
    • (weird currygom pic): And one week later, Currygom's blog is blocked because of adult content. j/k
    • (Ran finds some cables/wires): Leez's shoes are colored wrong. They should be different, but they are both yellow here. Will be changed the next day.
  • Gandharva is suppressing his regenerative abilities to appear injured.
  • Ernst Seiran was actually shown early in the series, though he was nameless and faceless back then.[15]
  • Ruche likes handsome men. When she saw Asha early in the series, she asked her if she had partnered up with someone handsome.[16]
  • Ruche appears to dislike halfs and disregard half rights. She buys and eats many Garuda half eyes to extend the range of her spell, for example.[17]
  • On Airi's diary and her amnesia:
    • D995 is the year Rao Leez won the Fighter Championship. Some theorize that many of the characters may have gathered to watch the championship, including Airi, Agwen, Kasak, and Taksaka.
    • We see that Taksaka was present on that day, wearing Visnu's earrings.
    • Airi blames her amnesia on the Cataclysm. We later learn that before and during the Cataclysm, people could be revived with hoti visnu if they were tended to quickly enough or were preserved in ice. This spell could no longer be used after Visnu disappeared. hoti visnu causes amnesia, as the target's time is turned back, so this may be the reason for Airi's memory loss.
    • However, Agwen also doesn't remember the event in D995, even though she doesn't appear to have died during the Cataclysm, as she was shown speaking with her father right after.[18] This has led some to theorize that both Airi and Agwen were the targets of a mass-amnesia event in D995, perhaps but not necessarily related to Taksaka's presence.
    • Later on, it appears that Ran also forgot some events from his childhood.[19] This may or may not be related to this. As Ran is a fan of Rao Leez, it would make sense for him to be present during the Fighter Championship.[13]
  • Agni is reading The Ravishing of Mrs. ... (the end of the title is covered by his hand). Praul's son tried to get another book from the same series, The Ravishing of Mrs. Witch, in Season 1.[14] Agni is later shown reading yet another novel from the same series: The Ravishing of the Priestess.[20]
  • In this episode, Agni reveals for the first time that he remained silent because of Visnu's rules. However, as Agni mentioned, Visnu must have been able to see this outcome.
  • Teo already mentioned reaching her half sponsor limit at the end of Season 1.[4]

Episode 2-3Edit

Season 2 Episode 3: Lost (3)

2-3 trap disabled

Just as Yuta senses something approaching, Ran casts hoti indra which stops an incoming trap but makes Asha angry; apparently Ran, through not calculating at all (the source of Asha's anger), cast it fast enough so the magical defense system of the trap couldn't block it. The mysterious stalker then decides to activate the Hide of Bondage, a god-class item created by Kali, to capture the target.

At the Kalibloom checkpoint, Gandharva makes the observation that the system made it too easy for him to get through. Teo responds that in a city full of fighters, a human causing trouble would be suicide. In an infirmary in West Kalibloom, where Teo lets him get treatment, he notes that she never puts her sword down, and she explains that it is very valuable. She is a weapon collector, but her collection methods are legal, unlike those of certain other people (with a visual reference to Yuta's stalker). Gandharva decides he is in no hurry to dispose of Teo because, as she said, it would be suicide for him to make a move now.

At the Temple of Fire in Atera, Brilith gives her speech as audience members wonder who that stupid-looking guy standing next to her is. Several people consider her account of using the Staff of Agni to ward off the suras to be a bit far-fetched. In a panic, she then presents "Idioty Smith" as an expert on the staff, creating a buzz among the audience. Upon further questioning, Agni finally reveals his true self.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Agni and Brilith): Thumbnail is a romantic pic of a couple... not. Just Brilith in trouble. The very idea of trying to explain things with Idioty Smith/Babo Kim was too unrealistic to begin with...
    • Are you happy when Tuesday comes? I am sooo not because it means one less episode I have ready. (horrified face icon) This is like losing a life while playing a game... Actually even more desperate than that. I have to earn a life before losing one... Still, thanks so much for waiting each week for each episode! (Note: The weekly release date and time is very early Tuesday morning in Korea = Monday morning in the U.S., Monday afternoon in Europe).
    • (Asha upset with Ran): Ran's natural height is 180cm and Asha's is 175cm, but her shoes are a bit higher. Ran is only wearing sneakers, so they appear to be about the same height.
    • Actually, Gandharva without shoes and Teo with shoes should be similar like that... But I end up drawing Gandharva a bit taller. I guess I feel sorry for him.
    • (Kalibloom): Many are asking for a blog post for Kalibloom but it's not yet time since not much has been revealed so far. Mistyshore's blog post was made only when Leez's party was about to enter the water channel. But I will tell you about the color of the sky. The light purple sky in the pic is in the morning, and in the afternoon it becomes pink. (See Ep.68.)[21]
    • (silly Agni): According to Agni's logic, my boyfriend would be my deadline...?! Whaaa?
      Wait, a loving deadline? The deadline hugging me from behind? Wait.... wha.... (crying icon)
  • The Hide of Bondage (translated by Webtoons as the Bonds of Blood Cloak this episode, but Hide of Bondage in subsequent episodes) is the cloak we see Leez wearing in all the insights of her future.
  • What Riche caught on camera was Yuta using partial sura transformation to attack with his tail and hide it again. He uses the same attack later on.[22]
  • The person at the checkpoint says Teo must have wanted an A+ rank so she could sponsor people every day. At the end of Season 1 and in the last episode, she noted that she is already sponsoring the maximum number of halfs she's allowed.[4] However, she has quota left for non-halfs.
  • Teo's profile on Currygom's blog notes that she took the magic exams with nothing but a sword and hoti kubera. However, she was not allowed to take the barrier test with her triple-nil attributes.
  • Teo's sword may have some sort of special significance. Sagara is later surprised that she doesn't know about it,[23] and it's the first thing Teo thinks about when she is revived.[24]
  • 5 gold = USD 220, 10 gold = USD 440 (fluctuates with the dollar/won exchange rate).

Episode 2-4Edit

Season 2 Episode 4: Lost (4)

2-4 hide activated

not the mama

Agni's unexpected reveal puts everyone in shock, especially Ruche. When Brilith wonders what Agni's plan might be, she realizes he has none at all. He then hurriedly changes back to Idioty Smith, only to be glared at. So, finally, he properly introduces himself to the humans as the Fire God Agni.

Teo and Gandharva see Elwin, who does not live with Teo, off to the Fighters Guild. While Gandharva and Teo walk, she explains her history with Elwin and why she adopted her. Teo's parents (a half and a quarter) somehow ended up in the sura realm during the chaos of the Cataclysm. She still hopes they're alive, but knows that it is false hope. Gandharva, with a surprised expression, momentarily stops walking.

As Asha's group approaches the Kalibloom checkpoint, the stalker's computer system measures Yuta's transcendental value at 1350, making him a sure target for the Hide of Bondage, which captures the individual with the highest transcendental value in its target range. Yuta suddenly senses his mother and notices the Hide, wondering why it is there. The Hide, however, passes Yuta up and continues toward the rest of his group. The stalker, surprised at this turn of events, has her system measure a wider area, and finds that someone else in a 100m radius possesses a transcendental value of 17860.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Hide of Bondage): The Hide of Bondage looks like it's from a different genre. I didn't draw the face, so don't bother lightening it. (e.g. with Photoshop)
    • (Agni and Brilith): There's no way Brilith can ever marry now. Anyone who tries to date her will earn an express ticket to Hell...
    • (Teo): Season 2 Teo will be a bit more important than Season 1 Kasak. Teo's blog profile was posted last week. Look under "Supporting Characters".
    • The Catalysm will only be mentioned in flashbacks like this. There won't be any episodes dedicated to the Catalysm alone.
    • (Yuta pausing behind Leez): Nobody knows except you... and you can't even talk about it...
    • Long paragraph explaining why there will be no birthday event from now on due to problems the previous year
  • Agni's jurisdiction is fire. He won't die permanently, and will instead resurrect each time he is killed, until his jurisdiction disappears. All natural gods like Agni will pretty much only die once the universe is destroyed.
  • We learn this episode that some people somehow crossed over into the sura realm during the Cataclysm.
  • Kasak is apparently known to have a transcendental value of over 10,000.[25]
  • We later learn that Leez's transcendental value is 4240,[26] so the measured value may belong to either Asha or Ran.

Episode 2-5Edit

Season 2 Episode 5: Lost (5)

2-5 asha gags ran

Idiots shut up

Ran has a hunch that something is wrong, and thinks he heard Yuta yell, "Watch out!," believing it might be one of his transcendentals. He begins to cast a hoti spell, only to be stopped by Asha.

Praul Ajes hurries late for the Atera meeting, and runs into a depressed Ruche. He mentions that she had been right about Agni's summoning before anyone else knew. Brilith is still worried about the Fire God's revelation. Agni recalls a recent conversation with the Death God, who he apparently defeated in order to extend Brilith's life, but who told him on that occasion that his efforts ultimately would be in vain. Agni continues to hide the true reasons for his actions from Brilith. Kasak arrives to to discuss some business with him.

Ran continues to fret that something is wrong when Yuta runs towards them and hands his sword to Leez. The Hide appears, Yuta's eyes turn blue-green, the computer only shows "Error" for transcendental value, and the Hide changes its target to Yuta, capturing him. Asha recognizes the Hide right away, and correctly predicts that Yuta would disappear. Leez is left standing there, the sword in one hand and the other still reaching out for Yuta.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (flashback of Brilith): Brilith's long hair must've been very heavy. A simple head shake could be a wide-range attack... Sorry for making bad jokes.
    • (Praul and Ruche): Quarter mysteries: The one on the left is 90 years old, and the one on the right is 34 years old! Praul should have been introduced during The Night it Rained Fire with his blog profile reveal, but he was cut off mostly due to time restraints. As we saw briefly there, he is a father and husband held captive by his family. He can't quit his job because of them. His profile is under Jibril Ajes's blog post.
    • (Yama and Agni): We have to try to understand Yama's state of mind here - see Ep.80.[27]
    • (Yuta captured): Yuta-princess gets kidnapped. How sad.
    • The chapter title Lost refers to Leez, Agni, and Gandharva... The next chapter, Blood, has more meanings. One of them is "hide" from the Hide of Bondage.
  • Speculation over Ran being able to hear Yuta's warning:
    • One theory is that Ran can hear sura speech under special circumstances.
    • Another theory is that this could be related to Yuta's special insight ability which manifests more prominently after his development to 3rd stage. In any case, this is the second time we see his eyes turn the same color as Kali and Taraka's. See spoiler section of Ep.2-110.[10]
  • Praul Ajes was first shown when Sagara's army attacked Atera.[28] He was also shown in Brilith's flashback sequence, after Agni returned.[3]
  • 1000 gold = USD 44 000 (fluctuates with the USD/won exchange rate).
  • Praul notes that Ruche noticed the summoning of Agni before anyone else. We saw her asking Brilith about the barrier, then being suspicious about the answer, in Ep.21.[8] Lorraine subsequently confirmed that Ruche had correctly guessed the summmoning.[29]
  • Brilith summoned Agni 10 years ago, in the year N5, when she was 11 years old (9 or 10 by western reckoning).
  • Brahma is shown talking with Yama, first shown in Ep.80, on strike after his encounter with Agni.[27]
  • This is the first time we learn that Agni can't see Brilith's future.
  • The sword that Yuta hands to Leez can mask one's transcendental value.[30]
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 13: Lost. The title could refer to:
    • Gandharva, pretending to be lost in the forest
    • Airi losing her memories because of the Cataclysm, and also losing the autographs she got from Mr. Kasak
    • Agni being lost without a plan after going against Visnu's rule, and Yama warning Agni that his attempts to save his priestess would be in vain, anyway
    • Teo losing her whole family during the Cataclysm. Her siblings died, and her parents were lost in the sura realm. This is a parallel to how Gandharva lost his daughter.
    • the group (Leez in particular) losing Yuta, who was caught by Riche
    • A multitude of characters also feeling lost.


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