Episode 2-6Edit

Season 2 Episode 6: Blood (1)

2-6 Leez wants to save Yuta

Who can eat while a friend is in trouble?

After Yuta disappears, Leez angrily complains to Asha that they must immediately go and search for him. Asha cooly replies that Leez could lead on even though they have no idea where he went.

Later at a restaurant in East Kalibloom, Asha speculates that he was probably taken by half hunters somewhere in the city, and since this particular trap is expensive to activate, the culprit is likely the President of the creation brand 'Brimo' and the richest woman on Willarv. Ran realizes she's referring to Riche Seiran. Leez notes the similarity of the name to Ruche Seiran in Atera. Ran proposes going to Riche's house and buying Yuta back for an insane amount of money, since they can't take him by force as the house is like a fortress full of traps.

Teo offers Gandharva a guest room at her house in the outskirts of West Kalibloom, since he is too much in debt to be able to afford a hotel bill. He questions the wisdom of putting up a strange man in her house, to which she responds with her sword pointed at his face. She reminds him that she is a fighter who earned an A+ rank in magic with swordsmanship alone, and Gandharva apologizes. He realizes that Teo used a transcendental skill with her sword since it moved faster than he could see it, and he decides that taking Kalibloom would be more difficult than Sagara had indicated.

At Riche Seiran's house in the luxury residential neighborhood in North Kalibloom, her assistant reports that the half is bleeding black blood, something he'd never heard of before.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez with deer-in-headlights expression): I like Leez. I keep mentioning that because it might seem like I've given up drawing Leez. I like characters with expressions like this. Ran too, for similar reasons.
    • (lodgings): Kalibloom blog post updated. It is a city in a mountainous area, and there are several levels within the city. Buildings and hills, over and over. You won't become fat if you live here, but your legs will be very thick...
    • (Riche): Riche Seiran blog profile updated. (It's together with Ruche's profile.) Not only are their names similar, but so are their hair, eyes, skin tone, and age. Naturally, they are twins... but not exactly same as you can see from their figures.
    • (Teo): Teo, quarter, 48. Will be remembered as a human who threatened Gandharva into mortal danger. As he has weakened himself in disguising himself as a human, he really is weak.
  • Leez later recalls Asha's behavior regarding Yuta in a key flashback.[1]
  • How rich is Riche? She's rich enough to offer 1 million gold (about 44 million USD, varies with the USD/won exchange rate) for a single use of hoti visnu.[2]
  • The poster on the wall of Cafe Maple states: "Month of Chaos: Temple opens. N16.1.1~1.36." In Season 1, Asha noted that the Temple of Chaos is only open during the month of Chaos.[3]
  • Riche and Ruche are twins (same age).[4] They appear to share a disregard of halfs.
  • Teo notes here that she lives alone. In fact, she lives separately from her adopted daughter Elwin.[5]
  • Teo is apparently exceptionally skilled at using transcendentals.[6] We see her using this particular skill against opponents later on.[7]
  • The guard jokes that Kasak may have been flying by when the device measured 17860. Kasak is known to have a transcendental value of over 10000.[8]
  • Yuta's blood is black. We saw the color of his blood and insides when he first joined Asha's group.[9] Suras of other races have also been shown to have purple blood,[10][11] and sometimes red blood in human form.[11]

Episode 2-7Edit

When her assistant states that there is no sura clan with black blood, Riche says that there is—Chaos—but knowledge of that unknown clan is considered heresy. She decides that since this human-form Chaos half is extremely rare, she will never sell him.

Leez questions why Kalibloom was inconveniently built in the mountains, and Asha explains that the Temple of Chaos was built around the landing place of the Sword of Return, and that the city became fighter-based since the barrier interferes with magical calculation. When Ran remarks that this is basic knowledge taught in schools, Leez recalls asking her mom to allow her to change her name so she could go to school.

The three of them are invited into Riche's house by a servant, and they take the opportunity to look around at her vast collection of items; Asha takes special notice of the Neutral Bow in a display case. Behind the security cameras, Riche and her assistant are surprised to learn that Asha Rahiro is among them (her sister Ruche being a huge Asha fan), but are alarmed at the presence of Ran Sairofe, whose uncle is the Priest of Water, aunt the Dean of the School of Magic at Mistyshore University, and elder brother Lutz Sairofe the biggest competitor to Riche's company. Riche hatches a plan to take care of all of them, regardless of their connections. Ran tries to continue to discuss buying Yuta back, but at Asha's request he returns with Leez to their hotel after Asha assures him that she will get Yuta back without spending any money.

Episode 2-8Edit

Season 2 Episode 8: Blood (3)

2-8 riche bargains

Still bargains hard, but...

Riche allows Ran and Leez to leave so she would only have to deal with Asha. Riche comes out to greet her, assuming she is there about the half; however, Asha instead expresses interest in buying the Neutral Bow, surprising Riche, who then offers it for the greatly inflated price of 100,000 gold. Asha accepts the offer, then asks where she keeps all the halfs she'd captured; Riche replies that they are locked up in the basement. Asha suggests that it would difficult to confine an aggressive half; Riche considers that nonsense, since there are traps and god-class items to prevent any escape.

Leez and Ran pass by the Kalibloom Fighters Guild Affiliated Martial Arts Academy when they decide to go in (after some hesitation from Ran).

At Kalibloom Central, Magic Store District, when Gandharva appears interested in a red glove at one shop, Teo buys it for him. He mentions that it's for the son of a friend, who is a disrespectful, stupid brat whom he is worried about. Teo finds it strange that he can remember someone else's son but not his own name.

Near Rindhallow, Cloche gripes to Hura about Gandharva's stupidity and how he is allowing himself to be manipulated over the miniscule chance his daughter is still alive. When Hura cautions her that he could be listening in, she replies that she doesn't see how since he is in Kalibloom. Maruna unexpectedly appears behind her and threatens to eat her if she doesn't explain why Gandharva is there.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Riche): I've been drawing Riche's fan like this without putting much thought into it. But a few days ago I received a foldable fan as a gift and it looks... different. Just think of this fan as just... like that.
    • (Marut&Asvins statue): Many have asked why is there are not many goddesses. It's just that the 5th Zen is male-heavy, but from the 4th Zen down there are more female than male gods. When you think about all of them, there are more females in total.
    • (Ran): Ran is afraid of halfs. Mistyshore has halfs, too, but because of that city's culture there aren't that many of them, and those who do live there hide their sura parts.
    • (Hura and Cloche): It's been long time no see for these suras! It's still fun to draw Hura, especially that big eye!
  • Riche calls Asha an orphan from Carte. Asha first indirectly told Ran that she's from Carte while in the water channel.[12]
  • The Neutral Bow is the first item Asha examined in the last episode. It belonged to Rao Leez,[13] and landed in Kalibloom in the year N5.[14]
  • 100,000 gold = 4.4 million USD (varies with the USD/won exchange rate). To compare, in Season 1, Brilith mentioned that the Fire Priest of Konchez once made an offer of 100,000 gold for the Staff of Agni, the strongest item for magicians adept in fire magic.
  • It looks like Riche is ripping off Asha, but she may have been ripped off by Lorraine first, after she commissioned Lorraine to modify the Neutral Bow.[14]
  • Gandharva later gives those red gloves to Maruna,[15] and he can occasionally be seen wearing them.[16] We also saw Maruna wearing them in the Season 1 prologue.[17]
  • Cloche speaks confidently about Shakuntala's fate. She may actually have witnessed something.[18]

Episode 2-9Edit

Season 2 Episode 9: Blood (4)

2-9 asha confident

Want help? How about some god-class items...

Sagara stands on a cliff in the vicinity of Rindhallow, soliloquizing about the city that is "drenched in the blood of her people." She wants to make sure to raze it to the ground before they attack Eloth. She is interrupted by Riagara, accompanied by Pingara, who reports that Maruna got wind of the details of their plan. Sagara shrugs it off, saying they did let Maruna out of this on Gandharva's request anyway, for his own good. She orders them to make further preparations.

In Riche's mansion, alarms go off, indicating the destruction of several basement doors one after another—all while Asha bargains to get the Neutral Bow at a cheaper price. At first, Riche is reluctant, not quite believing Asha's warnings regarding the "half". However, none of her cameras are working, and with every destroyed door and trap, she gets more restless and finally sets up a contract to sell the Bow for only 100 gold to her. With the contract signed, Asha makes preparations to stop Yuta. She requests the Marut&Asvins Statue, made from a fusion of gods' blood, to be brought down to the basement. Riche starts to object, but caves in when Asha ask if she would rather take its place? Asha gets locked in the basement, while the next door is smashed.

A half-tied, bleeding Yuta appears at the end of the corridor and Asha uses bhavati indra to decompose the statue and splash him with the red liquid. Yuta stands still while it dissipates. Relieved, the magician explains that the statue contained gods' blood, which is more nutritious than the meat of most suras. Then she asks if he came back to his senses. She understands that he must have acted on instinct, hungry and having been kept bleeding for quite a while. But when she reaches out to him, offering help to get the Hide of Bondage off him, he grins, licks some blood off his hand, and bites her arm before she can react.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Sagara): Sagara! Her back was seen in Gandharva's flashback,[19] but this is her first time being properly seen in Season 2. The only main character who hasn't been fully shown yet is God Kubera... When will he appear?
    • Did you have a nice Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)? (Currygom goes on about how hers sucked.)
    • (Riche's alarm): I keep forgetting the blue-haired guy's earrings. I also forgot them in Ep.2-8 too, far too late... I will leave it, as he is pretty unimportant. I might fix it in the book version. The webtoon is not uploaded by me, so unless it's something important, it's rather hard to fix. At least for this episode I found it before I submitted it.
    • (Riche): This fan describes Riche's situation pretty well. (Mine is mine, yours is mine)
    • (bloody Yuta): His left hand is tied up, but it looks like he doesn't have it! Yuta may look fragile, but he's pretty powerful, huh? But actually, his limbs are relatively weak. His strongest part is his tail. Next is his bite. But he can't make explosions like Maruna.
    • (green text): p.s. (paragraph about how Kubera character items may be used for school festivals)
  • A Garuda sura told Maruna in Season 1 that Rindhallow is a place that locks up many suras to practice death magic.[20] hoti yama doesn't work on suras,[21] so they may be practicing bhavati yama. Brilith also mentioned that Willarv is the planet where a magician developed the most efficient way to use said death magic.[22]
  • Some theorize that Gandharva may have left Maruna out of the mission in Kalibloom because the city has many halfs, and Maruna respects halfs of allied races.[23] Maruna even saved a few halfs early in Season 1.[24]

Episode 2-10Edit

Season 2 Episode 10: Blood (5)

2-10 little asha

"Countless deaths will find their way to you."

In a flashback, Visnu speaks to Asha as a child, who is covered in blood. He tells her that many deaths would find their way to her. Most of them she can fend off herself, but not all. She has the highest probability to lose this war, so he came to her. From this moment on she would have faith in his existence and would be able to borrow his power. But because he doesn't exist as a god here, the magic is unstable. Every use eats away her existence, so it would be wiser to never use it. She will have to make the decision when the time comes.

Asha uses hoti visnu.

Meanwhile, Riche and her assistant flee, having locked the basement (with Asha inside, of course) and planning to pin it all on Asha in case the dangerous half escapes. Riche is startled when she sees the Marut&Asvins statue standing in the hallway again, intact.

Yuta, reverted back to a time before he was captured by the Hide of Bondage, comes to his senses and is aghast at seeing Asha hurt. Realizing he was the one who did it, he hugs Asha tight, crying. Asha, hesitating, asks if Leez and she were to fight in the future, which side would he choose? Yuta looks up at her, puzzled. She tells him not to worry about the question, since she already knows the answer.

On another note, she declares that she wants to finalize their dealings with the merchant and asks for his help. She and Yuta then break through the locked basement door, shocking Riche. With Yuta intimidating the merchant, she tells her that she wants another contract drawn up.

Leez is disappointed that classes in the Fighter Academy are already over. Ran advises her to come back with Asha later, but Leez suddenly sees a door. When Ran tells her that it is a gallery of legendary fighters, she immediately dashes off, not listening to him anymore when he says looking at pictures of dead people depresses him. Leez looks around and unexpectedly finds a portrait of her father, Rao Leez.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (young Asha): I noticed too late that her hair is shorter than how I drew it in the Ep.4 flashback...[25] But it's nothing important!
    • (Riche and blue-haired guy): Riche's assistant. Some people are confusing him with Ruche's subordinate, Ernst. (comparison picture) They're very different. But yeah, they're both pretty unimportant.
    • (bloody Asha): I had hard time deciding on how to draw this. I couldn't make it look like Asha already fully healed, because Yuta wouldn't know what happened... (Asha won't explain things like that.) But I can't draw her arm exposed in a webtoon for all ages... So I ended up covering it with her fur cloak.
    • (Rao's memorial plaque): Rao's blog profile is finally updated.
  • In this flashback, Asha has the same appearance as in her flashbacks in Season 1,[25][26] so this occurred 10 years ago, in N5.
  • In Season 1, she mentioned that she disliked gods,[27] and that they are unfair.[20] Visnu must have been one of those she was thinking of.
  • Visnu warns Asha that hoti visnu will eat away at her existence. This may be the reason blood was shown on her towel after the water channel,[28] and why she looks so sick after turning back Yuta's time (and not just because Yuta bit her arm). Yuta also notices that she looks unwell some time after she uses hoti visnu to revive Teo.[29]
  • Asha tells Yuta that she turned him back to right before he was caught, so it appears that hoti visnu manipulates time itself. In the finite, Visnu could manipulate time, though if he did so too often, he'd lose his body and be unable to get it back until the end of the universe. Also in the finite, Ian Rajof picked up a book titled Time Logic when she considered learning healing magic,[30] so all restoration abilities seem to be based on time manipulation.
  • We learn much later in the season that Asha had already used hoti visnu an astounding number of times (over 1000), in spite of Visnu's warning, beginning in the year N5.[31]. We also later learn about one of the side effects of using the spell so many times.[32]

Episode 2-11Edit

Season 2 Episode 11: Blood (6)

thumb|right|Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "{".px|RIP?

Leez remembers her childhood, how she looked at the photo she had from her father, how she asked her mother about him, and if he did not want to see her since he never came to visit... Staring at the picture, Leez asks Ran what those numbers under the portraits mean; he explains that they are the year of birth and the year of death. He jokes around asking if she knew a fighter, but grows still when he sees her looking at Rao's portrait. He then becomes serious, asking her how she knows him. Leez admits to having read his autobiography—she remembers herself as kid, being amazed by her father's feats—and that she wanted to meet him some day, but never realized he was already dead. Thoughtful, Ran begins to tell her about the talented, transcendental-using pure-blood fighter Rao Leez who was adored by everyone, but had one fault: since he accomplished everything at a young age, he had nothing more to strive for and did not know the value of his own life. He threw himself in terrible danger and perhaps through sheer luck survived his recklessness. The most dangerous missions soon became his, until he finally accepted a mission on another planet, Carte, right before the Cataclysm.

Downcast, Leez concludes that he was not able to come back because of the Cataclysm, then. She thinks to herself that her father must have known her mother was pregnant with her and wonders if he thought about his family at all. But Ran tells her that Rao did not die during the Cataclysm, but was sighted briefly in the year N5, on the last transport ship from Carte to Willarv. He disappeared during the journey, but many passengers claimed to have seen him. Unlike his usual self, he was crying, lamenting that he wanted to live and see Anna again and hold his child, even if it was just once.

Ran concludes that Rao should never have left if he felt like that in the first place. But seeing Leez cry, he is a bit surprised and tries to cheer her up, telling her that Rao would not want her to cry.

Teo visits Elwin at the Fighter Academy, while Gandharva waits for her. He overhears one of the teachers telling Teo the news that the God of Fire Agni has been summoned in Atera. Surprised, he asks himself what Agni could be thinking.

In Atera, Agni and Kasak stand on the roof of the temple, the dragon half chiding the god for revealing himself to the humans against Visnu's rules. Agni only rebuts that he looks like his father, but talks too much. Kasak still tries to have a serious talk, stating that the planet is in danger. The god again interrupts, not willing to think about it. Slowly losing his temper, the half spreads shadowy wings and declares that he would leave the planet then, causing Agni to call him back. Brilith, watching the two, is too intimidated by Kasak to approach them. Agni calls out to her, stating that he and Kasak have come to an agreement to protect the planet. He casually manages to insult the dragon Half by calling him "draggony" (Webtoons: "dra dra") and "lizard", prompting him to a fight. Brilith finds it hard to believe that those two will protect the planet...

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez and her mom doing laundry): Mom raises her daughter to be strong!
    • (Rao): The D995 Fighter Championship winner was Rao Leez. The gold medal he received was given to Anna as a birthday gift.
    • (Ran scaring Leez): hahahahahaha This is the best scene in this episode! hahahahaha Especially Leez! hahahahahahaha Sorry for being an author like this.
    • (Agni and Kasak): If these two should fight in the human realm, the winner would depend very much on the situation. (Agni can't use many transcendentals because of his summoner.) Of course, the two shouldn't fight to begin with.
    • Have you tried the divine affinity test? It will be gone next week, so hurry if you want to try it! (Obviously it's no longer up. Currygom then goes on to talk about expensive headsets.)
  • Both the photo frame and Rao's autobiography were shown in Ep.1.[33] The photo frame marks the year he won the Fighter's tournament: he gave his medal to Anna as a birthday present.
  • A flashback in the water channel showed Ran crying in front of this same funeral photo.[34]
  • On the transport:
    • Brilith mentioned the summoner who used his remaining lifespan to bring the survivors of Carte back to Willarv.[22] Some fans theorize that the summoner could be Rao, as he seems to have a connection to Vayu: Vayu even made him a weapon that only he can use.[14]
    • Asha was on this same transport. This is hinted at within the series, as she was on Carte in N5,[12] yet is currently on Willarv, whereas her profile on Currygom's blog explicitly states that she was on this last transport. Flashbacks show that she knew and met Rao Leez.[35][36][37]
    • We see another transport later in the series. They are made from the carcass of a large superior sura, hence the strange shape.[38]
  • Kasak tells Agni that he is breaking Visnu's rules. Agni mentioned these rules a few episodes ago.[4] We now know the true reason why Agni had to stay hidden all this time. Later, it's implied that he may be forced to leave if he reveals the truth.[39]

Episode 2-12Edit

Season 2 Episode 12: Blood (7)

2-12 leez afraid

afraid of being left behind

Overjoyed about Yuta's safe return, Leez falls down the stairs in the hotel, greeting him with blood dripping from her forehead. Ran is suspicious about how Asha was able to obtain the Neutral Bow and the Hide of Bondage for free. ("What the hell did this guy do? Threaten to kill her?" - correct.) As they discuss how useful the items are, from Ran's point of view they are pretty useless because the Hide costs a fortune to activate and no one knows how to fire the bow. He and Asha begin to fight again when he calls her stupid for thinking no one had already tried to alter the items to make them usable, turning the atmosphere deadly. The issue of their magic test score bet is raised again.

Yuta and Leez escape the tense situation on the roof of the hotel. Leez is a bit down, remembering that Ran would have no reason to stay after settling his bet with Asha, and that Yuta would stay there in Kalibloom. The discovery about her father's death reminds her of the loss of her family and friends back at the village again. She comes to the conclusion that everyone is leaving her behind, so she will never let Asha go and will follow her until the very end. Yuta, recalling that Asha asked him on whose side he would stand if Leez and Asha were to fight in the future,[40] reassures Leez that he will always stay by her side until she tells him to go away. Happy, Leez hugs him.

At Teo's house, Gandharva sits by the window, thinking about how Sagara told him of his role in the plan—killing the Priest of Chaos—and that they are much alike, not caring for their clans for their own trivial purposes. Gandharva thinks that no, Shakuntala is no trivial purpose and that he is nothing like Sagara. He is interrupted by Teo calling him to dinner. Out of habit she holds a kitchen knife in her hand. Gandharva asks if she plans to stab him if he does not go? She is utterly flustered, and he thinks that she is the first funny human he has met after Miss Kupatergent,[41] so he should warn her to leave the city before the attack. While they eat, Gandharva asks about the whereabouts of the Chaos priest. He only heard that she does not live in the temple like the Priest of Earth. Teo explains that the Priest of Chaos has no need to activate the barrier using vigor like other priests, because the presence of a person with rare triple-Nil birthday attributes inside the barrier boundaries is enough to activate it. Gandharva thinks to himself it is convenient that there will not be a substitute once he kills her, then says that he wants to meet a person with such rare attributes, so where does the Chaos priest live?

Teo tells him right here in front of him. She is the Priest of Chaos.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (happy bleeding Leez): The main character shows off what the chapter title (Blood) means.
    • (irritated Asha): This is an Asha→Ran emotion shown in a single expression.
    • (triple Ran scenes): This is Ran→Asha.
    • (Leez hugging Yuta): This pose resembles the one in Ep.100 now that I've finished it.[28] I guess I subconsciously prefer this sort of thing? I'll try drawing something different next time.
    • (dinner): This is the scene that took the most time, but it's hard to see what's what. On the left is kimchee... but dad won't believe me... :( Well, it looks better than the grilled meat in Ep.60[3] or the jerky in Ep.61,[42] right? lol
  • Oh Leez, you really shouldn't hug a 300 years-old sura like that. You'll get into trouble because of it later.[43]
  • Teo reveals that Kali disappeared a long time ago.
    • In a previous flashback by Yuta, he recalls Kali telling him that she must leave, and that she will never see him again.[44]
    • In a previous flashback by Taraka, she recalls Garuda talking to Kali, but adding that she is "now somewhere his voice will not reach."[45]
  • Those with triple Nil attributes are extremely rare, but Kaz Lehn, Leez's childhood friend, is also a triple Nil.
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 14: Blood. The word in Korean, 피, can also mean "skin/hide," as in the "Hide of Bondage." The title could refer to:
    • the Hide of Bondage, which was used to kidnap Yuta
    • how Yuta bled because of the Hide of Bondage
    • Asha's 29 murder cases
    • the family ties (blood relations) between Riche and her sister Ruche
    • The family ties of Ran Sairofe (brother, aunt, and uncle)
    • The Marut & Asvins statue made of blood
    • The fact that Shakuntala is probably dead
    • Asha's bloody arm from nearly being eaten by Yuta
    • Leez's blood ties with Rao Leez. What's more, the fact that her father has died, like the rest of her village
    • Leez's bloody face from tripping after Yuta returned (... maybe)
    • and how both Sagara and Gandharva would spill the blood of innocents to accomplish their goals.


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