Episode 2-13Edit

Sagara and her rakshasa team arrive in Kalibloom. She wonders why Gandharva has yet to finish the job. Even in his weakened state, there should be no problem killing one measly human. They need the Chaos barrier to be deactivated first, otherwise they are unable to use transcendentals to break the second barrier. But at the moment, all they can do is sit and wait.

Meanwhile in Atera, Brilith tries to use the Staff of Agni on the vacated site of the destroyed Temple of Destruction. She tells herself that she should be able to wield it, since she is the Priest of Fire and in need to be able to protect herself. But the Staff just explodes in her face, making Agni laugh at her. Her Flame Mastery (silent fire magic) is exceptionally bad, but when she is frustrated about it, he explains that it is actually a good thing. Silent magic is not an ability originally meant for humans. Being bad at it means being more human. A desire for strength, a lack of compassion for the enemy, and a cold-hearted willingness to sacrifice everything else for the sake of one's objectives are the qualities that make a magician proficient in silent magic.

Lightning strikes a single dummy, burning it to ash. Ran, witnessing it, is stunned because controlling the path of lightning is a rarely-mastered type of silent magic. Asha states that this ability is inefficient but useful within the Chaos barrier to prevent hitting allies. Irritated, Ran complains that she could have used that earlier, but did not, and hit them all with her spells. Asha simply explains that she is out of practice.

Back at the hotel, the group decides to first visit the Kalibloom Magicians Guild and then the Temple of Earth. Leez is happy to hear they would visit the temple because she wants to return the bracelet to its rightful owner. However, she prevents herself from revealing that fact to Ran.

At the Magicians Guild, Ran and Asha head into a room to compare their exam scores while Leez and Yuta decide to visit a gallery while they wait for them. The two magicians view their exam scores displayed on a screen.

Episode 2-14Edit

The Kalibloom Magicians Guild President is honored to compare the scores of both the only A++ magician and the only magician to achieve a perfect score in Mistyshore. He notes how the scores are exceptionally high, and when he compares their divine affinity scores, Ran's appears higher, but Asha's score has that suspicious leading zero. The deciding factor becomes the 4th exam, where Asha received a 0. The president says he can't compare the last score since Asha was prevented from taking that exam, but Asha concedes anyway, and admits her loss in the bet. Ran suddenly asks an assistant to lend him her glasses. After confirming the score sheet depicting Asha's gender as "female," he pats her, saying that apparently there's a mistake in the data. The assistant corrects him, noting that Asha is indeed female. Ran is at a loss, trying to tell himself that there was no harm done, but then remembers all the situations he treated Asha like a man. He then thinks of Rana, somehow believing that she would be heartbroken if she knew the truth. Unwilling to admit he was wrong this whole time, he denies Asha's true gender, insulting her further.

Meanwhile, Leez and Yuta visit a sura-themed gallery exhibition in another part of the guild building. Leez happily chatters over the different types of suras, but grows quiet upon seeing a picture of a Garuda clan sura. Yuta notices, and suggests that those suras are much cooler than the others. But Leez states that she finds them revolting, adding that she will kill that red and white one for sure. She covers up her sadness with a smile and proceeds to look at the other pictures. Uneasy, Yuta is suddenly reminded of his brother who gave him the sword he now carries to suppress his transcendental value.

Maruna stands on a cliff, facing Kalibloom.

Episode 2-15Edit

Season 2 Episode 15: The Weapon of a God (3)

2-15 nonplused

You've GOT to be kidding me.

Ran is distressed about his blunder over Asha's gender, and notes this as one of the Top Five stupid things he's done in his life. To apologize, he wonders if he should cancel the bet amount, or perhaps give her 100,000 gold. When Asha approaches him he wants to apologize, but finds himself unable to when he sees Yuta and Leez intently staring at him. He says he can cancel the bet, so Asha should "be a man" and call it even, but quickly realizes what he just said. Asha is not amused and asks for his account number. Ran is worried about accepting the money under such conditions, but recalls that Asha wanted to modify two god-class items. He says that instead of the gold, she can hand him the items...but Asha refuses before he can finish. Ran then says that he'll only accept the bet payment if it's in real gold coins. Otherwise, he'll keep the items until she makes the payment, but he'll get them modified in the meantime by his brother Lutz Sairofe, a Creation magician. Asha finds these terms agreeable, and asks him why he made this offer. Ran tries to apologize again but still can't get the words out, so in frustration he announces that he's heading back to their lodgings. When Leez asks if he isn't accompanying them to the Temple of Earth, he replies that he has no business there, besides...she'll see for herself. Leez says that since it's in the city it can't be all that bad...

...and realizes she was very wrong. At the base of one of Kalibloom's pillars, Leez reads a sign there: "Temple of Earth. Altitude 9,050m." She looks up towards the next city level and realizes it's at a dizzying height among the clouds. She assumes that Asha will teleport the three of them, but Asha only teleports herself. Yuta informs Leez that Asha left instructions for her to slowly crawl up the pillar.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (duh Ran): Today's thumbnail is a rarely-seen cute Ran.
    • (Ran curled up on a bench): Ran is stressed out. He has a crappy sense of fashion for someone who has ~450,000 gold coins. But Ran honestly doesn't have many opportunities to spend his money.
    • (Leez squinting up at Ran): (left) Our heroine. Is her expression more serious than it was in Season 1? Ep.7? No, Ep.9, in the top-right corner of the scene where Idioty Smith/Babo Kim has surrendered.
    • (city pillar extending into the clouds): The Priest of Earth should be easy to recognize since we've seen his silhouette a few times.[1][2][3] Leez climbing up to see him will be a problem, though...
    • (blue text): + The title has been modified and the fingers drawn wrong have been corrected! I checked it a few times and didn't notice it at all... Thanks to everyone who let me know ~!
  • Ran was wrong. Asha is not a criminal who hacks databases. She's just a criminal who kills people and calls it an accident.[4] (He actually guessed that one correctly)[5]
  • Ran has 451,047 gold on his account. That's close to 20 million USD (varies with the USD/won exchange rate). Currygom also once noted on her me2day account that the economy of Willarv is much smaller than our own, so it's a considerable sum.
  • Ran's brother Lutz Sairofe is the Priest of Creation, which does make him an ideal choice for modifying the items.
  • The Temple of Earth is at an altitude of 9,050m. In comparison, the altitude of Mt. Everest is 8,848m, and at least on Earth it's difficult to breathe at that height without supplemental oxygen. But Willarv is a whole other planet, likely with a different size and gravity, and maybe with some magical aid at the top so the people there don't suffocate or freeze to death.

2-15 babbling to himself.png
babbles about his blunder
2-15 hoti vayu.png
ascends alone
2-15 quite a long ways up (detail).png
distant destination
2-15 quite intimidated.png
how in the heck...

Episode 2-16Edit

Season 2 Episode 16: The Weapon of a God (4)

2-16 greetings

"...only 20, and facing the priest like an equal."

At the Kalibloom branch of Creation brand Artram, the clerk informs Ran that Lutz Sairofe's reply has arrived. The signpost behind them shows delivery fees to Aeroplateau and Eloth, but notes that delivery to Rindhallow, Atera, and Mistyshore are prohibited. Lutz's message says to send the Hide of Bondage to Eloth, where Lutz will attempt to alter it. However, the Neutral Bow had already been altered by Lorraine at Riche Seiran's request. It was originally designed to be used by only one person, but Lorraine made it so that anybody can use it, although it caused a decrease in power. They do not know who the item was originally made for. It fell from the sky in the year N5, destroying the surrounding forest. Ran is surprised by the date, then asks to send another message to Mistyshore University.

At the temple of Earth, everybody is excited at Asha's presence. Siera, the Priest of Earth, apologizes to her and asks how she came up without bhavati kubera. He is surprised to learn that she arrived via hoti vayu, as the interference caused by the Chaos barrier makes it dangerous to use. Asha asks to go somewhere more quiet to wait for her companions. When Siera asks her why they did not accompany her, Asha replies that certainty is greater the less mass she teleports.

Leez finds herself at 8000m above sea level. A posted sign states that the Temple of Earth, which values tradition, doesn't aid climbers apart from weekly snow-clearing, so accidents are their own responsibility. Another sign advertises a crash-course for bhavati kubera for those finding it difficult to visit the temple (no refunds). Leez thinks she should learn it, and notes while complaining about the cold that her bracelet has turned off. Yuta wants to warm her up with his wing, but he recalls her hatred of Garuda suras.[6] The bracelet then turns on again, and they continue their climb.

Back at the temple, Siera notes that someone almost as famous as Asha came the day before. Asha interrupts him by asking if he happens to know where God Kubera's item, the Golden Knight, is at the moment.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Yuta warming Leez with his feathered wing): Today's thumbnail is Yuta's imagination...
    • (Ran receives a fax-like message from Lutz): There are no phones, but that doesn't mean they don't have other means of communication. When Atera was under attack, they were shown contacting other cities. (If a message was sent in person, it couldn't possibly have reached Mistyshore.) In addition, we saw a scene where Airi received a message instantly from her brother (Ep.37).[7] The water channel, another communications route, is now closed. Because the paper used in sending messages is very expensive, it's not as widespread a form of communication as phones are in our world.
    • (view of Asha speaking with Siera): About that door... it's somewhat unfinished. I'll fix it in the book version... As I've said before, I can't change small mistakes since I don't upload the episodes myself. I can only ask for corrections for bigger mistakes such as clothing being wrong, but the less-important items will be corrected for the books.
    • (tiny Leez and Yuta on a snowy ledge): I just like this because it's cute... lol. They look something like little characters from an old RPG game...
    • Sierra's blog profile will be revealed later. (Link is in the Ep.2-17 blog translation.)[8]
  • The president of the Creation brand Artram is Ran's brother, Lutz Sairofe.[9]
  • Both the Artram and Rakras brands were shown on a banner for the Sorceress's Fashion Bonanza in an early flashback of Brilith and Asha after they obtained their magic licenses.[10]
  • The signpost shows that deliveries to Rindhallow, Atera, and Mistyshore are prohibited.
    • Delivery to Rindhallow is probably impossible because of the siege by the suras.
    • Delivery to Mistyshore must be impossible because of what happened to the water channel. The earlier behavior of Gandharva suras must have also made delivery by sea too dangerous.
    • Delivery to Atera must be blocked because both the routes through Mistyshore and Rindhallow are blocked.
  • Aeroplateau was first mentioned in Season 1 by Huan Sairofe.[11]
  • Lorraine was shown modifying the Neutral Bow in a flashback in Season 1.[12] It seems Lorraine charges a very high price for the modification, so Ruche may not have been ripping off Asha as much as Asha thought.[13]
  • We later learn that the owner of the Neutral Bow was Rao Leez. Here, we see swirls surrounding a beam as the Neutral Bow fell to the ground. This pattern occurs when the Neutral Bow is fired.[14] This implies that before it fell, it may have been drawn.[15]
  • Asha reveals that she couldn't teleport the rest of the group up safely. She intended to force Leez to climb up regardless, though.[16]
  • Siera was partly shown several times throughout the series:
    • When Brilith first talked about magicians.[1]
    • When Kubera mentioned Kalibloom to Leez.[2]
    • When Teo told Gandharva about the Chaos barrier.[3]
  • Though we don't know what high-altitude temperatures are like on Willarv, temperatures on Earth at an altitude of 8,000m-9,000m are between -35C ~ -40C (-31F ~ -40F).
  • Leez sees a speed-learning course offered by the Maryhorn Private Academy. We first see the brand on a banner in a flashback early in Season 1.[10] There is also a branch of this academy in Atera.[17]
  • Leez's bracelet keeps flickering on and off. This may be due to rapid depletion and replenishing of her vigor. The Chaos barrier doesn't appear to interfere with magical items.

2-16 Riche in a sexy dress (detail).png
already altered
2-16 killer climb.png
cumbersome climb
2-16 poor Yuta 2 (detail).png
feathered fantasy
2-16 Would you happen to know.png
impromptu inquiry

Episode 2-17Edit

Season 2 Episode 17: The Weapon of a God (5)

2-17 cheer of victory

We've finally reached the top!

Leez finally climbs to the top of the pillar, which she says was quick once the bracelet came back on again. There are two temples in the distance in opposite directions, and a sign pointing to the Temple of Earth and the Temple of Chaos. The sign notes that those visiting the Temple of Chaos must return through the checkpoint. Leez deduces that it is outside the barrier, which she finds strange. She then heads towards the Temple of Earth.

At the Temple of Chaos, Teo directs workers to set up a banner to welcome visitors during the month of Chaos, and says someone will hopefully be able to draw the Sword of Return this year. She remarks to her guest (Gandharva) that he has not done much to help, even though he told her he was resistant to the cold.

At the Temple of Earth, Siera says that the Golden Knight was stolen, then ended up with Lorraine, who bought it at an antique shop. He is unable to get it back because the law on stolen properties has not been passed, and Lorraine will only sell it back for 100,000 gold, so he decided to wait since it would otherwise only stay in storage. He explains that despite being the best item to amplify divine affinity, the Earth barrier does not need to be strong since the Chaos barrier blocks all offensive transcendentals. In addition, the Golden Knight uses a lot of vigor, which caused the barrier to disappear once in the past, when it had drained all of Siera's vigor. Asha wants him to promise not to reclaim the Golden Knight even if the law on stolen goods is passed. In exchange, she will pay him 50,000 gold. Siera finds the request surprising, and Asha reveals that someone in her party is wearing the bracelet. Siera is shocked that someone is actually wearing it.

At the annex to the Temple of Earth, Claude Yui writes in his exchange diary to Airi, informing her that the number of suras around Rindhallow has decreased since the attack on Atera, so he escaped and came to Kalibloom. Someone brings him some data he requested, and he requests to see God Kubera's items. However, he is told that it is not possible right now. He then learns that Asha Rahiro is also at the temple, and says he is lucky because he wanted the chance to meet her.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez heading for the Temple of Earth): Season 2 is here, but why does it seem like progression has slowed down... If you read all 100 episodes of Season 1 in just a few days, development would seem fast, but just think how it would be weekly. lol. I heard an awful lot of complaints that the progression of Season 1 was slow. Although I did my best at progressing it, it was slow... slow... ㅠㅠ
      There were a lot of complaints particularly over Eps.64-83... Because of the storyline, the author has to hear a lot of this...
    • The Kubera Season 2 chapters (arcs) will be approximately 16 pages each in the books. Anyway, the story is the reason for this dragging on. ㅠㅠ
      This story, if written in novel form, would've been much more extensive. If I shorten it even more here, I don't know if you'd even understand it at all in the way it was intended...
    • (gold bracelet): The Golden Knight... This is the bracelet's name, which was already given in Season 1. There was even a chapter by that name with a whopping nine episodes, 27 through 35.[18][19] When the name "Golden Knight" was first revealed in Ep.30,[20] some people asked in the comments "Where's the gold?" (Recall that the color of the bracelet was gray at the time.)
    • (Siera and Asha): The controversy over Siera's gender is surprising, not because he is drawn good-looking, but probably because of his name. Does it sound like the name of a woman? lol. He is definitely male. He and Asha, whose shoes have tall soles (7cm), are almost the same height. Lorraine is his cousin, by the way. Lorraine (36 years old) and Sierra (31) both look pretty young for their ages. (His profile is now under Teo's.)
    • (Leez attacking her food): Our_heroine.jpg
  • The thieves who took the Golden Knight from Lorraine's box thought that, perhaps, the previous owner didn't sell it yet because she was waiting for a higher price.[20] It turns out they are correct. Lorraine bought it for a really cheap price, though. Some fans have a theory: see the spoiler section of Ep.2-21.[15]
  • Siera mentions that the Chaos barrier blocks all offensive transcendentals from users. However, it doesn't block:
    • Offensive transcendentals from items, as shown with the Neutral Bow,[14] Leez's bracelet,[21] Yuta's sword,[22] and Teo's sword.[23]
    • Support and defense transcendentals that happen to do some damage.[23]
  • The person shown arguing for a stolen goods right is Saha On, the magician ranked #1 on Willarv, and also the presiding Judge of Magic.[24]
  • Here, Leez tells Asha that those who don't finish their food will be forced to eat it all mixed in Hell. In Season 1, she also claimed that those who leave their food go to Hell.[25]
  • Claude Yui was first shown as a silhouette in Ep.25.[26] We also saw Airi communicating with him with the exchange diary in Ep.37.[7]

2-17 getting the temple ready for the public.png
preparing for visitors
2-17 Golden Knight discussion.png
discussing the Golden Knight
2-17 Lorraine tries to rip off her own cousin.png
no favors for family
2-17 tries to see god-class items.png
may finally view items

Episode 2-18Edit

Season 2 Episode 18: The Weapon of a God (6)

2-18 hug

"If I fall from here..."

Siera does not mind turning a blind eye regarding the Golden Knight, but warns Asha that she has a bad reputation among some high-ranked magicians, and that her 3-year-long disappearance has not been taken lightly. Some are still hung up over her cases of involuntary manslaughter by magical accident. Asha asks who the other visitor is, and he answers Claude Yui, ranked #2. Asha wonders why Claude is in Kalibloom when Rindhallow is under siege, and Siera explains that the number of suras has decreased considerably thanks to Mr. Kasak and Agni. He adds that they received news about Agni the day before.

Leez is surprised about the size of the chasm she has to cross, but if she goes around it, she will end up outside the barrier. She is confident that she can jump across thanks to the bracelet, but the bracelet turns off the moment she jumps. Yuta flies and catches her, and both land safely. Yuta then hides his wings before Leez can see them. Leez thanks him, but sees a black feather floating downwards. She pretends her eyes are not working well, and continues to walk as if nothing had happened.

In the courtyard of the Temple of Earth, Leez is amazed at how warm it is. She notices Claude and wants to ask for directions, but Yuta grabs her and leads her away. Claude smiles and says: Found you. Upon seeing Asha, Leez complains to Asha about how difficult and dangerous it was to get to the temple. Asha just says that she looks quite lively, so she will prepare something harder next time. Siera then offers them food.

After the meal, Leez asks how to take off the bracelet, noting that she has no memory of how she got it on, and is unable to remove it. She heard that the method is known only to the Priest of Earth, so she wants to remove the bracelet and return it to its owner. However, Siera tells her that the method is a closely-guarded secret passed down across generations of priests, so he is unable to tell her unless she becomes the next Priest of Earth.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted December 12, 2012):
    • (Leez's feet): Leez's shoe went flying. Would Asha buy her new ones? Though it seems that Leez is very comfortable without it. She walks very naturally, as if she never had it on.
    • (Yuta carefully setting Leez down): The snow reminds me that Christmas is coming. But I am not alone—I have my deadlines! (evil laugh icon) (crying icon)
    • (Claude): It seems as though a villain has appeared—Claude Yui. (I'm not saying he is one, lol.) There's not much yet on his profile so I could post it today, but I'll do it when he's shown properly.
    • Someone asked me why all the high-ranked magicians are females... and why I'm ignoring the men... There is actually an equal number of males and females. Moreover, the #1 and #2-ranked magicians are male.
    • (Siera): Siera has been a man from the beginning. I would never draw a grown-up woman like that. (Asha is an exception.)
  • When Siera warns Asha of high-rankers, it appears he's referring in particular to Saha On, the magician currently ranked #1 on Willarv, and who tried to impose the death penalty on Asha. It was also possible to guess this through elimination.[24]
  • This is the second time Asha's three-year disappearance is mentioned.[27] The reason for her disappearance is revealed later.[28]
  • This is the second time Leez loses a shoe. In particular, she lost the slipper she used to replace the shoe she'd lost before.[29]
  • Leez apparently did realize what the feather means. She pretended she saw wrong here, but later recalls this moment in a key flashback.[30]
  • It isn't clear who Claude was looking for, but if he was looking for Leez, he may have recognized her from the fact that she has the Golden Knight. He may have heard from Airi that it's missing, and guessed what happened to it. Alternatively, he could have recognized both somehow from their lifespans.
  • Yuta, meet your old friend, vegetables and green tea noodles.[25]

2-18 gone slipper.png
lost slipper
2-18 knows something is being hidden from her.png
telltale feather
2-18 made it to the temple.png
high temple
2-18 raging about the dangerous climb.png
angry climber

Episode 2-19Edit

Season 2 Episode 19: The Weapon of a God (7)

2-19 sudden activation

Asha turns down Siera's offer to stay at the Temple of Earth until the Temple of Chaos opens. She implies that the reason is to force the other party members to climb up again. A messenger informs Siera that Claude wants to talk to him, and adds that he also wants to see Asha.

In the courtyard, Leez is depressed because she could never become the Priest of Earth. She does note that the bracelet makes her stronger and allows her to use weird attacks, but the bracelet does not belong to her. She wonders if she could eventually pay it back if she works hard. The messenger from earlier informs her that Asha wants them to descend on their own first. She is surprised that Leez came to the Temple of Earth with just hoti kubera. Leez begins to say that it was because of the bracelet, but wonders if she should talk about it. The messenger reveals to her that the bracelet is a god-class item by Kubera, and that Asha has already paid the appropriate compensation. Both facts surprise Leez. The messenger adds that it is called the Golden Knight. The messenger has no idea why Asha would pay for it, since she killed 29 people and called them "accidents," so she should have no reason to feel guilty about stolen items. Seeing that Leez is shocked, Yuta reaches for her, but Leez leaves while claiming the very idea is nonsense. Yuta recalls once again Asha asking what he would do if she and Leez were to fight.[31]

Back at the hotel, Leez is is happy that the descent was easier. Everyone is dressed for bed; while Ran examines the Neutral Bow, Leez asks him what he is doing. He explains that he is searching for a name, as god-class items usually have the name of their first owner engraved on them. Leez notes that her bracelet is also a god-class item made by God Kubera. While Ran is pondering about the Neutral Bow's function, Yuta picks it up. The bow suddenly turns on, with a bowstring appearing between Yuta's teeth and the bow. Panicking, both Ran and Leez rush him towards the window, where Yuta releases the bowstring, causing a long line to appear in the night air. Ran and Leez are relieved, until a huge whirlwind forms around the line and destroys the pillar in its path.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Asha - red background): This chapter will end after 8 episodes. I can't make it any shorter. I won't say which character was cut out so his/her fans won't feel sad.
    • I would like to make some daily-life comedies about my characters (minor things unrelated to the main story), but doing the main story once a week is hard enough...
    • (Leez and Yuta waiting): Our heroine doesn't mind being barefoot. She even climbed down 9050m just like that...
    • (Yuta and the Neutral Bow): It looks like there are eyes and a mustache on the bow... In order to shoot it, you don't need to hold it like Yuta does here. You just need to grasp the bowstring... but where is the bowstring...? lol
    • (Leez helping Yuta aim out the window): Leez's bracelet is turned on. If Yuta was an actual half, his neck would break or his head would burst. Leez is actually a dangerous individual. You might think that she should be locked away and watched.
    • (blue text - Extra): You may see Kubera referred to as "God Kubera-nim" even though Agni is often called just "Agni-nim." It's just that it's different from person to person for various reasons. Agni was called "God Agni-nim" in Ep.2-11.[32]
  • The Chaos barrier blocks offensive transcendentals by users,[8] but as shown here, it evidently doesn't prevent transcendental attacks from weapons.
  • When the messenger describes the Golden Knight, we see God Kubera wearing the Golden Knight, wearing his armor (also shown here)[33] and holding a spear. These are probably the armor and spear that Claude wants to see.[34] Though it isn't clear where Kubera is, the sky he's facing seems similar to the one shown in the water channel.[35]
  • Asha's manslaughter record was also shown on Riche's screen.[4]
  • Leez never saw the name on the Golden Knight because it's inscribed on the inside.[20]

2-19 is she a murderer.png
no way
2-19 manages to embarrass Yuta again.png
why me
2-19 whirlwind arrow.png
oh no
2-19 whut just happened.png
uh oh

Episode 2-20Edit

Season 2 Episode 20: The Weapon of a God (8)

2-20 playing cards (detail)


On her way back to their lodgings, Asha ponders about Claude, when a whirlwind appears in the distance which destroys one of the city's pillars. Outside the hotel, a crowd has formed. Ran is offering to pay for the damages so the people would leave, but the person he's talking to asks to see the sponsor. Asha shows up and asks what's going on. Leez explains that a pillar collapsed because of the Neutral Bow, and Asha presents herself as the sponsor. She is then handed a repair bill for 6,045 gold coins. Yuta apologizes, but Asha says it's fine, as she's more concerned about Ran and Leez, who are both fighting over who gets to buy the Neutral Bow.

Ran offers to cancel the bet and pay Asha 100,000 gold. Leez offers to pay 200,000 gold, which she claims she'll raise by working. Ran asks if whether she's ever even had a job, to which she replies that she's held part-time jobs. Ran, on the other hand, has never actually worked himself. Still, Ran says he can pay right now. Asha proposes a bet: Leez must use an offensive transcendental from the Golden Knight. Ran must shoot the Neutral Bow. The first to succeed wins the bet. If Ran wins, she'll sell him the bow for 100,000 gold. If Leez wins, she can have the bow, and Ran will pay Asha 100,000 gold. Ran thinks the terms aren't quite right, but quickly accepts when Asha threatens to dismiss the bet. He thinks he's sure to win since he already saw Yuta shooting the bow. Leez is surprised, however, that she won't lose out no matter the outcome, but realizes from Asha's murderous aura that she has to figure out how to use the bracelet. Ran and Leez return to their lodgings. Yuta notes that Ran won't be able to shoot the bow, as it requires a lot of vigor. Asha says she knows, and says they'll talk about it later.

Asha recalls her encounter with Claude. He tells her that she lost, and that the rumors overstate her intelligence, since she keeps holding onto a losing hand. Asha asks what he means, and he claims he's only talking about the cards. He reveals that the Death attribute also has silent magic, allowing one to recognize those who don't have long to live. Asha asks him why he wanted to see her. He says that she is an orphan from planet Carte with unknown origins. After obtaining a magic license, she wanted to use the Human Search System but was denied. After one year of activity, she vanished for three years. She's only 20, but already has 29 cases of involuntary manslaughter by magical accident. The most suspicious part is her divine affinity, which is listed as 515, though not everyone is fooled. He's always wondered about it, too, but he thinks he knows the reason after seeing her up close.

Finally, he tells her to discard her hand. She can't win with what she has. They're going to die. All of them. Of the three cards on the table, two are visible: Knight and Victim.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Claude thumbnail): Sorry. I passed my deadline... This will be updated about 10 a.m. tomorrow. (another late release)
    • Leez being surprised that the Golden Knight is a god-class item... was my mistake. ㅠㅠ
      She already knew it was a god-class item, but didn't know it was Kubera's. Sorry for the confusion ㅠㅠ and this will be fixed tomorrow.
      • It's now updated! Thanks, Manager-nim!
      • Late... Late blog post will be written now. ASAP.
    • (Ran and Leez): A male and a female in their pajamas, both with sexy bodies, but neither one even thinks about that, especially Leez, seeing how she acts around Yuta. lol
    • (fortunetelling cards): This 3-card combination is the second-strongest combination possible... but what they show is not important. Claude simply won a card game against Asha... You only need to know that result. In card games, luck plays a larger role than intelligence, which is why superior intelligence alone is not enough to win.
    • Claude's profile has been added under Laila's. Typos have been corrected.
  • The repair fees are over 250,000 USD (varies with the USD/won exchange rate).
  • Claude's comment about Death silent magic isn't just small talk. He actually sees a discrepancy with Asha's lifespan.[28]
  • Riche also called Asha an orphan from Carte.[13] This is the first time we learn that Asha's origins are unknown, however, which may suggest that she and her mother used to be in hiding.
  • In Season 1, Laila told Asha to get permission from the AA magician in Eloth in order to use the Human Search System.[26] Through elimination, it was possible to deduce that she was referring to the #1 AA magician.[24] This is confirmed later on.[36] Thus, Saha On is the one who denied Asha the use of the Human Search System.[7]
    • One of the cards is Leez, though it is unclear which one she is.[37]
    • Asha later mentions that Claude's readings may be wrong when referring to Teo Rakan, though it's unclear whether she's implying that Teo is one of her cards.[38]
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 15: The Weapon of a God. The title could refer to:
    • the Staff of Agni
    • Silent magic, which was not originally meant for humans but has been used by Jibril Ajes, Asha Rahiro, and Claude Yui
    • Yuta's sword, which was passed from Garuda to Maruna, then to Yuta; we later learn that it might be a god-class item
    • the Hide of Bondage
    • the Neutral Bow
    • the Golden Knight
    • God Kubera's armor and spear
    • the discussion about cards, which may also have something to do with it

2-20 damage report.png
2-20 if Leez wins the bet.png
another wager
2-20 suspicious divine affinity.png
Claude knows things...
2-20 victim.png
...but he can't change Asha's mind


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