Episode 2-21Edit

Asha dreams about needing power, even at the cost of her life. When asked what else she is willing to offer, she replies that she will give up everything she has. A scene shows the silhouette of Kubera standing in front of a kneeling figure, then swinging down a spear. The dream concludes with the warning that "everything" is not something to be said lightly. Asha wakes up, then grips her pillow tightly, whispering the name Kubera.

Ran complains about how long Asha is sleeping, since he wants to conclude the bet. He asks himself why she agreed to sell it, as the Neutral Bow seems to have some kind of significance to Asha for her to pick it out. He then sees Yuta strolling from the direction of Leez's room. Yuta claims that he only went in to close the windows, but Ran notes that climbing into someone's room through the window is illegal. He guilts Yuta into coming along with him to show him how he fired the bow.

At the Temple of Chaos, a person reports to Teo about the damage caused by the Neutral Bow. Teo is happy to hear that it is no longer in Riche's possession. She tells Gandharva to come along, and instructs others to set up railings around the Lake of Reflection before the opening of the temple.

Elsewhere, Ran notes that the Neutral Bow could be more valuable than the Staff of Agni, since it does not require silent magic. He tries to use it but fails to activate it. He then asks Yuta to fire it again. Yuta is initially reluctant, as it might cause more damage, but Ran convinces him to fire at the sky. When Yuta activates the bow, Ran confirms that the name of the original owner only appears when the bow is activated: Rao Leez.

Episode 2-22Edit

Season 2 Episode 22: Caution (2)

2-22 frightening way to wake up

not the ideal way to wake up

In a dream, Leez is walking in an endless white space, and notes that it feels like something is missing. She sees the silhouette of a long-haired man from the back, and asks him where this place is. The person just talks to himself, noting that "she" will lose once again, and that "she" has not learned her lesson despite all her suffering. He concludes that although he no longer cares, he cannot just observe, as he pities her too much.

Leez suddenly wakes up to find Asha strangling her. For some reason, Asha is too strong for her to push off, so Leez activates her bracelet and pushes Asha away. She starts to apologize, but Asha apologizes instead and claims that she was asleep. Asha then tells Leez to hurry and get dressed, since Ran has already left with the Neutral Bow. Left alone, Leez concludes while laughing that Asha must sleep alone because she does strange things in her sleep. She then hesitates, wondering if Asha was really asleep.

Asha frowns as she thinks about how she nearly strangled Leez. However, she suddenly sees a whirlwind destroying part of a mountain.

At the Temple of Chaos, Teo asks Gandharva if his memories still have not returned, and notes that the circumstances of his memory loss were strange. Gandharva asks about the lake around them, and she explains that the lake doesn't have a bottom: it is merely water floating in the air, so people who fall in will fall straight down 9,050 meters. They only put up railings when there are visitors because the railings tend to rust very fast. Gandharva decides to push Teo down, then is surprised by the fact that he feels uneasy about killing her. He thinks back to her story about the Cataclysm,[1] but tells himself that she isn't worth anything compared to Shakuntala.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted Dec. 31, 2012):
    • (Ananta thumbnail): If this episode seems short, it's not a mistake. ㅠㅠ
      I was too busy.
    • (Asha choking Leez): The reason Asha's attack stat on her trading card (from the books) is "unknown" will come out, I think?
    • (bow whirlwind): The whirlwind's shape has changed. I think a certain someone promised it would be okay because they knew more about the attack range now... (grinning icon)[2]
    • (Teo and Gandharva): The path can be walked on only because of the water next to it. If you saw 9,050m of nothing below, you would dread the fall... lol. Gandharva looks so small here.
    • 2012 is just about over. Please give Kubera a lot of love in 2013, too!
  • The person in Leez's dream is Ananta. He was shown several times in Season 1.[3][4][5][6] Kubera appears to be responsible for Ananta's death, so there may now be a connection between Kubera and Ananta's name, affecting Leez, who has Kubera's name.
  • Placeholder: no, we don't know who Ananta is talking about yet.
  • Asha demonstrated unusual strength. She later also demonstrates unusual strength at the Test of the Sword.[7]
  • Lorraine mentioned in Season 1 that Asha never showed her right arm, save for the one time she shared a room with Brilith.[8] When Leez started traveling with Asha, she noticed that Asha always booked separate rooms and locked the bathroom door.[9]

2-22 Ananta of her dreams.png
dead guy
2-22 help.png
dead eyes
2-22 Neutral Bow - different attack.png
topless mountain
2-22 very deep lake.png
bottomless pit lake

Episode 2-23Edit

Season 2 Episode 23: Caution (3)

2-23 strange behavior

That's not suspicious at all. Nope.

Yuta asks Ran if he's okay, having shielded Ran from the impact of the blast with his wings. He notes that the whirlwind was different from the day before: it was smaller and formed right in front of them instead of further away. Asha shows up, noting that this is why magicians hesitate to become sponsors. Ran wonders why she is in such a bad mood.

At the Temple of Earth, Siera asks Claude what he told Asha, since Asha looked angry when she left. Claude claims that he only played cards with her. Siera warns him against his prophecies, because Claude never tells anything positive, so nobody likes it. Claude counters that knowing the bad things lets one prepare in advance. Siera then asks him when he will return to Rindhallow, noting that he has already received many official letters asking Claude to return. Claude just complains that it is stifling, and that this is the reason he did not want the job. He then promises to leave as soon as Siera shows him Kubera's spear and armor. Siera replies that it is not a simple matter because of the security system. At that moment, Claude picks out three cards: madman, nastika, immortal. He tells Siera that he needs to worry more about the safety of his city, and then leaves to take a look around.

At the Temple of Chaos, Teo tells Gandharva to watch his step. Gandharva recalls her story of how she lost her parents,[1] as well as Sagara's claims that he and Sagara are alike.[10] Teo starts telling him a story. According to legends, Kali could discern the true nature of created beings. Gandharva realizes that she is talking about insight, and that many gods have that ability, though Visnu and Kali did not have ordinary insight. Teo concludes by stating that the waters of the Lake of Reflection reflect a being's true nature, but a person cannot see one's own reflection: someone else must look at it. She turns around, asking Gandharva if he wants her to look at his, only to see him close to her, blocking her view.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Yuta and Ran): Long time no see, Yuta's wings! Whenever I draw them, I think feathered wings are three times easier to draw.
    • The webtoon is released about 10 a.m. every Tuesday morning, but my blog posts have an earlier timestamp of Monday night at 11:30 p.m. because I schedule them to post privately at that time. Once the webtoon is uploaded and updated, I switch it to a public post.
    • And sorry for being late. The deadline was 6 p.m. Monday but I was too busy typesetting at the last minute and lost track of time. ㅠㅠ
    • (Asha teleporting to Ran): Asha clearly told Leez to quickly change and come out.[11] Willarv's_Leez's_common_sense_of_existence.jpg
    • (Claude and Siera): Some have commented that the difference in age between Airi and Claude from their blog profiles is strange. It's not strange and their ages are correct. It will be mentioned later in the story.
    • This episode's cards are different from the ones that I originally uploaded in the webtoon. The images are the same but the words underneath are different.
      burning jester / above the planet / immortal are the three cards. After cards were first introduced in Ep.2-20,[12] many readers said that they can't read the words, and some argued that I'm showing off my English skills... (Everyone, I suck at English, so there's no way I would boast about it. ㅠㅠ) So I changed burning jester to simply madman, and above the planet to simply nastika. It's very straightforward...
      It's straightforward, but all the different meanings contained in the cards have completely disappeared. ㅠㅠ It's a pity, but...
    • (Gandharva's normal reflection): Gandharva appeared a lot but hardly spoke any lines... He did have a few thoughts, though.
    • The last scene has a slightly different composition from my first attempt at drawing it. Sometimes I wholly devote myself to the story, so I often mistake a character's height, and make a story that's impossible considering that character's height, and I end up in a situation where I need to redraw the entire story. This episode had that exact situation... I drew at an angle that needed Gandharva to be much bigger than before and... I realized later that this isn't going to work... (crying) I really am an idiot.
  • It's actually possible to deduce by now how the Neutral Bow works. See the spoilers section for Ep.2-93.[13]
  • Since Asha suddenly appeared while wearing her Hunter's Eyes surrounded by a bit of wind, it's obvious that she arrived via hoti vayu.
  • It isn't clear yet if Claude's cards represent three separate characters or just one, but at least one of them refers to Gandharva.[14]
  • Teo describes insight. Humans aren't aware that gods possess this ability.[15] For example, Agni told Gandharva early in the series that Brilith didn't know about it.[16]
  • Insight only works on beings younger than oneself. As primeval gods, Visnu and Kali can use insight even on natural gods and nastikas, and may have insight abilities other gods do not. Visnu, in particular, is able to see the consequences of all choices. See spoiler section of Ep.2-68.[17] It's unclear if Kali's insight has other special properties.

2-23 cover from the blast (detail).png
protect Ran
2-23 different whirlwind (detail).png
different from last time
2-23 keep guard over the city (detail).png
protect the city
2-23 no different from me.png
no different from me

Episode 2-24Edit

Season 2 Episode 24: Caution (4)

2-24 strange smile

What will Asha lose to win?

Teo takes a step towards Gandharva, asking him what he is doing. Gandharva berates himself for being unable to kill her. Teo then turns around and promises not to look at his reflection. She then tells him not to fall behind too much, as she would be unable to rescue him then. Gandharva gives up on trying to kill her for now, and believes she did not see anything. However, Teo saw his true reflection in the lake, and is pretending not to know while trying her hardest not to panic.

Outside the group's hotel, Leez wonders where everyone went. She catches herself thinking about the earlier strangling incident, then decides to practice using her bracelet on her own.

Elsewhere, Asha has fixed the damage caused by the Neutral Bow. Ran is impressed by how many times Asha can use hoti asvins and hoti brahma in a day, despite not having the corresponding attributes. Asha notes that Ran can also use hoti kubera quite often. She then points out that Ran and Yuta have become quite close, and says she is glad, since she was worried about who would sponsor Yuta, claiming she had no intention of sponsoring a troublemaker much longer. Surprised, Ran defends Yuta by saying that the boy only fired the bow at his request. Ran then says that Asha's frigid attitude bothers him, since he is starting to feel sorry for Leez and Yuta. Asha just replies that he will miss her attitude when she is no longer around, prompting Ran to ask her why she is talking like someone who is about to die. Asha thinks about Claude's advice to discard her losing hand,[12] and thinks that it is still possible for her to win regardless, at the price of losing something else. She smiles.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Asha): Some readers predicted that the second scene from the Season 2 Prologue[18] would appear soon because Ran was wearing the same clothes at the hotel in Ep.2-21.[2] Yes, here it is!
    • (nervous Teo): Of all of Teo's single shots, this cut might be the closest shot she's got. My mom looked at this and told me 'she's very pretty'.
      Wait, huh?
      It seems that both Sagara and Teo turn out so well when I don't even try to draw them beautifully... But on the other hand, I try my best to draw Brilith pretty, and I keep messing up. ㅠㅠ Sorry, Brilith! (crying icon)
    • (Leez shaking her head): Leez didn't appear much this episode, but she still made a big impression.
    • (Asha's back): Asha smiles a lot, actually. She doesn't laugh out loud, but she grins a lot. I haven't counted how often she's done that, though... lol. Plenty!
  • Normally, magicians can only cast spells once per day if they don't have the corresponding attribute. This can be increased with practice. See also: Magic - Attributes multipliers
  • Asha claims that Ran will miss her frigid attitude when she's gone. Some fans theorize that she may be speaking from experience. Perhaps her relationship with her mother?

2-24 emotional control (detail).png
Oh crap, it's a sura
2-24 in a hurry for nothing.png
Oh snap, nobody's here
2-24 possible new sponsor.png
Oh no, new sponsor?
2-24 Ran's question.png
Oh great, a drama queen

Episode 2-25Edit

Season 2 Episode 25: Caution (5)

2-25 rarely moves

Solid... Solid as a rock

Ran asks Asha why she is smiling. In response, Asha claims that she is laughing at his stupidity for assuming that she would die, when she was merely referring to the fact that he would return to Mistyshore once the bet is over. Yuta, however, looks upset.

Leez tries to activate transcendentals with the Golden Knight, but she only manages to switch it on. She thinks back to the attacks she used when she first obtained the bracelet. Like Ran, Leez also saw her father's name on the Neutral Bow, and wonders if Ran would let her have it if she revealed that she is his daughter. However, she dismisses that option, thinking that Ran would never believe her.

At that moment, Claude greets her, declaring that she has a fine bracelet, and noting that it is a god-class item. He tells her that he is investigating the firing of the Neutral Bow. Leez assumes that he is part of the city's security and willingly answers his questions. Once he finishes, Claude comments that Leez is very trusting, and that she resembles the fighter whose name is on the bow. However, he denies knowing that person personally. To thank Leez for her time, Claude agrees to answer three of her questions. Leez wants to know more about her bracelet's transcendentals, so he begins to explain the five transcendentals that Kubera embedded into the Golden Knight, which could be used with relatively little loss of vigor.

In the outskirts of Rindhallow, Shess meets up with Kubera, noting that the god must stay there in order to open the next gate. God Kubera asks him if he threw away the half child with him, and Shess answers that she is sleeping. Kubera tells him to leave if he is not there to help, reminding him about how he brought over Gandharva during the previous battle in Atera.[19] Shess notes that things turned out better thanks to this. He then notes that Kubera has changed, and asks if it has something to do with Ananta's death. He tells Kubera that his mother Airavata bade him to be on his side, but not to join his forces. Shess says that his mother knows that the plan is not what the god really wants, and asks him not to abandon himself that way.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (God Kubera): God Kubera has finally reappeared after a million years, lol. Agni logged out from Ep.20,[16] and logged in for Ep.77.[4] God Kubera logged out from Ep.88,[20] and logged in for Ep.2-25.[21] Agni seems to have gone underwater for a longer amount of time, but you should take into account the hiatus before Season 2...
    • I should watch the clock while working, but I was in a trance. If I had skipped a scene, I could've kept up with the time... Sorry and thanks for waiting on the work of such an idiot.
    • For those of you asking me about the release of the next book: Due to my deadline situation, I can't guarantee when Book #4 will be released. (cry) I, too, want to get the new volume published more quickly, but my webtoon series is more important than that...
    • For those of you who raised a question regarding the time of my blog posts: As I've told you before, I write my commentary right after I'm done with the deadline, and it's set to upload on Monday at 11:30pm in private mode. I change the setting to 'open to the public' after I confirm the webtoon is uploaded (on naver), so when the webtoon is uploaded later than the usual time, it might make a slight difference between the commentary time and webtoon update time.
    • (Yuta looking after Ran): Ran is able to solve complex math problems with luck, but sometimes gets simple things wrong (e.g. Asha's gender). Looks like he got something else wrong today, maybe.
    • (Claude introducing himself): The older guy was so polite and took off his hat, but Leez just waved. lol. (Cultural stuff - not translated)
    • (God Kubera and Shess): Those two are very big but look so small here.
    • Shess's sura form is horse-like, so he's really fast. When he gallops, he can catch up to some Garuda clan members. But he's slower than Maruna.
  • For a list of the Golden Knight's transcendentals, see the spoiler section of the next episode.
  • Despite Leez's pessimism, Ran eventually realizes the truth himself. Her trusting nature also appears to be one of her similarities to her father.[22]
  • Re: the blog post about Ran: Maybe he was right, after all, in light of Ep.2-133.[23]
  • Airavata was mentioned twice in Season 1:
    • in a flashback where Manasvin tries unsuccessfully to convince Gandharva to aid in his plan[24]
    • when Gandharva confronts Shess.[25]
    • From these, it appears that Airavata is in charge of the Kinnara clan.
    • It seems Airavata likes to meddle. In the finite, Airavata also sent Shess to ensure that Taksaka doesn't cause too much trouble.
  • The series has twice shown that Kubera was responsible for Ananta's death, but later regretted it.[5][26] This is the first time a sura mentions this. If Kubera's current actions are to atone for that mistake, it explains why Sagara is siding with him. Sagara later confirms that the current events have to do with Ananta.[27]
  • Shess asks Kubera not to "abandon himself." Though it isn't clear what this means, Kubera later tells Sagara that he'll soon disappear.[28]

2-25 greetings (detail).png
quick to manipulate
2-25 quick to trust.png
quick to trust
2-25 worries about Kubera (detail).png
unexpected concern
2-25 wrapped up in something shady (detail).png
unexpected ally

Episode 2-26Edit

Season 2 Episode 26: Caution (6)

2-26 doomed plant

learning the bracelet's transcendentals

Leez reads through the notes she's taken. The transcendentals of the Golden Knight are: Piercing Hit, Pushforce, Counterattack, Regeneration, and Earthquake.

Claude compliments her on her notes, noting that she must be good at school. Leez hesitates, then thanks him. He then adds that she still has to figure out how to use the transcendentals on her own. Leez notes that she could probably practice the first two, as the third and fourth ones require special conditions, but adds that she doesn't remember how she did it. When prompted for her second question, Leez remembers how Asha tried to strangle her,[11] and asks how a magician would try to kill someone. Claude first tells her hoti yama, surprising Leez, who then complains that she thought he really cast it. Claude explains that the spell is only effective if the user can also use the relevant silent magic. He says that the marut spells are the next best options. Leez concludes that a talented magician would have no reason to try strangling someone. Claude asks her if a magician tried to strangle her, and Leez quickly claims that it was a dream. When Claude notices Asha and Ran returning, he tells Leez that he will be at the Temple of Chaos, so they will meet again soon.

Back at the hotel, Asha is furious that Leez met with Claude Yui and told him everything, which surprises Leez. Ran tells the magician to calm down, but she only yells at him. She then claims that she is just agitated, and warns Leez to be more suspicious of strangers. She then turns down dinner and walks out. Ran tries to cheer up Leez by saying that he will take her side whenever she and Asha fight.

At the Temple of Chaos, Teo is researching nastikas, the Lake of Reflection, checkpoints, and amnesia. One of her assistants brings the exhibition pamphlet she asked for, and she recognizes Gandharva's sura form.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Claude and Leez): Leez, you need shoes! Boo hoo. Claude isn't really that tall, but because of the difference in the height of their shoes, he's almost a head taller.
    • (transcendental 5-panel): The five transcendentals of the Golden Knight! In fact, Leez has already used all five of them. However, she can't remember how she used three of them, and she can't even remember using the other two at all.
    • (soft-focus Claude): Claude is on the handsome side, but he has poor eyesight so his thick glasses ruin it a bit. In fact, it's rare for high-ranking magicians to wear glasses. Why would they, when they can easily fix their vision by simply buying and eating a Garuda eye? The fact is, he wears glasses even though he's rich because he has his own reasons. The same goes for Lorraine.
    • (smiling Riche): Oh, but not her. She does it for the sake of fashion.
    • (Ran petting Leez on the head): Remember this scene with Ran, who teases Leez by calling her a chickie. It will be fun to compare it with the next chapter. Ha ha!
  • Leez has used all of the transcendentals of the Golden Knight before:
    • Piercing Hit: against a sura near Atera.[29]
    • Pushforce: in the water channel, when she was bound by Asha's hoti brahma,[30] and later against Taraka.[31]
    • Counterattack: against a sura near Atera. She can't practice this one without being attacked first.[29]
    • Regeneration: after Taraka smashed her into a cliff in the water channel.[32] She can't practice this one for obvious reasons. Besides, Asha probably wouldn't be too impressed if she tries to win the bet via suicide attempts. However, later in the season she does deliberately trigger this transcendental multiple times in her quest to learn bhavati kubera.[33]
    • Earthquake: against Taraka suras in the water channel. However, she doesn't remember this one, because she had a blackout.[34]
    • See also: Kubera Leez's transcendental uses, in chronological order
  • Leez hesitates before thanking Claude when he compliments her on being good at school. In fact, she's always been prevented from going to school, and appears to regret this.[35][36][10]
  • Claude probably has lots of experience killing people. He is probably the one who silenced those who were investigating Asha.[37]
  • Teo is researching suras.
    • Gandharva can fool the checkpoint by removing his only sura part in human form: his right eye.[38]
    • There is a book on vegetables. Most suras are strictly carnivores, though there are exceptions. Asha also administered the 'vegetables test' on Yuta when she first met him.[39]
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 16: Caution. The title could also be translated as The Border or Guard, but as of this episode it's clear that the primary meaning is "caution" as in "to be cautious/wary of someone." The title could refer to:
    • the deal Asha had to make for the sake of power
    • caution advised at the Lake of Reflection
    • Leez's suspicious dream with Ananta
    • Asha strangling Leez, and Leez's subsequent doubts
    • Claude's warning regarding the city
    • Teo being cautious of Gandharva after seeing his true self in the Lake of Reflection, then realizing his true self
    • the strange conversation between Asha and Ran after Yuta fired the Neutral Bow the second time—in particular, the fact that Asha was talking like someone about to die
    • how Kubera is wary of Shess
    • how Leez should have been more cautious of Claude
    • how Asha snapped at Leez as a result.

2-26 overly stressed.png
2-26 regrets her indiscretion.png
2-26 research.png
2-26 uncovered sura king.png


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