Episode 2-27Edit

Season 2 Episode 27: Reflection (1)

2-27 hoti mama

hoti mama!

The exhibition pamphlet describes Gandharva, the King of the Gandharva clan, based on Varuna's account. Varuna had sighted Gandharva in the year D1 near planet Gresvan. The person with Teo notes that Gresvan was destroyed when the humans renounced the suras. When asked by Teo, she responds that obviously, all suras hate humans, and vice-versa. Teo wonders what Gandharva is up to, and thinks back to the attack on Atera. When prompted for instructions regarding the Test of the Sword, she deduces that Gandharva must be after the Sword of Return. She leaves instructions to make the test harder, and decides to return to the city with Gandharva.

At the hotel, Ran is outside Leez's room and invites her to come buy clothes with him. Leez turns him down, stating that she is too tired. Ran feels sorry for Leez because Asha and Yuta seem to be leaving her out, so he decides to buy clothes for her.

Back in the city, Gandharva asks Teo if it would be okay to come down even though there is a lot of work at the Temple. Teo is surprised when he does not insist on going back up, so it appears that he is not going after the Sword of Return, and it does not appear as though he intends to kill her, since he has yet to do so. She wonders if her eyes had deceived her. Gandharva then says he will go out for a walk, so Teo decides to tail him.

Outside the hotel, Asha and Yuta have just concluded several hours of talks. Asha apologizes for being unable to reveal much, but Yuta says he can understand thanks to his long life experience. Asha tells Yuta that she wants to win, yet she is taking the harder path now, even though she could achieve victory by discarding Leez. She starts to ask why it had to be Leez, but she is unable to continue further. Yuta inquires if she is being prevented from speaking again. Asha decides that this is enough, and thanks Yuta for listening. Yuta then asks her to stop yelling at Ran and Leez, noting that they risk distancing themselves from her. Asha suddenly notices that a potted plant nearby is wilted.

Back at the hotel, Leez finally gets up. A button pops off from her pajama top, and as she passes in front of a mirror, she notices that she has grown up.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez looking back smiling): The main characters for Reflection are Gandharva and Boobs.
    • (Teo getting the temple ready to open): This scene originally contained more pillars in the middle, but after I finished drawing two of them, I was like, ah, whatever, forget the rest!!! so it ended up so empty... I wonder if more pillars are going to be... added when the next book comes out? But drawing pillars makes me sleepy... ㅠ
      I can't help but think about whether this much effort will pay off or not, as well as other kinds of useless thoughts.
    • (Asha and Yuta): The color of the background, pink, was chosen randomly, but it caused the mood to become weird. (In Korean comics, a pink background often implies a romantic mood.)
    • (rolling button): The most difficult scene this episode... I wanted to show a button rolling down in a one-cut scene, but I had trouble figuring it out, so the end result was unknown. I actually rolled a button and did absolutely everything and experimented on it, but the result was a disaster.
    • No comment on that last scene, lol. Check out the next episode.
    • + I fixed the part where I didn't finish Teo's eyes. Thank you for letting me know!
    • + The final scene... The bracelet is on the wrong side because it's a reflection... I'm sorry I couldn't draw it obvious enough for you to tell whether it's reflected or not.
  • On the pamphlet on Gandharva:
    • According to a me2day post, Currygom mentions that Yaksha died because he 'gave too much to humans.' This appears to be unrelated to the ongoing events.
    • Nastikas can change the size of their sura form.
    • Agni died after Gandharva swallowed a red star. Agni may have been taking a nap on it: he mentioned that he takes naps on stars early in the series.[1]
    • Menaka was shown twice so far,[2][3] but Sagara mentions that she's already dead.[4] We get a better look at her later.[5]
    • On Shakuntala being too weak to have her Name remembered: Agni also had trouble recalling her name when he first saw Gandharva in Season 1.[6]
    • Gandharva is responsible for destroying Gresvan.[7] A scene shown in Season 1 may be showing this moment.[8] Since this moment was seen by Varuna, she may have been trying to protect the planet at the time. As a result, she may have a grudge against Gandharva, making her possibly opposed to aiding the Gandharva clan.[9]
    • In Currygom's side novel the finite, Varuna was summoned by the Priest of Water in Mistyshore in the year D914, so this may be when she described these events to humans.
  • Brilith first mentioned how humans renounced the suras early in the series.[10] The Finite reveals that after this, Visnu used his powers to protect inhabited planets from being destroyed by suras.
  • Ran decides to buy Leez lots of clothes. This is rather ironic, considering that his first (mistaken) impression of Leez was that she had a boyfriend to buy her clothes.[11]
  • Gandharva mentions that he doesn't need to sleep a lot. the finite reveals that there is a common misconception among humans that suras don't need to sleep (a mistake due to small sample size: this in fact varies with races).[12] Asha mentioned this when Yuta joined her group,[13] and Ian Rajof made the same mistaken assumption in the finite. However, it does appear here that Gandharva doesn't sleep much.
  • This episode reveals that something is preventing Asha from speaking of certain topics. We saw several instances of this occurring in Season 1:
    • When Asha was prevented from telling Leez about how she brought them into the Temple of Fire.[6]
    • When Leez told her that she had nobody else to go to, and Asha started replying something.[14]
    • When she was about to tell Leez about survivors in her village.[15]

2-27 Gandharva and Gresvan (detail).png
planetary calamity
2-27 Teo thinks Gandal wants the Sword.png
changing test strategy
2-27 another victim of hoti yama.png
civilian casualty

Episode 2-28Edit

Season 2 Episode 28: Reflection (2)

2-28 p21 Let's arm-wrestle

Settle this like a real man!

At the Temple of Chaos, Claude is told that Teo has just left and will not be back for a while. Claude comments that we cannot always have perfect timing or see the future like the gods, and decides to wait at the temple. He thinks of Asha, and predicts that she will come begging for his help.

At the hotel, Ran brought clothes for Leez, but she takes the bag and closes the door before he can see her. Ran wonders if she is paying more attention to her image now, but dismisses it, noting that she is not his type. In a separate room, he notes the time needed for his brother to send back the Hide of Bondage, and decides to go to the Temple of Chaos with the others. Leez then walks into the room, wearing a hat to hide her face. Ran is surprised by her sudden grown-up appearance and spills hot tea on himself.

After Leez explains her encounter with Claude, Ran deduces that she had hoti yama cast on her. He explains that the effects only show up 12 hours after the spell is used, but refrains from explaining more. He tells her to wait for Asha to return, so that both of them can go find Claude before the sun rises. Leez wants to meet people while in her new form, so she leaves the hotel before Ran can stop her.

Outside, Leez enjoys being a cool person. She also notices that a lot of halfs have come out, and deduces that they probably stay inside during the day because of people who are uncomfortable with being around them (like Ran). She wants to make a half friend, and sees a bully picking on another guy for bumping into him. The bully asks him if he is a half since he has one eye covered, then demands to see his sponsor. Leez steps in, claiming to be the sponsor, and suggests that they settle the incident with an arm-wrestling match.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted Feb. 11, 2013):
    • (Claude): I wonder whether or not Claude's hope of collapsing Asha's impenetrable wall will come true?
    • (Ran): In the last episode, Ran went out at sunset, but even after he bought the clothes, it's still not nighttime yet. He returned rather quickly, didn't he? As a matter of fact, we can see that Ran doesn't hesitate much when he buys clothes. He just steps into random stores to grab and buy the first thing he sees.
    • (shocked Ran): This is the same person as in the pic above. This is my favorite scene of all from this episode.
    • (Leez in the city): You want her to take off her hat, don't you? The reason she pulls her hat down will be revealed much later.[16]
    • Gandharva wore shoes which had some heels to them in the last scene. I showed a slight consideration for Gandharva, since his height will be compared to Leez's.
    • Happy new year~~!! (Chinese New Year was Feb. 10, 2013.)
    • + I fixed the scene in which the drink in the cup was not colored in. I thank those of you who let me know about it.
  • Most humans don't seem to be aware of the insight ability of gods, but it appears here that Claude at least knows that gods can see the future. It is later revealed that Claude, indeed, knows about insight.[17]
  • As shown in Season 1, Ran has a tendency to see most people as animals.[18]
  • In the Kubera world, a month is 36 days, so a fortnight is 18 days.
  • On the planet Willarv, there are 24 hours in a day, same as with us. Claude cast the spell on Leez in the early morning, and the first effects showed up in the early evening 12 hours later.

2-28 Claude.png
2-28 new Leez.png
2-28 shocked Ran.png
2-28 magically aged.png

Episode 2-29Edit

Season 2 Episode 29: Reflection (3)

thumb|left|Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "{".px|just desserts

The man accepts Leez's arm-wrestling challenge, and insists that magic is not allowed. Leez easily wins anyway, and the crowd wonders why they have never seen such an strong fighter before, considering that her opponent was a quarter who fought at the Fighters Championship. One bystander mentions Airi and Teo as other strong fighters. Leez grabs Gandharva, reminding him that she is still pretending to be his sponsor, and they leave together. Teo is hidden in the crowd, wondering who Leez is.

On the way back to the hotel, Asha deduces that the wilted plant had hoti yama cast on it. She returns to see a crying Ran sitting on the stairs to the hotel. From his mumblings, she deduces that Leez went out and that he was unable to follow because of his half phobia. Ran adds that Leez had hoti yama cast on her, and that she looked around Asha's age. Asha prevents him from saying anything more, noting that according to magician rules, he must not talk about Leez's age. Asha tells Ran to head back inside, and tells Yuta to come with her to find Leez. She is angry at Claude for interfering.

In an isolated area in Kalibloom, Leez offers to part ways with Gandharva. Gandharva asks for her name to thank her. Since she looks different, she decides to give a fake name, "Riche." Gandharva then asks her if they had met before, but Leez thinks not. Teo observes them and finds the conversation suspicious because Gandharva claimed he had amnesia.

Asha finds news of where Leez has gone. She notes that the spell must be undone before dawn. Yuta has never seen a magician use hoti yama, so he asks what it does. Asha explains that it has no effect on suras, since suras don't die of old age. The spell gets rid of all but 12 hours of the victim's remaining lifespan. So, 12 hours after the aging effect happens, the victim dies. Yuta is surprised because Ran said Leez looked to be about Asha's age. Asha explains that each person has a different given lifespan. If they survive until then, their heart simply stops. Only the God of Death can save someone once their lifespan runs out.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted Feb. 18, 2013):
    • (Teo thumbnail): If Leez hesitated for even a second, Teo might have interfered and solved the problem easily, right? There wouldn't be any need for Teo to arm-wrestle or say she's a sponsor, because as long as she showed her face, the situation would end right there! The guy who started the fight would then bow politely and run away.
    • (smiling Leez): Guy_digging_his_own_grave.jpg
      I couldn't remember how to draw hand in hand, so I drew it by holding my own right and left hands together. But then I remembered later that you have to use the same hand (to arm-wrestle), so I had to redraw the scene. I must be an idiot.
    • (crying Ran being consoled by Yuta): Ran Sairofe (36 years old), who's whimpering to a rakshasa because he's scared of halfs...
    • (Yuta holding up his notepad): His really long dialog can't fit into just one page, lol. Since I can't just use another notebook page scene, I have to draw a scene and put the type above it. But the author's true reason is that she doesn't want to use her own handwriting.
    • + Some of you asked me why the reason Leez wears her hat didn't come out yet... I said it'll be out later. I never said it'll come out in this episode... I don't mind anyone being curious about it, but why would anyone call me a liar...? ㅠㅠ
    • + For those of you who asked why the background information for hoti yama hasn't come out yet, please check here! (Sorry, but that blog entry hasn't been translated yet since it came out between episodes—Eps.2-20 and 2-21. We will try to get it translated when we can.)
  • It's unclear whether or not Leez switched on the Golden Knight, but even with it off, she scores well enough later on at the Test of the Sword for onlookers to think that she's a half, or a Yaksha quarter.[19]
  • The onlookers mention Teo and Airi. Teo is ranked #2,[20] and Airi, whom Elwin says is 'stronger than Teo', may be ranked #1.[21] According to Kasak's profile on Currygom's blog, Kasak is unranked because he hasn't participated in Championships in a long time.
  • As Asha reminds Ran of his magic degree, it appears that the effects of hoti yama are only taught to magic students (along with corresponding rules of what not to say).
  • It is possible to guess the effects of hoti yama:
    • The victim ages 12 hours after the spell is cast.[22]
    • 12 hours later, the victim dies.[23]
    • Although Leez aged, she didn't grow older afterwards. Thus, accelerated aging could be eliminated. Thus, the most plausible explanation was that the victim was left with only 12 hours of lifespan, and that Leez was destined to die young.
  • Asha says that no one can save a person once he's reached the end of his given lifespan except for Yama. She doesn't mention what happens if the person dies of other causes before the end of said lifespan. This hints at a potential loophole, which is in fact explored later on.[24]
  • In the finite, Visnu went to see Yama to request prolonging the life of the quarter Ian Rajof, who would lose 80 years of her life from giving birth to Taksaka's child. Yama refused.

2-29 eavesdropping on Gandharva.png
Who's that girl?
2-29 incoherent babbling.png
What's wrong with him?
2-29 hoti yama effects.png
How does the spell work?
2-29 young death.png
Is this how she dies?

Episode 2-30Edit

Season 2 Episode 30: Reflection (4)

2-30 Yuta's view

Yuta. Sees. Food.

Gandharva notes that "Riche" looks completely different from the person he was thinking about, so he must be mistaken and he blames his age. Since he does not appear very old, Leez decides that he must really be a half. Gandharva then asks her where she lives. She claims to be a traveler just stopping by, so Gandharva tells her to leave the city, claiming that he dreamt that suras will come and destroy the whole city. He thinks that she will not believe him, but decides that it is enough repayment. However, Leez agrees, but notes that she cannot leave by herself. She agrees that staying within a city is not necessarily safer, since suras may attack the whole city just to eliminate one target. She adds that suras are truly evil, and mentally notes that the whole city could be endangered because of her.

Gandharva asks her not to think of it in black and white terms, noting that his daughter is waiting for him, so he has no choice. He notes that he has to borrow someone else's power to reach her, that he has become weak, and that he may not be able to see her again before dying. He asks Leez to imagine being separated from her father, and how her father would have to try his best to return. However, Leez just responds that in that case, she would prefer that her father not return. After all, she asks him how the daughter would feel if she found out that her father died trying to reach her. Smiling, she assures him that a daughter would miss her father, but would not blame him. Gandharva thinks about Shakuntala again, as she tells him that he must abandon her if someone uses her as bait.[25]

Leez tells him that no child would want their parents to suffer, so he should take care of himself first. At that moment a wind blows off her hat, and she chases after it. When Gandharva asks her why she is so attached to it, she claims that she suffers from hair loss. The two leave. However, Teo, who is hiding nearby, saw Leez's face and is surprised by her close resemblance to Rao Leez. She knows all of Rao's relatives, and knows that Leez is not among them. She also thinks that the name sounds fake, so she decides to continue to follow them, but she is suddenly interrupted by Asha, who asks her what she is doing. Teo claims that she is out for exercise. Asha says that she is looking for someone, but it appears the person is not there. Teo then realizes that she has lost track of Gandharva and the woman.

In the distance, Yuta observes the area as he searches for Leez. He suddenly feels something, and spots Leez talking to someone.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Rao thumbnail): He's there in spirit.
    • I'm not in my right mind. I'm sitting down to write the afterword, but submitting the Ep.2-30 file here instead. Hehehehe
    • (Leez tugging at her hat): Leez is tall and skinny... but only the problem area is fat(?) I never drew a female character tall like her before, so it's awkward for me to draw her... I keep drawing her in her original size so I have to keep fixing her.
    • (Shakuntala): When she speaks this line, the background is the sura realm so the sky should be red. (Refer to Ep.40 - It's not Ep.41, my mistake... I'm sorry. T_T) Gandharva's memory calibrates itself.
    • (Leez's hat blowing off): She claims she wears the hat because of hair loss... but it's not really convincing that her hair is thinning?
    • (scene with Teo hiding behind a tree): There was some dialogue after Leez insisted she was going bald, but I didn't draw the speech bubble because of a mistake. You can't see the dialogue at the moment because the background is dark. I requested that it be fixed, so it will be corrected tomorrow.
    • + It has now been fixed. The part about the transparent artwork which was wrong has been corrected as well. Thank you for letting me know.
  • Gandharva finds Leez familiar. This obviously refers to the time they met early in the series.[26]
  • Like all nastikas, Gandharva is at least a billion years old.[2]
  • Both Leez's village and Atera were attacked because of Leez. Evidently, Leez still harbors guilt over both.[15][27]
  • Gandharva's situation mirrors Leez's own situation: Leez learned not long ago that her father died trying to return to her.[28]
  • Teo knows all of the relatives of Rao Leez. Rao Leez's autobiography in Ep.1 hinted that Rao Leez belonged to the Kalibloom Fighters Guild, so the other fighters from this guild should know him.[29]

2-30 perilous road.png
perilous road
2-30 puff and reveal.png
quick exposure
2-30 resemblance to Rao.png
looks like this guy
2-30 Teo found by Asha.png
phony excuse

Episode 2-31Edit

Season 2 Episode 31: Reflection (5)

2-31 pursues a father's pride

will work harder to make dad proud

Gandharva thanks Leez for walking with him. Yuta recalls Taraka telling him that their race hungers after prey they normally cannot defeat,[30] but who ends up in a weakened state. He is unable to understand why he would want to eat what appears to be an ordinary human, and he is unwilling to show his true self, but he has trouble controlling his appetite. However, he finally recognizes Leez, recalls her hatred of suras, and runs away.

Gandharva senses something and looks in the distance where Yuta was standing. The feeling is similar to when Taraka and the Chaos clan attacked his clan, but he thinks he must be mistaken. He turns back to Leez, and thanks her for making him realize that his daughter was truly concerned for him. Thanks to their conversation, he tells her that she has helped him decide to search for a road with fewer regrets. Leez happily agrees. She then sees Gandharva staring at her, and asks him why. He responds that she is pretty, though not in the sense of a pretty face, as he grew tired of those a long time ago. Leez is very confused, but Gandharva remarks that Leez's father must be very proud of her. She responds that she will work even harder to make her father proud.

Elsewhere, Sagara is angry that Gandharva is taking so long. Even Riagara stands no chance against him in a one-on-one battle, so it makes no sense for him to not be able to kill a human priest. She deduces that he is unable find the right opportunity, since he had to lower his regenerative abilities and transcendental value to pose as a human. If he restores them to fight, he will reveal himself and be surrounded. Riagara still thinks the delay is unreasonable, and wonders if something else is going on, but Sagara states that Gandharva has no choice but to side with them since he has not yet given up on Shakuntala. Riagara suggests they take action while the Earth barrier is still active, and reveals that the Temple of Chaos is outside the Earth barrier. During the Month of Chaos, the Temple of Chaos is open to the public. They will still be unable to use offensive transcendentals or take sura form, so Riagara suggests that she or Pingara should go. Sagara decides to go instead.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted March 4, 2013):
    • (smiling Gandharva thumbnail): Even though Gandharva has weakened, he's still stronger than 4th-stage rakshasas, including Maruna. Of course, this only applies when they are fighting 1-on-1. If they were being attacked by a large number of enemies, the story would be different, hehe.
    • (human/sura Yuta): I was going to make his sura form partially transparent, but I drew it on the same layer as his human-form hair. lol. I'm a failure.
    • (Gandharva surrounded by women): According to the book that Teo read a few episodes ago, Gandharva's only spouse was Menaka (who is Shakuntala's mother) excluding the time at the beginning of the universe.[23] So what about the beginning of the universe? At that time... umm... he had no choice. They had to expand their forces and increase the number of rakshasas, so the king, the strongest member of the clan, couldn't just sit back... But none of Gandharva's children who were born at that time are still alive, so his only daughter is Shakuntala.
    • (Sagara): Riagara shouldn't be opening her mouth when she talks! This is obviously my mistake! It doesn't really matter, so I'll just leave it... (evil laughing icon)
  • Gandharva recalls a scene of the Taraka clan attacking the Gandharva clan in the sura realm. We previously saw this scene from Taraka's point of view.[30] We also see the events leading up to them later on. In this scene, Gandharva is in human form because Taraka clan suras can prevent nastikas from taking sura form.[31]
  • In her blog post for this episode, Currygom noted that the silhouettes aren't of any importance.
    • Rather, Currygom's side novel, the finite, explains that all the sura clans had an early "propagation period" at the beginning of the universe to increase their forces, which is also mentioned in the exhibition pamphlet a few episodes ago.[23] As King and the strongest of the Gandharva clan, Gandharva had to reproduce a lot, apparently enough for him to get tired of pretty faces.
    • Sagara also mentioned in Season 1 that the Gandharva clan has many beautiful females.[4] For example, Urvasi, in female form, is actually considered one of the great beauties of the sura world.
  • Leez also noticed that the Temple of Chaos is outside of the city barrier's range.[32]

2-31 doesn't care, wants to eat.png
2-31 pretty faces are tiresome.png
2-31 will take a risk at the Temple of Chaos.png

Episode 2-32Edit

Season 2 Episode 32: Reflection (6)

2-32 sorry, Asha

carbon copy of Rao

Teo wants to find Gandharva and the woman he was with. Gandharva suddenly shows up, and pats some dirt off her pants. Seeing this, Teo wonders again if she was mistaken. He can eat vegetables, he has a good personality, and he is her type. She catches herself on the last part, and wonders why he is lying to her about having amnesia. Gandharva then asks to come with her the next time she patrols outside the city.

As Leez makes her way back to the hotel, she is feeling happy that she was able to help a half. Asha suddenly finds her and casts bhavati marut, which, after a delay, slices a signpost behind Leez. Asha claims she missed her because of the Chaos barrier's interference. Leez objects that she could have been killed, but Asha tells her that she will die anyway if the hoti yama is not removed before dawn. Leez points out that Ran failed to tell her about that part. She then asks if the spell could be undone by another person or by hoti asvins. Asha explains that the domain of Death is independent of other domains, so hoti asvins would be ineffective. In addition, the only way to undo hoti yama is to have a magician of equivalent or higher divine affinity cast it again. However, magicians proficient in death magic are rare, and Claude is ranked 2nd among all magicians. Thus, a spell by him is practically absolute. Asha then suggests that they head to the Temple of Earth. Leez tells her that Claude told her that he would be at the Temple of Chaos. Asha realizes that since Claude told her this, he had no intention of killing Leez, and merely set a trap for Asha, so they have need to go. Claude will come down by himself. Leez is still worried, so she takes off her hat and apologizes, promising never to cause Asha any trouble again. She has no wish to die when she has yet to start on her revenge. Asha notes that Leez's face looks exactly like someone else, and considers this cheating.

Asha, Leez, Yuta, and Ran have arrived at the Temple of Chaos. Someone brought them up with bhavati kubera. Leez decides to learn this flying spell just like she promised to when she was climbing the pillar.[33] She then hugs Yuta, promising to bring him along. This causes Yuta to blush heavily. Asha tells her to give Yuta some space, but Yuta denies needing it. Ran then decides to give Asha some advice: At this rate, Leez will be in trouble if Yuta ever progresses to 3rd stage, since it is like puberty for suras, and causes an eruption of desire for the opposite sex. He warns that the situation with Yuta may become dangerous. Asha just notes that Ran must have ignored his topology books in order to read a different genre, causing Ran to object.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted March 11, 2013):
    • (chibi Teo and Gandharva thumbnail): Teo likes salty food, and Gandharva eats his vegetables. Gandharva told Maruna in Season 1, "Grass. Eat grass."[34] He sounded like a vegetarian at that moment. He can eat meat, but as he's already mentioned, he doesn't like seafood. He doesn't eat meat unless he has to. But nastikas don't have to eat anything, just like the gods... They usually starve and don't eat either vegetables or meat. If there is a nastika who likes to eat, he's not eating to survive, but just doing it for fun (or simply for the taste). That's why he is eating...
    • (nodding Gandharva): Gandharva is handsome. You can see the checkpoint worker's response when he sneaks into Atera.[35] He has a beautifully-shaped face, and can be mistaken for a woman. But his voice and his body are masculine. If you compare him to a celebrity, he would be the male idol who has the role of looking good in a boy band.
    • (Leez with her arm up): 'bhavati marut' isn't a spell that can be defended from like that. lol. But if you looked closely, you would've noticed that this spell has a delay after casting, before it creaks and cuts, so it can be dodged. In the chapter The Night it Rained Fire, Clophe pushes Clophe out of range of the spell.[36] However, the problem is that the target doesn't know the direction of the cut, so even if they try to avoid it, they still can get cut... (sweating icon)
    • (Yuta and grown-up Leez): Ran is suspicious of that sneaky Yuta. His evidence(?) is the fact that Yuta went into Leez's room (as she was sleeping) to close her windows.[37] But Ran may have seen more than that, lol. In the words of Ran, Yuta could be a pervert or it could be a misunderstanding... Let's find out when Yuta really reaches his 3rd stage.
  • Teo didn't notice Gandharva approaching. She could have just been distracted, but Gandharva could also have a stealth ability or transcendental. Leez also didn't notice him at first early in the series,[26] and Gandharva later uses a hiding transcendental.[24]
  • Teo notices that Gandharva eats vegetables. Most suras are strictly carnivores, so eating vegetables is a test to determine whether a person is a sura. Teo was researching this among other topics earlier.[38]
  • When Leez begs Asha to go find Claude, Asha realizes her resemblance to Rao Leez. Rao apparently met and helped her on Carte.[39][40]
  • 40 gold = about 1760 USD, and 60 gold = about 2640 USD (varies with the USD/won exchange rate).
  • Though Leez seems to have already realized that Yuta's a sura, evidently she still hasn't realized that hugging a 300-years-old sura is a bad idea. Just like Ran warned, she'll get into trouble for that.[41]
  • The book Ran mentions is The Biology of Suras. Asha starts reading this book as well,[42] and Leez also reads it later on.[43] This book has interviews of halfs about their parents, so perhaps Ran's mother Hana Lehn also has an interview in there. Then again, the book is popular for its illustrations.

2-32 eating his veggies.png
suras don't eat veggies?
2-32 must remove the spell or die.png
this spell will be fatal
2-32 you shouldn't do that, Leez.png
you shouldn't do that, Leez
2-32 young sura during puberty.png
sura adolescence

Episode 2-33Edit

Season 2 Episode 33: Reflection (7)

2-33 who's reflection

someone's true self

Asha confronts Claude, who declares that he is confident he could escape a conviction for murder. Asha replies that she has the same confidence, and proceeds to destroy several paintings in the room with bhavati marut. She reveals that the disruptions mean nothing to her for a mere Marut spell. Leez (wearing a picture frame around her neck with glass shards stuck in her hat) realizes that Asha was only out to scare her earlier, while Asha threatens to kill Claude if Leez dies.

Ran is surprised that Claude removed the spell so easily, and realizes that he was unable to see Leez's face properly when she was grown-up because her hat was in the way. Leez has decided not to reveal the truth about herself, because Asha instructed her to keep her situation a secret,[27] and she fears that revealing who her father is would lead to questions about her village and her real name.

Claude speaks with the person from the Temple of Chaos he was chatting with earlier. He admits that Asha is tougher than he expected. The person warns him that Asha has more fans than enemies, and Claude admits that his sister Airi was president of Asha's fan club back at her university. Still, Claude did all that because he had a few questions, and he found an answer. He notes that Asha decided to protect Leez even though Leez doesn't have long to live.

Ran, Asha, and Leez walk along a passage atop the walls over the Lake of Reflection. Leez takes her leave after Asha warns her against wandering around. Ran notes that Leez has become quite compliant, and inquires about Yuta. Asha explains that Yuta became sick from eating meat prepared with flower extracts earlier, but since the Temple of Chaos is outside of the barrier, Yuta can now go hunt outside. Ran then notes on the privileges of having a magician ranking. Asha reminds him that he will have a higher AA rank upon graduation. Ran admits that the ranks do not reflect one's true ability, as Claude was unable to do anything against Asha, and Ran himself thinks he would not be able to beat her.

Once Yuta returns to the Temple of Chaos, he searches for the others by listening for the sound of their voices. He arrives at the area below where the three just left. While passing by the lake, he suddenly sees a twisted reflection coming from the left. He rubs his eyes, but the reflection is gone the next moment. Yuta thinks that whatever it was, it made him feel sick.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted March 18, 2013):
    • (Yuta's sura-form silhouette thumbnail): During the last chapter of Season 1, I was asked that since Yuta's 2nd-stage form is already an adult, does he become middle-aged in his 3rd stage, and elderly in his 4th stage? lol. No way... That's not it...
    • (Claude and Asha): It was only in Claude's imagination that the iron wall would collapse. Why did Claude have a pen, but nothing else on his desk? He was just playing, and when Asha came in, he tried to hold the pen and pretend that he was doing something important. But he forgot to put a book on the desk...
    • (Ran and Yuta eating): Technically, the sauce contains ingredients other than meat. As long as they're not non-grain vegetables, then it's okay. He wouldn't eat anything if it was cooked. The problem is the vegetables. If he eats even a little bit, he'll have an adverse reaction. Normally, Yuta can smell vegetables as if he had supernatural powers and avoid them, so it's usually not a problem. But sometimes he makes a mistake like this, when he's really hungry. (It may seem odd at first that Currygom mentioned grains, but later on we see Yuta drinking beer with no ill effects.[44])
    • (Yuta looking at the Lake of Reflection): There are a lot of useless backgrounds in this episode. Why??? If all that red light at the Temple of Chaos hurts your eyes, it won't last much longer, so please don't worry...
    • (Currygom writes a long paragraph about being late two weeks an a row, and being so stressed out that she decided she would either get more sleep and skip the occasional release, or simply reduce the number of scenes she has to draw and correct. Since she didn't want to skip this week's release, she decided to shorten next week's episode, and if that doesn't work out, she may skip that release.)
    • tl;dr version: There are going to be fewer pictures in this webtoon.
    • The next chapter is about Leez taking on a new challenge—the second reason she came to Kalibloom. (The first reason was to go to the Temple of Earth to remove her bracelet... which resulted in failure!) If you liked the chapter about Brilith's magic exam in Season 1 (that is, if you like stories which involve tests), you'll like the next chapter. But there'll be no math questions like in the magic exam! lol
  • Asha thinks she can get away with murder. She's speaking from experience.[45]
  • Claude thinks he can get away with murder. He might be speaking from experience, too.[46]
  • Early in the series, Airi was shown fighting with Ruche over who gets to be the president of Asha's fan club.[14]
  • Ran admits that Asha is stronger than him. In turn, Asha didn't reveal that there was a mistake in her score, and that her score actually surpasses his.[47]
  • A careful examination of the pillar designs shows that the area Asha, Ran, and Leez are walking on is directly over the section that Yuta arrives in. This is further supported by the fact that Yuta heard Asha talking before arriving.
    • By the time he arrives, the three have already left the wall directly facing him.
    • However, the reflection he sees is coming from the left, which should be from the direction the group passes by as they leave.
    • Although it isn't clear who the reflection belongs to, Asha is the last to leave.
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 17: Reflection. The title could refer to:
    • the reflection of Gandharva that Teo saw in the Lake of Reflection
    • Leez's reflection in the mirror after she grew up
    • how Leez's appearance after hoti yama reflects her age of death
    • how Gandharva and Leez's situations mirror each other
    • how Leez's appearance mirrors that of her father's
    • the final reflection Yuta saw in the Lake of Reflection.
    • When Gandharva thinks of Taraka, it also mirrors a previous scene when Taraka talked about prey.

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