Episode 2-34Edit

Season 2 Episode 34: The Test of the Sword (1)

2-34 heard Yuta

Teach me, Oppa!

As the time for Test of the Sword approaches, the sky around the Temple of Chaos begins to turn from red to yellow. Leez has read halfway through a book on Bhavati Kubera, which she borrowed from the temple library. Asha spends her time reading books on sura biology and puberty, while ignoring Claude's attempts to contact her. Claude has also apologized to Leez, but Leez decides that she will get even by making her last question a difficult one.[1] Ran spends time with fighters to learn about bows.

A hungry Yuta goes into the Chaos Forest to hunt. Shuri taught him to only hunt prey that attack him first,[2] so he pretends to be weak by lowering his transcendental value in hopes of being attacked first. However, he fails to find anything. Elwin suddenly crashes into him, as she was practicing transcendentals for the Test of the Sword. She wonders what he is doing out there, and tells him that the temple has yet to open so he cannot enter without a high-ranked magician. Yuta soon realizes that she can hear sura speech, and tells her that he is staying with a magician at the temple. Mistaking him for a half, Elwin then asks him to teach her how to speak in the way of suras, since Mr. Kasak is thought to be the only other half on the planet capable of doing it. Elwin suggests meeting at the temple after the test starts, and warns him not to go in a certain direction because of the presence of upanis from the Ananta clan. After she leaves, Yuta optimistically heads in that direction.

At the Temple of Chaos, Ran and Leez have a discussion about the test and registration. The test is held twice in the first month, and the contents change each year. Leez then sees Asha returning with Yuta and notices that he looks healthier. Asha asks Leez whether she has been practicing her transcendentals. Leez complains about how hard they are to learn without anybody helping her, and says she thinks learning magic is more useful, as she holds up the Bhavati Kubera book. Asha agrees to change the conditions of the bet, from using transcendentals to learning bhavati kubera. Leez is happy, until she reaches a later chapter, which requires prior studies of intermediate-level Topology, university-level Physics, and university-level Astronomy.

The Test of the Sword finally begins.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted March 25, 2013):
    • (Yuta on the sura path - thumbnail): The scene following this will be edited out. It must be edited out. lol. If he was a sura that looked like a sura, at least (his eating) wouldn't look as bad. But the problem is his partial human form, right?
    • (Leez's funny face): She is gingerly trying to seek revenge by asking him a difficult question. Isn't she being too generous to a person who almost killed her? But she wouldn't be as generous if the person created problems for her friends. She would become decidedly angry. Sometimes she gets so angry that she looks like a 2nd-year in middle school, but that's a part of her personality.
    • (Elwin and Yuta): If you don't eat little Elwin and you let her go, she will tell you where the big suras are. It's like a quest. I just saw some of the comments and I really laughed out loud when somebody wrote, "Elwin Rakan wrote a post about a new delicious restaurant." lol
    • (Leez and Ran looking at the schedule): Within the temple, they would formally say the date as "The month of Chaos, from the day of Chaos until the day of Death." But if I write it like that, the readers will have difficulty understanding it. Plus, in Willarv, they don't use "January" and "February." For now, I'll just say that they wrote it the way they did for the temporary visitors for the Test(?). lol
  • Leez has already read about half of the book Bhavati Kubera, and didn't find it very difficult so far. It isn't clear if the contents were easy, or she just happens to grasp the notions easily. She also found the theory behind hoti kubera to be surprisingly easy, even though Asha believed that she'd find it hard and give up.[3]
  • One of the books that Asha is reading, The Biology of Suras, is the book that Ran mentioned two episodes ago.[4] We later learn why it's rated 16+.[5]
  • Though Yuta tries to follow Shuri's teachings, evidently, he's not above finding loopholes. In Season 1, he also decided to uphold his promise not to eat humans, by only chewing them then spitting them out.[2]
  • The Test of the Sword is held in the month of Chaos (Kali), on the days of Chaos (Kali). See Calendar.
  • Leez thinks that bhavati kubera is more useful than learning the Golden Knight's transcendentals. This rather makes sense, considering:
    • The transcendentals she is able to practice are Piercing Hit (mostly close-range), Pushforce (close-range), and Earthquake (ground-range).[6] These aren't very effective against her opponent, who can fly.
    • On the other hand, bhavati kubera allows her to fly while wielding the Sword of Re.
  • Leez's book Bhavati Kubera requires her to have prior reading of Intermediate-Level Topology, among others. The same publisher, Ignorance Publisher, just happens to have a book on Intermediate-Level Topology.[7]

2-34 fighter helping Ran.png
picking up pointers
2-34 nearby Ananta upanis.png
finding some food
2-34 teaching herself magic.png
studying a spell

Episode 2-35Edit

Season 2 Episode 35: The Test of the Sword (2)

2-35 overcompetitive

chickie v. chicken

Teo Rakan announces the opening of the Test of the Sword. During the speech she accidentally rips a small part of her dress. Asha, Ran, Yuta, and Leez are part of the crowd. Leez mentions that Teo is too far away to get a good look at her, so Yuta draws a quick sketch of her. Ran feels nervous because of the presence of halfs, and Leez begins to tease him. He retorts by calling her "Chickie" and they begin to scuffle. All four of them had decided earlier to register for the test. After Teo gives a brief explanation of the test, she announces the start of the test.

The first test is a test of strength. The contestant must break at least 20 boards with one bare-handed strike to qualify. Ran does not try too hard and manages to break 94 boards, much to the surprise of the crowd, since even a strong half from earlier broke only 70 boards. Leez activates her bracelet when her turn comes, but she is told that she is not allowed to use items to enhance her strength. She is forced to take the test with the bracelet off, even though it suppresses her strength.

Teo is relieved that the opening is over, because she hates being forced to wear long dresses and high heels. When she uses the front of her dress to wipe off her lipstick, Gandharva (unnoticed until now) makes a comment about her priest-like appearance in that dress. This surprises her so much that she ends up ripping a big chunk of her dress, much to her shock and embarrassment.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted April 1, 2013):
    • (Leez and Ran playfully scuffling): Leez doesn't turn on the bracelet when she fights, and Ran doesn't attack Leez unless she turns off the bracelet. So there can be a fight scene like this between them...! But if Leez turns on the bracelet, or Ran seriously fights her, there would be a huge problem...!
    • This was a small April Fool's Day spectacular, wasn't it?
    • (fighter silhouettes): The Sword of Return has had many owners, and it always returns to its spot when the owner dies. I thought that I already explained that around Ep.42.[8] I think there are a lot of people who think that the Sword had never been pulled, so I had to mention it.
    • (back view of Ran's braids): Ran doesn't look like himself with his long hair. There have been scenes where we see the long hair tucked away behind him, and people often mistake it as being short. lol. But who is braiding Ran's hair? Ran usually braids his own hair. He doesn't let anyone else braid it unless he really trusts them.
    • (Teo on the stage): It doesn't matter whether or not you put on makeup. The only difference is in your lips and eyelashes, lol. On high-resolution screens, people can see everything on the actors' faces, including blemishes and pores. But we don't draw things like that on webtoon characters...
  • This episode reveals that Teo is the #2 ranked fighter. At the start of Season 2, Elwin mentions that Airi is stronger than Teo, so Airi may be the #1 ranked fighter (Mr. Kasak is apparently unranked).[9]
  • During Teo's introduction, we see the silhouettes of several past owners of the Sword. The one on the left may be Teira Bell,[10] the last owner who drew it 40 years ago but died during the Cataclysm.[11]
  • In South Korea, every person is counted as 1 year-old at birth, and a year older at the start of each new year. Evidently, this system is used in Kubera as well. As it is now the first month of a new year, all characters now considered 1 year older. See also: Calendar
  • Those of the Yaksha clan are known for their strength. When Leez punched a half hunter in Season 1, the other hunters also assumed that she's a Yaksha quarter.[12]
  • Ran's description mentions that he once won the Junior Fighter Championship. In a flashback in Season 1, some children mention Ran being the winner of the previous year. It was also mentioned then that he is stronger than a half.[7]
  • Gandharva is wearing clothes he made himself again, probably because suras feel uncomfortable wearing human clothes.[13] The clothes worn by suras are modified parts of their body.[14]

2-35 commencement of the test.png
opening of the test
2-35 Ran's turn.png
display of strength
2-35 surprise encounter.png
surprise encounter
2-35 taken aback.png
display of underwear

Episode 2-36Edit

Season 2 Episode 36: The Test of the Sword (3)

2-36 boss of the strength test (detail)

suck it up, Ran

When it is Leez's turn for the test of strength, she worries because she is unable to turn on her bracelet. She still manages to break 51 boards and thus passes the first test. The onlookers are surprised and think that she must be either a half or a quarter. Meanwhile, Leez is embarrassed because she broke fewer boards than Ran, and the two start bickering again. Yuta glances at Leez's results before he touches the boards and breaks only 47. Ran thinks he held back too much, but then realizes that Yuta held back for Leez. When Asha's turn comes up, some of the onlookers are surprised at her presence and wonder if she is strong enough to break even one. Asha proceeds to break exactly 20 boards to qualify, leaving the crowd to wonder how it could be possible that she is so strong. When Ran taunts her for barely making the cut-off, she simply tells him that an unnecessary display of strength is a sign of immaturity. Ran shuts up, to Leez's amazement.

The second test is the nerve test, where contestants must dodge blue balls and hit red balls with a paddle. Ran obtains a perfect score. Leez scores 99, blaming her boobs for getting in the way of one ball, and Yuta scores 98 by letting himself be hit on purpose twice. Putting forth minimal effort, Asha scores 90. Ran ends up asking Asha if she exercises in secret, but Asha just blames Ran for lacking the brains to calculate trajectories.

Elsewhere in the Temple of Chaos, Teo, her dress now fixed, returns Gandharva's coat which he lent her in the meantime. She tells him that since his debt is now cleared, all he needs is to for his memory to return, but he continues to claim that it is still gone. She then asks him why he is not participating in the Test of the Sword even though she registered him, but he replies that he did not see any reason to. Teo is surprised and disappointed since she secretly added an extra challenge to test him.

The third test (the new one Teo added) measures either the divine affinity or transcendental value of the participant. Based on the values of past Sword owners, one of the two values must exceed 500. Ran is worried that Yuta will get exposed.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted April 8, 2013):
    • {Leez complaining about her "useless lumps of fat"): An absurd remark by Leez Haias (17, female). It's true from Leez's point of view, but it's nonetheless an absurd remark.
    • Now that it's the year N16, someone suggested that I adjust the ages on the blog profiles by one year... Ah... Um... I will only make changes if I'm adding something. They're already written as "the age in the year N15" in order to avoid confusion.
    • (Leez chasing Ran): Ran's hairstyle is not suited for running away. He treasures his hair, so if it gets caught as he flees, he can't bear to cut it. So in order to prevent a situation like this, he has to hold on to his hair while running...
    • (Yuta's test of strength): The rules state that you have to use one bare-handed strike. Before you fret over whether this conforms to the rules... let's just say that it qualifies as a hit! There are many people who are taking the test, so the test administrators aren't too picky about things like this.
    • (Asha's nerve test): The fur cloak is becoming something of a chrysalis. (bulky outer shell that restricts movement?) I skipped the nerve test and showed only the results. If I had to draw the whole thing, the test would take up too much time and too many episodes...
  • Both Leez's character profile on Currygom's blog and the afterword for Ep.2 mention that Leez prefers men who are weaker than her, since she likes being the dominant one in a relationship.[15][16] Evidently, Yuta has figured this out, and is actively trying to appear weaker than her.
  • Asha displays surprising strength. Leez was also surprised by Asha's strength when Asha tried to strangle her.[17]
  • Ran got a perfect score on the nerve test.
  • Asha is good at calculating trajectories. She also avoided the debris caused from exploding a boulder when she first met Leez.[18] This is also probably the reason why, when the group was escaping the water channel, Asha was able to avoid all falling debris, unlike Ran.[19]
  • Obviously, suras would automatically score 0 for divine affinity, as it measures one's ability to borrow the power of gods. Suras neither can nor need to.
  • Ran mentions that Mr. Kasak has a transcendental value of over 10,000. Riche's assistant also joked that Kasak may have been passing by when the transcendental measuring machine measured a value of 17,860.[20]
  • Since item usage is banned, Yuta can't use his sword to hide his transcendental value.[21]

2-36 holds back.png
restraining his strength
2-36 jab prep (detail).png
preparing to punch
2-36 nerve test 1.png
steeling her nerves
2-36 Teo returns Gandharva's coat.png
returning the coat

Episode 2-37Edit

Season 2 Episode 37: The Test of the Sword (4)

2-37 reading past events

memories of the dead

Asha decides to withdraw, since she does not want Ran to realize that her divine affinity is actually higher than his, which would have made her the winner of their bet. She recalls Ran admitting that he only beat her score, but not her.[22] She then claims she has lost interest. Yuta decides to withdraw as well. Leez is sad that both Asha and Yuta have decided to withdraw. Leez, who missed the conversation as she holds cotton candy in both hands, wonders what Yuta is giving up on. When she offers one cotton candy to Yuta, Ran snatches it away. When she offers Yuta the second one, Asha snatches that one away. Leez becomes angry, but Yuta, relieved to be off the hook, tells her that it is the thought that counts.

Outside the divine affinity testing area, Leez learns that both Asha and Yuta are withdrawing. Asha explains that Leez's test is the important one, and Yuta claims that he no longer needs the Sword of Return.

Leez measures her divine affinity. However, the result is 0, after subtracting for the boost provided by the Golden Knight, a known value of 2250. She is told that in rare cases, quarters have a divine affinity of 0, and is told to have her transcendental value measured instead. She is sent away before she can tell the supervisor that she is a pureblood.

In the forests outside of Kalibloom, Hura and the Ananta clan rakshasas are investigating the deaths of three 5th-stage upanis from their army. Cloche uses a transcendental to see their last moments by touching their blood, and realizes that a mostly black sura with huge wings killed them by eating them alive. Suspicion temporarily turns to Hura, who quickly denies it, but Hura is ruled out since the culprit is much bigger and has a tail. They also rule out the half dragon. They are now worried about Sagara, who has already gone to the Temple of Chaos alone.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted April 15, 2013):
    • (Cloche thumbnail): Even though they are all 4th stage, Cloche has a more youthful face compared to Riagara and Pingara ~ (or you could say Riagara and Pingara look older...)
    • (Leez offering cotton candy to Yuta): We may think sweet food is tasty, but Yuta doesn't feel the same way, especially considering what his favorite food is...
    • (test administrator with Leez under the effect of hoti kubera): In the divine affinity test, if you use a magic attack like hoti agni, the spell is nullified by the magic defense system. If that wasn't the case, wouldn't the test area become dangerous? lol. But a spell like hoti kubera, which is non-offensive magic, is not nullified.
    • (rakshasa gathering): When they appear together, Clophe always looks sullen. (He was like that in Eps.67, 85, and this one as well...[23][24] He's the only one who isn't speaking out of all five characters... lol) This is because Clophe doesn't speak when he could be heard by other suras other than Cloche. If you think that Clophe is a silent character, you'd be surprised when he becomes chatty when he's alone with Cloche. lol. But even when he's noisy like that, he soon becomes reticent when others join in, and at the same time he appears less often... so instead, Cloche often speaks for Clophe.
  • All of the money Leez has comes from collecting change from Asha, as Asha only bothers to keep gold coins.[25]
  • It was possible to guess Leez's divine affinity from clues in earlier episodes:
    • God Kubera told Leez that the bracelet 'accumulated divine affinity'. Leez deduced that it should 'allow a person to use magic'.[26]
    • In the water channel, Leez failed to cast hoti kubera with the bracelet turned off.[3] She succeeded later, when the bracelet was turned on.[27]
    • There was a later reminder in Season 2 that the Golden Knight 'amplifies divine affinity'.[28]
    • Thus, from the above, it was possible to guess that Leez's divine affinity was 0, that the Golden Knight adds divine affinity, and that Leez can thus use magic only when the bracelet is on.
    • As a separate clue: Leez's abilities are tied to the fact that she has the name of a god. Gods and suras have transcendental values instead of divine affinity, since they use their own power instead of borrowing someone else's.
  • Yuta has eats his prey alive. He also did so in the water channel.[29] We later learn that if he doesn't do this, he remains hungry.[30] The Asura clan also has a habit of eating prey alive.
  • Yuta's weapon can change shape, including into chains, which is probably how he tied up the other suras.[11]

2-37 detrimental to your health.png
too much sugar
2-37 has to be a mistake.png
2-37 messy upani blood.png
purple blood everywhere
2-37 sickening revelation.png
this is bad

Episode 2-38Edit

Season 2 Episode 38: The Test of the Sword (5)

2-38 sword waiting area

Final exam

Leez needs to get her transcendental value measured, but it requires her to use a transcendental skill since only Riche has the newer model measuring machine which does not require using a skill. Asha realizes that there is one way to make Leez use a skill, and Leez agrees to it. Asha instructs Yuta to stay behind. In the testing area, she instructs Leez to place her hand on the measuring device without switching on her bracelet, and proceeds to slice her head in half with bhavati marut, triggering the Self-Regeneration transcendental from the Golden Knight. Leez's total score is 5740, which gives her the highest overall score. When Leez has mostly regenerated, she is outraged that Asha would do that as though it were nothing. Asha tells her to stop whining, claiming that it is for the sake of the test. Upon seeing Leez's downcast expression, she claims that she will never truly intend to harm her. Leez notes that Asha does not look her in the eye, but smiles and pretends to be okay.

After subtracting the boost from the bracelet, Leez's transcendental value is 4240, a surprisingly high value. With this, she displaces Ran as highest scorer overall. The group hears an announcement for the six highest-scorers to draw the Sword first.

The six highest scorers are Leez, Ran, Zard Blain, Clari Utas, Parr Hael, and a sixth person. Zard thinks that Leez reminds him of Rao Leez, but Clari dismisses the possibility. Each candidate only has five minutes. Leez enters first, and heads towards the Sword of Return. At that moment, Sagara steps onto the sword.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted April 22, 2013):
    • (Sword thumbnail): You've been waiting for this for so long. Now they've finally reached the destination they've been striving for since Ep.42![8] It took such a long time, so people forgot that the main character's goal was to draw the sword...
    • (Leez's exaggerated grin): The main character is laughing comfortably because she has no idea what's about to happen next. She knows about the bracelet's powers, but she didn't expect that Asha would do that!
    • The transcendental attacks of the bracelet, like with magic attacks, are not effective when one touches the measuring equipment, which can only measure the value. As with the regeneration transcendental Leez used today, even if it's not an attack, there's a value regardless. The Chaos barrier interferes with the transcendental attacks of the bracelet. It'll be explained later in the chapter...but she can still use them (it doesn't mean they can't be triggered at all).
    • (Yuta watching Leez eat noodles): The reason Yuta always has milk whenever he's drinking something is not because he likes milk like Taksaka.[31] It's the only thing he can drink that his body won't reject...
    • (Ran and Leez inside the waiting area): This scene, as well as the one with Leez walking alone, were the most difficult to draw this episode. It's a good thing that the building wasn't colorful, but a solid color.
      + The new character profiles (Zard, Clari, and Parr) will be introduced later!
  • Ran mentions that Riche Seiran has the newer model of the device to measure transcendentals. It's the one she used on Leez's group early in Season 2.[20]
  • Asha probably told Yuta not to follow them so that he won't nullify her spell against Leez.
  • The device measured a transcendental value of 4240 (after adjusting for the Golden Knight). Thus, it appears that the value of 17860 measured by Riche did not belong to Leez.[20] The device used at the Test of the Sword measures up to five digits (as shown by the starting value of 00000), so this isn't a mistaken number, like when Asha had her divine affinity measured.
  • Leez noticed that Asha couldn't look her in the eye when Asha said that she will never truly intend to harm her. This means that Leez must have deduced that Asha was lying to her.
  • Ran says that his divine affinity "isn't that high." According to his magic exam score, it's 988.[32]
  • The silhouettes of Zard Blain, Clari Utas, Parr Hael, and the fourth candidate in the room were all shown early in Season 2.[33] Zard Blain was first shown as a silhouette in Season 1, when God Kubera told Leez about the Priest of Earth.[26]
  • Both Zard Blain and Clari Utas knew Rao Leez. Rao Leez's autobiography in Ep.1 hinted that he belonged to the Kalibloom Fighters Guild, so the other fighters from this guild should know him.[34]
  • Parr is blushing at the strong and handsome Yaksha quarter. The one with a half phobia. And who completely forgot about her. Ouch.[35]
  • In the first test, the crowd mentions a Yaksha half who scored 70. They are probably talking about Parr.[36]
  • Ran reveals for the first time that he's uneasy about calling Leez by her name, probably because it reminds him of Rao Leez, whom he used to idolize. This is confirmed later in the series.[37] It is also possible that Leez dislikes being called "Chickie" because her village was destroyed by a bird-form sura (unconfirmed for now).

2-38 melancholy Leez.png
unpleasant surprise
2-38 more 2-handed eating.png
two-handed noodles
2-38 entrance to the sword chamber.png
this is the last part
2-38 not a supervisor.png
getting in the way

Episode 2-39Edit

Season 2 Episode 39: The Test of the Sword (6)

2-39 unlucky encounter

this ain't right

Leez mistakes Sagara for a test supervisor and greets her. She asks Sagara for instructions. Sagara realizes that Leez is wearing the Golden Knight, and attacks Leez to get it.

Outside, Asha and Yuta are discussing the Temple of Chaos's apparent lack of security. Asha explains that nobody dares to steal the Sword of Return because the culprit will be killed on sight to retrieve the sword. The sword also a disadvantage to superior suras because it also negates their own regenerative abilities. All gods and suras who held the sword met untimely ends, save for Kali herself. People suspect that Kali made it so on purpose. Yuta asks if others are unaware that the sword can pierce through the realms. Asha confirms this, noting that she never heard about it until Yuta told her. She concludes that suras do not seek the sword because they are unaware of this function. Yuta then asks Asha what she will do when Leez gets the sword. Asha says that she will take revenge on the sura that destroyed Leez's village, but she is unable to name the next target. She recalls her younger self covered in blood. Yuta concludes that she is being prevented from speaking again, and asks if the sura she spoke of is very strong. He claims he can beat a 4th-stage rakshasa if it is focused on transcendentals. At that moment, he sees Claude holding up a message asking to talk to him, so he excuses himself.

Left alone, Asha notes that Leez will soon be in possession of the Sword of Return. Thinking back to her encounter with Claude, Asha wants to ensure that Leez is not abandoned.[38] However, she hears loud noise coming from the test location.

Sagara has caused a lot of damage to the temple interior trying to kill Leez. She is unable to use attack transcendentals because of the Chaos barrier. Leez's bracelet is turned off, so Sagara deduces that she ran out of vigor. The nastika attacks again, and Leez is worried about her test time running out. Her bracelet turns black.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted April 29, 2013):
    • (Sagara thumbnail): Before Sagara noticed the bracelet, if Leez had said the words "You're pretty"...? lol (This may be a reference to when Kaz called Sagara pretty, sparing himself and the nearby crowd from instant death.[39])
    • Click here for the t-shirts ~~ blog link (Yes, the shirts are still available for purchase in South Korea.)
    • (Leez bows to Sagara): lololol. There were lots of people who predicted this would happen. They were right. It's in Leez's nature to greet a person and bow 90 degrees. lololol
    • (hypothetical thief being pursued): If you steal the Sword of Return, you will be executed. There will be no court or judge. Even if you want to be shown mercy, you can't return the sword without being killed as the owner. It's a sad rule~~
    • (cup of coffee): Asha enjoys drinking coffee. Black coffee. In Ep.60, she only talks about coffee when others are eating meat around her in that expensive meat buffet restaurant. E.g. when Agwen says "the meat is really good," Asha replies with "the coffee is good." lol
      • + The reason that the coffee cup becomes empty is because time has passed and someone drank it all~~
      • + Someone told me to look at the replies on Ep.60, so I looked. lololol. What is that lololol (If you click on the Naver link in the infobox at the top and scroll through the comments all the way back to 2013-04-29, you can see a few hundred posts with Asha's words "커피가 맛있네요" - the coffee is good.)
  • Reminder of the ways to remove the Golden Knight: see Ep.32.[26]
  • Sagara was, in fact, after God Kubera's items from the start.[40]
  • Asha is once again prevented from speaking. See also: Asha Rahiro - Notes
  • This flashback, like her previous flashbacks, probably occurred in the year N5.[41]
  • A continuation of Asha's flashback, in which she cuts her hair, can be seen in a later episode.[42] Currygom left that part out of this episode because she felt it didn't flow well.[43]

2-39 Leez realizes something is wrong.png
stopped her cold
2-39 silhouette - Kali (detail).png
tossed the sword
2-39 thoughts of revenge.png
bloodied the snow
2-39 unlucky cards.png
refused to discard

Episode 2-40Edit

Season 2 Episode 40: The Test of the Sword (7)

thumb|left|Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "{".px|too ugly for ponytails

Zard Blain notes that if Leez fails to draw the sword, Ran will be next. He thinks Ran would have become a good fighter if not for his half phobia. They wonder if he got over it, but Ran panics when Parr greets him and asks him if he remembers her. He claims he has no idea who she is. Ran then hears loud noise coming from beyond the door. He is worried and wants the supervisor to check, but the supervisor tells him that Leez will be disqualified in that case. Suddenly, the room is filled with a transcendental skill that increases gravity. The supervisor is knocked out cold.

Inside the sword chamber, Sagara is surprised by the transcendental, 'Gravitational Field', since it is not one of the bracelet's. She notices that Leez has recovered her vigor and that her bracelet is on again. The speed of Leez's recovery surprises Sagara, and she tells the girl that her transcendental is useless against her. Lee claims that she is not responsible for the gravitational transcendental, and Sagara attacks again, but Leez pushes her away using Pushforce, then slices the pillar next to her using Piercing Hit. Leez decides to run towards the Sword of Return before running out of time, and manages to kick Sagara. Before she can grab the sword, however, Sagara turns into male form and powerfully knocks her into the wall, causing severe trauma to Leez, who still hangs on to life. Before Sagara can kill her, God Kubera appears.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode (posted May 6, 2013):
    • (fighting Leez thumbnail): My condition isn't good. It takes me a week to draw the characters, and now I'm on Ep.2-40. The Temple of Chaos's background, where every pillar is drawn differently, is going to disappear... There is beauty in a blank scene. Even when I get the opportunity for character merchandise, I don't have time to draw pictures, so I can't sell any. What's up with this...
    • (Ran scared by Parr): The girl with the cat ears was blushing in Ep.2-38. Many people noticed that, but sadly she can't approach Ran now.[44]
    • (Sagara punching Leez's face): The main character is having problems. But even after a hit like that, her face still looks okay. hoti kubera is really strong.
    • (Leez's bloody arm): Ah, I suddenly want to draw some horror. I'm trying to avoid making spoilers, so I'm not saying anything... and so this becomes a boring afterword!
    • I really want to rest. I said that if I'm late one more time, I won't be a Currygom. So now I'm Whitegom^^ So I'll skip an episode this week so I can return to my curry color~~ If I do that, then I'll be terrorized...
      To skip an episode this week is very bad timing story-wise... (Note: The next episode was released on schedule.)
  • Parr Hael seems to know Rao Leez. Rao's autobiography in Ep.1 hinted that he belonged to the Kalibloom Fighters Guild, so the other fighters from this guild should know him.[34]
  • Ran claims that he doesn't know Parr. This may actually be a case of amnesia: both Agwen and Airi seem to have amnesia regarding events in D995 (the year Rao Leez won the Fighter Championship),[45] leading some to speculate about a possible mass amnesia event during that time, possibly also affecting Ran. We later learn that hoti visnu can cause amnesia.[46]
  • "Gravitational Field" was first used by Kubera when he first met Leez, to stall her fall from Atera's outer wall.[47] It isn't clear whether he or Leez is responsible for the transcendental this time.
  • Sagara commented on Leez's fast vigor recovery. Leez appears to deplete and recover vigor quite fast now, which may also be why her bracelet kept turning on and off while she was climbing the pillar to reach the Temple of Earth.[48]
  • Most nastikas, including Sagara, are stronger in male form. We first saw Sagara taking male form when confronting Agni in Season 1.[49]
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 18: The Test of the Sword. Although it refers to the test for the Sword of Return, this test also had several significant sub-components:
    • The board and nerve tests revealed the physical capabilities of Leez, Asha, Ran, and Yuta.
    • Teo added a test of divine affinity to test Gandharva.
    • This test reminded Asha of her bet with Ran, where they compared past test scores. She decided to forfeit this test to avoid revealing that she had, in fact, won the bet.
    • This test revealed that Leez had 0 divine affinity, but a very high transcendental value. Also significant: Leez realized that Asha is willing to harm her.
    • Finally, the actual drawing of the Sword was far from straightforward.
    • Elwin also mentioned that she had to prepare for the test.

2-40 fast vigor recovery.png
fast recovery
2-40 Perforating Hit.png
quick slice
2-40 King of Toxic Mist Sagara.png
more strength
2-40 waits until the last second.png
fashionably late


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