Episode 1Edit

Season 1 Episode 1: A Girl with a God's Name (1)

Kubera Leez wakes up on the day of her 16th birthday to the sounds of her friends outside yelling that she promised to make them lunch. She finds a gift box next to her which contains a yellow dress and a letter addressed to her by her mother, telling her daughter that it is time to choose a new name. Excited, Kubera stops by the kitchen wearing her new dress and thanks her mother, then leaves to pick mushrooms.

On her way through the village she runs into her friends, Kaz and Haas Lehn. She tells them they better have something good for her birthday, and Kaz gifts her with an elementary-level mathematics book. An angry Kubera sends him flying with inhuman strength and storms off. The brothers then decide to get her a genuine present.

As she passes the guard tower, she greets Guard Roen (with a second guard), whom she thanks for helping her mother get her birthday gift. As Kubera leaves to search for mushrooms, Roen warns her not to go too deep into the forest. Despite assuring Roen that she wouldn't, Kubera can't find any mushrooms and so she decides to stray from the path. At first it seems that there were no mushrooms growing in the deep woods, either, but as she is about to turn back she encounters a strange, blue-skinned man asleep on a bed of curry mushrooms.

Episode 2Edit

Season 1 Episode 2: A Girl with a God's Name (2)

In Kubera's excitement over the rare curry mushroom patch, she accidentally steps on the strange man, waking him. She reaches out to check on him, but her hand freezes where she touches him. At first she chastises him for using magic, then offers to help him out, but the disgruntled man only tells her to shut up. Based on his blue skin and unusual eye, she concludes that he must be a half and is probably dangerous. As she prepares for a cautious exit, he suddenly calls her Shakuntala, temporarily mistaking her for someone else before deciding that she is too unattractive to be her. As the man continues the conversation, Kubera defensively uproots an entire tree, but the man simply asks her if she is working out. They then chat about eating curry mushrooms; the man is quite amused by her and asks for her name. She begins to say it, but mumbles the rest because her mother advised her to not tell people outside her village her true name; he interprets her garbled sounds as "Kupatergent" and decides to let her go.

Eventually, Kubera arrives at the top of a bluff overlooking her village in the distance. She notes that it is closer than she thought. Suddenly, her village disappears under an explosive dome of red light.

Episode 3Edit

Season 1 Episode 3: A Girl with a God's Name (3)

In a panic over her family and friends, Kubera runs down the cliff and towards her village at breakneck speed, only to find it obliterated with no sign of survivors. She looks around, hoping someone is simply playing a trick on her, but instead she finds a red and white creature standing in the rubble. She angrily confronts him, and he begins to power up an attack. Suddenly, someone grabs her from behind and she hears a quick hoti vayu hoti chandra, and disappears before the attack hits. Behind the cover of some trees, the magician who rescued her chastises her for being reckless, and offers to take her to the safety of the nearby city of Atera. Kubera responds that she has no reason to go anywhere since everyone she knows and loves were right here. She would rather die trying to destroy that monster. As she yells at at the magician to leave her alone, the red and white creature, standing just beyond the trees, turns around. Kubera freezes in fear.

Episode 4Edit

Season 1 Episode 4: A Girl with a God's Name (4)

The red and white creature turns around in Kubera's direction, causing her to freeze in fear, yet he does not seem to see her at all. The magician again chastises her for not using her brain, then introduces herself as Asha. She explains that she used a hoti chandra spell to keep them hidden from view. When the younger girl introduces herself to Asha as Kubera Leez and begins to take her leave, the startled magician casts hoti brahma, creating some ankle restraints to stop her. Asha states that she decided not to abandon the girl as she originally intended, but to protect her because she has "the name." The magician teleports them away with hoti vayu, and the red and white creature soon finds evidence of their hiding spot.

Angered by Asha's indifference and recklessness, Kubera yells that she cannot possibly understand how she feels. Asha responds that she did, in fact, because she also once knew a girl who had everything taken away, and that girl would still want revenge even now.

Their conversation is interrupted by an enormous winged figure above, which pursues them and attacks.

Episode 5Edit

Season 1 Episode 5: A Girl with a God's Name (5)

Kubera dreams of a birthday celebration, complete with a mushroom-themed cake, with her mom and fellow villagers; they offer suggestions for her new name, and she decides on Leez Haias, using both her father's and mother's surnames. After they all give her their birthday wishes, she asks if her friends Kaz and Haas were there yet. Her mom replies that she would have to see them later, then tells her it is time to wake up.

Leez finds herself lying on the ground, but is unaware that her left arm is bleeding. She notices that a boulder has apparently trapped Asha's right arm, wonders how it got there, then realizes that it was always there. As Leez tries to figure out a way to remove it quickly before Asha's arm becomes damaged, Asha mentions that the arm was already useless, and casts a hoti agni spell to blow up the rock. The magician expresses her disappointment in Kubera as someone who does not live up to the name of the god she was named after, but she is still a burden that must be carried. They soon make more formal introductions; the magician tells the girl that her name is Asha Rahiro, and she is a 20-year-old magician. Kubera Leez tells Asha that she is 16, and beginning tomorrow her name would become Leez Haias.

Elsewhere, the strange blue man, Gandharva, criticizes the red and white creature, Maruna, for letting their target escape. After a short discussion on curry mushrooms, they determine that the human with a god's name will likely be heading for the nearby city of Atera, which is under the protection of the God of Fire and would be next to impossible to destroy. Gandharva, however, claims to know Agni's weakness.