Episode 2-71Edit

Asha wonders how Leez was able to activate the Sword of Return. Leez suddenly begins to speak as if she were someone else, calmly accusing Asha of holding back Leez to prevent her from getting her revenge, just so that Asha could continue to use her. Asha asks for the speaker's identity, but the person tells her that he/she is someone who wants Leez's happiness, more than anyone else, and that he/she respects Leez's path. The person concludes that it does not matter if Leez dies in the end, as it may be a happier end than living life as a pawn. Mentally, the person apologizes for being unable to give Leez a better future. "Leez" fires off a transcendental attack. Parr recognizes it as an attack from the Sword of Return, which the previous owner, Teira Bell, could also use. They look in Leez's direction, only to realize that she is gone. Asha warns them one last time to run away.

Hura, in sura form, was hit by the attack and was unable to regenerate, using up one of his lives. Maruna asks what he wants, and he replies that he is there to help. Maruna realizes that the turrets are not firing at the sura-form Hura. Hura explains that the barrier disappeared after Agni left, and that Sagara has since managed to secure the barrier seat. Maruna then spots the human girl approaching, and recognizes her as the one who escaped from the village near Atera. She fires off another attack from the sword, hitting Hura again, while Maruna dodges by flying up. In response, he fires up his unique transcendental and blasts a crater without giving Hura a chance to get away first. As he mutters to himself about the inferiority of humans, a regenerating Leez appears behind him.

Episode 2-72Edit

Claude thinks they should return to the temple, but Yuta is unwilling to move from where he's standing. Finally, Claude tells him that waiting too long to take action might result in someone's death—the girl he wants (Leez), his sponsor Asha, or even someone else. He asks him if that is really what he wants.

Still regenerating, "Leez" takes a swing at Maruna with the Sword of Return. He dodges, but he is surprised at the amount of growth she has achieved in just a few months. Still, he deduces that she is out of vigor, and prepares another transcendental attack to finish her off. In response, she provokes him into raising the power of his attack. Mentally, she reveals that although humans are thought to have less vigor than gods or suras, in reality they can recover vigor faster when they are happy. Thus, depending on their mindset, their vigor could be infinite. As Maruna fires his attack, the Golden Knight turns black to activate its Counterattack transcendental. Suddenly, the attacks fizzle out. Yuta stands there, pleading with them to stop.

Zard Blain observes that rakshasas are attacking the temple, but the upanis do not seem to be attacking seriously, making him wonder what it is the suras want. He also learns that Teo had sent a request for aid to Eloth because she was afraid they had a situation similar to Atera, and that help is already on its way.

Outside of Kalibloom, a group of magicians asks their CEO, who is wearing the Hide of Bondage, why they are heading to the city even though the request was not an official one, and he replies that it is because his younger brother is there.

Episode 2-73Edit

Yuta continues to wrestle with his feelings, unwilling to lose either his brother or Leez.

"Leez" laments that Yuta appeared at an inopportune time and finally releases control. Back to herself, Leez realizes that she had another blackout. She is a bit disoriented, wondering why she has the Sword of Return and why her vigor has run out.

Maruna approaches Yuta, asking him if he is his younger brother, Jatayu, which Yuta confirms. After some small talk, Yuta tries to convince his brother to go somewhere else with him, away from human eyes (and Leez). However, Maruna recalls past warnings about his siblings, about whether their names were true names, and adding that Maruna should not trust his brother, as Garuda's only son is... and if he fails, there would be no...

Maruna informs Yuta that their father collapsed after the Cataclysm. He is alive, but in serious condition. He says he wants Yuta to return to the sura realm with him, after they find Kalavinka. He says he is working with someone who can open a path to the sura realm. In exchange, his job is simple: kill humans when asked, such as the girl nearby who managed to survive so far. Shocked, Yuta tries to argue that it is not necessary to kill anyone just so they could reunite, and besides, there was an important reason why they were split up in the first place—the power of names.[1] He continues pleading, but Maruna smiles and asks him to return with him, back to happier days.

Leez suddenly jumps protectively in front of Yuta, sword ready, and tells her friend to run away to safety. However, she is so tired that she can barely stand.

The group from Eloth approaches Kalibloom. A magician asks their CEO, a.k.a. the Priest of Creation, why he has a heavy-looking cloak on him. He explains that his brother asked him to have it modified.[2] They then notice that something is wrong—the stars should have disappeared already due to the influence of the Chaos barrier. To test whether it is safe to teleport, Lutz borrows a staff and casts hoti indra bhavati brahma on it to make it fancier and glow blue. As they prepare to safely teleport the rest of the way to the city, Mr. Kasak suddenly appears in the sky above them, looking agitated.

Episode 2-74Edit

Kasak appears above the Eloth magicians, who notice little black creatures on the half-dragon's back. He angrily crushes and scrapes them off on the side of a cliff, then growls that he should have killed Yuta when they met in Atera,[3] because now he needs to kill him before he reaches 3rd stage.

Maruna does not understand why Leez refers to his brother as "Yuta", and begins a new attack to kill her off, which Yuta immediately nullifies. Maruna becomes angry that he would protect the human who was trying to kill him. Yuta says that her actions were because Maruna destroyed her village, so he should try to see the situation from her perspective; this only agitates him further. As the elder brother continues to express his disappointment and disgust, he asks Yuta if the human is more important than his own flesh and blood. Yuta is about to answer, but briefly envisions Leez without her clothes, making him unable to answer for a moment. Maruna transforms into his sura form and declares that he will take Yuta to the sura realm by force. Yuta comes to the realization that his brother's intentions were never for his sake at all. At that moment though, Leez yells at him to run away. Yuta recalls how Leez would always run head-first into danger for him. Leez wants him to run while she tries to lure the sura away. However, Yuta begins to cry, thinking that his own motives were not as pure. Still, he wants to believe that this is love.

Leez begins to run, to try to implement her plan, but she suddenly hears a loud boom behind her. As she turns around, she sees a very different, older Yuta before her.

Episode 2-75Edit

"Yuta?" As Leez stares incredulously at Yuta's new form, he looks back at her as he thinks of an excuse he could make for his sudden growth. However, since his goal was her protection, he continues to transform, this time to his new Chaos-like sura form. The whole while, he is concerned that Leez would hate him for being a sura and for his repulsive new form. Leez continues to look upset and confused, until she looks down and sees the words "Please run" scrawled onto the ground.

Maruna wonders why his brother chose now to develop, and whether his brother began to doubt him because of the power of names. They begin to tussle so he can evaluate his younger brother's new strength, but as Yuta insists that he does not want to fight seriously, Maruna continues to demand that they leave together because something powerful that was neither god, nor the Ananta or Asura clans, would eventually come after him for the Name. They would be unable to defeat the opponent even together. Yuta wants an explanation for everything, which Maruna is either unwilling or unable to provide. Yuta interprets it as refusal, and declares that he will remain in the human realm and protect humans. Maruna scoffs at the idea and dares him to stop him. Yuta summons his sword and prepares to fight.

Episode 2-76Edit

Leez watches Yuta and Maruna fight from a safe distance. However, she is not surprised, as she has already realised the truth. She thinks of all the clues that pointed to the fact that Yuta was a sura. However, she did not want to admit that she was the only one left out, the only one they did not trust enough to tell the truth. So, she pretended not to know, preferring to be a naive friend instead of one who could not be trusted. Instead, she held out hope that someday Yuta would trust her enough to tell her himself.

As they continue to fight, Maruna praises his brother for his remarkable speed, even though it still is not enough to surpass his own. Maruna finally catches him and holds him down by his neck. As Yuta makes a weak transcendental defensive attack with his weapon, Maruna gouges out his brother's eyes and eats them, to stop his transcendental-nullifying ability. The two continue to argue over their conflicting desires until Maruna decides to completely disable his brother, and prepares a transcendental attack. Before he can fire, the Sword of Return flies towards his head; he easily dodges it, to Leez's disappointment. Yuta yells (even though she is unable hear him): why did she not run away, since there is no way to defeat Maruna? Leez begins to thank Yuta for revealing himself to her and protecting her. She could not just run away and leave her dear friend behind, however. Yuta, with his eyes now regenerated and blue, finds her acceptance unbelievable, something he had wished for but never expected to happen. Maruna unleashes his transcendental attack.

Episode 2-77Edit

As Maruna's attack blasts the landscape, Yuta thinks to himself that Leez would have been much better off if she had run away. After the attack, Yuta is unharmed. His eyes have regenerated and have turned blue-green. Yuta believes that his regeneration may have become faster since his development. However, Maruna is skeptical of this explanation, since Garudas regenerate slowly compared to other suras. Since this is not the outcome he expected, he decides it is time to leave, since Sagara and her crew would have finished with their business already. He makes it clear that he is not giving up and will seek his brother again. He then tells Yuta to find him in Rindhallow if he changes his mind. Maruna then flies off.

Yuta apologizes for putting Leez into his mouth, even though she is unable to hear him. However, Leez apologizes for creating more trouble for him instead of helping out. On her way out, she pricks her hand on one of Yuta's teeth, startling him. Once out, she is worried about how to keep the pretense of him being a half. Yuta is amused, and returns to human form, wondering how he looks to her, and thinking that it would be nice if he was taller.

Seeing his human form, Leez blushes slightly and looks away, then apologizes for treating him like a kid the whole time. Yuta is more concerned with how she feels about him being a sura, and writes his concerns on the ground using his sword. Leez says that she is unsure. When he first transformed, she may have felt fear, but as soon as she saw the message on the ground, she realized that he was the same Yuta as always, who was brave enough to reveal his identity for her sake. Yuta feels moved, but Leez then tells him that the red-and-white bird is the one who destroyed her village. She kept imagining killing him, yet was unable to do anything this time. Still, she emphasizes that Yuta is different from that bastard, that she knows how good he is. Yuta nods, but realizes that this is the divide between them. Leez only accepts him because she thinks he is good, and that he is on her side. His sword glows before it transforms into a belt shape. Meanwhile, Leez is surprised that the Sword of Return returned to her as soon as she held her hand out. Yuta applauds, but pauses when Leez ponders whether it is useful for surprise attacks.

Yuta regretfully thinks that he is not as good as Leez thinks he is, nor entirely on her side. He cannot support her lust for revenge against the only brother he has. He thinks Leez would understand that his brother is precious to him, but will not accept it. Either Yuta would need to give up his brother, or Leez would need to abandon her revenge. Thus is the abyss between them, even as they stand so close. Still, his thoughts are being clouded by his feelings. Yuta begins to walk very closely to her, which makes her uncomfortable since he is no longer like the "little brother" she had before. When Yuta approaches even more, she pushes back his face with her hand, claiming that his proximity made her feel ticklish. Yuta takes the opportunity to lick her hand. Leez is momentarily shocked, then thinks he was licking her injury from earlier to make it better. However, she sees the look in his eyes. She quickly starts leaving, saying that they need to find Asha to get her hand healed. As he looks at her retreating form, Yuta thinks, once again, that she should have run away from his brother, and from him. He smiles, his eyes blue-green.

Episode 2-78Edit

Hura seems excited over what he has just seen, until Maruna startles him. Hura asks how he is going to explain his most recent fight to Sagara, and tells him he was careless for letting him find out that his brother has his clan's name. Maruna threatens to kill him, causing Hura to say hold on—he has something important to tell him.

Asha recalls the person who had control of Leez earlier, and wonders, why Leez and not her? Parr approaches her, notices Asha looking upset, and assumes it is because Asha was unable to save everyone. She mentions that most of the suras are now gone except for some rakshasas occupying the Temple of Earth, and Asha remembers that Kubera's god-level items are stored there. As they continue to talk, they hear an explosion in the distance, then see Riche running for her life from a snake-like Ananta sura, yelling that the Magicians Guild is under attack. Asha and Parr begin to leave to assist the magicians, leaving Riche behind, but once Riche shouts that she will give them anything they want, Asha turns around, draws out the vajra from her cloak, and casts hoti indra, creating a giant bolt of lightning that fries the giant snake to a crisp.

At the Temple of Earth, the security system for Kubera's god-level items have been conveniently turned off, so Cloche and Clophe are able to return quickly to a waiting Sagara with the items. As they prepare to leave, they hear a sudden commotion outside. Kasak lands in the city with the entire Eloth party on his back. As they scramble back to solid ground, one person asks where Lutz went, and another replied that he had jumped off earlier. Riagara offers to stay behind to fight Kasak so the rest could escape, but Sagara indicates that it will not be necessary.

Episode 2-79Edit

Yuta and Leez finally return to Kalibloom, only to find the barrier broken and the city infested with suras. Yuta writes down (on paper that had been strewn about) that Asha was heading for the Magicians Guild, and that she should see her to get her hand healed. He will head for the Temple of Earth instead. Leez thinks that Yuta is going to help the Priest of Earth, then he tells her to be careful. With the Golden Knight already activated, she vanishes in a high-speed run.

A group of magicians report that the Priest of Earth was found, but it was odd that no rakshasas could be seen at the temple.

As Kasak, still in his dragon form, searches around in the distance, Cloche remarks that they still have not been noticed. Sagara says that it would be better to quietly leave and avoid unnecessary fights, since Kasak has never seen them in their human forms. But before they can leave, Yuta appears before them. He immediately takes down Riagara and Clophe at a speed that Cloche is unable to see. Sagara explains that he used his sura tail and hid it before they could hear the sound, a feat only possible if his partial transformation can match his speed.

He next targets Pingara, warning them that they were wrong to think that they could use transcendentals if Yuta cannot see them. He then partially eats Pingara. From Cloche's lack of movement until then, he deduces that she relies solely on transcendentals. Finally, he questions Sagara about his brother's involvement in the attacks on human cities, which leads her to realize he was the one Maruna had been fighting with earlier. She responds that his brother was cooperating for the sake of the Garuda clan so he should not interfere. Before Yuta can interrogate her further, they are interrupted by Kasak, who begins to attack Yuta, allowing Sagara and Cloche to escape with their injured comrades.

Episode 2-80Edit

Ran, who was unconscious since the Gandharva halfs had gone berserk, finally wakes up at the Magicians Guild only to find everyone gone. Soon an upani breaks through the wall, ready to attack. Ran panicks (thinking it is a half) and begins to run when he hears the words hoti brahma bhavati brahma and sees his older brother with a created weapon in hand, mocking him for not defending himself. Lutz then proceeds to blast away the upani.

Kasak continues to pursue Yuta, who is unable to beat the half dragon while in his human form, but is unwilling to transform in front of the humans. He decides to escape for the time being, and quickly flies away.

As Ran and his brother meet up with the other magicians outside, Lutz is asked how he was able to find his brother so quickly; he says he jumped down when he saw a spell that Asha had cast, and knew Ran would be close by. After greeting Asha, she inquires about the Hide of Bondage Lutz is wearing. He explains that during modification it stuck to his suit, so he will have to wait another month to re-modify it. After he leaves for a meeting with Siera and Claude, Leez tries to speak with Asha, who walks away instead.

Hura heals the injured rakshasas and asks how they managed to get so seriously hurt. They are too shaken up to speak until Cloche glances at Maruna and deceptively blames the attack on Kasak. When questioned about the red sky, Maruna claims he was fighting some humans, which Cloche knows is a lie. Once everyone learns that Gandharva has disappeared, Maruna asks what happened to him to make him transform, but Sagara has no answer. Their goal accomplished, Sagara feels that they are closer to realizing Ananta's revenge.