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Season 2 Episode 81: The Good (1)

2-81 Yuta embraces Leez

I can't quit you.

Leez lies in bed with several books in front of her, recounting the last few days since the attack. The restoration efforts for Kalibloom are underway. Magicians from Eloth are staying longer to help. The Magic Guild is in the midst of a debate over the Gandharva Halfs, while the Fighters Guild is searching for its President. Agni, who turned out to be a nice person, is no longer able to leave Atera. Leez also wants to meet Mr. Kasak, who is credited with ridding the city of the suras, but there has been no opportunity since he's always patrolling around the city. Meanwhile, at the Temple of Earth, Claude's inaction during the attack comes into question considering he is higher-ranked than everyone else present. Siera blames him for the loss of the god-class items to the suras, while Claude claims that he was working behind the scenes, and that this way, the suras didn't threaten Siera by progressively destroying the city. Finally, Leez expresses concern for Yuta, whom she hasn't seen since the end of the attack.

During a meeting in Atera, Brilith reads a notice from Mr. Kasak stating that he plans to stay in Kalibloom for a while. Agwen is depressed because her father seems to have forgotten about her. To cheer her up, Agni tells a white lie, stating that her father also requested that they look out for her. He then questions her about Leny and Shess, who are shown preparing to leave. Agwen says that they're Kinnara Halfs and friends of her father. Agni says everything's fine.

Leez chats with Ran at their lodgings. They remark that Asha has been very busy. Ran adds that many magicians don't trust him, so he may end up as an AA in name only. Parr brought back the Neutral Bow, but Ran is unwilling to thank her in person because of his Half phobia. Ran then leaves to talk about the bow with his brother, while Leez goes to join the search party in hopes of finding Yuta.

Later, Leez and Parr discuss Ran's Half-phobia. Parr then informs Leez that everyone has already gone ahead with Mr. Kasak. She warns her, however, that the Half dragon may not be friendly at the moment. Suddenly, Leez vanishes from Parr's sight, and finds herself unexpectedly locked in an embrace with Yuta. He had been waiting all this time for her to come outside, and is very happy to see her again.

Naver LINE app Epilogue #4Edit

Both Lutz Sairofe and Lorraine Rartia are famous prodigies in the field of Creation magic. There is a story behind the fact that a rank #22 magician (Lutz) became the Priest of Creation instead of the rank #4 (Lorraine). As a university student at Eloth, Lutz never wanted to become a priest because he wanted to return to his little brother, Ran, in Mistyshore. Since the highest-ranking magicians typically become priests, Lutz decided that he needed to obtain a low score in his magic exam. He guessed all the answers in the Rapid Calculation Test, but still managed to get half of them correct. He gave minimal effort to the Magical Competence Test, to the chagrin of his testing partner. In the end, he was awarded an A rank while Lorraine, who did her best, earned an AA rank. Lutz was sure that Lorraine would become the Priest of Creation...until she fled from Eloth to Atera in her magic flying car. Lutz ended up becoming the priest against his will, but he took his responsibilities seriously since then.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Lutz is shown making clothes for children. Lorraine was also shown doing this after the attack on Atera.[1]
  • Leez is shown reading the book on bhavati kubera.[2] There are now two extra books next to it, probably two of the books needed for her to read further ahead. Later episodes confirm that at this point, she is close to finishing the book.[3]
  • Leez wanted to meet Mr. Kasak since Mistyshore, and expressed disappointment back then when she was unable to meet him.[4]
  • Claude isn't lying. He's been trying to get Yuta to side with humans. He may also have had the security system disabled on purpose, foreseeing that it would lead to a lesser loss of lives.
  • It seems Leez was right. Babo Kim is overly friendly with everyone x5.[5]
  • At the meeting in Atera, Agwen and Praul are shown with coffee/tea mugs on the table, but Lorraine has a bottle of soy sauce. Brilith must really hold a grudge.[6]
  • Leny seems to have put on thick clothes and seems prepared to leave. They may be going to a colder region, either around Rindhallow or to the south polar regions. An earlier sura exhibit seems to imply that Kinnara suras on Willarv live near the South Pole.[7]
  • Parr was shown holding the bag with the Neutral Bow a while back,[8] and returned the bag to Leez in the last episode.[9]
  • Four Kubera Epilogues were commissioned by Naver Webtoons for Naver's LINE app, each of which followed Eps.2-78 through 2-81.
    • The first is basically Currygom joking about Yuta's "real" 3rd-stage sura appearance and the fact that his face (including his funny nose) is actually a mask.
    • The second shows how Asha, Parr, Leez, and Yuta (all in chibi form) really returned to Kalibloom. Asha used hoti vayu for herself and Parr. Leez simply ran, but Yuta wanted to fly her back and tried to pick her up, only to get beat up by a surprised Leez.
    • The third is about Leez's confusion about Parr's ears. Leez assumes that Parr has normal "human" ears in addition to the cat ears on top of her head, which she assumes are only for show, but Parr shows her that she only has the cat ears by lifting up her hair. Leez later wakes up and thinks she had a nightmare. She didn't.
    • The fourth is translated above. Even though Lutz ended up as an A-rank magician, according to Tilda Melliot he could've earned an AA rank if he wanted to.[10]

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Leez's notes
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Agni's meeting
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Ran's fear

Episode 2-82Edit

Season 2 Episode 82: The Good (2)

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The members of the search party find it strange that Parr is late. Suddenly, they realize that their spells are no longer working. Kasak concludes that Yuta is nearby.

Leez calmly tries to get Yuta to release his hold on her, since his embrace doesn't seem to be ending and is becoming painful. Her bracelet also refuses to turn on. Yuta recalls the times she used to hug him,[11][12] and only hugs her tighter, but finally relents when she tells him that she wants to see him properly. Yuta realizes that he hurt her hands. Leez then switches the topic to his belt, which he transforms back into his weapon. When she compliments his scarf, which can keep changing lengths, he wraps it around her. She decides that Yuta is still a nice person as before. Yuta, however, feels guilty, because the clothes of a human-form sura are actually altered part of their body. As Leez tries to figure out how to get Yuta back through the checkpoint, the scarf suddenly covers her mouth to prevent her from talking. Kasak suddenly appears with the search party, saying that he would never pass as a Half anymore.

Agni receives a secret document from Kasak detailing his recent difficulties traveling through the Crescent Gate, his encounter with the Taraka Clan including Taraka herself, and the revelation that Taraka herself is just a facade. The true King of the Taraka clan may have an impulsive nature that is likely to cause emotional resonations. He may have a hidden streak of violence and his growing strength with also cause the Taraka clan to grow stronger as well. Finally, that King may be hiding in the human realm. Kasak has concluded that Yuta is the true King of the Taraka clan.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Taraka suras can normally only nullify spells within their visual range.[13] However, while his red eyes are activated, Yuta can now apparently nullify spells and magical items within a certain range, even if he isn't looking at them. Earlier, he had also warned Pingara that it would be useless to attempt transcendentals against him even while in hiding.[14]
  • Yuta doesn't seem to understand why Leez has become reluctant to hug him. Since he's a sura, he may be unfamiliar with these particular human social conventions.
  • On the other hand, Kubera noted long ago that Leez changes her attitude according to appearance,[15] and is obviously paying the price now.
  • It was possible to guess why Kasak Rajof wanted to kill Yuta:
    • In Season 1, Kasak used the Crescent Gate without issues.[16][17] In Season 2, he says he needs half an hour to arrive, and no less, since he needs to 'shake things off'.[18] However, he takes considerably longer, and when he does arrive, there were Taraka suras clinging to him. These suras are behaving strangely.[19]
    • By the end of Season 1, it was possible to guess that Yuta was the true King of the Taraka clan:
      • Shuri wanted to teach him the way of the King, whereas Taraka called him her successor.[20]
      • However, Taraka turns out to be merely a puppet made to raise Yuta, who is Kali's own son and masterpiece.[21]
    • In Season 1, we learned that the King affects inferior suras of the clan via emotional resonation.[22] When Kasak emerged from the Crescent Gate, the Taraka suras were behaving strangely.[19]
    • We also learned from one of Sagara's flashbacks that the stronger the King, the stronger the clan.[23] Thus, Kasak was unable to shake off the Taraka clan suras as easily.
    • Thus, it was possible to deduce as soon as Kasak emerged from the Crescent Gate that Kasak wanted to kill Yuta because he was the true King of the Taraka clan, was causing emotional resonance, and was causing the Taraka clan to grow stronger.
  • It was also possible to guess that Kasak met and killed Taraka within the gate:
    • Sagara commented on Taraka still being alive because the seal on her transcendentals wasn't undone. Gandharva also had some of his transcendentals sealed by Taraka.[24]
    • Kasak left for Kalibloom a few chapters later.[18]
    • Gandharva could then use Frozen Tears, one of the transcendentals that had been sealed.[25] This implies that the seal had been undone in the meantime. Thus, that Taraka had been killed.
    • Since Kasak met Taraka suras within the Gate of Crescent, Taraka could have been there too.

Episode 2-83Edit

Season 2 Episode 83: The Good (3)

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The turrets begin to fire since Kasak has taken sura form, causing the Priest of Earth to become tired and ill. Lutz offers to take over. Claude reiterates that he doesn't have Yuta in hiding, and warns Asha about his card readings that morning. Asha decides to look outside the city. Ran suddenly appears, and wants to tag along after learning that Asha is going to find Yuta. However, he decides to stay behind when he realizes that she'll probably meet Kasak, a Half.

Outside the city, the crowd panics as they believe that Leez has been taken hostage by a sura, and tells Kasak to stop. Leez wants to correct them, but can't because her mouth is covered. Yuta doesn't want Leez to be condemned for associating with a sura, so he is wants to take her to a place where no one will come between them. Humans would think that Leez was merely abducted. As a last resort, Leez summons the Sword of Re, rips off the scarf, and tries to reason with everyone. Yuta is angry that she cares about other people.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • The turrets only fire at targets outside the city.[26] In Season 1, Kasak was already within the barrier in Mistyshore, so the turrets didn't attack him them.[23]
  • It seems Lutz has a lot of vigor. Saha On and Laila Hemawati complain of vigor loss despite being Quarters as well.[27][28]
  • When Yuta fantasizes about bringing Leez to the Taraka clan, the Taraka suras there seem excited over the scene. Some fans like to joke that they represent Yuta x Leez fans.
  • Ouch, Leez just cut the scarf, which is a part of Yuta's body. He does get it back though.[29]

Episode 2-84Edit

Season 2 Episode 84: The Good (4)

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Leez pleads in vain with Kasak to convince him that Yuta is a good person. Yuta starts to transform, but Asha interrupts him, informing him that they can stay together. Aware of Kasak's lack of emotions, she matter-of-factly informs Kasak that many of the people there would die if he and Yuta were to fight, especially Leez. She concludes that there is no reason to attack someone who isn't posing a threat, and merely seeks to remain peacefully in human company. Some among the crowd are opposed, but some Halfs also believe that it's unfair to judge someone based on race alone, as they have suffered persecution after the Cataclysm.

Kasak notes that Yuta seems to have dangerous ideas in his head, prompting Leez's curiosity and Yuta's unease. However, Kasak deduces that he isn't the kind of threat he was worried about, despite his shady desires. Finally, Kasak returns to human form, and notes that Yuta will need the priest's permission before entering again. Much to Yuta's dismay, he recommends a book, the The Biology of Sura for Leez to read before she would be allowed to see her friend again.[12]

Yuta has to remain outside the city walls, while the others try to convince the people of the city:

  • Asha, Magic Rank A++, ranked 5th, with her own fanclub, makes a case about making Yuta an ally.
  • Leez (Holder of the Sword of Re) and Ran (AA candidate) vouch for Yuta as companions.
  • Lutz, the Priest of Creation and Representation of the Creation Brand 'Artram', and Claude, the Priest of Death ranked #2, also show their support.
  • In official letters, Agni gives permission as long as the Priest agrees.
  • Only the Priest of Earth is worried about citizens who hate suras.

That evening, Leez learns that Ran knew about Yuta's identity since the incident in the water channel.[30] Ran notes that many people hate suras, and if Agni were to order it, they'd have been arrested as heretics. Ran explains that he kept quiet because Asha said not to tell her. Leez then asks Asha how long she knew, and Asha replies: since the day they first met him.[31]

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Kasak decided to spare Yuta because he believes that a sura can be reformed through love, based on his own observations of his father.[32] His father, the otherwise violent Taksaka, calmed down considerably thanks to his wife.
  • Ran mentioned the book, The Biology of Sura in Chapter 2-32. Asha was also shown reading it.[2] As the book is popular and hard to find, Kasak hands Leez a copy in the next chapter.
  • Leez is shown unsuccessfully trying to convince Riche, who is probably still not over the fact that Asha used Yuta to threaten her.[33]

Episode 2-85Edit

Season 2 Episode 85: The Good (5)

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While reading a menu, Leez tells Asha that she did guess about Asha knowing about Yuta's true identity, since Asha was never worried in the times Yuta disappeared. She wishes that Asha could have told her. Ran chimes in, telling Asha that he kept quiet because he assumed that Leez had sura-phobia. He blames Asha's lack of communication for misunderstanding.

Asha is upset: just like that, everyone sided with 'sweet little' Leez while she is portrayed as heartless and inconsiderate. She thinks of the person controling Leez,[34] and of Yuta when magicians confronted him.[35] She then speaks up, explaining that she didn't tell her because Leez's village was destroyed by a superior sura. This revelation shocks Ran, while Leez is confused because she thought that it was supposed to be kept secret. Asha reminds her of the time she asked Leez whether she could befriend a superior sura.[36] Before Leez can explain herself, she insists that Leez would not have become friends with Yuta if she knew the truth. Ran starts to object, but Leez meekly gives in. She then claims that she has an upset stomach and leaves, much to Ran's dismay.

Left alone with Asha, Ran chides Asha for being so harsh on a normal 17-years-old girl, whose village was destroyed by a superior sura. Asha insists that having one's village destroyed is nothing special. She recalls her younger self, in N5, desperately trying to survive. She then dismisses Leez as a pampered child who pretends to be good. To her surprise, Ran points out that to Leez back then, a 'superior sura' could only have meant the one who destroyed her village, since all superior suras were confined to the sura realm after the N0 Cataclysm, and superior suras from the Ananta clan only recently started attacking cities. Thus, prior to Asha and Leez's arrival in Mistyshore, most people couldn't even imagine superior suras.

Out alone, Leez fusses her hair in frustration, trying to think of the earlier encounter in a positive way, since she was only misunderstood, and not mistrusted. Kasak calls out to her, wondering if nobody would worry about her being out alone at night. Leez says she's returning to her hotel. Kasak then asks her whether she's read the book he recommended.[37] She apologizes, saying all the copies at the library were rented out, and Ran kept avoiding the topic when she asked. Kasak hands her the book instead. The Biology of Sura, N15 Revised Edition, 16+. The book includes an additional section on reproduction, and promises interviews of 21 Halfs on their parents, as well as illustrations. He tells her to finish before Yuta enters the city: there is a way for him to enter, since there is a job only he can handle.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • We learn this chapter the true reason why he never told Leez: he assumed she had sura-phobia, just like he has Half-phobia. His Half-phobia is the reason why the group attempted to deceive him at first, after all.
  • Ran knows Leez's shoe size because he went to buy her shoes.[38] It's unclear why Yuta would know it.
  • There is a small issue with Ran's explanation: Leez probably didn't know that superior suras were confined to the sura realm, because she appears to lack knowledge of suras in general. She didn't know what the different species were,[7] and she didn't know what maras and upanis were.[39] The only things she knew about suras apparently came from childhood stories portraying suras as monsters.[40] This doesn't change the core of his argument however, that thinking of other superior suras was beyond Leez's imagination. Leez confirms that he understood her correctly later on.[41]
  • Currygom noted that the book on Sura biology also included information on Kasak's parents. Ran has read this book as well,[12] and Asha read it recently.[2]

Episode 2-86Edit

Season 2 Episode 86: The Good (6)

thumb|right|Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "{".px|I'm too sexy for this shirt

Ran informs Asha that she should have asked Leez 'What if someone you knew were a superior sura.' Asha imagines a scenario where she does that, and in this scenario, Leez admits that she'd be scared at first, but the people she knows so far were all nice people. In this scenario, when Asha informs her that a superior sura could have sided with humans, Leez responds with enthusiasm.

Ran tells Asha to consider the perspective of others, noting that his genius brother is also unable to do so. He notes that Asha seems unwilling to communicate with Leez to resolve such misunderstandings. Leez has become very timid because of Asha's attitude, and lets her win because she is the only one she can rely on. Ran concludes that the two don't suit each other, so he offers to take custody of Leez instead.

Outside the checkpoint, Yuta fidgets, hoping in vain for Leez to come out. When Kasak shows up, Yuta begs him to let him out, blaming what happened previously as a mistake. Instead, Kasak hands Yuta a pink shirt. Yuta is initially reluctant, as human clothing is uncomfortable to suras, and he objects to the color, but he enthusiastically puts it on when he hears that it's from Leez. When Kasak tells Yuta not to stay so close to the checkpoint, Yuta's eyes turn green, and he hears ongoing conversation within. Some humans are still wary, but many approve of having a rakshasa side with them.

Yuta confidently points out that people support him, even though some dislike Halfs such as Kasak. When he brags about looking more human than Kasak in his human form, Kasak points out that Yuta smashed his earrings. Yuta quickly kneels down in apology. He then carefully reminds Kasak of his two promises,[42][4] but Kasak asks for his earrings to be returned first. Kasak then suggests for Yuta to help out on a task that will win him support from Kalibloom's citizens.

Ran tells Asha that his aunt and uncle can adopt Leez, while he'll provide the actual support. Since Leez and his aunt share the same last name, they'd be distant relations. Ran wants to get Leez wherever she wishes, including an education or guild membership, because he wants her to live well in the remaining life she has. Asha agrees to his suggestion, but stops smiling as soon as he leaves.

In the morning, a beaming Leez greets Ran, Asha and several other people. When she tumbles down the stairs, Ran deduces that she must still be depressed. Zard Blain appears and calls Asha to come to the Forest of Chaos, where they found Teo in an unusual condition.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Contrary to Ran and Asha's imagined scenarios, Leez may not even be aware that superior suras were confined to the sura realm (or what superior suras were in general), since she appears to be generally uninformed of suras. See the spoiler section for the last chapter.
  • Throughout the series, Ran has at numerous times shown concern for Leez while objecting to Asha's poor treatment of her, thus leading up to his current offer to take custody of Leez:
    • Chapter 63: When they just entered the Water Channel, he was concerned about Yuta and Leez's safety.[43]
    • Chapter 90: When they were traveling back and forth tunnel of Area 50, he tried in vain to hint that Leez needed rest. He then disapproved when Asha berated Leez and failed to compliment her, when Leez was trying to learn magic without calculations.[44]
    • Chapter 2-13: Ran is frustrated by Asha's nasty temper, and thinks Leez is a saint for putting up with Asha.[45]
    • Chapter 2-24: Ran openly objects to Asha's frigid attitude, saying he feels sorry for Leez and Yuta.[46]
    • Chapter 2-26: Ran tries to calm down Asha, who got mad at Leez for talking to Claude. He then tries to console Leez by telling her that he'll side with her when she and Asha fight.[47]
    • Chapter 2-27: Ran feels sorry about the fact that Leez is always being left out where Asha and Yuta are concerned, and that Asha always treats her so badly. He decides to buy her lots of clothes.[38]
    • Chapter 2-28: Ran discovers that Leez has a short lifespan and feels sorry for her.[48]
    • Chapter 2-32: He tries to warn Asha on Leez and Yuta, in case Yuta reaches puberty.[12]
    • Chapter 2-52: Ran is mad that Asha sent Leez to see Yuta when Yuta was unstable due to approaching 3rd stage. In particular, he's mad about the way she's treating Leez.[49]
    • Chapter 2-85: Ran blames Asha's lack of communication for the misunderstanding Leez's hatred of suras. After Leez leaves, he asks Asha why she treats Leez so badly.[50]
    • Later on, he notes that Asha has been purposely acting like a psychopath in front of Leez.[51]
  • Ran's aunt is Eline Haias. As Ran pointed out, they are not necessarily close relatives, but they are likely distant relatives.
  • We later learn that Yuta can use Insight when his eyes turn blue-green. See spoiler section of chapter 2-110.[52] This is probably how he could hear the humans staying within the building. He may have mistakenly assumed that he could hear them because they were talking loud enough, since he has good hearing.
  • Some readers have pointed out that Yuta 'preening' may be a bird-like behavior.

Episode 2-87Edit

Season 2 Episode 87: The Good (7)

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Kasak convinces Yuta to use his ability to nullify the concealment transcendental that had covered Teo enshrined in ice. Yuta wonderes, why bother concealing something of no apparent value?

Leez prepares to leave with Asha wearing multiple layers of winter clothing, which Ran considered out of character for her, because of how little she was at the water channel. Leez denies being sick, and leaves with Asha. Ran stays behind because of his Half-phobia.

Later, Leez greets Yuta at the ice field. Yuta is badly surprised at her choice of wardrobe, but she misunderstands (or pretends to misunderstand) his expression as disappointment over the shirt she purchased for him. She runs off, saying she'll tell Ran to buy something new for him. Yuta becomes upset with Kasak and demands to know what he told her. Kasak blandly replies with the 'Hyung-nim' that he never gave her any wardrobe advice, but the honorofics just upset Yuta further. Leez tries to greet Asha, but Asha ignores her and walks away. Parr offers to explain the situation.

Lutz, Claude, and Asha discuss how they would recover Teo's body from the ice, which has so far resisted all attempts to melt it. They also discuss the importance of having Yuta as an ally to humans, as they wouldn't want him to use his nullification abilities against them. Asha brings up the possibility that the purpose of the ice was to prevent decomposition and conceal Teo's name from the underworld: for those who die before their set lifespan, the underworld must cross off their name manually, but it is possible to fool it by stopping the decomposition.

Asha questions Claude on whether he can see the remaining lifespan of someone who is already dead.[53] However, both Claude and Lutz consider the point moot since the spell of resurrection no longer existed. Asha tells Claude to stop pretending to be ignorant. In response, he warns her of the consequences of using the spell, noting that there is a reason the God only allowed her to use it, and that Teo isn't important to her.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Gandharva is capable of concealment transcendentals. This may be the true reason Leez didn't see him when she stepped on him early in the series.[54]
  • Kasak finally fulfills his promise of calling Yuta 'hyung-nim.'[42] Sadly, Yuta doesn't appreciate it.
  • Asha wonders whether the eyes of the underworld were truly deceived. Who knows? Maybe they have other plans, or Yama's still on strike.[55]
  • Asha seems to be implying that Claude's earlier prediction, that all her cards will die, may be wrong.[53] It is still unclear who the cards represent, including whether Teo Rakan is among them.

Episode 2-88Edit

Season 2 Episode 88: The Good (8)

2-88 gossip over Asha's spell

the beginning of consequence

Parr tearfully explains to Leez how she ran away from Teo's attackers in order to find help, and blames herself for not staying behind and fighting. Yuta responds in sura speech that there would be no point since she would have just died as well, and maybe she is just saying that for appearances. Kasak finds both his comments and recent personality rather brusque, and Yuta responds that the half-dragon is not in a position to criticize him. Leez appears and asks Yuta if there is any possibility of melting the ice, and he acts sad while he shakes his head. Leez hopes that Asha will be able to find a solution, but Yuta does not think she can. Then, to everyone's surprise, the ice begins to melt and the old forest slowly reappears.

As they watch the ice disappear, Claude is convinced that Asha made a foolish choice, and she would be better off letting Leez go. Asha responds that leaving her would be complicated. Teo appears alert but disoriented, complaining of feeling sick. Based on her comments, Claude realizes that she has returned to a point before he arrived in Kalibloom. Asha says she meant to return her to the morning the suras attacked, but the Chaos barrier was unexpectedly restored before she finished the hoti visnu spell, and it interfered with her calculations. After some more confusion from Teo, Claude decides to walk away and leave the mess to Asha.

Asha explains what happened to Lutz, while the surrounding crowd begins to chatter and question why she never mentioned knowledge of the spell to anyone or used it to save people earlier. Lutz tries to defend her and explains the hardships for the magicians who knew the spell before the Cataclysm. Yuta realizes that she had used that spell on him when he was trapped by the Hide of Bondage.[33] He also notices how everyone seems happy that Asha brought Teo back, but Kasak cautions that their feelings will change given a little time.

A blue-haired boy's pinky finger begins to regenerate, to his surprise. Nearby, Elwin shouts that she heard Kalibloom is safe again and she needs to get back. She invites the boy to accompany her, but he responds that he will be fine. Elwin notices that his missing finger has been restored, and he explains that it took a while to regenerate, then sticks his hand into his pocket. She thanks him for keeping her company for the past few days, and hopes they would someday meet again. The boy walks away thinking, I don't deserve your thanks, before he transforms back into Gandharva.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • Currygom's comment: From this episode on, Mr. Kasak's sura speech will be in a square dialogue box.
  • Currygom's afterword for this episode (posted April 21, 2014):
    • (thumbnail - reverting forest): This is the last episode of the chapter The Good. It began with Yuta x Leez and ends with Asha vs Leez...
    • (Teo's revival): Memory loss, such as from a drama—That's how it was when Asha used hoti visnu on Yuta. Unlike hoti asvins, which recovers only your body, hoti visnu reverts your mental state (??) as well, so you lose all your memories after the point of recovery.
    • Additionally, before the Cataclysm/Upheaval, hoti visnu was used as an attack rather than recovery magic. If you can make someone lose their memory, it could be a very good attack spell, but what would be more evil use hoti visnu on someone who was badly injured and was just healed... (evil grin sticker) And you can use it in many other ways.
    • (Yuta and Kasak): Yuta is not all that small, but Mr. Kasak makes him look that way... How long is he going to wear that red shirt? Please wait just a while longer...
    • (little boy blue): Gandharva's hair color in boy form is not random, but is part of his sura form. Was there a lot of hair on Gandharva's sura form? Yes, there was.
    • + If there is no Chaos barrier, then why were her calculations disrupted? Please read Asha's dialogue again...
      + I made a request for the typos to be fixed. It will probably be updated tomorrow.
      + The typos have been fixed. Thank you!
  • Apparently the ice was actually Gandharva's pinky finger, which explains why neither the magicians' spells nor Yuta's transcendental-nullifying skill could remove it.
  • The first thing Teo notices after being revived is that her sword is gone. She has always been shown to hold onto it carefully,[56] and Sagara was also surprised about it,[57] so there may be more significance to it.
  • Currygom had, in fact, dropped a number of hints pointing towards the fact that Teo's role wasn't over:
    • Kubera (who can see the future) suggested Teo as a mentor for Leez.[58]
    • Asha mentioned that if one were to reach the end of one's given lifespan, only the God of Death can change such a death. She didn't say what happens in the case where a person hasn't reached one's given lifespan, leaving the possibility of a loophole.[59]
    • Visnu's attribute is Resurrection.
    • Gandharva froze Teo then took sura form to watch over her.[60] No sense having such a ruckus for nothing...
    • Teo mentioned her parents being sent to the sura realm during the N0 Cataclysm. This places her as a potential source of unique information.[61]
    • Teo was very agitated when she noticed the resemblance between the grown-up Leez and Rao Leez, and noted that she knew all of Rao's relatives.[62] Again, this places her as a potential source of information. As gradual revelations play a big part in Kubera, this could have meant that her role was not yet over.
  • There are some speculations that Teo's amnesia could be due not to Asha's hoti visnu, but due to Gandharva's Frozen Tears. The reasons for this are:
    • Though Asha was uncertain about her accuracy with the spell within the barrier of Chaos, she had cast it accurately on Yuta.[33]
    • Gandharva's Frozen Tears causes mental confusion. Teo is confused and has a headache after reviving, which was not the case for Yuta.[33] The protective ice may have shielded her from the physical damage.
    • Frozen Tears also has no effect on Agni.[25] Perhaps he wasn't the target in the first place.
    • The whole chapter is named Frozen Tears. It doesn't appear to be merely for drama.
    • Gandharva's origin attribute is Resurrection, like Visnu. Hoti Visnu can erase memories.
    • Alternatively, Asha's calculations were disrupted not by the Chaos barrier, but by Frozen Tears perhaps being encased into the ice. If this turns out wrong, this speculation will be deleted.
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 23: The Good. The Korean title of this chapter can be translated as "The Good", "Virtue", or "The Line." It could refer to:
    • The efforts to help restore Kalibloom
    • The actions Claude took (regarding Yuta) for the good of the city
    • Agni lying to Agwen for her sake
    • The line of Yuta's scarf (Currygom mentioned that the title also referred to this in her blog)
    • Yuta wanting to take Leez away to resolve the situation for the better
    • Agni leaving Brilith in the dark, because it's "better" for her
    • Leez defending Yuta, telling everyone that he is a good person, then Leez, Asha and Ran's efforts to convince everyone that it's better to let Yuta enter; Siera must decide what is better for the people.
    • Asha telling Leez that she left her in the dark about Yuta for her own good
    • Leez trying to convince herself that it was the case
    • Ran offering to take custody of Leez
    • Yuta helping to find Teo, then pretending to be a good guy around Leez
    • Asha using hoti visnu to revive Teo, despite Claude thinking it's a bad idea
    • Gandharva bringing Elwin back to Kalibloom.


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