Episode 2-101Edit

Season 2 Episode 101: Outsider (1)

2-101 Aeroplateau

Scenes from a dream: Leez is aware of Lutz, Claude, and bystanders talking about using her to keep Yuta around. She sees Asha turn away and Yuta crying. She herself is crying as she bleeds.

Leez, in bed, wakes up, and a pair of caretakers offers her a drink and asks if she remembers anything. Leez responds that she only remembers cooking a meal for Asha, and that she must have fallen asleep waiting for her.

At the Kalibloom Magic Guild, Asha is surprised that Leez has no memory of what happened with Yuta. Claude and Ran agree that it is probably for the best. Claude then goes on to say that otherwise it would be problematic for them if Yuta returned and she avoided him out of fear. Ran is aghast and asks him if he ever considers things from another person's point of view. Claude seems offended and responds that of course he does, then goes on to scrutinize Leez's naive yet stupid personality, and finally asks Ran how he likes his analysis of Leez's point of view. Ran concludes that Claude is nuts, and Lutz criticizes Claude, known for analyzing everything, for not being able to predict that Yuta would leave. Claude replies that he assumed Yuta would stay like he did back when he hungered for Leez's neck,[1] and is confident that the rakshasa would eventually return, since suras hold their interest in things for a long time. Ran is reminded of his mother words to him that "Those who live long also love long."[2] Lutz then announces that the AA vote will be held in Eloth, and a magician's conference on defense will be held in Aeroplateau. Ran asks why the location for the conference was changed from Eloth, but Lutz avoids giving a straight answer as he looks at a telegram requesting that Asha be brought to Aeroplateau to be investigated over her use of hoti visnu. Lutz instead suggests that Ran go and visit Leez. Ran invites Asha to accompany him, but Lutz says he still has business with her. When Claude offers to go, he is rebuffed.

Yuta arrives in Rindhallow and finds Maruna.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • This episode appears to indicate that the one Leez was mentally begging not to leave was Asha (though it could be both Asha and Yuta).[3]
  • Aeroplateau was mentioned twice already in the series:
    • Once by Ran's uncle.[4]
    • Once as a destination for mail delivery.[5]
  • Both the conference and the AA vote were mentioned on the newspaper Claude was reading a few episodes ago.[3]
  • Yuta's eyes turned blue-green again. For more, see the spoilers section of Ep.2-110.[6]

Episode 2-102Edit

Season 2 Episode 102: Outsider (2)

2-102 Ran and Leez

The women who had attended to Leez are now sitting at a table outside. At first they question why they are going through all the trouble to look after her, then they wonder why she stays with Asha since she treats her so badly. They also mock her for cooking for Asha and then expecting the magician to travel the long distance from her room at the Temple of Earth. Ran suddenly appears and chastises the women for being a bunch of loud gossips. They stand up with shocked looks on their faces and quickly leave. Ran then notices Leez standing behind him, and tries to explain what the women were discussing. However, Leez claims she did not hear anything, and she wants him to stop talking. With a strange (possibly insane) expression on her face, she squeezes Yuta's scarf that she wrapped around her wrists.

Somewhere near Rindhallow, Yuta feels a momentary sensation that quickly passes. Maruna continues discussing their deal, that he will tell Yuta the reason they need to get together, even though it would be dangerous doing so, if he helped locate Kalavinka and find a way to open a gate into the sura realm. Yuta replies that it may be difficult, but it would be better than having his brother continue to collaborate with the snakes. Maruna asks if he is no longer protecting humans, and he replies no, that he is only stepping back for now. Yuta asks if he will be accepted into the Garuda clan. Maruna momentarily recalls someone telling him that his brother was a monster interwoven with lies, but then he replies that of course they will, which makes Yuta happy. Maruna points to a pillar of light and says that the snakes are gathered there. When Yuta asks what that is, he explains that they opened another gate to bring in additional help. As things are now, they need more power to successfully attack Rindhallow and Eloth, especially since one of their allies (Gandharva) has disappeared. The question is, who can Sagara call? Yuta says he has no idea, and Maruna thinks to himself, how would you know, since you no longer remember...

Maruna suddenly recalls a mysterious Garuda clan nastika questioning (in a taunting manner) how he feels about his father being in a comatose state, unable to lead his clan. Maruna, still in his 3rd stage at the time, scoffs and replies that she must not have anything better to do.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Yuta can find out Kalavinka's whereabouts thanks to Kasak, and he can open a gate to the sura realm with the Sword of Return.
  • This new gate to the sura realm looks different from the one in Season 1.[7] It also looks different from what's shown in the Season 2 prologue, indicating that it is not what's shown in the prologue.
  • Maruna thinks of what Yuta's forgotten. This is shown later.[8]
  • Garuda's coma was first mentioned in Season 1.[9] Maruna also told Yuta about this.[10]

Episode 2-103Edit

Outsider (3) In the year N1, at the Garuda clan stronghold in the sura realm, Maruna (still in his 3rd stage) is in a meeting with Akasha, the current 2nd-ranked Garuda clan member who is in line to become the next king should Garuda die. She seems disappointed that Maruna is not emotional about his father's incapacitation and his mother's death, and notes that he is as arrogant as his older 3rd-stage brothers, all of whom died before Maruna's birth. She then asks him how his stay was with the Gandharva clan, especially having to deal with the fishy smell. He replies that he got used to it, but his treatment by Gandharva was far worse because of all the difficult trials he put him through in order to activate his 3rd-stage development, but things are better now that Gandharva is busy dealing with his clan's problems since their move to the sura realm.[7] Akasha then asks how he progressed to 3rd stage. He admits that it happened when he heard that his younger sister, Kalavinka, had already reached 3rd stage and he felt it would be embarrassing and frustrating for him to meet her while still in his 2nd stage. While he was still brooding over it all, Gandharva threw him into a pit of fire, causing him to spark in flames and develop. Akasha notes that the key to his development was his unwillingness to lose to his sister, then reveals that the reason she summoned him is that he needs to develop to 4th stage within the next four years, especially since his siblings' lives are at stake. However, he will need help...

Akasha calls for Samphati, who gradually appears out of thin air. Samphati is a 5th-stage rakshasa who developed to that stage faster than any other rakshasa, in only 5,000 years. However, such a fast growth, driven by her desire for revenge, resulted in a lack of emotions. Maruna recalls that she reached 5th stage about 300 years ago, and then asks if something will happen to Jatayu and Kalavinka if he fails to develop in time. Akasha warns him not to say that name around her, since it was the name of her sibling who died 300 years ago. It is noted that newborn rakshasas are sometimes given the name of a deceased rakshasa. Maruna recalls that his brother escaped from Taraka and fled to the Garuda clan around that time, and wonders if he was given the name because he lacked one before he arrived. Akasha replies no, he did have a name but he kept it hidden. When Maruna asks why, she replies that they will discuss it after he develops, and orders Samphati to escort him away. Samphati proceeds to grab Maruna's arm and break it. Akasha then divulges that if he fails to develop, she will send Samphati in his place in four years. She finally states that she needs to rest, and tells Samphati to do whatever it takes, even torture, to make him develop.

Gandharva's training seemed like paradise compared to the hell that began that day.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Maruna returned to the Garuda clan in N1. In a flashback of N5, Gandharva mentioned him returning, thus indicating earlier that he had left.[11]
  • Akasha states that Vinata has been obliterated. Suras believe that nastikas don't have an afterlife,[12] but this is only partially true.[13] In Currygom's side novel, Vasuki and Taksaka also mention that when a nastika dies, he or she is obliterated along with the power of their name.
  • This episode mentions that many strong nastikas of the Garuda clan are dead. Currygom's side novel also mentions this, so the second-strongest remaining back then, Vinata, is much weaker than Garuda. For this reason, a nastika from the Asura clan claimed that the Garuda clan would be 'finished' if Garuda dies. With Vinata dead as well, Akasha is now next in line.
  • Akasha states that they only have 4 years. So, the plans were put into motion in N5, the same year the Gandharva clan was attacked by the Taraka clan.
  • Obviously, Yuta is the one who killed Jatayu, 300 years ago. See spoilers section of Ep.2-105.[8]
  • Akasha probably didn't tell Maruna the truth yet so he'd be able to gather experience for development.

Episode 2-104Edit

The conditions for suras to develop to the next stage vary (e.g. rage, jealousy, vengeance, desire for domination), but most are combat-related. For whichever condition, suras must obtain both experience and a key in order to develop. As an example, if a sura's condition is "survival instinct," a simple threat on its life will not trigger development, but will instead become accumulated experience, up to a specific level (which is greater for those with stronger potential). Once it meets the required experience, then the "key to growth" comes into play, which is an experience more intense than previously encountered; this will trigger development to the next stage.

Maruna explains that his key to developing to 3rd stage was becoming upset that Kalavinka was growing faster than him. However, this key was only possible due to the experience he had already accumulated, i.e. the times he became angry over Shakuntala's faster development to 3rd and 4th stages. Even though his own development to 3rd stage took an inordinate length of time, his situation was not nearly as bad as that of suras whose development simply stalled, such as in the case of Shess, because they are unable to find a key since their past experiences were too intense to surpass. On the other hand, Samphati, whose development to 5th stage was the fastest among all clans, had a relatively normal, quiet life. Like with many suras, she did not expect to grow beyond 4th stage, but then something unusual happened to trigger her 5th-stage development rather abruptly.

Maruna complains to Samphati that fighting her would be one-sided, and it would be like his beatings from Gandharva all over again. If his 4th-stage condition happens to be survival instinct, how could she possibly be more threatening than he was? Samphati mutters to herself that he can only gain experience and the key in human form. An irked Maruna says he already knows this because of Gandharva. Samphati then says that his required experience will be quite high, but their time is short, so she will push him with no time to rest. Maruna balks at this, but she says she will use recovery transcendentals, unlike Gandharva who did not bother, and his only opportunity for rest will be when her vigor runs out. She then proceeds to blast him.

The total amount vigor of 5th-stage rakshasas is much higher than those at 4th stage. And just as with nastikas, 5th-stage rakshasas can restore their vigor without eating.

Each round of Samphati's beatings lasts over a month, which is the length of time it takes for her vigor to drain. During one of Maruna's brief lulls in his training, he finally gets tired or her constant silence and decides to start a conversation by asking her what color her wings are, and if they are black like the feathers in her hair. Samphati replies that these feathers are from her dead sister, causing Maruna to regret opening his big mouth. She says her memory of her is fading, even though it happened only 300 years ago. Maruna asks if she knows who was responsible, and she replies that she knows. Maruna gets the impression that she did not have her revenge yet, and asks if it is someone stronger than her. Samphati decides that he has rested enough, and begins the next round of beatings. Maruna considers her a terrible and horrid person, having no idea who her enemy is or what drove her to punish him so savagely.

♢ ♢ ♢

Yuta expresses dismay that his brother suffered through such a difficult time, but Maruna interrupts, saying that is not the point... He is disturbed that Yuta never denied the things he said earlier regarding hiding his real name and being threatened with death if his brother failed to develop in the allotted time. Maruna adds that he is not certain he is following the right path, particularly after Yuta reached 3rd stage. Does his little brother know nothing, and is everything about him a lie?

Episode 2-105Edit

Flashback: A very young Yuta chastises his "mother," Taraka, for killing his friend, then becomes upset when she calls him by his real name. He insists that his name has always been Jatayu, and so she goes along with his delusion for his sake.

Yuta tries to convince Maruna that he never meant to be deceitful, and his love for his family was always real. Maruna mentally notes that Yuta has yet to directly answer his earlier questions. Yuta continues to say that he is still fond of his brother in spite of their earlier fight, and that he is only beginning to remember things that he earlier wanted to forget. He admits to being a bad person who should no longer be around. He suddenly hears someone say that he should just kill himself in that case. Yuta is shocked and asks his brother if he spoke just now, but when Maruna denies saying anything, Yuta realizes that someone must be listening in on them. At first Maruna thinks Yuta must be wrong since he never heard anyone else. Yuta claims he can still hear someone trying to get away because it was caught listening in, but does not know in which direction it is running. Maruna finds that odd that Yuta cannot determine the direction, but then he eventually hears the sura making its escape, hones in, and catches it. The Ananta clan sura feels anger towards Maruna for stopping him before he could report their conversation to his leader, Sagara, and mentally insults him. Yuta is shocked that he would address his brother like that, but when Maruna says the snake never said a word, Yuta is confused. The snake is desperate to get out of this situation and tries to convince Maruna that it happened to be in the area and tried to avoid Maruna when it saw him. In its thoughts, however, it wondered how it was caught while using his Hiding transcendental, and was angry at the "hybrid bastard" and his big mouth. The snake continued to claim that it never heard any of their conversation, and besides, Maruna just ate the day before so he should not be hungry today, at the same time thinking it needed to warn Sagara. He goes on to say it would be a waste to eat him, especially since there are only so many Ananta superior suras fighting. Maruna seems to think it over until Yuta suggests that he eat the snake instead. Maruna gives the go-ahead, and Yuta walks up to the snake's face, pats it on the head, and tells it that it would have been better off being eaten by Maruna, because this "hybrid bastard" has a very disturbing way of eating his prey.

As the snake's screams could be heard in the distance, Hura expresses surprise that Maruna is hunting again, and tells Cloche that it must be hard putting up with it. Cloche is upset and hopes that this time they get an ally without a large appetite for snakes. Riagara tells her not to worry, because Sagara is calling someone who does not need to eat to recover vigor. Samphati's silhouette can be seen, surrounded by a bright yellow light.

Episode 2-106Edit

Season 2 Episode 106: Outsider (6)

2-106 Ran is awkward around a crying Leez

Leez stands on a balcony, wearing Yuta's scarf. She recalls her conversation with Mister where he told her to trust her friends and keep them close.[14] She begins to lament that she tried, but everyone still left her. She is then startled to hear Ran calling out her name and suggesting they go somewhere for a meal.

While Leez enjoys her piece of fried chicken at their table, Ran asks her why she looked so downhearted earlier, and she replies that she thinks about her village occasionally, but she's fine. Ran mentions that he heard some details about many red sky incidents from his brother, but there were no reported survivors. However, here is a survivor sitting in front of him, and he wondered why she wanted to hide this fact from everyone. She replies that she has her reasons, and recalls Asha telling her to keep her name and everything that happened a secret.[15] She then recalls Asha telling her that her village was destroyed by a superior sura in front of Ran,[16] and so she wonders if she is the only one who regards it as an important secret. Ran asks her if she would like to talk about it, since he had been wondering why she traveled with Asha, why she wears the Golden Knight, and why she sought the Sword of Re. As he recalls standing in a window of the testing room during the Test of the Sword, and the stranger who used the sword to block a transcendental attack aimed at him before pushing him out the window,[17] he finally asks if she really drew the sword herself.

Elsewhere, Asha reviews the telegram[18] while Lutz warns her that she will likely be involved in another trial. Asha asks why he showed her the telegram and why he thinks she should run. He responds that he believes she had a reason for committing those homicides because she is not the type of person to kill in order to satisfy her ego. Also, she could have easily allowed Atera to be destroyed but instead put her life at risk to save the city. He adds that he is even willing to do a cover-up of the past, but he is not doing this as a favor to her, but to save many more lives.

Ran asks Leez why she is still holding back, and that she seemed upset back during a previous dinner when she realized everyone else knew things she didn't.[16] Leez blames herself for her reaction to Asha asking if she could ever be friends with a superior sura, but Ran assured her that it was a normal response since she automatically thought of the one that destroyed her village.[19] He did try to get Asha to understand her point of view, and hoped the magician would explain things to Leez herself. Leez begins to cry, feeling gratitude towards Ran, who instead panics because of the tears. He tells her he understands her feeling of being left out of the loop because he feels the same way. He then asks her again about her journey with Asha, assuring her that he only wants to know more so he can help her.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Leez could be surprised because she'd forgotten about Ran, but it could also be due to him calling her 'Leez' instead of Chickie.
  • This is the first time the story's characters are shown eating at Cafe Maple, located at the building next to Leez and co.'s lodgings in Kalibloom.
  • The same scenes of the red sky incidents were previously shown when Brilith attempted to discuss the incidents with Agni, who blew her off.[20]
  • This is the last chapter of the season, "Outsider." The title could refer to:
    • Leez, who has been left behind by Yuta and Asha, and is being mocked by Asha's fans.
    • Yuta, who has to leave Leez's side, but isn't accepted by the Garuda clan, either.
    • Maruna, who is caught between the warnings of his clan, and his desire to save his siblings.
    • Samphati, who is being called by Sagara, despite her being a natural enemy of Sagara's clan.
    • Asha, who will be investigated again for murder, and whom Lutz advises to run away.
    • Ran, who has been left in the dark too long, but wants to help Leez.

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