Episode 2-107Edit

Season 2 Episode 107: Last Resort (1)

2-107 AA Ran

In Rindhallow, voices shout with glee that Mr. Kasak has arrived. Indoors, someone complains that kids these days get too excited over anyone strong and popular, and they no longer seem concerned with Mr. Kasak's deadly role in the Cataclysm. Laila defends their behavior, saying that they are too young to relate to the events of the past in the same way as those who endured it, even if the dragon was a killer back then. She then changes the subject, asking her associate to find some weapons for defense, because she is going out to kill Claude.

In the Temple of Darkness conference room, Laila is disappointed upon learning that Claude stayed in Kalibloom, and Mr. Kasak tries to explain that Claude needed to keep the rakshasa in the city in order shift the balance of power towards humanity. Laila then produces a document sent from Kalibloom stating that the rakshasa already left Kalibloom by himself, which angers Mr. Kasak. After expressing her low expectations of Claude, she then tells the dragon that they need to discuss the dangerous situation in her city, and that he must have seen that strange lightning before his arrival.

At the gate between realms, Sagara remarks that once the summoning is successful, nobody on this world will be able to oppose them. Then they can destroy Rindhallow and be done. Kubera muses if things will really end the way she wants, and warns of the danger of accepting a strong sura from an enemy clan as an ally. Sagara defends her plan, claiming that their new ally does not kill without reason. She wonders why the god is so concerned now, since they hold the key to control her using her weakness, the same way Kubera controlled Gandharva.

At the Eloth Magic Guild, Tilda expresses the concern that she and others have that Saha is prioritizing the wrong issue. He should focus on protecting humans and helping out Rindhallow. Saha assures her that even though it might not seem like it, his current issue also concerns the safety of humanity. Tilda protests that Asha is not actively killing anyone for the time being, but Saha suggests Asha may start up again. Some of her targets are still alive, but when the last person dies, he believes something disastrous will happen, maybe to the universe itself. His goal is to find and protect her next targets while she is busy in Aeroplateau. Since he already knows their names, the Human Search System will quickly locate them. When Tilda reminds him that he cannot use it for another year and he cannot trust the other AAs, he says he will be asking the new AA, once Ran's AA vote is rushed through. He tells Tilda to prepare for Ran's arrival in Eloth to use the search system.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • During N0, Kasak killed Agwen's mother, lover and best friend under the influence of emotional resonance.[1] Evidently, he killed others besides them. He and Agwen may have been in Rindhallow back then, thus resulting in the extra hostility here.
  • Saha has a report on Asha's acquired divine affinity, so he must have realized the true value.[2]
  • Saha could have been a summoner prior to the Cataclysm, so perhaps he has extra information that made him aware of the magnitude of the current events.[3]

2-107 Mr Kasak.png
tries to explain Claude's absence
2-107 Kubera and Sagara.png
plans to manipulate Samphati
2-107 Saha.png
plans to ask for Ran's help...
2-107 FutureLeez.png
...for the sake of saving humanity

Episode 2-108Edit

Season 2 Episode 108: Last Resort (2)

2-108 Leez and Ran

At the temple of Earth, Lutz ponders whether to return to Eloth or attend the magicians' conference in Aeroplateau. Siera reminds him that he is a priest, and that priests often don't attend those conferences. Lutz agrees, but thinks about a conversation with Asha.

Asha declined his advice to escape. She denied regretting what she did, and claimed that she abandoned feelings such as guilt long ago. She told him that she would go to Aeroplateau voluntarily, and cooperate with the investigation. She concluded that Lutz and his brother seemed different but were actually quite similar, as they were still able walk the path of light despite their terrible past.

Back in present time, Lutz inquires on the transport departing for Aeroplateau. Siera informs him that a transport for mail delivery departs the next day, and another a week later. He could also go to Eloth and board a proper transport from there. Lutz makes his decision.

Ran repeats what Leez has told him: a superior sura attacked her village, Asha saved her, and Leez has accompanied her since. Leez didn't tell Ran about her name, as both Asha and her mother warned her against telling others. Ran continues: she ended up wearing the Golden Knight by accident, and lost her memories of what happened after she tried to draw the Sword of Re. Leez left out parts because Mister warned her not to mention him, but she feels guilty about lying to Ran. Ran notices her hesitation, and promises not to pry anymore, noting that Leez either told him the truth, or didn't trust him to tell him more. This prompts Leez to apologize for not being honest with him, but Ran starts laughing because she's being too honest.

Ran decides that it's his turn to speak. Smiling kindly, he explains that he called her 'Chickie' before, because calling her by her name made him feel awkward,[4] as it reminded him of someone else: Rao Leez, whose picture Leez saw at the Fighter's Academy.[5] Ran explains that Rao was like a big brother to him, who told him a secret before leaving for Carte: that he was about to have a child, due for the 10th month of the year N0. If the child were to resemble her father, she'd be strong, eat well, sleep well, laugh well, have curly hair, and a trusting personality, just like him. Ran believes that she'd also leap into danger without hesitation, and would be able to use transcendentals, magic without calculations, and god-level items despite just being a pureblood. Blushing, Leez looks down, saying that children don't always take after their parents, so Ran could be disappointed in the child.

Noting her depressed expression, Ran claims that the identity of the child doesn't matter. Instead, what matters is that he knows a child in difficulty after losing her home. He grew attached and wants to help her, so he asks Leez to come with him. A moment of silence ensues. Ran awkwardly adds that he only means to sponsor her. He has no shady intentions, since he already has someone dear to him (Rana) back home. Leez deduces that Ran has a girlfriend, and admits that it would be weird for him not to have one at his age, while being a university student. This comment greatly depresses the single Ran. However, Leez adds that she's been with Asha for a long time, and Asha promised to teach her how to accomplish what she wants to do. Drawing the Sword of Re, learning transcendentals and learning bhavati kubera were all part of it. Worried, Ran wants to tell her that he and Asha have already come to a decision. Before he can finish however, Asha shows up and tells him that she's cancelling what she said. Smiling, she asks Leez to choose: to board the transport to Aeroplateau with her the next day, or to part ways for her right then. Silently, she adds: Will you die, or will you live?

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Several indications throughout the series have hinted that Ran was acquainted with Rao Leez:
    • He referred to him as Rao-hyung in a flashback.[6]
    • He recalls seeing Rao on a cliff once, and also attended Rao's funeral.[7]
    • Parr Hael noted that she, Ran, and Rao spent time together when Ran was little.[8]
    • He also knew a lot about him. See next bullet point.
  • There were numerous scenes throughout the series pointing to Leez's resemblance to her father and the fact that Ran suspected her to be Rao's daughter:
    • Birth date: Ran noted that Rao's child would be Leez's age if she had survived.[7]
    • Strength: Ran started noticing how strong Leez is in the water channel, after she broke through Asha's hoti brahma, but also after she jumped up a cliff with no intermediate steps, a skill that reminded him of Rao.[7]
    • Eat well: it has been quite obvious that Leez eats a lot, though this is the first time we learn that Rao ate a lot as well.
    • Sleep well: in a dream sequence in Season 1, Roen noted that Rao Leez also had a tendency to doze off.[9] Ran noticed that Leez sleeps a lot too.[10][11]
    • Laugh well: in all of the instances shown of Rao Leez until now save one, he was smiling brighly: in the photo in Leez's room,[12] in his funeral photo,[7] in Asha's flashbacks,[13][14], and in the scenes when Ran was talking about Rao's past.[5] The only time he wasn't shown smiling was when he was crying wanting to live to see his wife and daughter. Even then, people found that unusual.[5]
    • Curly hair: evident from all the pictures.
    • Trusting personality: Claude noted that Leez resembled the owner of the Neutral Bow (Rao Leez) after pointing out that she was quick to trust.[15] Kubera may have been referring to him as well when he said that Leez takes after him in her tendency to trust.[16]
    • Transcendentals: Ran told Leez that Rao Leez could use transcendentals.[5] He learned at the Test of the Sword that Leez also has a high transcendental value.[17]
    • Magic without calculations: Ran found out that Leez was capable of this in the Water Channel.[13] Though there was no previous mention that Rao Leez could use magic without calculations, it makes sense, considering that he can use transcendentals, and magic without calculations are based on a method similar to using transcendentals.[18]
    • God-level items: Rao Leez had the Neutral Bow made just for him.[19] Leez was able to learn how to use a transcendental from the Golden Knight.[20]
    • Also suspicious: Leez's name,[7] the fact that Leez started crying when she heard about how Rao Leez died,[5] and how she competed with Ran to obtain the Neutral Bow, which belonged to her father.[21]

2-108 Siera.png
Siera speaks with Lutz
2-108 Lutz.png
Lutz speaks with Asha
2-108 tears of a single man.png
tears of a single man
2-108 Asha.png
sudden return

Episode 2-109Edit

Season 2 Episode 109: Last Resort (3)

2-109 Ran and Leez

Back at their lodgings in Kalibloom, Leez (holding fried chicken in both hands) asks Ran if he feels hungry now since he declined to eat earlier that afternoon. Ran (going back to calling Leez "Chickie") asks her how she could give Asha such a quick response after the discussion they had. Lees tries to explain that she had to in order to get Asha's help with something she needs to do. Ran asks her why he cannot help her instead, when Asha walks in and asks him if he can afford to die. Ran is flustered by the question and asks Asha the same question. She responds that the danger is to him because of his lack of skills, not to her. Ran then questions her about her earlier decision to abandon Leez and is upset about her change of heart. Asha explains that she thought Leez was no longer trying to reach her goal since she seemed to be always eating or sleeping. Ran proceeds to tell Asha off, explaining how Leez studied the entire bhavati kubera textbook, practiced the spell, and slept to recover the vigor she used up while practicing. He also points out that she is learning at a faster rate on her own than students taking an accelerated course with a professional instructor. Asha admits that Leez's progress is unexpected, but than asks how she practiced her magic. Ran is taken aback, saying how she did it is not important. Asha retorts that it is actually very important, and asks Leez the question directly.

Yuta lies on the snowy ground, trying to recall several instances where he listened to various conversations, and is confused over which were actually spoken and which were only thoughts. He then thinks of how much he misses Leez, and that she should keep his scarf nearby or else it would be more difficult for him to protect her. Maruna approaches him and asks if he is done eating, and remarks that he still has that bad habit of eating his prey alive, even after his development. Yuta tries to explain that he has no choice in the matter, and that his hunger, which became more intense since his development, will not abate otherwise. Maruna then reveals that Akasha had asked him to bring both Yuta and Kalavinka to the sura realm in order to revive their father, Garuda. When the realms where separated, the Power of the Name remained in the human realm, which lead to Garuda's collapse. Yuta says he wishes his brother had said so earlier. As Maruna painfully recalls Akasha bringing up the possibility that Garuda may not wake once the siblings are returned, Yuta assures him that he will both find their sister and open a portal to the sura realm—just give him some time. Maruna responds that they do not have much time, since someone is coming from the sura realm who is unlikely to show Yuta any mercy.

Sagara appears pleased as Samphati arrives through the portal.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Strictly speaking, Leez had limited opportunities to gather information until she arrived in Kalibloom:
    • She was prevented from getting an education as a child.[22]
    • The library in Atera was only open to those with a magician's license.[23]
    • She had no money for most of her travels until she started gathering Asha's change, right before they arrived in Mistyshore.[24]
    • The group only stayed a day in Mistyshore before entering the water channel.
  • Still, Leez has been shown gathering information or training throughout the season:
    • She did want to learn magic,[25] but apparently gave up because calculations were necessary.[26] In turns out that Asha didn't intend to teach her in the first place.[13]
    • She asked Ran about magic without calculations in the water channel.[26]
    • She repeated her desire to learn magic at the beginning of Season 2.[27] She also asked Asha a number of small questions, several of which were ignored.
    • At the sura exhibit in Kalibloom, she commented that she had been searching for something similar, and vowed to study it properly.[28]
    • When climbing the pillar to reach the Temple of Earth, she saw a speed-learning course for bhavati kubera and decided to learn it. This course is for a duration of 1 month and does not offer refunds in case of failure to learn. This is in line with what Ran says here.[29]
    • She asked Claude for information on the Golden Knight. Claude noted how studious she was.[30]
    • Leez practiced transcendentals on her own until she was exhausted. Ran is the only one who checked up on her and realized how hard she was training.[31]
    • Before the Test of the Sword began, she was shown reading the book on bhavati kubera in her bed, and finished half of the book by the time the opening of the Temple approached. Note that Leez didn't say that she stopped practicing, just that she thought bhavati kubera was more useful. This probably made sense from her point of view, as the transcendentals she could practice were of limited use against a flying opponent.[32]
    • After the attack against Kalibloom, Leez was shown in bed, reading the book on bhavati kubera and 2 more books (probably among those required to finish reading bhavati kubera).[33]
    • She read the book on sura puberty as Kasak suggested.[34] Read it by next day, as evidenced by her strange behavior and clothes.
    • She implied to Ran that she was close to winning, which hints at her progress.[35]
    • She told Ran that she managed to hover when Asha was not there.[36] We later see a flashback of her practicing.[37]
    • She told Yuta that she worked hard on her magic and transcendentals.[38]
  • In Asha's defense, from her point of view, Leez did not provide a very enthusiastic learning attitude:
    • Asha may not be aware that Leez was denied all forms of education. Thus, she may think that Leez is simply a generally lazy person (unlike herself).
    • Leez was not very receptive of her long lectures.[39][18] (though it isn't clear how many were educational)
    • She appeared to have a general impression that Leez would give up on something that's too difficult,[13] perhaps after Leez gave up on learning magic when Asha told her she needed calculations.
    • Asha disapproved of magic without calculations in the first place.[26]
    • Asha did not see Leez's transcendental practice, and probably had the impression that Leez gave up before seriously trying (in fact, Leez never said that she stopped practicing, just implied that she was getting nowhere).
    • Asha probably thought that Leez had also given up on bhavati kubera when Leez tried to switch conditions back (in fact, Leez said that it would take her a long time, not that she'd give up).[40] She probably dismissed Leez's subsequent bragging as wishful thinking.
    • She was absent in all the other instances where Leez was gathering information.
  • Ran, on the other hand, approved of her trying to learn magic without calculations, saw Leez exhausted from learning transcendentals, and could probably guess that she studied in bed, due to being a (longtime) student himself.
  • When thinking of Leez, what Yuta literally said was 'You always let me hear nice sounds' (rather than 'kind'). Perhaps it was literal, if his blue-green eyes allow him to gauge the sincerity of a person's words this way.
  • It can be inferred through Maruna's expression at Akasha's words, "If ... Garuda still doesn't wake..." that Yuta and Kalavinka may be put to death, possibly for the same (or a similar) reason that humans with the name of a god have been executed.
  • On Yuta's eating habits: his habit of eating prey alive was mentioned several times throughout the series:
    • in the water channel[41]
    • after he ate three 5th-stage upanis[42]
    • after he munched on Pingara[43]
    • He also told Riagara that unlike with other suras, eating is not just optional for him.[44]

2-109 Asha (detail).png
I'll tell you why!
2-109 Ran and Asha.png
Overdefensive today!
2-109 Yuta in the snow.png
He watches her with his scarf!
2-109 Samphati (detail).png

Episode 2-110Edit

Season 2 Episode 110: Last Resort (4)

Asha asks Leez what method she used to practice magic. Leez admits that she did so by jumping down. Until then, she had only managed a transcendental or a spell the first time, when she was desperate to use it. So she deduced that her life had to be threatened for her to be able to use flight magic.

Leez recalls jumping off a cliff. Yuta cushions her fall, but Leez chastises him and tells him not to get in the way. If he keeps catching her, she would be unable to feel a sense of danger. She had finally managed to finish reading the book, but she was stuck when it came to practice. She then tells him that with the bracelet, she will not die as long as she still has vigor. She needs to feel pain when hitting the ground to get a sense of fear or danger. Yuta starts writing down that he does not want her to get hurt, but he hears her voice exclaim that she would hate it if he kept it up. Yuta looks up, his eyes blue-green, as Leez runs off while once again asking him to stay put.

Leez leaps off a very high cliff, shouting bhavati kubera while Yuta looks on, worried. Despite her attempts at repeating the spell, Leez crashes into the ground. She wakes up later, noting that she'd fallen asleep, then thanks Yuta for staying put this time. Yuta grabs her hands, tears streaming down in concern. Looking at his sad expression, Leez reminds him of the first time they went to the Temple of Chaos.[45] She had promised back then to bring Yuta along after learning the spell. Still crying, Yuta shakes his head. Smiling gently, Leez notes that he can fly on his own, but she still needs the spell. She only has kubera attributes, she is bad at calculations, and this spell does not negatively affect others when she miscasts it. On the other hand, her attributes give her a boost. Being able to fly while wielding the Sword of Return would be useful to her, while the Neutral Bow is also at stake. She makes him understand that she refuses to give up. She apologizes to him, and says he can close his eyes or leave if he would rather not watch.

Yuta finally nods his head. He nods when Leez asks him if he will continue to watch. Leez smiles and runs off again. Suddenly, he hears Leez's voice and looks up, eyes teal, and briefly sees a vision of Leez's older self. The voice thanks him for being there for her and not leaving, when it was so painful and frightening. She repeats that she likes Yuta very much. He stares at Leez's current retreating form.

Leez tries again, and this time, she is surrounded by golden streaks of light and stops falling. While she yells happily at Yuta, Yuta writes her a congratulatory note. Leez tries to float up, but ends up falling again.

Back in present time, Leez concludes that she tried a few more times, but never succeeded again. Horrified, Ran realizes that she practiced by repeatedly crashing into the ground. Leez just matter-of-factly states that she crashes, but she dies afterwards, so she can trigger Self-regeneration. For this, she avoided the use of hoti kubera and made sure to jump from very high places. Ran wants to object, but is at a loss of words. He has no idea what to tell a child who not only brushes off the pain of dying, but talks so casually about it. He is worried about the reaction of Claude or the other magicians if they find out...

Episode 2-111Edit

Season 2 Episode 111: Last Resort (5)

Ran tells Leez not to speak about dying as if it were nothing, and not to speak about it to anyone else, Claude in particular. He also asks Asha to keep it on the down low, but when she asks what the big deal is, Ran becomes more agitated. Asha goes on to say that Leez is not his business; besides, she has benefited thanks to her bracelet, and in spite of using a simpleminded method of learning bhavati magic. As Leez listens to those words, Ran again tries to defend her, and their argument begins to get heated until Leez interrupts, saying she is fine with what she has done. Asha continues, saying that Ran is only meddling, plus he will be leaving soon anyway. Ran goes on to say someone needed to intervene because Leez did not deserve to be treated so badly, and that the reason Asha has no friends—in spite of having a fan club—is her horrible personality. Ran continues his verbal attack until Leez interrupts by coughing loudly. He then offers her a bowl of water, which she gulps down. Leez then tries to turn the conversation in a positive direction, and quotes from her father's "autobiography" that people should be agreeable before going their separate ways. Ran agrees, but then Asha abruptly brings up the matter of his bet with Leez and the fact that Leez has won. She requests that he give the Neutral Bow to Leez, and transfer the agreed-to amount of the bet, 100,000 gold, to herself, minus the 10,000 gold from the magic score bet. Ran continues to be frustrated with Asha.

Later that evening, as Ran leaves the shower he hears a knock on his door. When he realizes that Leez wants to talk to him, he hurriedly gets dressed and then steps out into the hallway. Leez holds the Neutral Bow and offers it to him as thanks for his supportive and encouraging words from earlier that day. Besides, she already has the Sword of Return. She also mentions that when Yuta drew the bow, the name of Ran's good friend (Rao Leez) appeared, so he should have it. Ran begins to protest but Leez quickly leaves, saying there are no returns. Ran watches her go and smiles.

A ship is being loaded with boxes labeled with 'Artram'. The crew performs their final check, and are about to head inside when Claude, carrying a package, approaches one of them. He says he has a package he forgot to mail out earlier, and could he have it taken care of? The crew member says okay and then completes the paperwork. Claude then gives him a bag of money in exchange for letting him quietly take the package to the ship himself, assuring him that he knows the correct location to place it.

Once inside the ship, Claude heads for the Power Room. where he encounters Lutz telling him the packages go in the opposite direction. Both are suspicious of each other and their reasons for hiding on the mail transport ship.

Episode 2-112Edit

Season 2 Episode 112: Last Resort (6)

On the transport ship, Lutz explains to Claude that he is on board to check for any issues that could impact his company. Claude first questions why the representative would even bother doing the work of the ship's employees, then says he will deposit his package once he finds the storage room, and takes his leave. Once Lutz is out of sight, Claude takes a detour to the control room.

At Rindhallow's Temple of Darkness, Laila scans the horizon with a pair of binoculars and tells Kasak that the pillar of light is now gone. A staff member informs her that Claude's substitute, Mao, is in charge of the Death barrier, and that the city's turrets are on standby with magicians ready to operate them. Laila notes that they can defend against an attack similar to the one on Atera, but they have no defense measures if a giant sura joins the attack as in Kalibloom. Laila declines to send a request to other cities for aid since the situation is still uncertain and other cities would be left more vulnerable; besides, they have Kasak. The staff member asks if they could request help from the Fire god Agni, but Laila says they cannot impose any demands upon a god. Kasak finds her respect towards the gods a bit unexpected, considering her mentor, the previous Priest of Darkness, died during the Cataclysm because she summoned a god. She counters that nobody can do her job of protecting the city as well as her, so she can bury her grudge. However, the half-dragon should be aware that many people still hold a grudge against him because of his killings during the Cataclysm. It is within the power of the city's magicians to kill him whenever they want using hoti yama, but they, too, bury their grudge because his presence is needed. Not everyone was able to accept his apologies at the time for the death of their loved-ones besides his own daughter Agwen. Laila then informs Kasak that he is, as of now, an official mercenary with the temple, with no restrictions over maintaining the city's security. He will be provided for, and payment of 20k in gold will be sent to Agwen daily. When Laila requests that he and Agwen review the contract, he asks her that if things get bad, would she be willing to summon a god herself? She replies yes, as a last resort.

Leez asks why she has never seen anything as large as the sura transport taking off before? Ran jokes that she was always asleep during the departure times. (We learn that transport ships use the carcasses of very large superior suras, primarily from the Gandharva clan.) The two continue to joke around telling the other not to feel sad, when Lutz, still wearing the Hide of Bondage, yells at Ran to hurry down since the ship is about to take off. As the friends say their goodbyes, a few tentacles suddenly reach out from the Hide and grab Yuta's scarf, pulling on Leez's neck. Ran is unable to get the tentacles to release, the ship announces its imminent departure, and Asha yells at Leez to just remove the scarf and leave it. Ran promises to send it to her with the altered Hide later, so Leez throws it off as she mentally apologizes to Yuta, and runs to Asha before the outer walls close on her. The transport ship begins its departure.


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