Episode 2-113Edit

Season 2 Episode 113: Emergency (1)

Upon Samphati's arrival to the human realm, Maruna asks her if Akasha was unable to wait any longer. She replies that he was taking too long, to which he responds that this planet has been more difficult than the others because of the presence of a god and a half-dragon. She wonders why he has not killed the half-dragon already, and he explains that he needs to keep him alive since he knows the whereabouts of Kalavinka. Samphati discloses that Sagara informed her that the Taraka clan hybrid is on this planet, and if his death revives Garuda then they have no need to find Kalavinka.

Leez did not expect to find a normal-looking ship within the sura corpse. She asks Asha if they are going to Aeroplateau to find more ways to kill the red bird. Besides the things she has already done, such as obtaining the Sword of Return and learning hoti kubera, she is looking forward to practicing bhavati kubera some more. Asha tells her she will only learn the spell with the help of someone who has already mastered it; if she continues to try it on her own, she will fail. Leez then decides that she must find herself a teacher, and leaves to find something to eat.

Once Leez finishes her meal, one of the ship's staff, sitting at a nearby table, asks how she could enjoy eating so much on a transport ship. Leez wonders if there is something wrong with the food, but the woman explains (as staff members sitting in the background look queasy) that the problem is that passengers normally get airsick. The ship appears to them to fly steadily, but in fact there is a lot of back-and-forth motion going on. Leez then asks her if Aeroplateau has a lot of magicians, and she replies that there are, since the city has a tower that once received messages from the gods. Leez's joy at the prospect of finding a magician proficient with bhavati kubera is tempered when the woman tells her there are no Earth-attribute magicians there, since Earth magic is unusable in and around the city. The woman also wonders why Asha never brought that fact up with her own traveling companion. The sky outside suddenly transforms from blue to pink, and the woman declares that they have just now passed the point where Earth magic no longer works.

Yuta wonders why Maruna is taking so long to return, and recalls his brother telling him to sit and wait while he finds out what is going on. Yuta asks him if he will continue to work with the snakes, harming humans. Maruna replies that he has to, just in case Yuta's plan fails. As Yuta waits, he tries to think of a way to help out his brother, and decides he needs to do two things: find Kasak so he can locate Kalavinka, and get the Sword of Return from Leez so he can open a gate to the sura realm. However, he worries about upsetting Leez since she needs the sword, and realizes his situation is complicated and that he could really use some advice. He then recalls Agni's unprecedented approval to allow Yuta into Kalibloom,[1] and realizes that there must be something else going on. Just as he decides to go to Atera to speak to the god, Samphati appears behind him with arms crossed.

Episode 2-114Edit

Season 2 Episode 114: Emergency (2)

Yuta wonders who the pretty sura is, and notices he is unable to use insight on her even though she appears relatively weak. He tries to chat, but she only stands in silence. Maruna suddenly appears, yelling at the woman to stop. When Yuta hears the name "Samphati", she immediately charges at him. He quickly backs off as she stomps her foot, causing a chunk of the mountain beneath them to crumble away. Yuta realizes that she suppressed her strength, but wonders why she chose not to use her full power right away. As she smirks at him, he decides to run. Maruna tries to intervene, but Yuta vanishes in a red blur. At first Maruna thinks Samphati did something to Yuta, but she denies it, saying that he escaped. Maruna is astonished that his brother had a hidden skill, while Samphati tells him it is his fault for letting Yuta escape. He protests that he was unaware of that particular skill, but she says he would have recognized it if he ever fought Taraka. Samphati points out that since Yuta's development, he has hardly any Garuda traits left, so they must stop him before he becomes a more powerful monster. For now, she just wants to know where he could have gone, and Maruna should have some idea.

As Lutz's group travels through a desert, Ran complains because they are out of the day's allotment of hoti vayu spells, particularly because it took his brother only a day to travel from Eloth to Kalibloom. Lutz points out that most of the magicians from his original group are now in Rindhallow. Ran then asks his brother if he found out why the Hide of Bondage had taken a hold of the scarf. Lutz reveals that he had tried to alter it again a few days ago, but the result was not apparent until the Hide went for the scarf. Ran teases him for failing to alter it twice now, but now complains that they have to wait another month. Lutz asks why he is in a hurry to get it back to Asha, and Ran explains that he wants his deal with her to come to an end quickly. Ran then calls Lutz incompetent, who retaliates by creating a ball with hoti brahma and smacking his brother in the head with it. Lutz then says Rana was right when she said that Ran only listens if you hit him. Ran angrily protests, saying that hitting is cute when she does it, but definitely not him... Suddenly, Yuta appears and hugs Ran from behind, mistaking him for Leez. Ran and the entire group are shocked at the sight of a sura lovingly holding Ran, who asks him if he could let go of him.

Back on the transport ship, one of the employees asks if there was an issue with the storage room because of some beeping sounds that were heard there. Claude's package appears to be the source of the sound.

Episode 2-115Edit

Season 2 Episode 115: Emergency (3)

In Aurora Forest near Rindhallow, Hura tells Cloche that Sagara made a bold move in calling Samphati, someone from an enemy clan who could easily overpower them, and that she was respectful to Sagara, unlike Maruna. Cloche wonders how they will pass the time until Samphati returns from doing Sagara's bidding, since they will be relying on the 5th-stage rakshasa to break Rindhallow's barriers. Pingara begins to suggest that they test the strength of the city's defense when Hura interrupts, asking where "he" is since nobody has seen him since Samphati's arrival. Pingara remarks that he seemed unwell for the past few days, to which Hura expresses amazement that he could read that face at all. Riagara then tells Hura to stop talking and test the turrets' attack patterns. Hura expresses reluctance, but Riagara insists since the other members of the group do not have the ability to resurrect themselves.

On the transport ship to Aeroplateau, Leez stares out a window, worrying about not being able to use any magic, even hoti kubera, in case she finds herself in danger. She tries to convince herself that Aeroplateau is a safe place, plus Asha would have said something if it was going to be a problem. As she takes a stroll through the ship, she wonders why Asha seems to be against her learning magic while helping her with her revenge against the red sura. If Asha truly openly hated her, it would explain her recent behavior, however she did save her life and told her she would protect her, instead of leaving her to die at her village.

Asha tries to sleep, but seems haunted by Rao Leez's words that he has always had one wish. She slams her fist on the table in front of her, and says this is all his fault because he said that to her. One of the ship's staff calls her name and approaches with a package addressed to her at the Aeroplateau Magic Guild. The staff member decided to deliver it to her now since she was here, plus the package is making a strange beeping sound. Asha opens it and finds a letter, which she looks over, and she picks up a strange doll that resembles Leez. The doll's head suddenly explodes, leaving Asha looking somewhat distressed. She then hears a BOOM from elsewhere in the ship, followed by an emergency announcement that the stabilizer system is no longer functioning so all passengers must return to their seats immediately since the ship may roll over. As the ship's staff members rush about using bhavati vayu to move through the air, Leez has fallen near some stairs, wondering what happened. As blood trickles down her forehead, she thinks to herself that even without magic, she still has her bracelet, but then realizes that it will not turn on.

Near Rindhallow, Kubera looks distressed while his golden transcendental visibly weakens.

Episode 2-116Edit

Season 2 Episode 116: Emergency (4)

The airship rolls again, causing the already-injured Leez to tumble to the roof. She wants to find her way back to her seat before the ship flips over again. After passing an upside-down "Emergency Exit" sign, she encounters a floating (via bhavati vayu) staff member who tells her that passengers are not allowed in that area. She then tells her there is a shortcut she can take if she follows a hallway to an elevator that leads to the passenger seating area. Leez thanks her and hurries away.

A group of staff members go over the passenger manifest and notice that Leez's name is still unchecked. Asha floats in and inquires about a brunette woman on the staff who just passed by, and they respond that they saw her, but that Asha needs to return to her seat for safety reasons. Asha ignores them and continues on her way, and they decide not to follow her since they would not be responsible if she refuses to heed their warning. They also decide that since Asha was not searching for Leez, the girl must be in her seat by now, and check her name off the list.

At the Eloth Magic Guild, Tilda notifies Saha that Ran Sairofe just passed through the city's checkpoint unexpectedly early. Saha asks if they found more personnel able to use hoti vayu, but Tilda says no, and the rest of Ran's group is still going through the desert.

Walking through the city, Ran asks Yuta why he could not use his sura form to carry the entire party. He then notices a commotion among the people they are passing by. Some are critical of Yuta's fashion sense, so Ran comments that he needs to get him some clothes ASAP. They arrive at the East City Outskirts and stop to eat at a restaurant. Ran wonders why Yuta is sticking with him and not looking for Leez. He mentions that Leez has no memory of "the incident", that he hopes they figure something out, and that he is rooting for them. Ran then thinks about how pitiful Yuta is, being alone since leaving his mother's womb; Yuta reads his thoughts and wonders, "Womb?" They suddenly hear another commotion outside, caused by the arrival of Saha and Tilda. They leave the restaurant, only to be chastised by Tilda for not going directly to the Magic Guild, since Saha had been desperately searching for him, even using hoti surya four times. Ran thought that it would not be necessary since the vote would happen later. Tilda responds that the vote already happened, and he is now officially an AA-ranked magician with the #2 ranking. Saha then tells him he already has a job to do, and the survival of humanity depends on it.

Episode 2-117Edit

Season 2 Episode 117: Emergency (5)

As the crew members try to repair the stabilizer, their hoti asvins repair spells are failing to work as they should. They give up and decide that they will have to fly to Aeroplateau like this.

We see Claude tied up somewhere dark, silent.

Asha confronts the staff member who spoke to Leez, who tells her that "this person has nothing to do with this." Asha says that she cannot believe that the person is using such magic on a human, while the other one replies that Asha is in no position to tell her that. The staff member explains that she did not want to do this, but had decided that her indecisiveness made things worse and forced her to make this choice. She finally tells Asha that if she is unable to make up her mind, "that kid" will end up beyond her reach, and that Asha would lose the chance to gain "that power" forever. Asha looks surprised, and she explains she is not the only one who entered this war willingly, nor the only one who received an oracle, and that among those who did, one chose her as their enemy. She further explains that he knows what Asha is trying to do by taking Leez to Aeroplateau, but that her efforts will be futile, and she gives her that opportunity to change her mind; it would not be so hard since she has been doing it all along. Asha shows a (literally) dark expression.

Meanwhile, in Eloth, Ran is excited about his new Gold Card and AA rank which even his brother failed get, while Tilda tells him Lutz could have gotten one if he had wanted to. Following behind, Yuta finds himself wanting to devour Tilda despite having hunted very recently and her being a mere half. He decides to be careful, and notices that Ran is not showing even the slightest bit of fear towards Tilda.

Inside the Human Search System, Ran is granted permission to enter. He comments on the danger of dying if one exceeds the time limit of the search system, before being asked by Saha to perform a single search. Yuta complains internally that his new insight ability is not working the way he wants as he tries to figure out Saha's plans. The pale magician further instructs Ran to base the search on the current time, and to find the people whose real name is "Kubera". That's when Yuta's eyes finally turn blue-green, while Ran proceeds, concluding that the search system would effectively be the only way to find those people, as they would be using fake names. Tilda comments that she hopes they are nearby, while Saha answers that they ideally would be in Eloth. Ran answers that the search is done, and that one is in Eloth, one in Rindhallow before hesitating. On the screen is a dot near Aeroplateau, though still at quite a distance.

On the ship, a bloodied and injured Leez reads the sign on the "elevator": To use only in case of emergency on staff's instruction, and that the company did not take responsibility for unauthorized use. Leez decides that it would be fine, since she was asked to use it by the staff member. She enters the alleged elevator. She is glad that the controls are not complicated and consists of only one red button, while she wonders if it only goes back and forth from her position to the passenger room. The door closes while a speaker voice thanks her for using "Creation Brand Artram's Emergency Escape Capsule", and states that Earth magic is unusable until impact so other spells or equipment must be readied. A twenty-seconds countdown starts as Leez desperately tries to open the door and escape. She manages to open it up a little and spots someone, so she shouts and asks for help. She recognizes Asha as the countdown reaches ten seconds. Glad, she asks her to open the door, only to see Asha say something inaudible.

Her future voice comments that it seemed as if she said something, but after that she does not remember anything.

As the countdown reaches zero, the capsule is ejected and blood spatters can be seen on the inside of the capsule.

Episode 2-118Edit

Season 2 Episode 118: Emergency (6)

On the transport ship, an announcement informs all passengers that the stabilizer system has been repaired and they will receive compensation for this incident once they land. They must remain in their seats since they will soon enter the first of Aeroplateau's barriers, which will cause a slight jolt. Asha sits on the floor somewhere in the dark, appearing distraught with her left hand covering her face.

While Ran is still inside the Human Search System, Saha finds it odd that one person is located outside of Aeroplateau since the surrounding area is a wasteland. He instructs Ran to run another search set to 12 hours ago, which reveals that the person was in Kalibloom at the time. Saha realizes that this person must be on a transport ship, the very same one that Asha is on. Ran asks about the situation, and once they are back at the magic guild, Tilda explains to him and Yuta that Saha's recent searches covering several different years revealed that individuals with the name Kubera were dying off in large numbers, and they not only correlated with Asha's 29 homicide victims, but there were even more deaths besides those. Ran asks if this means that the killings were intentional, and Saha responds that the killings have not yet ended since there are still a few individuals remaining. The easiest person to find for now is the one on the transport ship, and it would be someone without an ID card and under someone else's sponsorship. At these words, Yuta suddenly vanishes in a hurry, leaving his jacket behind.

As Yuta flies in the vicinity of Eloth, he wants to take sura form but is unable to as it would reveal his location to Samphati. He decides to use his teleport transcendental even though it would be harder on him.

Maruna argues with Samphati that the other Garuda clan nastikas do not support Akasha's scheme to kill off Garuda's other two children with the help of the snakes in order to revive him, and that the King himself would not agree with their actions. She counters that he is working with the snakes as well, but he defends himself by saying he only wants to save Jatayu and Kalavinka. He realizes that he slipped by saying Jatayu's name, then tells her she should just wait and see what happens for the time being, and that her revenge should not be rushed. Samphati replies that it is fine if he does not help her, since she has her own ways of finding him. Maruna yells her name as she teleports away.

After the capsule crashes to the ground, kid-form Kubera observes his partially-faded hand. He sits next to a bloodied and unconscious Leez and asks her where she wants to go.

Episode 2-119Edit

Season 2 Episode 119: Emergency (7)

Yuta teleports to the area he saw on the Human Search System's screen, and quickly locates Leez, who lies unconscious on the ground next to God Kubera. The rakshasa becomes agitated and demands to know what happened to her, and the god replies that she is still alive, but before he has a chance to explain anything, Yuta begins to rant that he only left Leez because he expected the god to protect her in his place. If he knew something like this would happen, he would never have left her. Kubera tells him again to shut up and listen, and explains how she fell from the transport ship, and that hoti kubera, bhavati kubera, and her self-regeneration transcendental do not work in this area. However, her worst injuries occurred before the crash and he barely got there in time to save her life. Yuta immediately thinks that Asha must have hurt her, and she must have decided to kill Leez because he left them, making the girl a less useful pawn. Kubera points out that on the contrary, his leaving would not have influenced her decision since she would expect him to avenge Leez's death. Yuta denies that he would retaliate at all; since a corpse has no value to him, he would just leave it and move on without any regrets. Kubera sees an insight of Yuta gently carrying Leez's corpse, contrary to the rakshasa's words just now, and asks him if he really believes that. Yuta is convinced that what he feels towards Leez is only hunger, and he would just coldly leave her once she dies. Kubera then asks him if he ever wondered why Agni gave him his approval to enter a human city, and he replies that yes, he has wondered about that. Kubera tells him to keep on wondering and then instructs him to take the now-healed Leez back to the transport ship, where she will be safe back with Asha. Yuta protests, but the god explains that Asha will not hurt her anymore since she will understand the meaning of Leez's return, alive, leaving Asha with only one choice. Kubera lifts Leez into the air towards Yuta, who wraps her with his scarf before carrying her. Yuta asks the god if he is okay, to which he replies that he should not bother worrying about him. Yuta then asks if there is anything else he needs to tell him before he leaves, and Kubera looks intently back at him.

As Yuta flies to catch up with the ship, he wonders what kind of parting words those were, and decides that Kubera is pretty pathetic. He is then stopped by some sort of force, and wonders what it is since it is somewhat different from a normal barrier. He believes he is able to break through it, but worries about hurting Leez, so he reluctantly decides to use his teleportation skill one last time. He reappears next to the transport ship, looking exhausted.

Samphati, pale golden wings out, scans the surface of Planet Willarv from space.

Episode 2-120Edit

Season 2 Episode 120: Emergency (8)

Outside the transport ship, Yuta is unable to find an entrance to its interior, so he uses his tail to break in. Once he and Leez are inside, the window magically repairs itself as an announcement over the intercom warns passengers to stay out of the section. He places the still-unconscious girl on the floor and puts his folded scarf under her head like a pillow. He apologizes and says he wants to stay with her, imagining them happy together, but as he leans over and touches her mouth, he suddenly becomes aware of his hunger, pulls away, and smacks himself in the head. He tells himself he isn't thinking straight and decides he needs to hunt. He apologizes to Leez again for leaving, saying he's a bad guy, and exits the ship.

Asha walks up to Leez, who mumbles and scratches her head in her sleep.

Leez finally wakes up to the sound of someone calling her name, and sees a blue sky overhead. As she tries to gather her senses, she notices Asha along with a crowd of people who are criticizing her for using the escape capsule, saying she was lucky Asha was able to rescue her. Leez quickly recalls being inside the capsule and seeing Asha approaching, before everything fades to black. Asha tells her to get up now that she's awake, and Leez asks if she really did save her. Asha tells her yes, and to hurry up since she still hasn't gone through Aeroplateau's checkpoint because of all this. Leez quickly gets up and lightly grasps the magician's arms from behind, apologizing for misunderstanding things. Asha says she knows, tells her to let go and stop mussing her clothes, and walks away. Leez then looks around, noticing all the people and the cargo boxes, and wonders if the checkpoint is only accessible by transport ship. She then overhears two of the ship's staff members chastising a third for sleeping on the job. The woman apologizes and tells them she is unable to remember or explain it to them. Leez recognizes her as the one who directed her to the "elevator" and decides to make a complaint. Asha turns around and asks Leez if she is becoming distracted again, but she denies it as she points towards the woman. The two staff members continue to tell the woman that she is lucky nothing bad happened and she risked getting fired, and the woman apologizes again. Leez feels bad and thinks maybe the woman just made a rookie mistake, but since she wants to make sure something like that never happens again, she approaches the woman and tells her it wasn't an elevator, but an emergency escape capsule, so don't forget and make that mistake again! As Leez turns and leaves to follow Asha, the woman looks back at her in confusion.

Claude watches the scene from behind some cargo boxes, and realizes that a magician of Asha's caliber would never have failed to make a killing shot from close range unless it was deliberate, and wonders why she attacked the girl in the first place. He says that Asha is a truly terrifying woman, and that for Leez, Aeroplateau "will become the place of memories worse than death."