Episode 2-121Edit

Season 2 Episode 121: Isle of Myths (1)

In a room with many colorful stuffed animals strewn about, an assistant hands a data sheet over to a seated girl named Mirha, and asks if she will really cooperate with Saha, considering she and Asha were friends back on planet Carte. Mirha responds that it was really a one-sided friendship on her part, then asks if the data is accurate. On the sheet is Leez's personal information—race, date of birth, attributes, the fact that she owns both the Golden Knight and the Sword of Return, divine affinity (0), transcendental value (4240), city location history, and the fact that Asha has been her sponsor since Atera. Mirha then says she will be heading out, which prompts the assistant to ask if she really wants to and if she needs any help. Mirha says it would not necessary and that she is now used to her new legs. She also wants to catch up on some recent events that she apparently has missed.

At the Aeroplateau Magic Shopping District, many advertisements can be seen of various products including "Priest Mirha" figurines and Hunter's Eyes. Asha is at the Creation Brand Merihorn, Aeroplateau Branch wanting to send off a package. The woman at the service counter gives prices for standard and gift packaging. Asha says the latter is not necessary, but the item needs to be handled with special care. The woman wonders why a scarf would be so sensitive, and if it is some sort of magic item, but only asks Asha what the destination should be. After the woman lists delivery options to different cities, Asha tells her to just send it quickly as far away as possible.

At the Aeroplateau Magic Guild, Leez lies in bed bored because Asha left after warning her not to go out by herself. However, once her stomach starts to growl, she heads down to the guild cafe and orders a curry soda at the bar. The server seems curious about why she is traveling with Asha, and what is their relationship? Leez responds by asking him what he thinks it is. A girl in a jacket, hat, and sunglasses nearby speaks up, saying that the curry soda looks good, and she would like to order one, too. The server informs her that if she is not a guest, she needs to show him her magic license. She hands it over (an A-rank license with the name Mirha Simon) with a note asking him to keep it quiet as to not cause any commotion. As the server hands her a curry soda, Leez gives her a friendly greeting and asks if she would like to sit with her by the window if she is by herself. Mirha tells her she was just about to ask her the same thing, surprising Leez. Mirha notes that Leez is also there by herself and close to her age, and suggests that they can become good friends.

Episode 2-122Edit

Season 2 Episode 122: Isle of Myths (2)

Samphati whooshes to the ground and scrutinizes the blood-splattered escape pod.

Inside the restaurant at Aeroplateau's Magic Guild, Leez apologizes to Mirha for not realizing right away that she was a quarter. Mirha tells her that it is her own fault for wearing dark sunglasses which made it hard to tell that her eye and hair color are different. She says that it is no big deal and encourages her to speak to her casually like a friend of the same age. Leez's heart seems to leap at the word "friend", so she then introduces herself and asks for Mirha's name, who hesitates a bit before responding with "Mir". Leez reveals that she is new to the city and wants to explore it, but Asha told her to stay put. When Mirha asks why, Leez surmises that she wants her to avoid getting lost or running into something dangerous. Mirha scoffs at the idea and tells her that the citizens would give her directions if she ever got lost. She adds that the city is very safe since magic usage records are kept here so criminals can be brought to justice, plus there are undercover magicians among the citizens. She then convinces Leez to explore the city with her, even getting the purple-haired cafe server to vouch for her.

After an exciting ride on a roller coaster, they next head to an ice cream shop that offers a "Super Giant Parfait challenge". Leez has no problem cleaning out the giant bowl of ice cream, thus getting it on the house, and she takes a commemorative photo with Mirha. Leez then decides to go to the giant tower next.

Mirha buys the tickets, and as they enter the tower she explains that before the Cataclysm, every planet had a location for receiving oracles, and for Willarv it was this tower. People would go to the top to listen to the gods. Leez asks if people actually met the gods back then, and Mirha replies that for the most part people only listened to their voices. Looking at a god was a terrible sin, but for those who did catch a glimpse, they were unable to describe what they saw to others. Even artists were unable to create a detailed portrait since it would only resemble smoke. For this reason, the images in the tower are simplified so the gods could remain unrecognizable and walk undetected among humans with a simple disguise. Leez finds this fascinating, and tells herself that even if she could draw well, it probably would not be good enough to make Agni's face recognizable. She then looks around a bit and finds the portrait for God Kubera. The description under the image states that he has golden armor and a spear, and his hair changes color from gray in the daytime to gold at night.

Episode 2-123Edit

Season 2 Episode 123: Isle of Myths (3)

Leez gives the mural of God Kubera another look, since color-changing hair reminds her of Mister, but the way the figure is dressed and his physique are all wrong. She begins to imitate his pose, but then chastises herself for being disrespectful and bows to the mural. Mirha finds her last action strange, and asks if she favors that god. Leez begins to tell Mirha that she knows someone whose hair color changes the same way, but she is unable to get the words out. As she coughs, Mirha looks at her thoughtfully, then suggests they take the elevator to the observation deck.

Once outside, Leez appreciates the fresh air and the panoramic view. When Mirha asks what she thought of her day, Leez happily blurts out that she had so much fun, and lists all the fun rides they went on. Leez wishes she had more time to explore the Sky Tower, and Mirha says it takes a few months to go through every floor. Leez thanks her again, and says it was nice for a famous magician like her to spend time with a regular kid. Mirha then asks her why she sells herself short, and says that she needs to believe more in herself. Mirha then hands Leez a card and says it has her true name. Leez is shocked to discover Mirha is the Priest of Wind and feels compelled to go back to formal speech, but Mirha jokes that if she does, she will stop being friends. Leez asks again, why would a priest bother to spend time with her. Mirha tells her that she intended to meet with Asha but ran into her first, and once she had the chance to meet her, she wanted to be friends since she reminded her of her old self. Mirha then warns her that if she does not change her personality, some people will be unable to have a good impression of her...

Mirha then recalls a younger Asha asking her how she could possibly smile in their situation, suggesting that maybe she is stupid or does npt care.

Mirha continues to say that questions can lead to a misunderstanding, and then estrangement.

Asha asks the question again, and adds if all this meant nothing to her. Mirha, holding a stuffed bunny, responds that being sad or angry will not change anything, so she needs to smile in order to cheer up. Asha yells that it is because Mirha's father is still alive. She then angrily clenches her fist and tells her she should be more like her.

Mirha says that nowadays she knows that smiling is not the best thing to do when things are bad. Referring to her "friend", she said their personality differences were too great to overcome, even though in the beginning this friend helped her when she hit the lowest point of her life. When she began smiling so she would not be a burden to her, their problems began, and they argued. Mirha has not seen her since. Leez protests that it is not her fault and she would do the exact same thing in that situation because whining and complaining never fixes anything. She asks what could be wrong with always showing your good side? Mirha thinks a bit, then concedes that maybe it is not such a bad thing.

At the Temple of Fire in Atera, Brilith is confused when Tara informs her that she will be leaving for the magician's conference in Aeroplateau for the verification of Asha's magic usage record, and that Lorraine, Airi, and Ruche have already left. Brilith protests that it cannot possible that she never received any report on this, when Agni produces a stack of messages from all of the priests in all cities (although Mistyshore is not mentioned). When Brilith tries to grab them, Agni burns them all up. He then tells Tara he wants to spend some time alone with Brilith, causing the temple magician to run off in embarrassment. Brilith protests that things are not what they seem. Agni then tells her they have something important to discuss.

Episode 2-124Edit

Season 2 Episode 124: Isle of Myths (4)

Agni tells Brilith that the reason why the suras attacked Atera and why they are now gathering outside Rindhallow is in order to kill everyone with the name Kubera. Brilith says she must warn Rindhallow, but Agni poses the following questions: Once they know, what will they do? Will they do everything to protect the individual, or hand him over to save the city? Brilith realizes the quandary and wonders what she should do. Agni then tells her to think of the bigger picture: Why are they killing Kuberas, and is the reason much more than just the destruction of a city? He then tells her that the danger is so great, it is beyond the scope of even a god. (Cue long, scaly creature...) He sees Brilith beginning to panic, so he then tells her that her vigor is failing, so he had to intercept all her messages to keep her from worrying. He tells her to trust him and let everything go, otherwise her vigor will be affected and things will only get worse. She promises to try to stay calm. He touches her face, startling her, and asks if she is eating well, then tells her to talk to him if there is a problem. She assures him that she is fine, and her vigor will improve once she goes to sleep. Agni offers to sleep with her, but she storms off, yelling at him to stop joking around.

In Aeroplateau, Mirha and Leez arrive back at the Magic Guild via hoti vayu. Leez is impressed that she only had to use the spell once, and Mirha replies that she has to practice wind magic to be better than most since she is the priest, plus her legs are feeble. Leez apologizes and feels bad about dragging Mirha all over the city, but Mirha says she would have used magic if her legs became problematic, plus Leez had no way of knowing about her legs. Mirha then tells her to have more confidence in herself and stop shouldering everyone's burdens, since she knows the damage it does from personal experience; a flashback to Carte shows the younger Mirha sitting with her head down and her stuffed rabbit in her lap, with dead bodies nearby. She then tells Leez that she learned she is a triple-Earth, and asks if she can use both Kubera spells. Leez responds that she can use hoti, but she has only managed to float with bhavati and she needs a teacher in order to progress. Mirha is impressed, but Leez recalls Asha saying that she learned it by a different method than expected,[1] and falling a thousand times will not help her.[2] Mirha then tells her to stop by the temple since there is a magician there proficient in bhavati kubera who could give her some pointers even if they are unable to actually practice it. Leez thanks her for everything, and Mirha asks her to grant her one wish: Do not ever forget the things they talked about today. She then says she is already late, so she will see her again at the temple, and vanishes with another hoti vayu. As Leez looks at the card Mirha gave her earlier, Asha stands behind a nearby wall looking none too pleased.

Episode 2-125Edit

Season 2 Episode 125: Isle of Myths (5)

At the guild lodgings, Leez sits on her bed holding Mirha's business card as her thoughts swing back and forth: Should she tell Asha so they can visit Mirha together, or is it better to keep her outing a secret to avoid punishment? Asha unexpectedly appears, and Leez quickly hides the card behind her back, prompting the magician to ask her what she is doing. Leez tries to change the subject by asking about hair color-changing items, but Asha interrupts, telling her not to ask about useless things as she sits at a nearby desk with her coffee. This leads to Leez talking about a man whose hair changes color at night, just like it says at the gallery about God Kubera's hair. Leez notices that she is able to talk freely about this to Asha, unlike when she was at Sky Tower,[3] and mentions seeing a painting of him there. When Asha asks where "there" is, Leez realizes she has been caught. She expects another long lecture, but instead, Asha tells her that she already knew from the cafe staff that she left with Mirha. As it is understandable that Leez would want to follow a celebrity to a famous landmark, she would let this slide. Leez then asks if it would be okay if they went to see Mirha together, and Asha replies that they could. As Leez expresses happiness that everything has worked out, Asha asks her to tell her more about that man. Leez hesitates at first, remembering that Mister told her not to talk about him to anyone,[4] so Asha asks if she met him the day she started wearing the bracelet, and if he was a tall man in a black cloak. Leez is surprised that she knows that much, which could explain why she never asked her about the bracelet, and so she asks Asha if she knows the man as well. Asha explains that the man is a relatively-unknown fighter who is unable to use magic without his magic items. Leez thinks that it is strange that he would advise her to learn magic when he is unable to use it himself. Asha then encourages Leez to tell her all about her encounters with him, but tells her to wait until they order dinner first.

As they eat at the table, Leez tells about her argument with the man over ownership of the bracelet that came from the box. She said that he had no name and refused to let her call him anything other than Mister. He then decided to settle the matter with a footrace. Asha tells her she should have stayed with the box, in case he was simply trying to lure her away in order to take the box himself. Based on Leez's expression, the thought had never occurred to her. Asha tells her to continue...

Later that night, Leez is tucked in bed and tells Asha (who is about to leave the room) that this is the first time she sat and listened to her talk for so long. She wishes they could talk like that more often, though next time she wants to hear more about Asha, who tells her they can next time as she walks out the door.

Mirha's assistant tried to contact various temples, guilds, and academies starting with Atera, since that was the first place Asha stayed with Leez. There was no response from the temple, but she did receive information from the guild and one of the academies, which reveal that Asha had been keeping Leez isolated in Atera. Asha had also instructed guild and temple employees to not talk about the red sky incident to the girl, using the excuse that she was too young to hear about a disaster like that. Mirha realizes that the information Asha was trying to conceal was not the red sky incident, but something else. Additional info that Asha ordered to be withheld from Leez was the fact that the brothers Kaz and Haas Lehn were the only two survivors of the village investigated by Lorraine.[5] Mirha states that they are the only remaining people that a girl who lost everything had a connection with.

Episode 2-126Edit

Season 2 Episode 126: Isle of Myths (6)

In the Temple of Wind, Urha Simon, the Priest of Sky, tells his daughter Mirha that he will support her in whatever decision she makes regarding the upcoming war. She then tells him that her decision is...

Leez and Asha arrive at the temple grounds, and Leez is amazed by the beautiful gardens, saying that they must be difficult to maintain. Mirha's assistant tells her that gardening is Mirha's hobby, and that she trims the trees and sweeps up the mess with a single use of bhavati vayu. The assistant then leads them all inside. Leez greets both Mirha and her father, who tells Leez that he hopes she and Mirha will become good friends. Mirha then tells Leez that her assistant will teach her bhavati kubera, and the two of them go outside. Before leaving himself, Urha tells Asha to be thankful for those who stay by her side, considering the fact that she tends to push everyone away.

Now alone with Asha, Mirha hands her the reports[6] and tells her that she knows what she is planning to do. Mirha also tells her that she has the evidence to stop her, and knows the real reason behind Asha's orders to shelter Leez. When Asha asks her why she is telling her all this before the trial, Mirha explains that she has decided to defend Asha, but she does not want Asha to mistakenly view her as a fool who still trusts her; she is telling her all this to make it clear she does not trust her. Mirha then says that she will not reveal Asha's secrets, even though she finds Asha's motives to be sickening. Mirha wants to keep this info from Leez; she does not want the girl to crumble, something her father Rao would not have wanted, either.

At the Aeroplateau Magic Guild, Lilia Shu, President of the guild, states that the passenger ship was not supposed to arrive today. She questions how its itinerary was changed, particularly since there is still time before the magicians' conference. Saha On (with Ran in tow) tells her that the conference does not matter and that he needs to get to the Temple of Wind immediately.


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