Episode 6Edit

Season 1 Episode 6: The Queen and the Bum (1)

Brilith, the Priest of Fire in Atera, explains (in exposition) the history of magicians, their source of power, and the summoning of gods. In the past, humans were able to borrow the power of both suras and gods, but they eventually severed their ties with the suras. Once the N0 Cataclysm occurred, humans could only borrow the power of eleven specific gods, and the price of summoning became exceedingly steep and put the summoner's life at risk. Brilith's mother was one such summoner, whose action resulted in serious health problems and a premature death when Brilith was still a young girl. She now stood in her mother's place.

Brilith makes her daily appearance before the city's adoring citizens as she thinks about her responsibilities as a priest, and how she was different from other priests. While most of them exhaust themselves physically and mentally maintaining a protective barrier around their cities, she maintains something else... Upon returning to her chambers, she becomes frustrated with the "idiot" Fire god for risking discovery in the human realm by levitating in sexy black clothes. And so she keeps the god summoned, who in turn maintains the barrier, and they need to keep his presence a secret.

When some temple guards suddenly appear at her chambers, he quickly disguises himself as an autograph seeker named Idioty Smith. The guards came to report that a red sky appeared at a nearby village which was then destroyed, and so Brilith decides to prepare an investigative team. She tells Agni that similar incidents have occurred elsewhere: first near Kalibloom, then near Rindhallow, then near Eloth. Agni continues to behave in a goofy, unconcerned manner, so she leaves him in a huff. He resolves to punish the Garuda sura responsible for bringing more stress to his priestess.

Episode 7Edit

Season 1 Episode 7: The Queen and the Bum (2)

Asha checks on Leez to see if her arm is okay after she healed it earlier, and the girl replies that she is just hungry. Asha scoffs that not even a day has passed since the girl was nearly killed, yet she is already complaining about something trivial. This causes Leez to decide to just keep quiet and suppress her sadness over the loss of her village. Once they arrive at the Atera checkpoint, Leez learns that Asha's magician rank is A++ and that she graduated from Eloth University at the unfathomably early age of 16.

Agni feels bored hanging around the Temple of Fire and decides to head out to the city for something to do.

On the streets of Atera, Leez is amazed at the number of houses around her, while Asha orders her to just follow her to the magic guild so they could get rooms there before it closes. Leez then spots a food vendor and sets her sights on a skewer of mushrooms. She dents the display as she leans her head on the glass in an undignified manner, then loses her pride in exchange for a gold coin that Asha tosses away. Asha tells her to wait for her to return and to not go anywhere, then leaves for the magic guild. Leez is just about to buy the last mushroom skewer when Agni appears and buys it before Leez can say a word.

Episode 8Edit

Season 1 Episode 8: The Queen and the Bum (3)

Agni notices Leez's look of sadness and disappointment, and his insight on her reveals an older Leez wearing a black cloak and a gold bracelet, holding a sword, and facing countless suras as she fights to "protect this name". The insight ends, and he again sees a highly disappointed Leez who pleads for the mushrooms. Agni decides to give them to her, asking why she is crying. She pushes off the question, and when the vendor puts up a fuss about the damage Leez caused, Agni first requests another ten mushroom skewers, then repairs the display with a bit of fire while pretending to be a magician casting the recovery spell hoti asvins. Leez recognizes the spell as the one that Asha used to heal her, and wonders why there was fire this time. Agni makes up a story that his trendy outfit has fire effects.

At the magic guild, Asha requests two A-rank rooms, but the green-haired woman she negotiates with shows signs of jealousy once she hears that Asha has a young girl as a companion. The manager looks on with worry as the woman stomps up the stairs with a case and a saw.

Just outside the temple walls, as Agni and Leez finish their meal, he asks her again why she is crying. When she denies she was crying, she chokes on the last mushroom, so Agni gives her his bottle of curry soda that he was saving for later, and she chugs the entire contents. She then blames the tears on her choking, but Agni tells her that it is her tears that she is choking down. He assures her that it would be okay to let her feelings out. She begins to cry, all the while blaming it on the mushroom. Agni then tells her that the best thing to do while depressed is to take your mind off the suffering by having fun.

Asha returns to the mushroom seller's location, where everything is now closed, and is unamused that Leez did not stay put.

At the temple, Brilith sits alone on the floor with her head down, leaning against a wall.

Episode 9Edit

Season 1 Episode 9: The Queen and the Bum (4)

Earlier that day, Brilith held a meeting with her temple magicians requesting volunteers to investigate the destruction of the nearby village and search for survivors; however, these particular magicians are long past the days of their glorious youth, and so they decided to go by highest rank and send Lorraine instead. Once everyone leaves, Brilith sits on the floor with her head down, angrily waiting for the undependable Agni.

Agni brings Leez to a park on the temple roof to play with luminous firefly-like critters, which only appear when they find something strangely interesting. They are attracted to Leez's "weird" face and soon cover it, causing Agni to laugh so hard that it brings him to tears. This makes the girl angry enough to throw a punch that would kill a normal person, yet still seriously injures Agni. She then becomes worried about his well-being, but he pretends that his suit absorbs all shocks, and even has an auto-clean feature to get rid of all the blood. Agni tells her that he is happy that she is feeling less sad, which causes her to ask if he could read minds. At first he says it is insight, then explains that someone who has lived for many years can rely on their experience to gain a better understanding of things. When she gives him a questioning look, he claims he was merely joking around, which results in her punching him again. She introduces herself as Leez Haias, and he introduces himself as Idioty Smith. When Leez expresses annoyance with his joking, he tells her, seriously, he's Agni. Leez questions the fact that he is the Fire god who sends people to Hell and is known for being cold-hearted, but he claims it is true, resulting in Leez repeatedly punching him yet again.

Episode 10Edit

Season 1 Episode 10: The Queen and the Bum (5)

Leez still refuses to believe Agni is really the Fire God, and points out that if he looks like Agni, then she looks like Kubera, instantly regretting what she just said and thinking Agni might guess her real name. Agni instead comments on the differences between her and the god, who is male, large, unfriendly, and never shows any facial expressions. He then describes how Kubera used brute strength to break the boundary between realms and disappeared into the human realm. Leez, of course, does not believe him, and mentions that those with the name of a god are not even issued ID cards.

Suddenly, an irritated Asha appears, threatening to cut off one of Leez's ears for disobeying. Agni suddenly gets an insight from Asha that makes no sense, and moves towards her, giving off the impression of a pervert. Asha says that it is time to go, so Leez thanks Agni for helping her at the shop and making her feel better. Agni smiles at her, but his smile fades as Asha glares at him. He gets the feeling that Asha is hiding something, but knows Leez would never believe him if he told her. As he broods, he almost burns down the garden. He suddenly remembers Brilith and teleports away, making Asha suspicious when she looks back to find him gone since she never heard him utter a spell.

Back at the guild, Asha picks up the keys to their rooms and learns that Ruche (the green-haired woman) and Lorraine, who needed teleportation assistance, ended up on the mission to investigate Leez's village. Asha tells the guild staff to watch what they say around the girl, and they will be rewarded.

Episode 11Edit

Season 1 Episode 11: The Queen and the Bum (6)

Brilith recalls the 7th month of the year N5 when she summoned Agni. She had fallen to her knees crying after she thought she failed and wasted part of her lifespan, but then he appeared before her. Neither was sure why the summoning was successful. 

She also remembers the time she graduated and Agni wanted to give her a present, which was a childish drawing made of fire in the sky of her face. She remembers how, due to Agni's childish nature, she sometimes forgot he was a god.

When Agni finally returns from his outing with Leez, Brilith yells at him, saying that he never takes anything seriously and always disappears without telling her where he's going. As she vents her anger, deep inside she really wants to apologize, but can't bring herself to do it. She then leaves him as she runs inside, crying bitterly.

Leez waits outside their assigned guild rooms for Asha to arrive, and notices that the two doors are drastically different. Since something appears suspicious about Leez's room, Asha offers her the better room. Once Leez is inside, Asha opens the door to the "bad" room and tosses a gold coin inside, which results in the sounds of various traps going off. Asha then decides to sleep in the hallway instead.