Episode 2-127Edit

Season 2 Episode 127: Falling Petals (1)

Sagara and Samphati talk together in a snowy mountain area (near Rindhallow). Samphati reports that she did indeed find him, but did not attempt to kill him.[1] Samphati does not seem worried that Yuta is in his 3rd stage and has decided it best to exact her revenge carefully so that she can savor watching him die slowly and painfully. Sagara tells Samphati that she is fine with whatever way she takes care of her personal vendetta as long as it does not interfere with her own plans. Samphati assures Sagara that will not happen since she has a plan to keep him in one place.

While Sagara and Samphati plan their evil schemes, Leda (Mirha's assistant) tutors Leez on how to use bhavati kubera. Leda is curious as to how Leez managed to learn the spell on her own and how she had been practicing, stating that in order to tutor her, she needs to know what mistakes are being made. Leez is reluctant to tell Leda at first since she had made a promise to Ran; however, desperate to learn the spell, she spills the beans on her repeated jumps off a cliff to master it.[2] Afterwards, Leez swears Leda to secrecy.

Leda goes back to meet with Mirha; apparently the lesson with Leez went quickly. This surprises Mirha who had known of Leez's great strength, but did not realize her cognitive and memorization skills. Leda feels that Leez should know the truth of what she, too, is involved in, but Mirha wants Leez to gain some emotional distance from Asha first so that the truth would not affect her as deeply emotionally. Leda still has doubts concerning the defense of Asha at the trial as well as allowing Asha and Leez to associate without intervention.

Leez and Mirha meet again. There are clothes displayed near the walls, and most of them are very chic and/or provocative. Mirha comments that the clothing did not really match her mother who was an Asura half, her visible sura part being her face. Leez learns that Mirha's father could not bear to throw the dresses away after her mother passed, commenting that he loved her deeply. Leez apologizes to her and sympathizes with her loss. Mirha asks if Leez would like to have one of the dresses and Leez at first declines.

Not long after, Mirha and Asha meet on the stairway. Mirha states that Saha has crossed the city's boundary and that he has the power to pinpoint Asha's location in order to attack. She goes on to tell Asha that she will allow her one more time to speak with Leez in private. Asha walks up the stairs and into the sunlight; Leez stands, hair free and blowing in the wind, wearing a pale green dress adorned with a rose at the waist.

Episode 2-128Edit

Season 2 Episode 128: Falling Petals (2)

Leez welcomes Asha and asks her if the dress Mirha gave her looks strange since she had never worn anything like it before. Asha tells her it suits her and Leez is extremely pleased. Asha then asks Leez what she thinks about the 29 cases of involuntary manslaughter. Leez replies that even a genius can make mistakes. Asha reiterates that there were 29, and Leez reassures her. Leez then tells her that it is not possible for this person, who saved her life instead of leaving her to die, to be evil enough to kill those people deliberately. Therefore, the 29 deaths were definitely mistakes no matter what anyone else may think.

Asha recalls Rao Leez saying the exact same thing eleven years ago. Asha calls him a fool because he knows they were not mistakes, and questions why he still trusts her. He replies that she has a big future ahead of her, and believes that a child who goes astray so early in life may one day return to the right path.

Leez indicates that she will not change her mind on this matter, so Asha makes Leez promise her that she will trust her no matter what, and Leez tells her that she will.

As they leave the building, they see a crowd of chattering people (plus a waiting Prison of Silence), causing Leez to question what the commotion is all about. Some unknown magicians approach them and tell Asha that if she comes with them willingly, she will be rightfully treated as an A++ rank magician. However, if she resists arrest she will be treated as an A-rank criminal. Leez spots Ran and asks him why he is there and what is going on. To her surprise, Ran tells her that he will explain everything later, and to step back—Asha is being charged for intentionally murdering not 29, but 32 people.

Somewhere near Rindhallow, Sagara meets with Samphati and the rest of her crew. Sagara wants to draw up the plan to attack the city, which should not be too much of a problem, but others may get in the way, the worst being Agni. Sagara asks the group if anyone is prepared to take on Agni and to her surprise, not even Samphati is willing. The Garuda rakshasa explains that as long as the god is bound to a summoner, she would not lose to him by pure strength. However, she is only a 5000-year-old rakshasa and shes wants to avoid having the Garuda clan's affairs revealed through his insight. So she will fight anyone else, but Agni is off-limits. Sagara tells her that she understands, and points to herself as the only one present who would be unaffected by insight so maybe she should fight him instead. The other Anantas are shocked at the idea, so Riagara suggests persuading Shess to fight as he is as old as the universe and can overcome Agni's insight. Sagara thinks that it is a waste of time, but Riagara believes that it is important for her safety. Sagara points out that this is not Atera they are attacking, so Agni will find it difficult to both protect his priest and directly interfere with their plan. Sagara then proceeds to show the group that her sealed transcendental skills are now restored. She blasts away the side of a mountain, indicating that Taraka has died. She then tells them that, unfortunately, this means that Gandharva's transcendentals should also be back in his control.

Episode 2-129Edit

Season 2 Episode 129: Falling Petals (3)

Outside the Temple of Wind, people are whispering about Ran—that he is an AA now, his magic exam score must have been incredible, and could he be involved with Asha's trial? Nearby, Ran and Leez sit on a bench near a waterway. He tells her about the investigation of Asha and the 29 homicides as well as three additional unsolved cases. Leez looks down in horror as Ran tells her that all 32 victims had the real name Kubera.

At the Kalibloom Fighters Guild, as Teo does her paperwork, Siera wonders where Claude went. Siera looked all around the city, and there is no record of him leaving the city through any of the checkpoints. Teo theorizes that he snuck out of the city, as he often did from Rindhallow. She then finds a note left by Claude in which he suggests that Teo put herself on the DNR list and do some serious research on Visnu magic and how it works. He also wrote to tell Siera that he left for a part-time job, and dinner is on him once he gets paid. Siera slams his fist into the wall in anger, prompting Teo to ask him to please take out his frustrations at his temple.

Sunset is falling over Aeroplateau. Behind some large picture windows, Ran asks Claude how he was able to find a transport ship to get to the city. Claude tells him that he had boarded Asha's transport to give her a gift, but fell asleep. He then goes on to rave about the city when a nearby magician named Erin Florussi asks if he only came for sightseeing. Her friend, Natasha Ross, tells Claude that it would be better for him to attend the conference than laze about in Kalibloom. Erin notes that he has not changed a bit since college. Claude then turns to Saha and asks if he could use any help, since he is busy with the conference agenda as well as Asha's trial. Saha declines his offer, saying that Ran's assistance is all he needs until after the trial. Claude then clarifies that he meant after the trial; if a death sentence is handed out, does he have an executioner ready? He adds that if nobody else is willing, it would be nice to have someone available. Saha ignores him.

Leez visits Asha, who sits in her cell drinking coffee. Leez desperately asks her if she was framed, because the charges are ridiculous. Asha could not be a murderer since she saved her from death and protected her ever since. She then asks Asha to tell her side of the story, and she will help get her out. After a silent pause, Asha asks her if she thinks it was a coincidence that she came to her village at that particular moment. What business could she possibly have in a nowhere village? She was there to find someone with the name of a god. The superior sura was also there to find someone with the name of a god. If she had found her first, only one person would have died. If the sura had found her first, the entire village would die. If only Leez had died sooner, her village could have been saved. Asha then tells her to make up her own reasons for why she brought her here instead of killing her. If she sees her as good or bad, it does not matter, because everything that results from her decision as well as the associated guilt will be hers alone to bear. We see a brief image of Leez in the future, walking away under a red sky.

Leez steps outside into a hallway, then crumbles to the ground crying as Asha's words echo in her head.

Episode 2-130Edit

Season 2 Episode 130: Falling Petals (4)

Asha's magic usage record is checked before the magicians' conference. The record for destruction magic matched the 29 homicides, proving she was responsible. The record for her uses of hoti visnu provides evidence for the remaining three homicides. Since her transfer to planet Willarv in the year N5, Asha used hoti visnu over 1000 times. Asha's sentence will be decided at the conference.

Outside of the conference area, something makes a loud BANG. Airi bitterly complains about her uncomfortable ride in Lorraine's upgraded flying car. Lorraine explains that they could not otherwise get a transport with a direct route from Atera to Aeroplateau. Ruche chimes in that her teleportation skills made the trip even shorter. After Airi's friends spend a bit of time teasing her, Ruche notices that there are many halfs around, and Lorraine wonders why. Airi comments that Aeroplateau is not a half-friendly city, plus halfs are unable to use magic so they would not be here for the conference. Ruche has a brief chat with a nearby half, and then explains to her friends that many halfs were summoned to be witnesses in Asha's trial, and Saha wanted to make sure there were plenty of them.

Inside the conference building, Natasha complains about the halfs that seem to be everywhere, and suggests to her friend that they kick them all out. Erin tells her to be careful, because Saha has guaranteed their safety. Natasha then notices Ran sitting nearby, and recalls his half phobia. Erin notes that since he is sitting among halfs, his phobia may have gotten better... or not, as she notices the tears pouring down his face. The two women spend some time mocking him behind his back before a blue-haired woman tells them, "Excuse me", and walks past them to Ran. Rana gently places her hand on his and tells him everything will be okay.

Sitting out in the sunshine, Ran jokes that Rana was always too busy with work, yet she has time to spare to attend a conference. She tells him that Huan and Eline are keeping an eye on Mistyshore so she, as a high-ranked magician, came in their stead. Ran jokes that she finally came for a date; too bad she is quickly approaching 30. She points out that he is 10 years older, but he responds that since he is a quarter he could still pass as a magic school student. Rana tells him that he is still aging slowly, and some day he will grow old. She then enigmatically states that once they are back in Mistyshore, she will receive something that will stop her from aging. When a confused Ran asks what she means, she says that she will tell him later. Rana then congratulates him both on his graduation and his AA promotion. Ran is surprised that she was serious about her aging comment, since he figured she was just joking. He then says that he wishes he could return to Mistyshore with her, but with all the recent events that have happened and his entanglement in this mess, and the new evidence, he is worried if there is anyone left who is willing to defend Asha.

A voice on a loudspeaker announces that the conference will begin in 15 minutes, and all magicians ranked 1-100 should enter the main hall in rank order.

Episode 2-131Edit

Season 2 Episode 131: Falling Petals (5)

In a hallway just prior to the trial, Lilia informs Saha that Mirha will be leading the defense for Asha, with her father Urha's backing. As Lilia blushes at Saha's praise for her assistance, Lorraine appears, running and calling Saha's name, saying they need to talk. Saha at first shuts her down while Lilia thinks critically of Lorraine's casual manner towards someone so important, wondering why they are even still engaged. Lorraine is persistent and asks him why all those halfs are involved. After Saha suggests that she should not act so clueless, he tells her that even after he denied Asha access to the Human Search System, she still somehow received data from a search that was used to commit her murders, data that could only have come from an AA magician. A flustered Lorraine asks if he is accusing her, but he assures her that she is not the only one he suspects. Once he leaves through a doorway, Lilia expresses her disdain, telling Lorraine that she still uses Saha despite the fact that she is still avoiding their marriage, and suggests that maybe he would have made an exception for his wife.

Inside the main hall, Erin begins to address the seated participants. She states that 28 deaths occurred between the years N7 and N10, and then one more in the year N12, upon which Asha was arrested since she could be tracked via her magic license, obtained in the year N11. Erin then asks, why did Asha risk having her involvement in the previous 28 deaths uncovered by getting a magic license? Her answer is that Asha knew the location of all her targets in advance, but one of them had since moved somewhere else. Asha needed to use the Human Search System, which requires an AA license, to locate that person via a name search. Erin then asserts that there is strong evidence indicating that all of Asha's victims had the real name Kubera.

The crowd is shocked and confused by this new information. One magician notes that Asha never received an AA rank, yet she apparently still received information from a search. Rana asks Ran if this was what had him worried, but he replies that it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Erin begins to address the question of how Asha received the search results and tells the participants that all of the AA magicians except for Saha had used the search system in the year N12, and that an investigation is continuing. Erin then reveals that Asha's killing spree did not end with the 29th victim. Because of her previous conviction, she knew she would not be let off with another fine if caught again, so she decided to use hoti visnu to cover up the next three murders, leaving those cases unsolved. Her hoti visnu record confirms this.

The crowd again expresses shock and anger.

Erin brings up the fact that Asha disappeared after the third murder for three years, then suddenly showed up in Atera in the 10th month of N15. She then suggests that Asha committed even more murders during the time of her disappearance that still have yet to be discovered.

Saha, looking down at some papers, asks Mirha if the defense would like to refute the allegations. She unexpectedly accepts and acknowledges all of the accusations. Claude, seated among the magicians with a bag of curry popcorn, seems to be enjoying the proceedings. Mirha now addresses the gathered magicians, and tells them that they must consider the reason for Asha's actions and the fact that Asha came willingly to Aeroplateau. Using her tablet, she brings up the search results for N11 on the large screen and crosses out the locations of the three unsolved murders. She then begins to cross out many more locations before revealing that these were where villages were destroyed by sura attacks—in other words, the red sky attacks. She also reveals that Asha knew about these attacks in advance thanks to an oracle she received back on planet Carte.

Again, the crowd is astonished and wants to hear more...

Mirha states that Asha knew the suras were targeting those with the real name Kubera, who endangered their own villages as long as they remained alive. Asha intended to reduce the number of deaths in each location to a single person; with the villages without a name-bearer, the suras would hold little interest destroying the towns in their pursuit. Therefore, her crimes were committed for the sake of saving more lives and not for personal gain. Mirha then tells the participants that Asha deserves a lenient sentence.

Many of the participants seem to accept Mirha's defense, but then Natasha begins to question why Asha acted alone. Mirha responds that otherwise everyone would have been locked in endless debates while the suras continued their attacks. There could be only two possible results from such a debate: Protect many while sacrificing a few, or protect a few while sacrificing many. Either decision would be both divisive and difficult for everyone to come to terms with, so Asha has taken on that burden herself. Mirha again asks the participants for leniency.

Most of the crowd is now favoring Mirha's argument, but not Airi, who tells Lorraine that there can be no possible excuse for Asha's actions. None. Airi begins to stutter that if it were her, and Saha completes the thought: If it were him, he would never have done the same. He states that the crimes are still crimes no matter how you try to sugarcoat it, and asks Lilia to bring in the halfs who were waiting outside. The crowd is abuzz again. Saha brings up the fact that killing a half is not considered murder by law. This also applies to the many halfs Asha has killed over the years. The halfs who are present still mourn their loved ones who were buried without their deaths even being considered a crime.

Saha then announces that he will now discuss why Asha used hoti visnu for such a huge number of times and how she gained her current magic ability.

Episode 2-132Edit

Season 2 Episode 132: Falling Petals (6)

As Asha continues to sit in her holding cell, Saha tells the audience that even though Asha's divine affinity was known to be 515, its true value is 10,515. A value that high is not impossible, however. Only the deceased Jibril Ajes was previously known to have a divine affinity of over 10,000. As the high-rankers mutter among themselves, one mentions that Jibril even had the skill to catch rakshasas. Saha continues to explain that divine affinity is usually set at birth, so one may think that Asha's must have been high from the start. However...

At this point, Lilia begins to speak to the attendees. She explains that she is a native of planet Carte, and was the second-ranked student at Carte's only magic school, behind top-ranked Mirha. She then mentions that Asha is also a native of Carte. From a very young age, Asha possessed very high intelligence so you would expect that she would be a high achiever at the magic school. However, Asha was never admitted into the school; she scored well enough on the written tests, but her divine affinity did not meet the minimum requirement of a value of 300. Since hers was almost nonexistent, her magic abilities were also poor. Lilia then asks Mirha to verify this account, and she reluctantly does, saying that for this reason, Asha enrolled in a regular school instead. Lilia then states that they still do not know how Asha was able to raise her divine affinity so much.

Lilia goes on to describe the records of Asha's usage of hoti visnu. From the years N5 to N6 she only used it occasionally, but then in N7 her usage began to greatly increase, including multiple uses in rapid succession in the same location. The half-bloods in the auditorium appear downcast, and one begins sobbing quietly. Saha approaches her and sympathetically takes her webbed hand in his. Lilia then introduces the halfs, announcing that they are here to provide testimonies regarding the times of Asha's multiple spell uses, which coincide with the dates their friends and family were brutally murdered.

Urha quietly asks Mirha if she knew about this last revelation, and she replies that she did not.

Lilia continues, revealing that the evidence shows that Asha repeatedly killed and resurrected the halfs, occasionally using hoti visnu on herself when her other spell usages ran out. She only stopped when either her vigor or hoti visnu ran out, neither of which are recoverable with the resurrection spell. The audience murmurs again, and someone mentions that killing a half is not considered murder. Someone else wonders what all this has to do with divine affinity. Natasha speaks up and asks that even though Asha should be severely punished for the murder of humans, she does not see how halfs are relevant to this case. Lilia says the whole point is to refute Mirha's argument that Asha killed people for the "greater good." The frequency and methods of killing created an unnatural growth similar to that of the killing of superior suras, but these were simply halfs; what made these halfs so special? Lilia then asks the halfs in attendance to tell everyone the names of their loved ones. One by one, they all speak the same name: Kubera. Lilia states that Asha killed a total of 61 people named Kubera—29 humans and 32 halfs. The halfs had no record made of their deaths except for one, a sponsored half whose death was recorded as destruction of property.

Lilia then steps down. Saha states that if these halfs were considered humans, all this would have been discovered much sooner, but this is not the right time to discuss half rights. He then states that Asha's actions caused her usage and divine affinity to grow incredibly fast. He then asks the audience, can this violent path towards personal growth be considered to be for the "greater good"?

Lorraine interrupts and asserts that this is all just speculation. How are they linking the murders to the growth of magic skills, especially since being named after a god does not result in any special magic ability? Saha gives her a strange look, then replies that he has something else to reveal now. Others had received oracles regarding this matter, but since none of them can prove it, it is up to everyone else to figure out who to trust. Saha then admits to receiving an oracle from Surya, the God of Light, during the Cataclysm, but if Asha's oracle is also true, she likely received hers from a different god. Surya told him he had been worried about his friend Kubera, who was in danger of disappearing. It did not make sense at the time, but now it is becoming more clear. Kubera's power had been dispersed among those who held his name, and Asha's killed halfs who held a god's power in order to gain power. Saha asserts that even though it is conjecture, it is the only plausible explanation for Asha's growth.

Saha then brings up the fact that the suras are also killing those who hold the name Kubera, so therefore Asha's actions are actually benefiting the suras. Instead of enlisting the help of humans to help stop the suras, she set out to kill humans herself to develop her magic and possibly aid the suras. It is impossible to know if she truly received an oracle and from which god, but the gods only offer choices. The final decision lies with the human, and Asha must take full responsibility.

Outside, an announcement can be heard informing everyone to please enter five minutes before the final vote begins. A group of magicians pass through a grove of trees, and one says that he thought Mirha was right at first, but then Saha's speech changed his mind. Another wondered why Asha prevented them from giving all those named Kubera their protection, or helped them provide backup for the attack on Atera. They decide that the "greater good" argument is a big lie, and were disappointed that Asha remained silent the entire time. One wonders if the suras are trying to attack Rindhallow because another Kubera is being targeted, then wonders if there could be a Kubera in Aeroplateau as well. Another replies no, because Asha would have already killed that person. Leez, back in her yellow outfit, sits behind a tree, having heard their conversation.

Episode 2-133Edit

Season 2 Episode 133: Falling Petals (7)

In the conference hall, Saha announces the result of the votes: Asha's sentence is death by hoti yama, to be carried out at the Time of Earth. 12 hours later, during the Time of Creation, will be the hearing of her last words. If she can offer any plausible defense in her statement, then there will be the possibility of cancelling hoti yama and postponing the execution. Ran, sitting next to Rana, begins to fret. He decides to search for Leez and jumps up from his seat.

Airi and Ruche discuss the revelations concerning Asha from the trial. Airi expresses her disappointment in her former idol and points out that Lorraine is not present for the sentencing. Ruche is surprisingly accepting of everything and Airi, who notices this, comments on it. Ruche explains that she knew everything prior to the trial thanks to her sister, the person who tipped off Saha. She adds that she was upset at first, but later came to terms with it all. Ruche says that she is unable to understand why Asha used hoti visnu for the purposes she did, yet never once used it to help the people who truly needed it. They continue talking for a bit about their votes concerning Asha's guilt or innocence until Claude interrupts. He surprises both of them and comments that there is no use in speculating why Asha revealed that she could use hoti visnu.

Back in Mirha's room at the Temple of Wind, Leda pores over the document on Kaz Lehn, which notes that he is unsuitable to become either a magician because of his Nil attributes or a fighter because of his weak constitution. Mirha arrives and asks her where Leez is, and Leda responds that Saha had picked her up. Leda then asks about the outcome of the conference, and Mirha tells her it was worse than she could have expected. They then discuss the results of the case. Mirha had not known that Asha had been practicing her magic on halfs. In the end, Mirha failed to prevent Asha from receiving the death penalty.

Ran is just about to give up looking for Leez when he finally runs into her (holding a document envelope) together with Saha. Ran is worried about Leez and what she has heard about the trial, but Leez just calmly tells him that she learned about hoti yama from Saha, who had explained the spell and the phases of execution to her. Once Saha leaves, she tells Ran that she now knows that she herself will die in just a few years. Despite Leez's calm attitude and concern for Asha, Ran still looks at her anxiously.

Early the next morning, at the Time of Creation, Asha's covered prison cell sits on a platform on the shore of a lake. The speaker explains that 12 hours earlier, the executioner and prisoner were placed within a circle of flowers. The executioner then cast hoti yama using the flowers as the outer limit of the spell's range. The spell's success is verified when the flowers wither 12 hours later, which they have by now. In the seating area, Claude complains to Saha that he should have given him the honors. The speaker continues to explain that the flower test is necessary in case the prisoner has a short lifespan left and thus would appear almost unchanged by the spell. The speaker then announces that the first 12 hours have already passed, and they may now listen to Asha's final statement. As the cover is pulled away and Asha is revealed to the remaining onlookers, they are all shocked to see that Asha still appears to be the same age, and some of them question if the spell worked correctly, until they notice that Asha's hair is now a little longer. Leez looks on in surprise.

Episode 2-134Edit

Season 2 Episode 134: Falling Petals (8)

While the assembled onlookers (including Leez) are surprised and confused over Asha's still-youthful appearance, Saha turns to Claude and tells him that he must have already known this would happen. Claude admits he did, and states the obvious—Asha does not have much time left. Claude then asks Saha if he still thinks someone with such a short lifespan would commit those terrible crimes solely for personal gain. Saha then speaks to Asha, reminding her that this is her only opportunity to provide an explanation of her crimes. Asha continues to sit in silence, but her glance then shifts towards Leez, who suddenly remembers the promise she made to Asha on the balcony to trust her.[3] Leez requests to speak in her place, surprising Ran and Mirha. Natasha questions why there is a little girl here, and Erin points out that she arrived with Saha. He gives her permission since she was recently the person closest to Asha, and Leez thanks him. She summons the Sword of Return.

Leez tells the onlookers that Asha was her sponsor, and that she took care of her as they traveled together from Atera all the way to Aeroplateau. She brought her to the Temple of Earth and paid for the Golden Knight that she wears, then had her participate in the Test of the Sword where she drew the sword. She then tells the crowd that Asha could have just given her some money or found someone else to care for her, but Asha kept her by her side instead. Leez believes that it is because she and Asha share the same goal, and the magician wanted to help her. Because of this goal, the amount of time left to live would not really matter, because once the goal is reached, there would not really be anything left to live for even if they survived. Saha then asks what this goal is, and Leez responds: killing the superior sura responsible for the red sky incidents.

As the crowd murmurs excitedly, Leez wonders if this would be a good time to reveal her real name. Before she gets a chance, Mirha blurts out that she can clarify things and anxiously urges Leez to sit down again. Mirha defends Asha once more, explaining that if Asha's true goal is to eliminate superior suras then it would benefit everyone. She asks for Asha's death sentence to be postponed. Claude agrees that it would be foolish to kill a powerful magician like Asha.

Back at the Temple of Wind, Mirha is relieved that she was able to get Asha a stay of execution. She tells Leda that Leez's situation is more serious than she had thought, and wonders what would happen if she found out the whole truth. Leda breaks into a cold sweat, and admits that she gave Leez copies of Mirha's paperwork that contains the truth behind Asha, because the girl deserves to know the truth. Mirha gets upset and says she should have discussed it with her first. Leda wanted to wait, but since Saha arrived without warning and took Leez with him, she would not have had another chance to show her the truth. Mirha faints as Leda shouts her name.

At the Sky Tower, Leez stands alone on a balcony overlooking city, appearing forlorn. She worries about Asha and wonders if she knew her life would end soon. She has a flashback of when Leda gave her the documents; she had urged her to keep them private and read them after the trial. Leez begins to read the papers, which reveal the truth behind Asha's actions, and that both Kaz and Haas are alive, but that their locations are currently unknown. It reveals all that Mirha had discovered about Asha to keep her isolated and to control her while she was emotionally and mentally vulnerable. Leez begins to tremble as her tears fall upon the pages. She has a flashback of her time back on the transport ship to Aeroplateau before she was jettisoned in the escape pod and all at once she figures out the words that Asha was mumbling before she blacked out: hoti marut

Leez cries out in a scream of agony and slashes the Sword of Return across the balcony, which breaks into many tiny pieces. The last sentences of Mirha's notes flash. Mirha wrote that Leez is unable to handle this information yet, and wants to wait until Asha is jailed and separated from her. Asha's plan should not be revealed to her because she is Rao Leez's daughter, and she wishes to protect that smile that so resembles his.

As papers fly around, Leez turns; her eyes are glazed over with a look of pain and emptiness.