Episode 2-165Edit

Chandra locates the 5th-stage rakshasa and tells Kasak to attack. Kasak's transcendental passes through Chandra's amplifier before striking its target, making her visible again. Kasak questions why they can see her now. Chandra answers by saying that the rakshasa is no longer using Hiding so it can increase its regeneration speed. Chandra then tells Kasak to keep attacking, which will be easier now that it can be seen. Chandra's thoughts affirm the importance of this attack opportunity, that they must kill it now because of how hard it will be to catch it again.

In a meeting of the temple magicians in Atera, Tara reveals that for unknown reasons, official documents can be neither sent to nor received from Rindhallow. She speculates that perhaps the transmission system is at a standstill due to an attack, and another magician speculates that the situation there must be serious. Yet another magician speaks up, saying that rather than worrying about them, since Agni-nim is already there maintaining an unbreakable barrier, they should worry about Atera. Someone agrees, mentioning that this is the closest city to Rindhallow, with only one barrier and no good candidates available to replace Agwen. When a magician mentions that they gathered more people who can operate a barrier after the last attack, another states that except for Agwen-nim, none are in the top 100 rankings. Someone remarks that Agwen has not spoken up, so the others should quiet down.

Agwen recalls Brilith asking her about the enormous amounts of money she is receiving daily from Rindhallow, which is larger than what the average person could dream of earning in their life . When Agwen says that her father is working there as a mercenary, Brilith says that working in high-danger zones and sending his earnings to his daughter mean that Mr. Kasak cares about her, even though he does not say as much. Agwen seems to consider Brilith's words.[1]

In the present, the magicians argue about Agni knowing or not knowing that the suras will not attack Atera. Agwen thinks about how, despite being aware that it is difficult for her father to say kind words, his acts of affection, like calling her "Princess", do not seem like heartfelt emotions. She thinks that he is only playing the role of a father, but since there is no emotional involvement, the facade falls apart the moment a situation becomes troublesome. Agwen remembers when Maruna tried to use her as a hostage, and Maruna's comments about how Kasak did not appear to care about her getting hurt, which might mean that he did not care for the human.[2] Agwen thinks about it in the present, that if Kasak could not grieve her mother's death without the earrings, why would he care about their daughter? She concludes that this is the way he is without earrings; mimicking the actions of a father but not being one, and that if she had died during the attack on Atera, he would have just brushed it off with nothing but an indifferent expression.

Back in space, Samphati attacks Kasak and Chandra, but some of her attacks are also directed toward the planet. Kasak wonders whether they should keep fighting like this, but Chandra points out that it is okay since they moved southwards to where there were few humans—and suddenly realizes that they are now over Atera. Kasak remarks about how strange it is that the rakshasa dodged quickly yet stayed over the same spot. Kasak deduces that from the very beginning, it intended to take a city without a god hostage. Samphati simply smirks. Chandra grinds his teeth, and Kasak observes that if the rakshasa becomes serious about attacking Atera, the city will be destroyed in seconds. He then tells Chandra to move directly to the city and take over Atera's barrier so that it will be safe. Chandra scolds Kasak, who will not be able to kill it alone and will die for nothing, which is exactly what it wants. Chandra tells him to ignore the city and continue attacking, since killing the rakshasa would require some collateral damage, but Kasak says that he will not repeat his words twice. Until Chandra leaves to protect Atera, he refuses to attack.

As Leez walks towards the passage, she recalls what Asha told her—that the armored figure sitting alone among the suras is their leader as well as the one responsible for the destruction of Leez's village, and that killing him will put an end to the suras' plans and fulfill Leez's revenge. Leez thinks about how the figure was sitting like a king in the midst of the superior suras, and how it was clear that he was their leader. She thinks about how she followed Asha around in order to get her revenge, about how she drew the Sword of Return and learned bhavati kubera, all for this one purpose. Everything will be fine if she achieves this one goal, killing that guy, somehow...

Leez notices a figure in front of the opening and immediately hides. As she thinks about how she has no need to get close since she can attack the guard from the back, her bracelet turns off. Leez wonders why it happened when Asha said she was far enough away from Aeroplateau to avoid interference. Leez then finds herself facing Yuta, who activates his eyes, steps on her cloak, and crushes the rocks near her menacingly.

Episode 2-166Edit

Leez asks Yuta why he is here, but he does not respond. She adds that she is glad to see him one last time, and asks him why he is using his eyes since they are preventing her from doing anything. Yuta responds by stepping on Leez's cloak, causing her to trip. He recalls Sagara ordering him to let no one pass and disturb her. She adds that he should just do like he always does—eat them all.[3] Leez nervously asks him if this means he wants the Hide of Bondage back, noting that she has no idea what it is used for, but she kept it because he left it for her. To her surprise, Yuta suddenly leans in to kiss her. She tells him to wait but he continues anyway. Asha watches them from a distance with her Hunter's Eyes.

Yuta gags in disgust. Leez says that she told him to wait because she knew he disliked the taste of the herbal ingredients in her makeup. He growls angrily and leaps at her. Leez stops him with the flat side of the Sword of Return, which strikes Yuta in the face, stopping him in his tracks before he collapses to the ground. Leez apologizes and reminds him that this was not their first kiss so he should not be so angry. She wonders to herself if eating herbs makes Yuta violent. She assures him that she would rather not part like this, and asks him to turn off his eyes so that she can use the bracelet. Yuta does not respond and seems to be stuck in a daze. Leez wonders if the sword has a special ability that caused something to go wrong with Yuta. Worriedly, she repeatedly calls Yuta's name hoping to bring him back to his senses.

Within Yuta's subconscious, designed with the appearance of the sura realm, Yuta feels nauseous and his head hurts. He is surprised to see a young Jatayu, who should be dead, in front of him. Confused at being somewhere that resembles the sura realm, he recalls that he was just somewhere else trying to save someone, and recalls "Leez" falling off a cliff.[4] Yuta understands that something is wrong, and demands to know who this fake Jatayu is and what she has done with Leez. When the impostor does not immediately reply, Yuta realizes that he must be under the effect of a transcendental affecting his mind because in reality he would not be so small. "Jatayu" sighs and tells Yuta to shut up. She says that the strike from the sword should not have brought him back to his senses, so her concentration must have been affected by her fighting elsewhere. Yuta realizes that the voice of "Jatayu" is much more mature than it should be—more like a 4th-stage rakshasa or above. "Jatayu" says that she can no longer concentrate here, and so decides to make things simple.

Back in reality, "Yuta" comes to and Leez is relieved. She is surprised when Yuta is able to grab the hilt of the Sword of Return, remembering that nobody should be able to touch it except her. In a swift movement, Yuta takes away the sword and chokes Leez.

In Yuta's subconscious, "Jatayu" wonders how Leez will stand her ground against a rakshasa with all her magic and transcendentals blocked and her weapon taken. Yuta starts to cry and begs her to stop hurting Leez, telling her that he should be the one she should torture instead. She replies that she is torturing him. Physical pain would be too light a punishment, and her revenge will only be accomplished when he experiences emotional pain as well. He must feel the loss of someone precious, just as she did.

Episode 2-167Edit

In a flashback, Akasha and Samphati discuss Samphati's revenge for her sister's death. While Samphati just wants "him" to suffer as much as possible, Akasha still has doubts about who really is responsible; after all, Jatayu managed to leave their stronghold and venture through the harsh sura realm unharmed. She concludes that there must be a primeval god or nastika involved, but Samphati refuses to hear this, repeating that "he" must be the villain. She grows frantic. Akasha thinks to herself that Samphati is not willing to accept that the culprit is someone she is unable to stand up against since this would negate her purpose of development. She then gives up, saying that "he" indeed is the villain and that she should exact her revenge against him if the opportunity should arise. Samphati thanks her mother for her support.

Back in the present, Samphati's transcendental barrage rains down on Atera's barrier, which remains unbroken. Leny and Shess stand outside the city, watching the night sky. While Shess thinks that he would have protected the city if the god had not chosen to come to Atera, Leny rebukes him for causing Agwen the trouble of coming to the checkpoint to sponsor him although she has taken over the duties of the priest. After appeasing her, Shess thinks about Kasak's fight above and hopes that he does not force himself to win.

Up in space, the battle is still raging as Kasak evades Samphati's blindly-fired transcendentals. He wonders why she has yet to open her eyes even though the gods have left, but concludes that she is still unaware of the situation, and that he now has the chance to make a move. He rushes her, another skill activated, and although she opens her eyes upon him approaching, he lands a hit on her arm, his claws digging into her flesh. He uses a skill to inhibit her movements, but used up a lot of his vigor. Samphati knows that it will run out eventually, but is hesitant to kill him since she heard from Maruna that Kasak knows about Kalavinka's whereabouts. She wants to know if the other business down on the planet is finished yet, and wants to wrap things up. She asks him why he is pushing himself for a planet that should not really matter. Kasak replies that many humans live here. She asks him why they should care about an inferior race, especially since all his power is from his sura side. Kasak complains that it is hard to listen to that type of reasoning from "one of you", which is why he refuses to tell them where Kalavinka is. She tries to convince him to give up before he loses both his vigor and his sura form, adding that she is being merciful, but Kasak tells her that she is not strong enough to offer him mercy. He then opens the Crescent Gate behind her. Samphati appears horrified as many Chaos suras screech behind her. Kasak sarcastically tells her to use those great transcendentals of hers over there.

Episode 2-168Edit

Chaos suras screech in a red realm... and Yuta suddenly comes back to his senses, surprised at being freed from the transcendental. He sees Leez on the ground, unconscious and severely injured yet still alive, and he begins to cry. Just as he is about to take her to find a healer, Asha approaches them. He asks her to use her recovery magic, but instead she tells him that she saw his scarf with Leez on the transport ship.[5] She reveals that she knows that he combined it with the Hide of Bondage, which later attached itself to Leez.[6] She finds it noteworthy that he would go through all that trouble, yet he never once tried to take revenge or question her. If he was so fond of Leez, she wonders, then why does he quietly put up with Asha's negative feelings about Leez and the fact that she poses a threat to her? She is also now aware that he knows about him. She repeats the same question that she had asked him a while back—If she and Leez were to fight, which side would he choose?[7] Yuta, still crying and holding Leez, simply lowers his head.

Leez wakes up, sees Yuta, and springs up. She grips his shoulders, asking him if he is okay. She says that he was acting weird before, apologizes for the herbs, and notes that he looks fine now. To her surprise, he removes her hands and steps back towards Asha, who tells her that she is now healed so she should go ahead with the plan. She explains that Yuta will stay here and use his eyes to block the suras' transcendental skills, but she is on her own when it comes to killing him. Leez questions the use of Yuta's eyes because then she would be unable to use her own magic or transcendentals. Asha tells her that Yuta will exclude her as a target. Leez mentions that she thought everything he could see would be blocked, and Asha replies that his skill has nothing to do with his range of vision. She taunts her about how little she knows about Yuta: his clan, his skills, his reason for being in the human realm, and the fact that he could hold the Sword of Return. She then brags that she knew all this, that they have shared many important secrets, and that he was on her side all along. Leez looks in his direction as he lowers his head. She smiles as she tells Asha that she has no idea why she is telling her all this now. With the sword in hand, she begins to walk through the passage, saying that she is reassured that the strongest magician as well as a rakshasa are helping her obtain her revenge. Yuta grits his teeth in response.

Leez thinks to herself that she has been alone since the destruction of her village, when she still had no power or means for revenge. She had tried to make friends out of her hope to endure things and keep living. But now that she has both, she no longer cares if she was only fooling herself. She passes through the light of the entryway.

Yuta, with his eyes turned blue-green, cries again. He thinks to himself that blocking transcendentals is all he can do for now. It does not matter if she hates him because of this misunderstanding. He silently pleads with her not to die.

Leez walks through a tunnel, trying to calm herself down. She thinks briefly of Mister, realizing that he hid information from her as well. He had told her that his original intent was to kill her, and that he knew Asha. She wonders if he was on Asha's side this whole time, and then decides that she no longer cares. She silently hopes that he will not make an appearance here as well, because another shock will cause her to fall before getting her revenge. Outside, a man in golden armor holding a spear looks back.

Episode 2-169Edit

Asha tells Yuta to do as she says—to use his eyes and stay at a specific position, because she is the one who needs to step in to obtain that power. Yuta thinks she is pitiful when he learns (via insight) what Asha had to lose in her exchange.

At the sura gathering, Cloche notices that Hura is missing. Pingara notices that Kubera's glow has been gone for a while even though it is night, and Riagara is also alarmed. Sagara questions Kubera if his hair has also turned back to gray and if there is a problem that will make them have to wait for the next evening. Cloche wonders if it could be the influence of that "Taraka guy". Sagara assures her group that Samphati would not betray them since the Garuda clan still has yet to obtain what it wants. As Sagara yells at Kubera to take his helmet off, Leez appears behind him wielding the Sword of Return. Sagara is suddenly aware that she is unable to use any transcendentals as Leez begins her attack on Kubera. Sagara instructs the others not to interfere since they are without their transcendentals. Sagara recognizes the human from back when Kubera drew the Sword,[8] and also recalls that Kubera regained his regenerative ability afterwards.[9] She realizes that this is an unexpected path towards the same end result.

During the fight, Leez hacks off part of the armor's mask and recognizes Mister. She is confused as she recalls Asha's words that this guy was responsible for the attack on her village and she must behead him without hesitation.[3][10] But she does hesitate as she tries to rationalize the situation. Kubera takes this opportunity to kick her hard in the stomach, sending her flying into a solid rock wall.

Asha, speaking to herself, says this opportunity was wasted, and since "your daughter" could never do anything right, she herself has no reason to apologize to Rao, and so her horrible ties to him are hereby...

Lorraine and her flying car suddenly teleport behind Asha, and the car slams into her.

Episode 2-170Edit

In a flashback, young Asha memorizes a list of requirements given from someone mysterious, who tells her that failing to meet all those requirements will reduce her odds of winning. Not far from the sura gathering, Lorraine talks to herself about her sneak attack on Asha with her flying car, then activates a self-destruct sequence in the car that will apparently blow up everything within a 10km radius. Yuta knocks her out from behind and lifts the car off of Asha. When she comes to, he tells her to use hoti asvins first, but instead she casts bhavati indra in an attempt to kill Lorraine. She then tries to follow up with hoti marut but Yuta stops her with his eyes. Asha questions if Yuta was ever really her pawn and loses her composure. As she insists that she has to win, Yuta wonders why she was chosen since her soul is unable to bear the power it has now, much less the greater power she wants to obtain. At the sura gathering, as they watch a golden vortex rise to the sky, Sagara says her goodbyes to Kubera, who tells her that he has no use for empty words. Through the top of the vortex, something with golden scales can be seen.

Episode 2-171Edit

Cloche leaves the sura gathering and goes in search of Clophe. She finds him unconscious with Hura, who threatens to kill her brother if she refuses to follow him somewhere safe. In Rindhallow, as Erin and Lilia discuss treating people who were injured in a building collapse, Natasha gripes that they would have suffered less damage if someone stronger than Brilith had summoned Agni. Lilia overhears, and threatens to report her for blasphemy. They bicker for a bit until Erin quietly asks Natasha to let it go, because Lilia is still unaware of Saha's death. At Sky Tower, Rana decides to go down to Rindhallow and help with recovery operations. Ran wants to go with her, but she tells him he should stay. Nearby, Agni assures himself that he made the right choice in returning to the cities. Ruche suddenly tries to get his attention and points to a strange gold light in the distance. Back at the sura gathering, Sagara watches the light pillar grow stronger, then fizzle out. She notices that Kubera's glow is gone, and she asks if he is doing this on purpose. Asha suddenly teleports in, and Sagara is frustrated when Kubera makes no attempt to kill her. Asha addresses Sagara, telling the "King of Snakes" that she cannot kill her.

Episode 2-172Edit

As Rana and Airi help the injured near the crash site of Turret #1, Airi notes that there may still be some people trapped under a collapsed building. Rana decides to go inside to try to save them, but Airi warns her that the building might collapse even more. At the sura gathering place, Sagara and God Kubera argue over whether they should continue with their plans. Not far away, Asha tells Leez that she was probably going to fail anyway, but she had an alternate plan that had a better probability of succeeding. Leez accuses Asha of causing her to lose vigor so she was unable to effectively use spells or any transcendentals, but Asha just tells her it is her own fault and she should thank her for saving her. When Leez tells her off, Asha responds by telling her that her father did not go missing... She killed him. She adds that it would have been unfair for Leez to live a comfortable life with her father. Leez tries to attack her, but Yuta holds her back. As Leez swears that she will kill her, Asha teleports away in the flying car. This is the last time Leez sees Asha for a long time to come.

Episode 2-173Edit

Rana continues to search the rubble for survivors, slicing rocks with a sword made with hoti brahma. Since there is no one to be found, she decides to go back. She feels the rumble of another attack outside and some debris begins to fall. As she is about to cast another hoti brahma, a rock bounces off her head and she begins to lose her balance. Ran shows up and pushes her out of the way of more falling rocks. Rana is surprised to see him as a large rock slams into his head, which he ignores. Ran explains that he followed her here. First he tells her that he thought it would be important to be with his "wife" right now, which annoys Rana, but then he reveals that Agni told him to go after her.

Outside the cities, Gandharva dodges a whirlwind attack. Maruna is alarmed about Gandharva's arm, but the nastika assures him that it was not because of the attack, plus it will regenerate when he rests. Gandharva then remarks that Agni used another god's item himself, and there would be a significant penalty. Maruna speculates that Agni must be worried about Sagara nearly completing her plan, and he suggests that he and his clan mates have done all they can, so they should just leave now. Gandharva agrees.

Back outside, Ran sees lightning and a large black void in the sky, and asks Rana what it could be. Rana replies that it is just lightning, which happens a lot around Rindhallow. She continues her discussion with Airi, who informs her that Lilia made a mistake on her checklist of people and asked her to give Rana her apologies. Rana finds this strange since Lilia is not the type to make a mistake like that. Ran interrupts them, stating that he knows he sees lightning, but asks them if they cannot see that something is above it. Rana nervously replies that she does not know, and that her eyesight is not as good as his. Airi wonders what happened to Chandra since he is no longer maintaining the barrier, since his Darkness attribute would perfectly match the barrier. Rana informs her that he was with Mr. Kasak earlier... Ran nervously realizes that they cannot see it.

Ananta—the first king of the snake-form Ananta clan, possessing the attributes Earth and Sky, who did not have a single weakness... the universe's ultimate existence. Such power can only be held by a soul that is capable of controlling it properly, because otherwise... Sagara then notices Asha nearby in the flying car, and asks her why she would bother to come back since everything is over. She adds that "He" has already vanished—the pathetic guy they sacrificed to allow Ananta to return, and that she has won since nobody else can close the passage. She blames Asha for destroying her own planet in her quest for more power. She then thanks her for all her help up to now, and mocks the idea of a simple human becoming the most powerful being in the universe. Sagara ends her speech by assuring her that there is no way she can get her hands on that power now. Asha finally speaks up, stating that she can delay it until she is able to obtain it. Asha then thinks to herself that until then, they will disappear together. Sagara loses her smirk as the bomb's countdown nears its end. With one second remaining, Asha casts hoti visnu.


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