Episode 3-6Edit

Season 3 Episode 6: Another Beginning (1)

At the new Brimo shopping mall in Atera, Ari praises Riche Seiran's business acumen while Airi claims that her methods are not on the up-and-up. When Ari continues to praise her as he places their items on the counter for checkout, Airi leaves in a huff, and Ari is stuck paying for both his and the guild president's items with his red A-level magician license, earned during the recent re-testing.

At the Temple of Fire, Natasha tells Airi and Ari that nobody is asking to meet with Brilith any longer since Agwen, who used to set up her blind dates, moved to Mistyshore. However, the priestess still receives many gifts, including one from Ari which is buried in the pile. Brilith enters the room, and Airi informs her of new sura activity. Natasha suggests to Ari that the blind dates never became anything more because of Agni's interference.

At the Temple of Darkness in Rindhallow, Agni creates a rose made of flames, which dissipates. Chandra is annoyed by his moping, and tells him that he should not neglect his summoner. Laila retorts that she wishes that Chandra would ignore her. He informs her that she has been crossing the line for the past seven years and she might really end up in Hell. She responds that she is destined for Hell anyway, so why should she pretend otherwise since she is unable to hide her thoughts from his insight? She then sarcastically flatters Chandra out loud, while thinking that he should remove his feet from her desk while she is working. Chandra looks shocked, and Agni laughs at him, admitting that he is envious of the fact that Laila has had a positive reaction upon learning about insight.

Back in Atera, as Brilith sleeps, someone steps into her bedroom and calls her name.

Episode 3-7Edit

Season 3 Episode 7: Another Beginning (2)

The mysterious person who appears before Brilith is Asha as she appeared during their magic exam. Asha complains that if she settles for a comfortable life, then she will betray her past self, who sacrificed much and took many lives. Their surroundings suddenly change into a strange wasteland. Asha is now as she appeared when she was 10 years old, wearing a bloody tunic, and she tells Brilith to just die.

In Rindhallow, Laila is tending to her paperwork when Agni suddenly embraces her and they both vanish, to Chandra's dismay.

Asha is now choking Brilith, mocking her easy and privileged life. As Asha screams that she has no right to abandon her, a hooded figure appears and kicks Asha in the face, sending her flying. When the figure tries to wake Brilith, Asha (now just a shadow) attacks it with a dagger. The hooded figure turns out to be Laila, who causes the shadow to shrivel away. Laila asks Brilith why she never resisted something so weak as she wakes her. Brilith finally opens her eyes, and is surprised to see Laila in her bedroom. Laila mentions that this is the third time she has had to come during the night to wake her, and asks if she remembers this dream. Brilith replies that she does not, and asks Laila what she saw. Laila responds that she only sees shadowy figures, and advises Brilith to thank Agni for bringing her here to wake her. Brilith tells Laila that she envies her for being able to face the gods after learning everything, as well as her talent with silent magic. Laila recalls asking Brilith's mother Jibril how to use silent magic, and she tells Brilith that her mother would have been sad to hear her, since once you use silent magic, you can no longer return to who you were.

Agni sits on a nearby rooftop, looks up toward the stars, then closes his eyes.

Episode 3-8Edit

Season 3 Episode 8: Another Beginning (3)

Under the morning twilight, Laila and Brilith discuss the implications of their knowledge of the insight of the gods—they cannot hide any secrets, yet their gods have been very tolerant of their every thought, good or bad. Laila advises her to simply speak her mind from now on.

As Airi finishes her lunch, she and Ari discuss the resurgence of sura sightings, Airi's frustration with boring guild president duties for the past five years, and Airi's need to use youth-enhancing face cream. Ari then brings up the reports of suras sighted around the Temple of Destruction ruins, and adds that they will be sending an investigative party to the area. Airi excitedly declares that she will head the investigative party, and Ari smiles as he thinks to himself that it has been a while since she looked so happy.

At the temple ruins, Cloche frets about Clophe. Hura tells her not to worry since her brother can protect himself, just before revealing the location of a possible gate to the sura realm.

Maruna observes a light (resembling the gate Hura found) near the top of a cliff in the distance as Gandharva peels potatoes and chastises him. Maruna asks him if he is unable to see that light by the cliff.

Episode 3-9Edit

Season 3 Episode 9: Another Beginning (4)

As Gandharva and Maruna observe the hole in the cliff, the half with the green tail alerts them of a group of possible half hunters with weapons approaching. She adds that the villagers are quickly packing up, and Gandharva suggests that they escape through the water channel entrance behind the mountain. During their conversation, Maruna had quickly checked out the hole and already returned; he reports (in sura speech) that it resembles a gate to the sura realm.

After the girl heads back to the village, Gandharva tells Maruna that they will protect the village first, then investigate the gate later. Maruna asks if they will protect them... like they did in their last village? Gandharva reminds him to only use his power on the same level as a half this time, because if anyone suspects him of being a rakshasa, once rumors reach Agni or Chandra it will be all over for them. Gandharva adds that even if the gate leads to the sura realm, he will not go back.

At the Temple of Destruction ruins, Hura informs Cloche that suras have been arriving through the gate. She asks him why he has yet to talk to them, and he responds that he tried, but not only do they not answer, they attack him. Cloche then demands to know why he is trying to send her through in spite of the extreme danger. He tells her not to worry because she and Clophe can go together. She snaps back that he can go himself. They suddenly hear a screech from the gate.

As the village prepares to evacuate, Maruna informs Gandharva that he heard a noise from the direction of the gate. A rabbit-type half runs towards the group to inform them that the people who are approaching are not half hunters. All the cities are conducting investigations on the increase in sura appearances, and this group is doing that as well. They are from the Kalibloom Fighters Guild, and the famous half sponsor Teo Rakan is among them. As Gandharva looks surprised to hear her name, there is a boom in the distance and several suras emerge from the passage in the cliff.

Episode 3-10Edit

Season 3 Episode 10: Another Beginning (5)

The green half girl is happy to see that there are halfs in Teo's investigative team, since the villagers mistook them for half hunters. When Parr mentions that there have been sura sightings in the area, there is a boom in the distance.

As the fighters team up to defend against the advancing suras, Maruna notes that they appear to be from the Gandharva clan, and wonders why Gandharva does not command them. The nastika replies that he has no control over them. Maruna asks what he plans to do, since he will be unable to pretend he is a half and still fight so many suras. Gandharva at firsts advises that they keep themselves away from the conflict. As Teo races into battle, Gandharva recalls a past conversation[1] as well as her final words before her death when she told him to decide where he stands.[2] As the fighters begin their attack, Maruna still wants to stay out of the fight but Gandharva now insists that they must help. Maruna refuses, worried that he might be recognized as the one who slaughtered the Kalibloom fighters seven years ago. Gandharva reminds him that he listened to his request to help Samphati even though they were fugitives. The fighters congratulate each other on their victory, while noticing that the suras are hollow and all black inside. Teo suggests that they search for more suras where the mountain collapsed. Parr yells as the sura behind Teo slides off its shell and opens a giant mouth. Maruna quickly takes charge and shoves its mouth closed, noting that this sura is unusually strong for an upani. As he begins to feel relieved that nobody recognizes him, Parr stares at him in shock.

Episode 3-11Edit

Season 3 Episode 11: Another Beginning (6)

Maruna does nothing more than hold back the sura in order to keep up his ruse of being only a half, while hoping the others will attack it quickly. Teo realizes that there are other suras inside the dead ones and orders the carcasses to be destroyed. Parr is confused whether Maruna is really the sura that killed her friends or is just a half that only looks like him. The fighters discover that their magic and transcendentals no longer work. This and the sura's red eyes causes Maruna to realize that they are dealing with Taraka suras.

The toothy sura begin to float in the air, ignoring Maruna and heading straight for Gandharva. Teo and the fighters attack and bring it back down. Gandharva, watching Teo's back, recalls Teo from the past. He starts to call her name, but she interrupts and tells him to "Get back, kid." Maruna also tells him (in sura speech) to get away because the sura is targeting him. Instead, Gandharva tells Teo to run because these suras block magic and transcendentals and the fighters would not be able to handle them. He then tells Maruna (in sura speech) that he is trying to get them to leave so that Maruna can take sura form and destroy the suras.

The sura suddenly spawns tentacles and begins to attack again. Maruna has finally had it, sprouts his wings, and stomps the sura. Gandharva nervously points out that he will risk getting caught by Agni and Chandra, but Maruna replies that it will not matter because he is going to take this opportunity to use the passage to return to the sura realm. He has tried to help Gandharva all this time, but he has finally reached his limit. In the end, he tells Gandharva that he does not deserve to be called a king.

Episode 3-12Edit

Season 3 Episode 12: Another Beginning (7)

Maruna looks for a reaction from Gandharva, gets none, and begins pummeling the sura as he thinks to himself that the Gandharva clan would be better off without him.

In a flashback to the sura realm, 3rd-stage Maruna asks if Gandharva is the only one who can purify the area for his clan. Urvasi states that it is one of Gandharva's unique transcendental skills, but Makara corrects him, explaining that it is unique to the King of the Gandharva clan. In other words, if they ever happen to get a new king, that individual would have that skill.

Maruna (still beating the sura without his transcendentals) is confident that Gandharva's clan would resent their king if they knew that he refuses to return to the sura realm. He then thinks to himself that Gandharva is going to need to come up with an excuse for calling him his big brother, but... maybe he can still pass as an exceptionally strong half. Parr and Teo simply stare at him.

At the Temple of Destruction ruins, Cloche and Hura observe the many Yaksha clan suras roaming around. When they see an odd-looking Asura clan sura resembling a large green caterpillar, Hura notes that not only does it not respond to them, but it is possibly a sura of another clan wearing an Asura clanmate's skin like a cosplay outfit. Just as Cloche states that they want to avoid fighting in order to avoid detection by humans from the city... They spot Clophe in a fight with a human. Hura calls him useless.

Airi tells Clophe to back off since she is not a half hunter, and that the magicians following her do not like halfs like him very much.

Episode 3-13Edit

Season 3 Episode 13: Another Beginning (8)

Clophe at first doubts that Airi is the woman he fought in Atera,[3] even though he recognizes the green light of her spell, because she seems weaker and looks a little different. Airi tells him that he should run off since there are magicians coming who do not like halfs. Cloche is alarmed that there are so many humans here now, and decides that they must kill everyone who saw Clophe. Hura ignores Cloche and tells Clophe to just pretend to be a half, help the human out, and escape when he can later. Clophe easily clobbers a tiger-like sura (RAOW!), and Airi pretends in front of the other magicians that he is a half from the nearby forest helping out. Airi again quietly advises that he escapes for his own safety since some of the magicians there hate halfs. Airi says that they are going to show the suras how persistent humans can be, then uses bhavati kubera to fly away; Clophe smiles, no longer doubting her identity.

The villagers are surprised that Runa was so strong and not just a defender, and that he was able to change clothes and sprout wings like Mr. Kasak. One of Teo's companions notes that Runa vanished to avoid a commotion, but Parr suggests that he may actually be a superior sura pretending to be a half. The suggestion is quickly shot down by the villagers who fully support Runa. Teo points out that there were other strong halfs from history such as Teira Bell. Teo asks about Runa, and a villager tells her that Ruva is his younger brother. She asks Ruva to help her find his brother, so that she can sponsor both of them and take them into the city.


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