Episode 3-14Edit

Season 3 Episode 14: Threat (1)

Maruna passes through the gate to the sura realm and finds Akasha on the other side. She asks him why he has not returned with Samphati. Maruna asks why he sees Yaksha and Gandharva nastikas fighting each other. Akasha replies that there is no time to explain and hands him something to take back to the human realm, to give to someone who will know how to use it. Maruna notices that her eye is bleeding, wonders why it is not healing, and asks about the other nastikas. She replies that she is the only Garuda nastika left who can still actively fight. The gate begins to close up, so Akasha forces Maruna back to the human realm.

Maruna crashes into some rocks, upset that Akasha stayed behind to fight alone. The villagers find him and inform him that Teo agreed to sponsor him so that he can live in the city.

Back at the Temple of Destruction, the last of the suras is destroyed, and the magicians wonder what kind of creatures would cause their magic to stop working. One notes that Airi does not seem surprised at all. Airi thinks to herself that her brother had warned her about the Taraka clan already. The magicians wonder what happened to the half from earlier, and one mentions that the Half Rights Protection Law should pass soon so half-haters will need to change their attitudes.

Cloche demands to know why Clophe is doing as Hura says. He responds that he is not—he does whatever he wants.

In Rindhallow, Laila remarks that so many people have been dealing with the suras appearing in Mistyshore, Kalibloom, and Atera that rumors are running rampant. Chandra notes that the situation has become serious, and instructs Laila to send an official notice to all the cities to make knowledge of the Taraka clan public and begin preparations to defend the cities.

Episode 3-15Edit

Season 3 Episode 15: Threat (2)

Gandharva assumes that the passage closed before Maruna could enter it, and chastises him. Maruna recalls his encounter with Akasha and the item she gave him, and decides that the cities would be a good place to find someone who knows about god-level items. He also decides not to tell Gandharva about the state of the sura realm, and pretends to feel bad about his earlier behavior.

Chandra tells Agni that the suras are coming through the passages in search of food, meaning that they have already eaten all the weakest suras in the sura realm. Their conversation reveals that sometime in the past, the gods voted to place the Taraka clan in the sura realm, but now the Tarakas have destroyed it. Chandra says that in order to deal with this, he has been collecting fragments of Kali from the Taraka suras. Agni questions how this would allow him to connect to the Taraka clan, plus failure is as good as being eaten. Chandra then waits for Agni to say that it would be better to to have a human take the risk, which would lead to certain death; however, he adds that human lives are precious and tells Chandra that he must not sacrifice any humans until the situation gets so bad that they have no choice. Chandra, obviously trying to get rid of Agni, convinces him to return to Brilith in Atera.

As Ran tries to get out of playing with the twins, Rana tells him that a secret document arrived for him. Ran assumes that Chandra wants him to do more errands for him; however, when he reads the letter, it is to inform him and several other humans that they no longer need to collect any fragments, and they are to meet next week in Kalibloom. The letter concludes with the claim that one of them will be saving the world.

Episode 3-16Edit

Season 3 Episode 16: Threat (3)

In Rindhallow, Chandra asks Laila whether she sent all the letters. She confirms that, and Chandra asks whether she has anything to say about the content of the letters. She says that she doesn't have any, as she knows that Chandra made the decision after thinking it through. Chandra says that she would've been on the list if she wasn't his summoner, and Laila says that she would sacrifice herself willingly. She says that everyone on the list would do that, because Chandra would use his Insight ability to only choose people who are able to sacrifice their lives for the world. She remarks that Insight is a useful ability, in that it gives one the ability to grasp the opponent's intentions, predicting their actions. Chandra says that this isn't necessarily true, and that there's no such thing as knowing all human beings' feelings. He changes how he looks, trying to provoke Laila into admitting whether she hates him or not.

He asks whether she is sure of her feelings, and Laila says that he's too shameless for her to make any comment. Chandra tells her to keep being so arrogant, and that she'll see him in Hell for thousands of years. Laila asks whether she will be able see him only in Hell, since he worded it as if he won't be able to see her if she doesn't go to Hell. She says that it has irked her as for a long time. She hears that humans who live nice peaceful lives would go to Heaven, so she wonders why one can only see a god in Hell. She speculates that gods can't enter Heaven, and when Chandra remains silent, she says that this must be it. She tells Chandra that she isn't going to paradise either way.

In Kalibloom, Parr is meeting with some people. One magician expresses her annoyance at Parr, since Parr called her and the others in the middle of the night to remember a memory from 7 years ago. She says it's impossible to remember, since it's been so long since then and they were far away. Parr retorts that they threw magic at him, so they should at least remember any thing about, like a pattern on the culprit's face or something. The woman interrupts her and says that they aren't Halfs, only magicians with normal eyesight, and the others debate in the background about whether what color the culprit's clothes was. The woman turns to Parr and asks her how they would remember the face of the culprit if they can't remember the hair and face colors, and a person chimes in saying that if they had used 'Hunter's Eyes', they would have seen it properly. Another person remembers that someone was indeed wearing the item, but everyone stops talking when they try remembering who that person was. After a period of silence, the magicians start talking about food, and invite Parr to go out with them. Parr refuses, saying that she will be meeting Teo soon, and after they go, she starts doubting herself and wondering whether she was wrong.

In Teo's house, Gandharva is telling Teo and Parr a convincing backstory about Maruna as the four of them eat. His backstory is that 'Runa-hyung' is a half that retained a surafied vocal tract, who was constantly doubted to be a superior sura before the Cataclysm because of his immense power, and thus had to hide his power or build more trust with people than others have to. Teo expresses her sympathies, and Gandharva says that it is okay, because she trusted them enough to let them come into the city with her. Parr was staring at Maruna throughout the whole exchange, so in sura speech, Gandharva asks Maruna why the Yaksha half keeps looking at him, and Maruna says that he does not know. Teo asks whether Parr is interested in Maruna, since she's keeps staring at him, and Parr absent-mindedly says yes.

She realizes what she said in a moment, then vehemently and strongly denies being interested in a rotten bastard like him. She apologizes when she calms down, saying that she was thinking of someone else. Teo asks if she was was worried that he will be a strong contender, since this year the Fighter Championship will be held. Parr denies that, and Teo says that she was kidding. Parr feels frustrated that she can't convince Teo alone, and that's when Elwin comes, apologizing to Teo for being late.

Episode 3-17Edit

Season 3 Episode 17: Threat (4)

Teo introduces Elwin to the two halfs she plans on sponsoring, and asks Elwin whether she can give a tour to the pair, as Teo needs to go to the guild with Parr. Elwin stays silent for a moment, then agrees, prompting Parr to ask her whether it is all right for her to spend time in this way, as many assignments are in full-swing in this time of the year. Elwin tells her to not worry because she already finished her assignments, which earns her praise from Teo. Teo then asks Parr to go with her, and Parr tries to protest against leaving Elwin by herself, but Teo tells her to not worry and leave, as Elwin says goodbye to them both.

When the two fighters are out of earshot, Maruna commends Elwin for not being an idiot, and Elwin replies that she had no choice, as not only she would die, but Teo and Parr as well. Gandharva is surprised that Elwin knows Maruna and understands sura speech, and Elwin surprises him further by recognizing him as the half who helped her seven years ago despite the different hair length, then goes on to wonder why a half would pretend to be brothers with a superior sura, and if he was forced to do it. Maruna says that he had indeed forced him into going along with it. Elwin then asks him why he pretended to be a half, and assures him that she will help him out as long as he does no damage to the city, because she owes him her life.

Parr tries to tell Teo that leaving Elwin alone is a dangerous thing, since she is afraid that Runa is a superior sura. She says that she tried to tell Teo in the village, but the opposition of the halfs there was too severe. She emphasizes that her suspicions are not because of his strength, but because she saw him seven years ago. Teo agrees with that, saying that Elwin saw him seven years ago, too. Teo says that since she had lost her memories, she had been questioning Elwin for every single detail she remembers, since all the fighters who were with her that day died except for Parr.

She says that the Teo Rakan who showed goodwill towards strangers died seven years ago, and Parr starts crying. Teo panics at the tears, but Parr assures her that she is crying tears of relief, since no one else believed her. Teo apologizes for that, and justifies it by saying that Parr's weakness is that her face shows her every thought, which would have given everything away; Parr does not deny it. Parr asks what Teo's plans are for now, and Teo replies that Elwin told her that the superior sura will not carelessly kill halfs from allied clans. Teo does not think that he would be carelessly violent, since took the effort of pretending to be a half. She deduces that he must be holding some hidden motive to come into the cities despite the gods being active, and says that rather than sticking close to him, it would be more effective to have Elwin pretend to help him to figure out his motive, until the gods arrive.

In Rindhallow, Laila tells Chandra that an important document arrived for him from the Chaos Temple, and Chandra reads while grumbling about humans daring to send documents to a god. He stops grumbling when he reads on, and after a pause, he asks whether a similar letter was sent to Agni. When Laila affirms so, Chandra says that he must go to the city first, as he and Agni have different views about how deal with this situation.

In Mistyshore, Ran is asking Shess to give him a ride to Kalibloom. He explains that he will miss the day of Chaos when the meeting will happen if he boards a ship or goes through the water channel. Shess points out that he could have hired a number of professional Vayu magicians and that he should have enough money, and so wonders why he instead calls on a sura for help, which is not how Shess expected him to act after Agwen revealed to him that Shess is a sura due to his half phobia.

Ran explains that if he hires a large number of magicians, Rana would hear of it, and would mistake it for him running away from being a priest. He says that he is unable to explain the details to her because Chandra told him to not speak of it, and Shess mentally remarks on how he thought it was fine to tell a sura about this despite that. Shess agrees to help, and asks Ran to get on his back so they can leave. Ran is puzzled because he expected that Shess would use a transcendental to fly, seeing as Agwen told him that he traveled from one side of the planet to other in one night, and Shess tells him that he was just running. Shess tells Ran to hurry before he changes his mind, and Ran tries to backpedal because he is unwilling to be carried piggyback-style by someone who looks close to his age. Shess says that he will just carry Ran then, and approaches him despite his protests about how he is being treated, and they leave behind an empty cliff in their wake.

Episode 3-18Edit

Season 3 Episode 18: Threat (5)

Elwin tells Maruna that there are many books about god-level items, and that he will have to be more specific. He replies that it is Kali's item known as the Pledge Token. Gandharva wonders why he would be looking for an item that grows through transactions. Elwin states that she has never heard of it and speculates that humans might have a different name for it. Maruna adds that its shape can vary as different types of accessories. This rings a bell for Elwin, who recalls that it is an item for suras and considered heresy, so a book on that would not be found in the general library but at the Temple of Chaos under the supervision of the priest. Maruna asks her if she had read about the item based on her knowledge on it, but she claims to not remember any information. She then recalls reading about the item—Eye of Perishment—and Teo telling her to put away the book or else she risks punishment in Hell. Elwin decides not to tell him what she knows so that she can continue to stall him, and wonders why that information is important enough for him to pretend to be a half and enter the city. Gandharva suddenly approaches them and asks to speak to his brother in private.

Maruna asks him to speak as low as possible since Elwin can hear sura speech from a distance. Gandharva questions him as to why he is looking for that particular item, and Maruna confirms that he briefly went to the sura realm and received the item there. Gandharva is shocked and insists that he must never use it, but Maruna responds that it is his choice. He mentions that the item can increase the user's abilities to a level comparable to a typical 5th-stage rakshasa, or even more, and reveals that Samphati used it to develop. He then states that since he is much more powerful than her, he would be on par with nastikas, plus he has no restrictions on his sura form in the human realm. He would be able to stand up to Agni and Chandra. Gandharva calls him a fool and insists that it would lead to his destruction because it is Kali's item, and she is a goddess who wishes to see the destruction of the universe and who has been sealed away over a hundred times. Maruna tells him that the gods are not the only reason he would do it. Gandharva deduces that he would develop and use the Crescent Gate to cross back to the sura realm, and tells him not to underestimate how fearsome the Taraka clan is. Maruna asks him if it was fear that led him to abandon his clan, and states that he himself will never turn his back on his own people.

The fires that light the city suddenly go out, and Chandra appears, suggesting that they talk before Agni shows up.

Episode 3-19Edit

Season 3 Episode 19: Threat (6)

As Chandra appears, Gandharva uses a transcendental to push Maruna back to Elwin's location. Elwin realizes that Chandra has arrived because the city lights have gone dark. The god, who was searching for Maruna to question him on Gandharva's location, is pleased that the nastika himself is here, though appearing quite weak. Chandra expresses disappointment that Gandharva still has not come to his senses after causing so much destruction in Kalibloom seven years ago. He then reminds him of the time he destroyed the planet Gresvan and shattered the souls of 100 million humans, making them unable to pass to the afterlife. He then describes him as the most destructive nastika ever, and states that Agni thinks he had changed because of Menaka, but Chandra himself sees no change. He finally declares that the lifespan of the universe will only benefit from his death.

Back in Atera, Agni sits at a table with Brilith, who is wearing a sexy red mini dress. Agni insists that he has not been using insight for a while, so she should feel free to tell him anything she wants. Brilith simply says that he already knows everything in her heart, and that he is a god while she is merely a pitiful human who has no right to complain. Agni apologizes for not telling her sooner, but he only hid it out of consideration for her. Brilith admits that when she first learned about insight, it was not all the complaints and the swearing, but something even more blasphemous that made her anxious, and she wonders why he is ignoring those particular thoughts. She had always believed that her feelings were only one-sided and that he considered her just a human no different from all the others, and that he must have known her feelings for a long time. She also mentions that she is a bit older now and has tried to go on blind dates, only to have all the men change their minds, which must be have been interference from him. She asks him not to avoid responding to her feelings this time...and they are interrupted by Natasha with a secret document for Agni from the Temple of Chaos. His eyes opens wide when he reads it, and he apologizes to Brilith before he turns into flames and vanishes.

Later on, Agni would regret not staying in Atera, since this was the final day he could have told her his true feelings.