Episode 3-14Edit

Season 3 Episode 14: Threat (1)

Maruna passes through the gate to the sura realm and finds Akasha on the other side. She asks him why he has not returned with Samphati. Maruna asks why he sees Yaksha and Gandharva nastikas fighting each other. Akasha replies that there is no time to explain and hands him something to take back to the human realm, to give to someone who will know how to use it. Maruna notices that her eye is bleeding, wonders why it is not healing, and asks about the other nastikas. She replies that she is the only Garuda nastika left who can still actively fight. The gate begins to close up, so Akasha forces Maruna back to the human realm.

Maruna crashes into some rocks, upset that Akasha stayed behind to fight alone. The villagers find him and inform him that Teo agreed to sponsor him so that he can live in the city.

Back at the Temple of Destruction, the last of the suras is destroyed, and the magicians wonder what kind of creatures would cause their magic to stop working. One notes that Airi does not seem surprised at all. Airi thinks to herself that her brother had warned her about the Taraka clan already. The magicians wonder what happened to the half from earlier, and one mentions that the Half Rights Protection Law should pass soon so half-haters will need to change their attitudes.

Cloche demands to know why Clophe is doing as Hura says. He responds that he is not—he does whatever he wants.

In Rindhallow, Laila remarks that so many people have been dealing with the suras appearing in Mistyshore, Kalibloom, and Atera that rumors are running rampant. Chandra notes that the situation has become serious, and instructs Laila to send an official notice to all the cities to make knowledge of the Taraka clan public and begin preparations to defend the cities.

Episode 3-15Edit

Season 3 Episode 15: Threat (2)

Gandharva assumes that the passage closed before Maruna could enter it, and chastises him. Maruna recalls his encounter with Akasha and the item she gave him, and decides that the cities would be a good place to find someone who knows about god-class items. He also decides not to tell Gandharva about the state of the sura realm, and pretends to feel bad about his earlier behavior.

Chandra tells Agni that the suras are coming through the passages in search of food, meaning that they have already eaten all the weakest suras in the sura realm. Their conversation reveals that sometime in the past, the gods voted to place the Taraka clan in the sura realm, but now the Tarakas have destroyed it. Chandra says that in order to deal with this, he has been collecting fragments of Kali from the Taraka suras. Agni questions how this would allow him to connect to the Taraka clan, plus failure is as good as being eaten. Chandra then waits for Agni to say that it would be better to to have a human take the risk, which would lead to certain death; however, he adds that human lives are precious and tells Chandra that he must not sacrifice any humans until the situation gets so bad that they have no choice. Chandra, obviously trying to get rid of Agni, convinces him to return to Brilith in Atera.

As Ran tries to get out of playing with the twins, Rana tells him that a secret document arrived for him. Ran assumes that Chandra wants him to do more errands for him; however, when he reads the letter, it is to inform him and several other humans that they no longer need to collect any fragments, and they are to meet next week in Kalibloom. The letter concludes with the claim that one of them will be saving the world.


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