Episode 12Edit

Season 1 Episode 12: The Sorrow of Loss (1)

Maruna brings Gandharva to the outskirts of Atera. They decide that attacking from the outside would be futile because of the barrier and the turrets, so they plot to get into the city through the checkpoint. Maruna warns that there is a high probability the city is being protected by a god, but Gandharva retorts that he has no fear of gods. A quick flashback shows a battle between Gandharva in sura form and Agni, with a planet between them.

The pair spots a group of half hunters with two young and injured Garuda halfs in tow. The hunters are carrying a large bone that has the effect of making halfs weak and easy to catch. Maruna wants to kill them, but Gandharva wants to ask them questions first and so they approach them. The hunters assume Maruna is a Garuda half, and one of them begins to make fun of Gandharva's appearance. Maruna loses his cool over their disrespect, and soon all three hunters are out cold. Gandharva helps out the halfs, and is pleased when one of them calls him a good person.

After Maruna drops off the halfs at a nearby half community, Gandharva searches through one of the hunters' belongings and finds a black card—a magician's license. He then transforms himself into a more human-like form with shorter hair and pale, non-blue skin color, and pulls out his sura eye before putting on an eyepatch. He is looking forward to seeing Agni again.

Episode 13Edit

Season 1 Episode 13: The Sorrow of Loss (2)

Ruche and Lorraine arrive at Leez's destroyed village via teleportation. Lorraine has a rough landing and complains that her glasses almost fused with her face. Ruche mocks her for wearing glasses in the first place and suggests she eats a Garuda eye since she can afford it. Lorraine then expresses her dissatisfaction with Ruche's teleportation skills and suggests that there are plenty of people who would make a more capable branch president than her. She then decides to get to work and brings out a tool that can calculate how many people died at a specific location. She expects a result close to the total number of villagers, 112, and is confused by the final reading: 0.

Gandharva, disguised as a human, enters the checkpoint area and ends up at the station of the woman who regrets missing Asha pass through earlier.[1] He recalls the instructions that the older Garuda half gave him on how to use a borrowed magic license to get through the checkpoint. When the staff member brings his information up on the screen (under the name Roi Hemawati), she realizes that it is a borrowed license and refuses to allow Gandharva entry at first. But once he lays on his pretty-boy charm, he is able to manipulate his way to the sura scanner and go on his way.

Lorraine and Ruche continue to bicker. Lorraine is aware that Ruche is in a hurry to get back to Asha, so she takes her sweet time finishing up their business at the village site.

Gandharva scans the city for Agni, looking for where the light is the brightest, and soon enough locates him in a field of flowers where he is making a bouquet for Brilith. The Fire god does not appear at all pleased to see him.

Episode 14Edit

Season 1 Episode 14: The Sorrow of Loss (3)

In the year N8 during the rainy season (when Brilith was 14 years old), she and Agni have a discussion about the color of stars, and how their temperature goes from lowest to highest in the order red-yellow-white-blue. Agni says he also changes colors in that order when he feels angry. When Brilith teases him, he becomes a little agitated and offers to show her how hot white felt, but then suddenly pulls himself together and begins his usual joking around. Brilith decides he is just an idiot, and he feels it is better for her to believe that than to get hurt.

Back in the present, Agni is not happy at all to see Gandharva, and assumes he showed up for a fight. The nastika at first offers himself up as an easy kill, but Agni insists that he hates the idea of killing someone in a weak state—the reaction Gandharva expected. He remembers the time Agni saved his daughter from a hostage situation instead of using her to kill him. He realizes that even though he is indebted to him for that, he is still here to hurt him. Gandharva begins to craft a lie about killing a woman Agni was searching for in the past, in order to make him angry. His ploy works and Agni bursts into white fire, causing Brilith at the temple to cough up blood.

Asha, still asleep in the hallway, wakes up with a start.

Episode 15Edit

Season 1 Episode 15: The Sorrow of Loss (4)

Earlier that same evening, Gandharva revealed his plan to Maruna, to provoke Agni into using a powerful transcendental skill to use up his summoner's life span, resulting in her death, which would cause Agni to return to the god realm and leave the city of Atera open to attack. He notes that only he knows the god's weakness and how to make him angry. Maruna is concerned Gandharva might end up getting killed in the process as he is already severely weakened; in fact, it rather seems like Gandharva has a death wish, wanting to follow Shakuntala. Angered, the nastika tells him that his daughter is definitely alive and he should never speak of her that way. Maruna quickly apologizes, only to be told that his opinion is understandable, since here is a pathetically-weakened nastika going up against the wrath of a god, after all. Maruna remarks that he did not mean that, either, but Gandharva agrees that he is indeed weak, but he should not worry—he does not plan on letting Agni kill him. After all, putting out a fire is his speciality.

Back in the present, as Maruna observes from the outskirts of the city, he remembers the days when he was still very young and learning how to fly. He was under the tutelage of Gandharva, a nastika, the king of the Gandharva clan, and a friend of his father. When Maruna complained about the heat during his training, Gandharva easily changed the weather and landscape into snow and ice. At the time it was an easy task for him, and Maruna would not be so concerned now if the nastika were only half of what he once was. A sudden explosion brings Maruna's attention back to the present again, and he calmly observes a white flame devouring the city in the distance.

An unquenchable fire, resistant to even the hoti varuna spell, engulfs the Magicians Guild, and the guild employees try to evacuate the building, but they cannot access the 5th floor where Asha and Leez are staying. Hungry, sleep-deprived, and hot, Asha uses hoti kubera to strengthen her left arm and smash in Leez's door, after the girl fails to respond to multiple rings of the door bell. Asha yells at Leez to wake up, but she continues to sleep. When the girl calls Asha Mom, the magician informs her she is not at home anymore, but the half-asleep Leez interrupts her, saying that she knows. She knows that she is not at home anymore, and that she does not have a mom anymore, either. She knows. She bids her mom to stay with her a bit longer. Since the girl refuses to wake up, Asha has to dress her and then carry her to the window. She lets Leez continue her delusion of lying in bed and being with her mom. She then casts bhavati vayu and walks down from the 5th floor using little steps of swirling air, wishing Leez sweet dreams and telling her that she will have to wake up soon enough, so if this stops her crying for a while... so be it.

Episode 16Edit

Season 1 Episode 16: The Sorrow of Loss (5)

Atera is on fire, and the barrier is down. Two of the temple magicians search for Brilith. They use hoti kubera to break down a door, and find her hunched over and bleeding.

Agni begins to cool down, looking bewildered.

Entrepreneurs in the city take this opportunity to sell overpriced fire suits. Many people try to evacuate to the temple. Leez, still being carried by Asha, finally comes to her senses and demands to be put down. Asha complies by roughly tossing her to the ground, then tells her to follow her.

Agni realizes Gandharva tricked him into using his white fire transcendental, nearly killing Brilith, which was Gandharva's intention. Agni tries to pretend that his summoner does not matter to him, but Gandharva merely states if that is the case he can kill the summoner without guilt, then. Agni tries hard to keep his cool, and responds that he can kill the rest of his clan, then. Gandharva assures him that there is nobody left in his clan to kill.

Asha tells Leez that Brilith had been maintaining a flawless barrier, and as a result there are no priest candidates available to restart the barrier. However, she is able to restart it herself so they need to get to the temple. Leez offers to carry her there by piggyback, but Asha refuses.

Episode 17Edit

Season 1 Episode 17: The Sorrow of Loss (6)

A young Brilith says she heard that summoning a god would significantly shorten one's lifespan. She asks Agni if he is able to stay because she still has much of her lifespan left? He responds no, it is because he is an idiot.

Agni and Gandharva continue with their conflict. Because Agni is reluctant to fight, Gandharva decides to change his plans and kill the god first, then the summoner later. When the nastika turns his right arm into an ice blade and uses it against Agni, the god stops it with his bare hand, getting his own arm halfway frozen in the process. Gandharva notices that Agni is not willing to cut his summoner's lifespan further by summoning a weapon, in contrast to what he said earlier about not caring about her. The god unleashes a heat burst transcendental to dissipate Gandharva's ice.

Meanwhile, Asha and Leez are on their way to the temple when a sudden eruption of flames in the city catches their attention. A giant heat wave is heading their way.

After his attack runs out, Agni stands in the middle of a deep fog, trying to think of a way to deal with the nastika without straining Brilith too much. He decides that simply raising the temperature is the only thing that would not affect her, but his chances are low. He calls out to Gandharva hiding in the fog, just to be slashed by his ice blade. Gandharva changes his mind again, now deciding to only kill Agni and letting the summoner live, because if the summoner dies then another human could just summon him again. But if Agni himself died, it would take the god decades to resurrect because of the different flow in time between this world and the underworld, so he would not need to deal with Agni again for a long time. He calls out to the god, asking him how he wants to die? But Agni stays passive, glad to hear his summoner will not be killed. However, Gandharva recalls memories of his daughter Shakuntala, who had the opinion that not every god is bad and they also have things precious to them to protect. She asked him to at least not fight against Mr. Agni because, after all, he saved their lives. Troubled, the nastika gives up the fight.

In the meantime, Maruna cannot decide whether or not to go help Gandharva, imagining a moping and critical Gandharva no matter which choice he makes. He eventually chooses to act, and transforms into his sura form.

Episode 18Edit

Season 1 Episode 18: The Sorrow of Loss (7)

Leez wakes up in the Fire temple as Asha tries to get her to come to her senses. Leez blacked out again[2] and is unable to remember how the two of them got inside the temple walls. Asha seems to be prevented from fully explaining other than saying, "It was you..." and complains that Leez is going to ask every time it happens; Leez is annoyed that she seemingly refuses to explain it. A temple guard who saw the whole thing tries to describe to some other guards how a green-haired girl ran at high speed carrying someone on her back, then jumped over the high temple wall. The other guards decide he is delusional.

Meanwhile, Agni and Gandharva continue their discussion. Agni is freezing cold, trying to convince Gandharva to give up the fight. When he mentions Shakuntala and initially presumes she is dead, Gandharva turns the temperature down even more. During their chat, Agni suddenly senses that something is terribly wrong; he realizes that a Garuda clan sura is nearby, endangering Brilith's life. But the moment he jumps up, Gandharva freezes him solid and says that his daughter is more important than Agni's summoner. He also ponders the idea of the two becoming allies, but then decides that it is something that could never happen.

Bonus broken fourth wall scene: Leez complains that the main character did not get much screen time this week. Asha scoffs at the notion of Leez being the main character.

Episode 19Edit

Season 1 Episode 19: The Sorrow of Loss (8)

With Atera's barrier down, the Fire temple magicians try to speculate why Brilith's vigor is all used up. Since she is catatonic instead of sleeping, her vigor is not recovering, either. As they argue over Lorraine (their best backup) being sent away on business,[3] Asha arrives and asks what happened to the priest. The magicians continue to argue as Asha recalls a past conversation with Brilith in which she said she wanted to remain being a priest in spite of the hardships. Asha then asks the magicians to take her to the barrier stone so she can restart the barrier, but they are reluctant to allow it since she does not have triple attributes.

In the city, volunteers are handing out food and supplies when Kaz spots a large creature (Maruna) atop a nearby mountain. Haas has a bad feeling about it and decides to alert the crowd. Maruna begins to charge his trancendental skill to target the entire city.

Asha continues to argue with the magicians, even as the sky above turns red. When the magicians realize that this is a true emergency, they finally relent. Leez blames herself for putting the city in danger because the red-white sura followed her there. The barrier stone appears to be active yet non-functioning. Leez offers to try to create a barrier since she has triple-kubera attributes, but instead, Asha throws her out and locks the door. Asha places her hand on the stone just as Maruna's transcendental activates.

Episode 20Edit

Season 1 Episode 20: The Sorrow of Loss (9)

The attribute of Atera's barrier is Fire, so a person with triple-agni attributes, such as Brilith, is the best choice for creating and maintaining the barrier. If no agni triples are available, only then will another attribute triple be considered. Non-triples are forbidden from creating a barrier because of the danger of death. Asha, with her hand on the barrier stone, questions the idea of a magician needing to sync with a barrier's attribute, and cleverly decides to simply change the barrier's attributes to sync with hers.

Maruna's attack begins, but is blocked by the now-functioning barrier. As Gandharva wonders about this unexpected turn of events, Agni, unhappy about being frozen, sets the nastika's hair on fire. Gandharva begins to attack him again until he recalls Shakuntala's request to not fight with Agni; he then relents and begins to cry. Agni finally figures out that destroying the city was Gandharva's true goal, who in turn is surprised that the Fire god can read him so easily without insight. Agni decides to strike a deal: As long as his priest remains safe, his current summoning will be his last and he will return to the god realm. Gandharva recalls a pair of suras (one tall, the other in gloves and pigtails) warning him that gods are untrustworthy liars, but he believes that this guy is an exception. When Agni is asked why, he explains that he never revealed his insight ability to his summoner to avoid causing problems and making her into a nervous wreck. Gandharva thinks it is a stupid reason, but accepts the deal and ends the attack, for now.

Brilith suddenly wakes up, sensing that Agni is no longer in the human realm, and blames herself for treating him badly and not apologizing to him.

As Leez watches the pre-dawn sky turn back to normal, she hears the temple magicians shouting Asha's name. In a panic, she bursts a hole through the door and sees one of the magicians holding Asha in her lap. Her immediate thought is that she is terribly hurt or dead, until Asha looks at her, tells her to shut up, and begins to tease her.


  • All events between Episodes 1 and 20 occurred in the span of a single day, Leez's 16th birthday - Year N15, 10th month (Kubera), 34th day (Kubera).