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Episode 21Edit

Season 1 Episode 21: AAA Magician (1)

1-21 Brilith

Nearly a month has passed since the attack on Atera. While Asha continues to recover, mostly sleeping and occasionally eating, Leez is bored out of her mind since she has been restricted to the Fire temple grounds.

In the temple's plaza, Leez encounters Lorraine and Ruche arguing over a present. After introductions, they all decide to visit Asha. However, after being warned she would be an a bad mood, they change their minds and decide to visit Brilith instead. When ordering drinks, Ruche asks for tea, Leez requests curry soda, and Lorraine wants whatever is the most expensive. Brilith says it is fine as long as she drinks it in one shot. To Lorraine's dismay, she is served a bottle of soy sauce. Ruche first asks Brilith why the barrier has become weaker, but she would rather change the subject... Ruche next asks Leez about Asha since she is her fan, but Leez honestly answers that she doesn't know Asha all that well. Ruche then asks Brilith to tell them a story about Asha.

Four years ago, when she was 17, Brilith went to the Magic Guild in Rindhallow to take her magic test. The test administrator (wearing a scary green mask) told an unprepared Brilith that she needed a partner, and it was just her luck that someone a year younger was available. Brilith initially balked, assuming the other person would be too young to have the proper skills, but then Asha (whom she at first assumed was a boy) appeared with a bad attitude and stated her skills had little to do with age.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Leez does ask Asha about magic later on, but had to give up after Asha told her that calculations were necessary, as Leez is bad at math.[1] In fact, Asha never wanted to teach her in the first place.[2]
  • Lorraine was the AA magician ranked #4 on Willarv at that time,[3] so she's ranked much higher than Brilith. Thus, it isn't surprising for her to treat even a priest like Brilith casually.
  • Lorraine is shown here to have yellow eyes. Purebloods usually have matching eye and hair color, so this is a bit unusual.
  • Ruche is a Quarter (identifiable from the fact that unlike for most Purebloods, her eye and hair color don't match). Even though she looks young, she's actually 37, which is why she can refer to Brilith as just "a girl."
  • Ruche apparently was the first to notice that Brilith summoned a god,[4] and that the god had left.[5]
  • Regarding graduation, Brilith mentioned her special treatment as a priest to Agni earlier.[6]
  • The exam takes place in the 12th month, or the month of Yama (Death). The two temples in Rindhallow are Death and Darkness. Currygom's blog mentions that the magic exams in Mistyshore (which has the Temple of Water) take place in August (the month of Varuna), so the date of the magic exams in each city is probably based on the temples in that city.

Episode 22Edit

Season 1 Episode 22: AAA Magician (2)

1-22 bad attitude

When Brilith and Asha first met at the Rindhallow Magic Guild in the year N11, they both had bad first impressions of each other, but agreed to be partners so they could begin their magic exams. Laila informed Brilith that Asha did not have use of her right hand. Except for the third exam, all the exams would be done individually.

The first exam was Rapid Calculation 100 in which Brilith (test number N11122550) scored 50/100. Asha had finished earlier and had waited outside the testing room, and scoffed at Brilith when she claimed she did well.

The second exam was the Divine Affinity Test, where Brilith used the hoti agni spell. As they waited outside for her score to be announced, some of the other examinees wondered why Asha did not take her magic exam in Eloth where she had many fans, and maybe she was in Rindhallow to keep a low profile. Asha continued to make fun of Brilith's first exam score, but when her second score was announced (a relatively high 2058), Asha conceded that she was not a completely talentless priest, and they set off together for the third exam. As they walked across a small plaza, Brilith heard a loud commotion coming from the waiting room they had just left.

Before the third exam began, Laila received (and ignored due to the sheer volume of mail) a document from Saha On, from the Magic Guild in Eloth, stating that Asha must take the magic exam at either Eloth or Mistyshore due to potential catastrophic damage to her exam partner.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • The participants are referred to by numbers. These appear to correspond to the registration date (Year-Month-Day), plus an additional number (perhaps to indicate the order of registration on that day). As an example, Brilith's number is N11122550. She must have registered on the 25th of the 12th month, of year N11, and was probably the 50th person to register on that day.
  • We learn two chapters later that the commotion after the second exam was caused by the announcement of Asha's score.[7]
  • We can see Laila's eye color underneath the mask this chapter: it's pink.
  • Saha On is the head of the Eloth Magic Guild, as well as the magician ranked #1 on Willarv.[8]

Episode 23Edit

Season 1 Episode 23: AAA Magician (3)

1-23 exam room 6 (detail)

Brilith and Asha arrived at the testing site for the third exam, where they would fight simulated mara-ranked suras in a magically-created space. This exam would greatly influence their final magician ranking. Rindhallow's version of the third exam differed from the other magic guilds because it used the results of the previous two exams to adjust the difficulty of the simulation. A typical exam would have around 5-10 suras. Partners were required to cooperate, since a large difference in scores would result in deductions.

The pair entered Exam room #6, and were faced with possibly over 100 suras. Asha asked Brilith if she was better with bhavati agni or hoti agni; when Brilith responded with hoti, Asha first cast hoti kubera to strengthen her left arm, then launched her into the air with bhavati vayu. After a few moments of panic Brilith cast hoti agni, but Agni (who had been sleeping to minimize any interference with the exam) woke up, realized she was calculating incorrectly, and tweaked her spell a little. Her attack burned the surrounding area, to Brilith's relief, but as she nearly reached the ground again, her partner boosted her back into the air. Brilith protested, but Asha responded that it was for her own safety as she approached a group of suras.

The test administrators could not figure out why the test for room #6 had so many suras, especially since there was no apparent system malfunction. The brought up the pair's information on the screen, and Asha's second exam score, 0515, raised a red flag among the administrators because of the leading zero. Also displayed were Brilith's triple attributes (agni/agni/agni) and Asha's singles (marut/indra/vayu).

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • In the previous chapter, Saha On must have warned against Asha taking the exam in Rindhallow precisely because the difficulty of the test varies based on the previous test scores. On the other hand, Asha may have wanted this, since this would have allowed her to get a higher score.
  • Suras from the Ananta and Asura clans are the most common on Willarv.[9] This is probably the reason why the exams simulate those.
  • Asha's number is 11123002, so she is probably the 2nd person to register on the 30th of the 12th month of N11. This date appears to be several days later than the participants shown in the previous chapter, so she may have arrived relatively late.
  • Brilith nearly hit herself on the head. We later learn that she is poor at Flame Mastery, a fire-attribute silent magic. Flame mastery is necessary for effective use of hoti agni: without it, the users risk hitting themselves with their own spell.[10]

1-23 entering exam room 6.png
1-23 Brilith and Asha facing Sura.png
1-23 Brilith and Asha facing Sura 2.png
1-23 Asha facing Sura.png

Episode 24Edit

Season 1 Episode 24: AAA Magician (4)

1-24 Asha's bhavati marut

Brilith (in the present) reflects that she had not realized her magic skills were not nearly as great as she hoped, until her experience with Asha during the magic exam made her realize reality.

In the simulation room, Asha cast hoti kubera to strengthen her legs, then bhavati marut to slash both the surrounding suras and the landscape. Brilith was astounded at the power of the second spell since Asha only had one marut attribute. When the next group of suras poised for an attack, Asha cast hoti vayu for a quick escape, then hoti indra for a mass electrocution, and finally a powerful hoti agni (using none of her birth attributes) to finish them off. Brilith continued to be amazed at the speed and accuracy of her calculations and the power of all her spells. When she finally brought her attention back to their situation, she spotted a sura about to ambush Asha and quickly cast bhavati agni to destroy it. This last action gave her the false idea that she must have some hidden talent, when in reality Agni had been helping her out.

The test administrators were still trying to figure out how Brilith calculated so fast since she bombed the first exam, and why so many new suras kept appearing. Debate over Asha's divine affinity score resurfaced; it seemed her score was originally announced as 9999, before it was recalculated at 0515. But they finally agreed that 0515 was incorrect and decided to notify Laila.

All suras in Exam room #6 were eliminated, and both partners passed the exam. The two continued to butt heads until Asha in the end thanked Brilith for the final attack.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • For more on how attributes affect spell power, see Magic.
  • The facilities apparently also protect against outside transcendental attacks. In a later arc, when suras attack, students at the magic academies are told to take refuge in the magic practice chambers.[11]
  • When Asha's score was initially announced as 9999, it caused a loud commotion in the waiting area. This is the commotion that Brilith heard two episodes earlier, after she left the waiting area.[12]
  • Asha's true divine affinity score is later revealed to be 10515.[13]

Episode 25Edit

Season 1 Episode 25: AAA Magician (5)

1-25 The-four-AA-Magicians

Brilith took the 4th exam, the barrier test, in the Triple-Agni exam room. The examiner noted that her results were not as good as expected of someone who maintained a flawless barrier. Her vigor was not replenishing, either, as if she were maintaining a second barrier at the same time. Brilith realized this was because of Agni.

Next, Brilith waited outside the Triple-Marut exam room, where Asha was arguing with the test administrator to allow her to take the exam. The administrator refused since she was not a triple Marut and it would be too risky, so Asha grabbed the administrator's shirt in a threatening manner.

The pair soon stood before Laila once again, and Brilith tried to defend Asha's actions so she would not be disqualified. Laila, after letting the young girl's impassioned pleas go on for a bit, admitted she was just messing with her since she was not about to disqualify Asha for something so minor. She then handed them their licenses: a pink A-rank card for Brilith, and a black card for Asha. Laila explained that she made a special rank, A++, for Asha for achieving the highest score ever at Rindhallow in spite of the fact that she only took three out of four exams; the 4th exam would have been required for the AA rank.

Only 4 magicians have attained the AA rank. An A++ would have the same privileges of an A+ rank, but Asha wanted AA privileges in order to access the Human Search System in Eloth. Laila gave Asha written consent to use the system, under the condition that she take Brilith with her before returning her to Atera, and told her to ask the other AA magicians aside from her for permission. Said magicians were all in Eloth. Brilith was pleased that this (plus her A rank) would allow her to retrieve the Staff of Agni from Eloth.

Brilith ends her story there, just before Asha wakes up.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • The four AA magicians (at that time) are, from left to right:
  • Laila states that apart from her, the other AAs are in Eloth. Later, we learn that Saha On refused to give her permission to use the Human Search System, and that Asha was probably searching for those with the name Kubera.[15]
  • Asha mentions that her path was corrupt from the beginning. We later learn the extent of what she has been doing around this period.[15]

Episode 26Edit

Season 1 Episode 26: AAA Magician (6)

1-26 Asha in bed

The four ladies—Brilith, Lorraine, Ruche, and Leez—drop by Asha's room. She was expecting only Lorraine, and being ogled by the group makes her uncomfortable. Ruche says they absolutely had to see her today because it is Asha's birthday. Ruche offers up her present first, a swimsuit and float patch that Asha had been looking for. Lorraine doesn't have a gift yet, but tells Asha she can have her pick from a shipment arriving from Eloth. Brilith's gift is a handmade red hat that doesn't really suit Asha's style. Leez feels bad about not knowing about Asha's birthday, realizes she isn't as close to her as she thought, and quietly slips out of the room.

When Asha decides to get dressed and go find her, Lorraine protests, saying that the resistance from a barrier with different attributes from hers must have put a huge strain on her. Asha replies that to the contrary, there was no resistance since she changed the barrier attributes to her own. Lorraine finds this to be absolutely brilliant, and recalls a past conversation with Laila in which she called Asha a genius.

After moping alone around the temple grounds, Leez decides to put her gold coin to use and takes off to find Asha a present.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • We saw Lorraine trying to buy Riche's present for Asha earlier on.[16]
  • Asha later makes use of the swimsuit (apparently worn under her usual clothes) during the Water Channel quest.[17]
  • Ruche already mentioned Asha's 3-year-long disappearance earlier.[18]
  • When Leez thinks of the relationship between Brilith and Asha, we see a scene of both of them after they've arrived in Eloth. They're shown visiting the Sorceress's Fashion Bonanza. It mentions several brands: Hella, Sabitri, Artram, Rakraz, and Maryhorn. It also mentions two names: Lutz Sairofe and Lorraine Rartia.
    • Sabitri is the brand that made Brilith's next outfit,[19] as well as the outfits worn by the Priest of Water.[20] In Currygom's side novel, the brand was managed by close relatives of Meiwen Hael, the mother of Agwen Rajof.
    • Artram is the brand managed by Lutz Sairofe.[21] Lutz was first shown when Brilith described magicians.[22]
    • Maryhorn is a chain of private magic academies, with branches in Atera,[23] Kalibloom,[24] and perhaps other cities.


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