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Episode 27Edit

Leez attempts to climb one of the Fire temple walls, only to be stopped by Asha at the top. She is punished by being tied up and hung upside down from the wall. She grumbles that teleportation is cheating.

Leez spends the next day in her room trying to find a way to evade Asha, and finds her opportunity when Brilith takes Asha to the temple library. But when Leez pulls on the doorknob, it unexpectedly breaks off, and so she decides to escape through her window instead.

Ruche interrupts Asha and Brilith at the library, saying she looked everywhere for them, and even Leez was gone. Brilith assures Asha that Leez should be safe in the city, and escorts Ruche out of the library.

As Leez passes by shops with expensive merchandise, she sees two people, a boy in pink and a woman in purple, discussing Lorraine's package which was delivered too late for Asha's birthday. The woman says that she was delayed because there were so many suras en route. The boy tells her she should wait for Lorraine since the box contains a god-class item, but the woman replies that she needs to have her injuries healed right away, and leaves the boy with the box.

Leez wonders about the item in the box and feels unusually drawn towards it. A little white-haired boy in a tattered black cape suddenly appears before her, calls her "Shorty" (Webtoons version: "Kid"), and tells her to forget about it.

Episode 28Edit

Leez becomes irritated with the little boy calling her Shorty so she decides to pick him up and shake him to scare him a little, but finds herself unable to lift him at all, no matter how hard she tries. The boy responds by patting the top of her head, which only makes her more flustered, and so she runs away. The little boy overhears a pair of thieves in the nearby alley plotting to steal Lorraine's box. He has to make a choice between dealing with the box or following Leez, and decides on the latter, setting off in Leez's direction.

Leez stops when winded, and is confused about the weird feeling that washed over her when the brat patted her head; she then tries to understand the feeling of ineptitude from being unable to lift him . She then notices a vendor nearby selling curry mushrooms for only one gold coin each, and she gets the inspiration of using one to cook a delicious birthday meal for Asha. Suddenly, there is a commotion caused by the thieves—a half and a quarter—stealing the box, and at the same time the curry mushroom seller is down to the last mushroom, so she has a quick decision to make...

Episode 29Edit

The date is now 11 Marut 22 Kubera, exactly two weeks (24 days) after Gandharva made his deal with Agni in Atera.[1] He thinks to himself that he had been working tirelessly since that day, and there are only three places left: Atera, Eloth, and Rindhallow. The latter two have strong defenses, and attacking Atera would be problematic because of his promise with, with Shakuntala; her memory makes him teary-eyed. Maruna appears, asking why he is here, and is he crying? He also asks where He is since Gandharva argued with him over attacking Atera the previous day. Maruna warns that it would be bad if he turns against Him since it would make them enemies as well, but Gandharva assures him that he is trying to avoid that.

Leez takes a moment to consider that she would get in trouble if she goes after the thieves, so she figures someone else will chase them, and buys the curry mushroom instead. The boy in pink begins to wail that he has no family and will be thrown out if he loses that box, so Leez feels sorry for him and tells him she will go after it. She immediately jumps to the top of the nearest building (without noticing the the little white-haired brat nearby) in pursuit of the thieves. The boy follows closely behind, mysteriously catching up to her with every step. Leez is so focused on the pursuit that she unintentionally leaves the city when she jumps off the high outer wall. The little brat behind her catches a peek of her pink underwear.

Episode 30Edit

Season 1 Episode 30: The Golden Knight (4)

1-30 Asha devil

In the few seconds it takes to fall from the top of Atera's outer wall, a few thoughts go through Leez's mind: suffering the wrath of Asha for leaving the city, minimizing her injuries when she hits the ground, protecting her head, hoping for some luck... All of a sudden, she finds herself floating a few feet above the ground. As she ponders her situation, stuck in mid-air, she then unexpectedly face-plants into the dirt below. Now with a bloody nose, she continues her pursuit of the thieves, accidentally dropping the curry mushroom.

The thieves are still running with the box when, for no apparent reason, it becomes too heavy to carry. They quickly drop it and decide to open it up right there with a magic tool. The Half thief (the mother of the pair) recognizes the god-level item inside the box right away because of the inscription inside, "Enan," who was a fighter who became a priest when he received the bracelet. Only the Priest of Earth knows how to equip the item, so the thieves would be unable to use it themselves, but they can still sell it for a nice profit. The little boy, who had been secretly watching the whole time, finally approaches them.

Leez is almost caught up to the thieves when they suddenly run past her, screaming. Curious to discover what scared them, she walks towards the box, sees a large bracelet on the ground, and bends down to pick it up, only to have it yanked away by a large man with white hair wearing a dark cloak.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • Quarters age at half the rate as purebloods, and Halfs age at half the speed of quarters, so the two thieves can be mother (Half) and son (Quarter) despite appearing to be about the same age.[2]
  • Physics in Kubera appear to be fairly advanced: there is a book on Atomic theory in the box.
  • The Priest of Earth explains how he lost the Golden Knight in Season 2. The thieves also guessed right: Lorraine wanted Siera to pay an enormous sum in exchange for returning the bracelet.[3]

Gravitational field.png
Eye of earth.png
scanning for thieves
1-30 thieves open the box.png
magic lockpicking

Episode 31Edit

Season 1 Episode 31: The Golden Knight (5)

1-31 Kuberas

Leez looks up at the man in the dark cloak who grabs the bracelet, and she falls back with her knees up. Embarrassed by the man's accusation that she is exposing herself, she punches him hard in the face. When she apologizes, the man calls her a disappointment to the Power of the Name. She has no idea what he is talking about, and focuses on trying to get the bracelet away from the "thief" and back to the owner of the box. When she remarks that bad people go to Hell to face Agni, the man then proposes throwing the bracelet and having a race without magic; the winner will keep the bracelet. Leez, confident in her speed, accepts the challenge. She loses sight of him as she runs, assuming she outran him. Just before she reaches the bracelet, she trips and stumbles headfirst into the man, who had just placed his foot on the prize. He teases her and calls her "Shorty," which reminds her of the little boy who had been dressed identically to this man. He seems to become momentarily distracted and begins to play with her curls. When she accuses him of cheating with magic, his hand moves away from her hair to firmly grasp her neck as he mocks her lack of strength. For a moment he reminds her of Idioty Smith, but then she becomes furious with this thief for threatening to break her neck. She sends her knee up into his groin as hard as she can.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • Leez warned Kubera that Agni will punish him for stealing. That's rather ironic, considering that Kubera knows what sort of idiot he's like,[4] and considering the fact that the two apparently parted on bad terms.[5]
  • Leez's statement "When I told Asha about it later..." is a flash-forward to Chapter 2-125, when Asha makes the comment "You should have stayed with the box."
  • Kubera tells Leez that she has to become a beauty first. Maybe he already knows that it will be the case.

1-31 Kubera.png
1-31 Leez trips.png
1-31 Leez's knee attack.png

Episode 32Edit

Season 1 Episode 32: The Golden Knight (6)

1-32 Leez picks up the Golden Knight

As the man in the dark cloak collapses in pain, Leez picks up the bracelet, which doesn't look like anything special and is way too large to wear. For some reason, she suddenly becomes unaware of it as it slips down her arm. The man reappears behind her, lightly holding her wrists and telling her she is strong yet doesn't control her strength well. At first she is surprised that he is no longer hurt, but then she realizes her arm feels unusually weak and sees the bracelet snug on her wrist. She struggles for a bit trying to take it off, then asks the man if he knows how. He replies that there are four ways she can remove it: Cut off her hand, die, ask a Fifth Zen God, or ask the Priest of Earth. For Leez, the last option seems to be the way to go, and asks how far would it be to travel to the Earth temple. She is troubled to learn that it is on the other side of the planet, 20,000km away, and she will be stuck with the bracelet for the time being. In that case, the man suggests that she learn how to use its abilities . She is more concerned with compensating the "real" owner for having it, so he offers to cover its cost and a pile of gold appears. As Leez wonders where all that came from, he offers her a gemstone instead which would be easier to carry. This only convinces her that he really is a thief. As she berates him, he suggests that she take a look behind her. She then notices the monsters of her nightmares, a group of suras, approaching.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • Kubera tells Leez that she was lucky because she has only fought opponents strong enough to handle her.
    • Leez used to beat up Kaz, but even she knows that Kaz is unusually resilient.[6]
    • We don't know who she fought among the other villagers, but her mother was strong enough to handle Halfs, and Roen was a fighter as well.[7]
    • The last person Leez beat up was Agni, who is also a god.[6]
  • The silhouettes shown are, from left to right:
  • Rao Leez's biography in the first chapter implied that he was from Kalibloom. This means Anna decided to raise her child at the furthest point on the planet from where Rao used to live, perhaps to better hide their daughter.[11]
  • Kubera is shown visiting Agni. Ironically, in Agni's case, acting like an idiot is his way of coping, since he becomes stronger when he's angry.
  • Leez wonders if the bracelet will let her use magic. Her guess is correct: it turns out she can't use magic without it.[12]
  • This chapter implies that the only knowledge Leez has of suras is from (mostly negative) childhood stories.
  • In a Q&A chapter after Season 2 Chapter 100, Currygom explained that Leez did ask Asha to cut off her arm then heal it, in an attempt to remove the Golden Knight. Asha informed her that the Golden Knight would simply return to her healed arm. Leez would need to live with one arm to keep the bracelet off that way.

1-32 new owner of the Golden Knight.png
changed his mind
1-32 hair twirl.png
she shouldn't bother
1-32 scary suras.png
oversized bugs

Episode 33Edit

Season 1 Episode 33: The Golden Knight (7)

1-33 using her mind

using her mind

A giant purple insect-like sura with a large green eye is the first to approach Leez. She blacks out for a few seconds, then notices that she had just dodged an attack. She punches the sura, but the bracelet muted her strength and she begins to panic. The man in the dark cape picks her up by the back of her shirt, somehow causes the flying sura to flop to the ground, then explains to Leez that she needs to use her mind to control the bracelet's power. He then plops her back in front of the sura and watches from afar. She successfully uses her mind to turn on the bracelet, but then finds her arm too heavy to lift. Once she manages to lift her arm, it makes an upward slice through the sura's eyeball. While she tries to figure out what just happened, a reddish sura begins a transcendental attack and catches her off guard. As she begins to panic again, the bracelet suddenly turns black and turned the attack back toward the sura, disintegrating it.

At this point the bracelet turns off and the man appears again, telling her that she has the potential to use all the abilities of the bracelet. The remaining suras crash into the ground and are sucked into a giant pit. Leez assumes everything was done with magic, to which the man says she still has so much to learn. When she looks up at him, she notices that his hair and eyes have just changed colors to gold, and he has a golden glow around him.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • This is Leez's third blackout.[13][14] We learn more about them in Season 2.[15]
  • Leez's knowledge of suras is actually wrong: the biggest suras are not necessarily the most powerful. There is an example of this later on: Hura, who has a small sura form, is actually stronger than Cloche.[16]
  • Leez remembers Kubera's instructions much later on, when she manages to use magic.[17]
  • Leez comments that she has been getting stronger this chapter. She recalls in particular how she broke the handle in her room.[18] This may or may not be tied to the fact that suras have been killing other targets with the Power of the Name. See spoiler section for Chapter 85.[19]
  • Leez used two transcendentals of the Golden Knight: Perforating Hit and Counterattack.[20]

1-33 pausing the attacks.png
pause button
1-33 counterattack.png
1-33 glowing Kubera.png
light switch

Episode 34Edit

Season 1 Episode 34: The Golden Knight (8)

1-34 Kubera carries Leez

The man in the dark cloak plays with Leez's hair again, so she makes fun of his strange color-changing eyes and hair and asks if it was done with magic.  He replies that there is a type of magic that can increase the caster's strength and create a golden light, but it uses up vigor. In his case, he just happens to glow every night without any ill effects. Leez mentions that since it's getting dark, she has to get back to the city so she can make a birthday present... and she realizes she lost her curry mushroom. The man hands her the mushroom and says he found it on the road earlier. As she starts on her way, he complains that she will be too slow, so she jokingly says he should carry her. He does exactly that, which startles her, causing her to drop the mushroom again. After a short blast of strong wind, they find themselves standing on the city's wall. Again, she assumes he used magic, and he must have cheated in their race, so unfair! When she insists that they have to go back to get the box, it suddenly appears in front of them. She is unable to lift the box since her vigor did not recover yet, and the man refuses to assist her, but she still thanks him for everything and calls him a good person. At that moment he looks into her eyes and sees an insight of Leezs' future self, being angry at him for letting her live. He then decides to give the current Leez a choice of either living a difficult life, or dying now.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • Kubera commented that his hair turned gold because it was "that time of the day." Assuming that sunset occurs at 6 pm in the Kubera world, this means his hair turns gold at the hour of Kubera. See Calendar.
  • Leez recalls Kubera's explanation when she sees hoti kubera for the first time.[21]
  • Leez later realizes that it was suspicious how Mister could bring her back into the city despite the city barriers.[22]
  • Leez's father is the one who named her Kubera, supposedly because the Name was supposed to bring her happiness. We still don't know which bastard told him that.[23]
  • In the insight, Leez's back is full of scars. In Season 2, we learn that Leez has regenerative abilities beyond the natural healing of humans, but that the Sword of Re nullifies them, leaving her to bear injuries like a normal human unless someone heals her.[24]

1-34 hoti kubera.png
the glow
1-34 insight.png
the future
1-34 the choice.png
the choice

Episode 35Edit

Season 1 Episode 35: The Golden Knight (9)

1-35 God Kubera Kid

In another insight, Leez of the future tells the man that he failed to see the one important thing that would have stopped him from giving her a choice.

Leez is uncomfortable with the man being practically in her face and discussing her death, so he steps back and asks for her answer. She reasons that people can die at any time, but the dead never come back; he counters that her situation is different, because she cannot die unless he allows it. His words don't make any sense to her and so she tries to take her leave, but finds her feet stuck in place. As he continues to press for an answer, Leez spots some people approaching nearby and puts on a crying act, saying she can't go home because this man won't let her. To her dismay, the man already changed back to a little boy and pretends to play a game of tag with her. The people think the whole thing is funny and walk away, while Leez becomes furious and yells at the boy. He notices that she changes her speech and attitude according to his appearance, and asks if she ever considered that his adult form is his real one? After Leez teases him a bit more, he says he is out of time, and he will ask her the question again the next time they meet. When she asks him for his name and introduces herself as Leez, he tells her it's not her name, but she should keep using her alias. He also warns her not to talk about the "magic" she saw that day, and vanishes.

Leez returns the box to the front of the shop, now closed for the night. On her way back to the Fire temple she runs into an angry Asha. She blubbers about the birthday present that she had but lost, and begins to cry about trying her best and failing. Asha tells her to stop crying, that the present is as good as received, and that they need to start preparations tomorrow for their departure to Kalibloom. Leez is happy with the news of their destination once she remembers the Priest of Earth is there.

Somewhere near RindhallowGandharva asks the man where he went off to since he and Maruna had been looking for him. He replies that he only went for a walk, and Gandharva says good, because he thought he went to Atera against his counsel. When the man accuses Gandharva of not trusting him, he responds that he is only on his team to find out what happened to his daughter; if it turns out that she is dead, their association will come to an end. "Never forget it, Kubera."

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • In this insight, the sky is red, leading some to speculate that Leez could be in the sura realm. In the insight in the last chapter, the sky still appeared to be that of the human realm.
  • Kubera notes that Leez changes her attitude according to appearance. This gets her into unexpected trouble with Yuta later on.[25]
  • Kubera shows up later in the series to ask his question again.[26]
  • Though as promised, Leez doesn't ask around about Mister, she does find things about him suspicious, and much later asks if he did a background check on her.[27]
  • Leez later realizes that Asha couldn't find her earlier because Leez was outside of her range for hoti surya.[28]
  • To Leez, Asha accepting her present was a very significant moment to her, as she recalls it much later on.[29]

1-35 Kubera insight.png
speaks of the past
1-35 weeping Leez.png
loses things
1-35 rare Asha smile.png
rarely smiles


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