You can never return to a time that's already gone.

Episode 36Edit

Maruna's father had three friends who were dear to him; one was a primeval god and the other two were nastikas. When a time came in which his three children needed to be separated from him, the youngest went to Vishnu, the middle to Shuri, and the eldest, Maruna, was taken in by Gandharva at the insistence of his daughter, Shakuntala. Gandharva trained him rigorously, under the pretext that it would help him develop to the next stage. Over the years, he remained stuck in 2nd stage while Shakuntala advanced to 3rd stage relatively quickly. Maruna wished he could just skip ahead to 4th stage because the time in between would be a waste, which led Shakuntala to remark that time lost, no matter how trivial it seems at the moment, was time he'd never get back.

As Maruna misses his own family (except his father), Gandharva misses his daughter. Multiple times and places, gates between the sura and human realm have been opened, and Maruna would ask the suras passing through if they knew of Shakuntala's whereabouts, but so far there had been no word at all. Another gate is to be opened later that day, and Gandharva reveals that he will be returning to the sura realm with "his" permission to continue his search. Maruna has his doubts since the mystery of Shakuntala's fate is the only thing keeping Gandharva at "his" side, but he keeps his feelings to himself.

As Asha begins to discuss their travel route to Kalibloom, Leez wonders why the magician has yet to say anything about the bracelet. Asha, on the other hand, asks Leez why she has not asked any questions about anything that happened since the day she was rescued.

Episode 37Edit

Leez's response to Asha's query is that there are many things she wants to know, but she would rather wait for Asha to tell her things on her own, especially since Leez had previously been told that her opinion about anything did not matter. Asha begins to speak up, but something seems to prevent her (again) from saying what she wanted, other than muttering the gods are unfair. As they leave the city wall to get a meal, Leez thinks to herself that she is not willing to risk asking the wrong question and ending up all alone.

Ruche, who is serving lunch, shrieks that Asha is actually eating her cooking, which only annoys Asha. Soon Lorraine arrives with Airi, the woman Leez had seen in front of the magic store.[1] They came to give Asha a late birthday present, but once Airi begins to rant about hurting whomever took the god-class item out of the box, Asha roughly forces Leez to sit down, tells her to stay put, and takes the others outside. As Airi and Ruche fight among themselves, Lorraine is about to give Asha her present when Airi suddenly receives a message from her older brother via an exchange diary, informing her that a large number of suras has been seen near Rindhallow. They mainly consist of upanis and maras from the Gandharva, Garuda, and Yaksha clans, and there is likely a superior sura leading them.

Near Rindhallow, a Garuda upani asks Maruna if he heard of what happened there during the N0 Cataclysm and the many sura deaths that resulted from Death magic and the summoning of the God of Darkness. Maruna replies that he had, but it was highly unlikely the humans could summon the god again. Once their own numbers increase, he will work on breaking both barriers to open a way for the army to invade the city.

Gandharva is surprised that Kubera opened the gate between realms before he arrived, and becomes suspicious of the god's motives.

Episode 38Edit

When the Cataclysm occurred in the year N0, the primeval god Vishnu separated the races, placing everyone into one of three realms: the god realm, the human realm (for humans and inferior suras), or the sura realm (for superior suras). The suras ended up in the least habitable and most toxic realm, which was especially harsh for the Gandharva clan. Their king, Gandharva, created a semi-purified area to make a livable space for his clan, but it is not pure enough for the young and vulnerable rakshasa, and many clan members are begging him to create an ocean. The #2 strongest clan member, Makara, tries to reassure everyone that their king is doing his best for the sake of the clan (Urvasi scoffs at this, saying it is for Shakuntala), but creating an ocean could kill him. Maruna, who at this time is still in his third stage, seems unaffected by the poisonous environment, unlike Shakuntala, who is in her fourth stage and struggling.

As Gandharva relaxes in a small pool (possibly healing himself since his previous injuries are no longer visible), the king of the Ananta clan, Manasvin, arrives with his underling, Sagara, to discuss a way to save his clan, since Vishnu's promise of giving them an ocean never came to fruition. After hearing the proposition, Gandharva angrily declines to get involved. On his way out, Manasvin reveals that Shakuntala is suffering and putting up a facade to protect her father.

Back in the present time, Kubera explains to Gandharva that the gate only allows travel in one direction at a time, depending on who crosses over first. As Gandharva prepares to pass through the gate to what he presumes will be an isolated region in the sura realm, someone else begins to come through from the other side—Sagara. Gandharva becomes enraged at this apparent double-cross.

Episode 39Edit

While speaking with his Garuda clan underling some distance from the opening gate, Maruna notices that some unexpected suras are coming through the portal from the sura realm because of the sudden scent of prey.

Sagara gleefully greets Gandharva, who in turn demands to know what happened to his daughter. She smirks as she asks how he could possibly not know that she has already been dead for quite some time? Sagara, the current king of the Ananta clan, continues to tactlessly speak to her fellow king about his duty to his clan and his state of mind, until he finally has enough and draws his ice blade. His attack is blocked by one of her rakshasa bodyguards, and Sagara babbles on about how rakshasas in sura form are even stronger than nastikas in the human realm (as nastikas have been unable to completely transform there since the Cataclysm). Maruna abruptly appears by Gandharva's side and makes threatening comments to provoke Sagara, causing her bodyguard to take a swipe at him, which he easily evades; in return, he fires up one of his transcendental attacks. Sagara's group escapes, and Maruna remembers the second bodyguard as someone he used to hunt but would always escape because of his fleeing and hiding transcendentals. As Gandharva prepares to cross over again, he is stopped by Maruna, who sees the incoming army of suras and realizes that the nastika king will have to give up his quest for now.

Episode 40Edit

Season 1 Episode 40: The Past I Yearn For (5)

1-40 young and ruthless Gandharva

Maruna heard stories of how Gandharva was originally a powerful, ruthless, and intimidating nastika, completely different from the person who fostered him, cared for his own family, and worked hard to keep the peace. The only thing preventing him from returning to his old personality and going completely insane is the hope that his daughter is still alive.

Gandharva accuses Kubera of double-crossing him, who in turn says the gate opened where it was supposed to. This angers Gandharva, but Kubera warns him to keep in line and follow orders unless he wants to abandon his daughter. Gandharva recalls a time when she asked him not to rescue her if she were ever held hostage, because he was much more important to their clan than she was. He then agrees to take down Rindhallow and walks away, visibly holding in his anger. Maruna wonders why Kubera would do something like this, when a possibility occurs to him which causes him to think of the god's actions as sadistic.

Sagara and her bodyguards, hidden nearby, plot to approach Maruna after the rest of their army finishes passing through the gate.

Back in Atera, Leez asks why they were leaving a few days earlier than expected, and Asha replies that they needed to take a longer route than she had originally planned. When Lorraine begins to discuss her investigation of Leez's village, Asha tosses Leez out of the room and tells her to wash her face. Lorraine then reveals the reading of zero deaths from her device, even though there had been no visible survivors.[2]

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • There is no entry from Currygom's blog for this episode.
  • Shakuntala's kidnapping and Agni rescuing her was mentioned in previous episodes.[3][4]
  • We learn more about what happened to the Gandharva clan in Season 2.[5]
  • Within sura clans, the stronger the King, the stronger the clan as a whole.[6] This is probably why it's more advantageous for Sagara to leave the weakened Gandharva alive.

1-40 peaceful days.png
peaceful days
1-40 Gandharva angry with Kubera.png
empty threat
1-40 fun choice.png
fun choice
1-40 Leez gets thrown out by Asha again.png
rough handling

Episode 41Edit

Season 1 Episode 41: The Past I Yearn For (6)

1-41 little Kubera

As Leez steps out of the ladies room, she spots Brilith deep in thought near Asha's room at the top of the stairs. She calls out to her, but Brilith looks surprised and leaves in a hurry. Leez thinks to herself that her reaction was strange; she never really had a chance to talk to her the entire time she has been in Atera.

Leez packs her things and leaves with Asha to the outer wall of the city, where the magician explains that they need to change their route because of the increased danger around Rindhallow. When Leez asks if she told anyone else where they were going, she is surprised that the answer is no—not even Brilith knows. Leez then asks about Asha's conversation with Lorraine.[7] As Asha begins to respond, she is again prevented by a mysterious force from speaking the truth, so instead she replies that everyone from the village is dead and it was her fault for having a god's name. Leez recalls her mother telling her that her name is special and will bring her much happiness, which she now finds difficult to believe. As Leez becomes upset, Asha asks her if she wants revenge against the sura that attacked her village, because she knows of a way to kill him.

Near Rindhallow, Maruna (with his ears burning) is offered a proposition by Sagara: Since Gandharva lacks the strength to face the magicians of Rindhallow, they could attack the weaker city of Atera instead without breaking Gandharva's promise to Agni, as long as they avoid harming the Fire priest.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (young Kubera Leez): The original reason behind Leez's naming was the cliché prophecy "This child will save world if you give her this name." But now it's been changed to have more of a tie-in with Leez's dad, and it will be revealed much later.
    • (Brilith running from Leez): Leez and Brilith didn't get enough time to get to know each other. The only thing they have in common is Asha, but she seems too busy... So to Leez, Brilith is, umm... a friend of Asha's who's a great and beautiful magician beyond her reach. Except for her being Asha's friend, it isn't too different from how a normal person would see Brilith.
    • (Asha complaining about moochers): There's always that one guy who brings only his toothbrush, thinking someone else will bring the toothpaste. But in the end, nobody brings any and everyone has to look for some together.
    • (Asha blaming Leez for her village): <just complaining that the picture is too small>
    • (Sagara and her backup): Always depending on backups... Well, she is the cunning snake, after all.
  • Asha asks Leez if she knows how to swim because she's planning to travel through the water channel between Mistyshore and Kalibloom.[5]
  • This is the third time we see Asha being prevented from speaking.[8][9] In Season 2, we learn that something is preventing her from talking about certain topics.[10]
  • In the flashback this chapter, young Leez complains about being unable to go school because of her name. In the first chapter, Kaz also mentions the fact that Leez doesn't go to school.[11] We also saw graffiti on a wall in the ruins of Leez's village where Kaz made fun of Leez for being bad at math, probably a result of her lack of education.[12]
  • Leez also bemoans the fact that her father named her Kubera. In one of Kubera's insights, we see future Leez lamenting about this as well.[13]

1-41 Ladies room.png
clean face
1-41 Leez and Asha&#039;s eyes.png
1-41 upset Leez.png
1-41 hey there.png
clever scheme

Episode 42Edit

Season 1 Episode 42: The Past I Yearn For (7)

1-42 Shiva and Kali

Kali fails to kill Shiva

Leez questions how it would be possible for her to kill that sura, especially since Asha was not strong enough to defeat him at the time. Asha replies that she will need help from other sources, such as the Sword of Return. She explains that the Goddess of Chaos, Kali, once created a sword that had the power to prevent both suras and gods from regenerating. Asha explains more of its history, its rules of ownership, and the fact that it is currently at the temple of Chaos without an owner. Leez then realizes this is the reason they are traveling to Kalibloom, and asks if the sword will be enough. Asha replies no, she will need other things as well, but for the time being she needs to focus on drawing the sword first, if possible. When Leez proclaims she will definitely make it possible, Asha is reminded of her younger self having that same determination.

In Rindhallow, Sagara continues to try to get Maruna on board with her plan to attack Atera. He, however, suspects her of having a hidden agenda. He repeats the words of his father regarding the untrustworthiness of snakes and insects, and flies away. Sagara tells her followers to be patient and wait for Maruna to realize how bad off Gandharva really is.

Asha's friends join her at the outer wall to say their goodbyes. She has a brief talk about secrets with Brilith while Airi and Ruche continue to bicker. As Brilith urges Asha to return safely, Leez shouts her goodbyes to the city below and suddenly spots Kaz. Leez begins to question what she is seeing just as Asha casts hoti vayu, and the two are gone. Brilith recalls this day in regret, as she was unable to tell her friend everything she hid from her. But she concludes that a day, once gone, can never return.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (smiling Brilith): Thanks for worrying about my cold. I used to get better after only a few days of coughing, but these days I don't...
    • (Kubera logo): Now you know the secret behind the sword in the K of Kubera. The wing-like part and the staff will be shown later.
    • (Temple of Chaos): I didn't have enough time, so it's just a rough mono-colored drawing (it's not important right now anyway). But I'll have to draw this eventually, when the crew arrives there... Since it's the Temple of "Chaos," all the pillar designs are chaotically different... so I can't simply copy and paste them.
    • (Garuda): Maruna's father, Garuda, the first king of the Garuda clan. He can change to appear almost completely human because he is a nastika, sort of like Gandharva who can turn completely human except for one eye. Some say Garuda's design changed a lot, but he appeared only once in the Best Challenge version, and there have been only a couple of changes to his clothes. His profile will be revealed much~ later when we get to Maruna's episode.
    • hoti vayu magic only lets you move to places within your range of vision, so when traveling long distances, magicians try to reach the highest point possible to see as far as they can. It will be explained more later.
    • If some people can just go around checkpoints, then what's their purpose? The answer to this question will be revealed later.[14]
    • The next episode, Half (半), is the one I was about to work when I got the call to become an webtoon author. I am excited to write parts of this story that are still unseen by everyone!
  • Shiva disappeared during the Cataclysm along with Visnu. This scene was shown in a previous episode.[15]
  • The Sword of Return shown here is the sword that appears in Kubera's title art.
  • Asha's flashback is a continuation of the one she had in an earlier episode.[16] In this flashback, she says the means don't matter. This echoes what she told Brilith after their magic exam: that her path was corrupt from the beginning.[17]
  • Garuda warned Maruna against snakes and insects. In fact, the Garuda clan is enemies with the Ananta and Asura clans.
  • Leez thinks she saw her friend. In fact, both Kaz and Haas are safely in Atera.[18][19]
  • Brilith feels a similar sentiment to what Shakuntala had expressed to Maruna many years ago, that you can never go back to the days you have lost and the what-ifs that never happened.[20]
  • This is the last episode of the arc "The Past I Yearn For." The title could refer to:
    • Gandharva yearning for the days with his wife and daughter
    • Shakuntala's sentiments that moments, once gone, can never return; she may have been thinking of her mother
    • Maruna yearning for the days with his siblings
    • Leez yearning for the days with her village
    • Brilith yearning for her time with Asha, as Asha departs

1-42 Sword of Re in Chaos Temple.png
the Sword of Return in the Chaos Temple
1-42 Garuda and Maruna.png
following dad's advice
1-42 good byes.png
a send-off with friends
1-42 come back safely.png
a wish for a safe return home


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