Episode 51Edit

Season 1 Episode 51: The Wavering King (1)

1-51 disconsolate Sagara

will never get over him

In a flashback, the death of Ananta leads to difficult times for his clan. As Sagara cries uncontrollably, calling Ananta's name, Manasvin tells her to return to her previous lover, Vasuki, who is now the strongest Ananta clan member and who should become the next king. At first she protests, calling Vasuki a coward, and besides, they split up a very long time ago and she is now with Manasvin. He insists that she had always craved power, and now is her opportunity to sit alongside a king. Sagara is (briefly) overcome by his self-sacrifice.

At Taksaka's nest, a young rakshasa named Riagara announces that Sagara has arrived. Vasuki expresses surprise at her visit since she had written him out of her life long ago. His voice sounds a bit off so Sagara takes a closer look at him. She realizes "he" is now female, making Vasuki weaker than Manasvin. Sagara becomes enraged, punches Vasuki in the face, and storms off. Taksaka questions Vasuki's motives since this is her chance to get back together with Sagara, but Vasuki admits that doing things this way would allow Sagara to stay with the person she loves and still attain the power she wants. Taksaka thinks the whole idea is stupid. Vasuki adds that someday, maybe Riagara will understand these matters of love...

...but the present-day Riagara, all grown up, still cannot make much sense of it all. Since that time, Manasvin had died and Sagara is now king, a position she could only dream of before, yet her hold on the throne is not very strong. Her rakshasa team will protect her in the human realm. Riagara notices Sagara smiling at the news that Gandharva suras are now becoming violent.

At Mistyshore, the young man asleep on the raft manages to float beyond the city's barrier, and is accosted by a large Gandharva sura with long, sharp teeth.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (crying Sagara): New episode! Fans have been wondering who this "King" is. You'll have to keep reading to find out!
    • (Sagara watching the other Ananta suras): About Sagara and Ananta's past—She was like Ananta's right hand. She made sure no other women came near him. Some may have thought they were an item, but the truth was that he had no romantic interest in her. Whenever she told him she was dating other nastikas, he would only congratulate her; this made her cry.
    • Ananta was sort of like the main character of a harem manga. Very dense, almost to the point of a black hole.
    • (Sagara punching Vasuki): Even though I previously mentioned that nastikas can switch genders, this is the first time it's shown. But since Vasuki has lived as a male for so long, (s)he still acts like a man.
    • A nastika's transcendental power changes depending on his or her gender. Most nastikas are stronger as males, like Vasuki, but each case is different, such as that of Shuri, who is stronger as a female.
    • (Sagara looking towards Rindhallow): To those who are curious about Sagara's clothes, the blue bow on her backside is on her pants, and her coat drapes over the bow.
    • The profiles for Ananta, Vasuki, and Taksaka have been added.
  • After Ananta dies, we can see the Garuda clan attacking. The Garuda and Ananta clans are enemies. We learn more of the circumstances of Ananta's death in Season 2.[1]
  • All nastikas can change their gender, except those of the Vritra clan. Nastikas are usually stronger in male form than in female form, though there are exceptions, Shuri being one of them. According to the finite, back when the Vritra clan could still take female form, Vritra's female form was much stronger than his male form, and he and Ananta were contenders for the strongest in the universe, but he now can no longer take female form.
  • the finite also explains that the nastikas of the Vritra clan had to lose their emotions (as well as their ability to turn female) as part of a deal to avoid mass extinction. For this reason, Taksaka is mostly emotionless. However, emotions that stood out prior to the change were actually amplified. For Taksaka, this emotion was anger, and resulted in Taksaka going on a mindless rampage in the Ananta clan. Back then, Vasuki then offered to keep an eye on him until he got his anger under control, and stayed for some time in Taksaka's nest. Even now, Vasuki is one of the few people who are allowed to call Taksaka by his nickname, "Tak".
  • According to Sagara's blog profile, Sagara had many past lovers and many children (most deceased). There is speculation that Riagara is the daughter of Vasuki and Sagara, which may explain why she's spending time there with Vasuki. See the spoiler section for Ep.67.[2]

Episode 52Edit

Season 1 Episode 52: The Wavering King (2)

1-52 Ran v suras

hey there hi there ho there

As the young man on the raft realizes he drifted beyond the city's barrier, more Gandharva suras appear.

In a flashback, an instructor stresses the importance of speedy and accurate calculations when using magic, complaining about the aforementioned young man's reliance on intuition without understanding the underlying theory, causing mistakes and failures with his magic.

Out on the water, the young man believes that his way of doing magic is more advantageous in a real fight, and casts hoti varuna, creating a wave that lifts his raft up and away from the advancing suras. He continues to scoff at unnecessary accuracy and theory. Recalling the instructor telling him that he should follow the example of a great magician like Asha, the young man believes that the bastard can't possibly cast a bhavati spell faster than him since he doesn't waste time on calculations. He casts bhavati varuna and freezes the suras, but unfortunately he also freezes both his right arm and leg, and much of the surrounding ocean, demonstrating why a spell's boundary needs to be tightly controlled. As he becomes flustered about his situation, the suras begin to break free from the ice.

As Asha, Leez, and Yuta approach Mistyshore near the shoreline, Yuta hears the sounds of someone struggling out in the water; Asha tells him not to worry about it. Soon they arrive at the checkpoint, and as they wait in line, Asha explains to Leez that there are no restrictions for leaving a barrier, but you can only re-enter a barrier through a checkpoint. This leads Leez to wonder how the man in the black cape was able to bring them both back to Atera without going through the checkpoint. Suddenly, someone bursts into the waiting area; the young man, now injured, rudely storms past the line, straight to the check-in desk, and manages to offend Asha on top of everything else. Asha takes note of the information on the monitor as the man checks in; once he is gone, she mutters, "Ran Sairofe, Quarter, triple-varuna, rank BB." Asha menacingly states that she will find him and have a little chat.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Ran): I apologize to those who wanted to see more of Sagara. This episode was dedicated to the newest main character behaving like an idiot.
    • (angry Rana): This is the math couple who were shown in the Prologue.[3] The girl will make an appearance later. As for the boy, he seems to pick random answers to math problems but he actually gets many of them correct. But this is not something that can be depended on all the time...
    • hoti varuna: This spell was first seen in Ep.15 when the magicians were trying to put out the fire in Atera.[4] It is water-controlling magic.
    • bhavati varuna: This is freezing magic. More is explained in the posts for these spells.
    • Mistyshore is located on the coast, and has the Temple of Water and a University of Magic. Inhabitants need to be careful not to float outside the barrier when swimming in the ocean. One can easily miss the warning signs and drift out.
    • Angry_Asha.jpg: The new main character's future seems grim.
  • Ran froze his own body. Asha later correctly guesses that he's the type to do so.[5]
  • Leez realizes this episode that the fact that Mister was able to bring her back to Atera was abnormal.[6]
  • Ran's embarrassing moment #1: calling Asha a perverted guy wearing a skirt. The first of many to come.[7]

Episode 53Edit

Season 1 Episode 53: The Wavering King (3)

1-53 cannot leave the children

worries about the children

Flashback: A sura with white hair tells Gandharva that Visnu and Shuri are gone, and Garuda may never wake up, so he is now all alone. She cannot help him indefinitely, and it is time for him to make a decision for his clan.

A second sura (recognizable as Urvasi)[8] tells Gandharva that he will continue to fight off their opponents until the king makes his decision, but there is only so much time. It would be better if the stronger clan members fled to the Garuda clan stronghold; however, the king's daughter has created a sticky situation.

Shakuntala tells her father that she must be left behind with the weak. She does not want to receive preferential treatment and she must stay with the children so they are not alone.

A fourth sura (recognizable as Makara)[8] tells Shakuntala that if she continues to be stubborn, the king will end up trying to create an ocean at risk to his own life. She still refuses to go.

Back in the present, deep in the ocean, Gandharva laments that saving the clan is not worth it without his daughter there.

In the vicinity of Rindhallow, Maruna is still searching for Gandharva when he is attacked by a Gandharva sura. He realizes that the sura isn't in its right mind since it didn't recognize him at first. Once he mercifully sends the sura on its way, Sagara appears and comments on how emotional resonance, which affects only inferior suras and Halfs, is such an annoying phenomenon, especially with an emotional king like Gandharva. She then begins to discuss the false hope "he" gave to Gandharva. Maruna assumed it was to trigger emotional resonance and make the usually-peaceful Gandharva suras more aggressive. Sagara tells him that he is only partially right, because the overly-aggressive Gandharva suras have become difficult to control and are now unreliable in battle, so their army no longer has the numbers to attack Rindhallow. She then claims the real reason is that "he" does not intend to help Gandharva and wants to attack Atera against his wishes. Sagara proposes that they forget about Gandharva for now and go to Atera.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • Maruna appeared, but I wasn't prepared yet... I had to cut a scene where Leez appears.
    • The Gandharva clan has a wide range of aquatic creatures with very diverse shapes: jellyfish, squids, shrimps, crabs, sharks, whales...though some with eel or salamander shapes could be confused with Ananta clan or Vritra clan suras.
    • (Maruna shooing away the confused sura): Due to their shapes, most Gandharva suras cannot leave the water, but there are exceptions like this guy. But since they are not fit for land, they tend to be slow.
    • (yawning Sagara): Sagara's eyes and tongue are different from a normal human. Her tongue is purple (even though I paint it red by mistake sometimes) and looks like it's about to split.
    • (Laila Hemawati cosplayer): Cosplay synchro 100%~! I thought my eyes would pop out when I saw the massive number of people cosplaying as Kubera characters. If you tell me in advance, I may go myself as well...
  • The first person in the flashback is Hanuman, the 3rd King of the Yaksha clan,[9] and also Ran Sairofe's maternal grandmother.[10]
  • These flashback scenes are shown more clearly later in Season 2.[11]
  • We learned previously that Visnu disappeared during the Cataclysm.[8] We later learn that Shuri disappeared with him.[12]
  • Maruna later reveals that Garuda collapsed shortly after the Cataclysm, in critical condition but still alive.[13] Garuda's condition is shown even later.[14]

Episode 54Edit

Season 1 Episode 54: The Wavering King (4)

1-54 Agwen and Kasak

two more arrivals in Mistyshore

As Asha walks through the streets of Mistyshore, she passes by an auction where someone decides to buy a half as an engagement gift for his fiance, who has always wanted to kill a Gandharva half herself. They decide to take the half to some nearby woods away from the crowds and any potential half rights protesters. Some spectators decide to follow since the killing would be entertaining to watch.

Leez is dying of boredom at their magic guild lodgings, and is disappointed that Asha refused to take her along to Mistyshore University. Asha had explained an hour before that the rude young man they saw at the checkpoint is likely a student at the local university who is having difficulty graduating because of his BB status, plus he has triple water attributes—the perfect victim for her to torture. Leez suspects that Asha must have other reasons to seek the guy out. When she finally decides to order lunch, she notices that Yuta is gone.

Yuta sits atop a building, deep in thought. He remembers Shuri's words to him to always keep his mind calm and to never allow it to waver, even when he feels great joy or deep sorrow, because that is the way of a king. Yuta then hears the Gandharva half screaming for help.

Somewhere on the beach, a woman named Agwen rejoices at her arrival in warm Mistyshore and her departure from that City of Steel, Eloth. She wants to go straight to the university, but her companion, Mr. Kasak, wants to put their luggage away at their lodgings first. As she becomes angry and yells at him, he suddenly hears someone screaming from the woods nearby. Agwen quiets down and hears the commotion as well, and decides to check it out, while Mr. Kasak protests as he tries to follow her carrying all of their luggage. Inside the woods, Agwen finds a bloody scene, with Yuta standing alone holding a bloody sword which then transforms into its wrappings. She nervously asks him if he saw who did this, and he stares back at her with red eyes.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Yuta pic): There have been many guesses about who the "King" in the chapter title is. The real answer is that there is no single answer. Sagara and Gandharva both work. The best guess I read was "Asha shaking because of Ran." (Korean word pun?)
    • This chapter is mainly preparation for many chapters that will come later. But Sagara is the main character in this one so the chapter name's color is blue.
    • (Some event stuff? Don't get it.)
    • (Leez looking at the room service menu): Leez's money Leez's money Asha's money Leez's money
    • (Agwen and Mr. Kasak): They were mentioned in the Best Challenge (precursor to the current webtoon), but did not actually appear. Their profiles will be updated later.
    • (Yuta's transforming sword): No need for unraveling the blanket. The reason the sword was wrapped up will be explained later...
    • People who are wondering how Yuta got into the city, read Eps.48 and 50 again.[15][16] Since he can't change or remove his sura parts, he's acting as if he's a half sponsored by Asha.
  • Half sales in Mistyshore have been mentioned in two previous instances.[17][18] As to why the residents of Mistyshore hate halfs, we learn the reason later.[10]
  • We see Shuri and Visnu here. Shuri is teaching Yuta the Way of a King. The purpose of this is to prevent the emotional resonance described by Sagara in the last episode.
  • The freak who can use magic without calculating that Agwen is supposed to teach is obviously Ran Sairofe.
  • In this episode, we can clearly see that the sword Yuta is holding is the one that belonged to Garuda.[19] We later learn that Maruna gave it to him,[7] and that it may be a god-class item.[20]

Episode 55Edit

Season 1 Episode 55: The Wavering King (5)

1-55 Mr Kasak and Yuta (detail)

Let's chat, sura style

In a flashback, several Ananta clan nastikas complain bitterly about Sagara's unprecedented ascension to the throne after Manasvin's death, because a weak king leaves them vulnerable to other clans. They refuse to acknowledge her as King and turn to Vasuki, still in female form, who is unwilling to do anything about it. The clan members assume that she still harbors old feelings for Sagara.

Sagara is roused from her memories as Riagara calls her name to get her attention. The rakshasa reports that the Priest of Atera, Brilith Ruin, will have to be captured alive. The priest maintains a flawless barrier and has the strong support of the people of the city, who revere her like a Queen. Sagara is jealous of this last fact, and anger begins to build before she reins in her emotions by mentally telling herself, "Though you laugh, it is not true laughter and though you cry, you cry false tears." She tells Riagara to get everything ready and that she will be accompanying her.

Leez looks around for Yuta, but avoids leaving the Guild grounds as to not anger Asha.

Out in the woods, Agwen assumes Yuta is a Half and cautiously asks him to come with her to find his sponsor. She attempts to cast a hoti brahma spell to capture him, but the spell inexplicably fails and Yuta runs off. Agwen yells at Mr. Kasak to remove his earrings and go after the boy. Mr. Kasak complies, which causes him to slowly change to a new form with horns, claws, and longer hair. He complains about being hungry and threatens to breathe fire, which causes her to yell, "Dad!" He responds to his princess that he is just kidding. When Agwen insists that he must find the killer, Mr. Kasak explains that the boy only injured the many humans who had been there and that they would survive; he only wanted them to feel pain for killing the Gandharva Half. When Agwen sees the body, she prays for the gods to have pity on him and consider him human. She then says that they cannot allow the boy Half to run around and they need to inform his sponsor. Mr. Kasak points out that the boy is not the kind of Half she thinks he is, already knowing about Yuta's heritage.

He catches up to Yuta, and comments that he is certain now of Yuta's lineage and is amazed that a sura of two clans actually exists. Yuta is surprised by Mr. Kasak, who is now in dragon form and chatting with him in sura speech.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • Sagara knows how a king should be. If she were stronger, maybe she would actually have been a great king.
    • (Sagara in the sura realm): A certain percentage of the King's power works passively on the whole clan, so it's better to put anyone as King rather than leave the position empty. Even a half-dead Currygom is better than nothing. The Ananta clan suras have grown weak due to Sagara taking the position, but they were a great clan when Ananta was still alive. Lucky for them, their predators from the Garuda clan are weak due to their first king Garuda being in coma and leaving their king's position empty. So the Ananta suras managed to survive.
    • The First Kings were given their positions because they were strongest, so they tended to be reluctant to take on the job. But since the successive Kings were chosen mainly because they were willing to do the job, they try to work hard in comparison.
    • (Yuta's red eyes): He's scary looking, even though I drew him.
    • (Agwen yelling at Mr. Kasak): I forgot to fully color that bag... Eh, let's skip it. Their profile will be revealed later.
    • PS: No Best Challenge story mentioning allowed. (something about deleting such comments)
  • Manasvin's blog profile mentions that he disappeared when he was trying to form alliances with other clans. We saw him in an earlier flashback after the year N0, when he was trying to convince Gandharva to join his plan, so he disappeared some time after that event.[8]
  • Here, as Sagara gets control over her emotions, the words in her mind are strikingly similar to what Shuri said to Yuta when she was teaching him the way of a King.[21]
  • With his red eyes activated, Yuta was able to nullify Agwen's hoti brahma. We later learn that Brahma is a primeval god, and normal Chaos suras can't nullify spells from such a god.[22]
  • Agwen offers a prayer for the Half who was murdered. Agwen's blog profile mentions that she is an activist for Half rights. The previous episode also mentioned such activists.
  • Agwen prayed for the gods to see the Half as a human and to take him. In the Kubera universe, humans have an afterlife, but the story hasn't revealed yet if Halfs do as well.
  • We find out later how Mr. Kasak knew about Yuta.[23]
  • The turrets don't fire on Kasak because he's within the barrier. Turrets don't attack targets within the barrier.[17] However, they'd fire at him if he is in sura form and outside the city.[24]

Episode 56Edit

Season 1 Episode 56: The Wavering King (6)

1-56 Shuri

You will reward my patience with your success.

In a flashback, a monstrous, dark, female creature scoffs at the idea that a king must not waver. She tells someone that he can do anything he wishes and eat whatever he wants, since that is all that is necessary to be her successor. In this Chaos clan, law and order do not exist. Listening to her words is a very young Yuta.

In another flashback, Shuri tells Yuta that he must follow the ways of a true king. She will continue with her teachings until he is finally able to control his instincts.

In the present, Yuta thinks, yes, mother, I can control myself. Mr. Kasak gazes upon him and then commends him on his restraint, since he expected him to immediately attack like a typical Chaos sura. He then asks Yuta if he can speak, and surmises that he must have been under someone's guidance for quite a while in order to maintain his level of control as a Chaos clan member. Yuta finally retorts that he does not belong to Chaos—he belongs to the Garuda clan.

At Mistyshore University, a student complains about failing Topology again, and wonders if she should just take the class over. Her friend suggests that she do an alternative quest instead. She responds that those quests can be fatal and she would rather just enroll again. They then begin to discuss Ran repeating his final semester, and how his family is rich enough to afford re-enrolling him for the past four years. Another pair of students spot a sign welcoming Professor Agwen Rajof to the university, and one of them complains that he transferred to Mistyshore from Eloth to get away from her and her tendency to fail her students.

At the Mistyshore University College of Divine Magic, Rana Reimia is excited to meet Asha, and is shocked to learn that she is looking for Ran, the guy who just failed Topology for the eighth time. They are interrupted by people shouting outside, excited about seeing Mr. Kasak in dragon form. Rana explains that he is in Mistyshore because Agwen just transferred from Eloth University. Asha puts on a pair of Hunter's Eyes x50 to get a better view, and Rana remarks that Ran used to have the same model but destroyed it after the side effects almost killed him. Asha says that it's fine as long as she doesn't wear them too long, then says that the situation outside is fine since he knows better than to cause trouble for his sponsor. Rana assumes she is talking about Mr. Kasak, and Asha is about to correct her when she changes the subject back to Ran...

...who is elsewhere moping about his failing grade and imagining everyone's taunting reactions. He considers just running away, when suddenly that "pervert" from the checkpoint (Asha) is standing in front of him.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (horrified Ran): I fainted after uploading this episode. I had to give up a scene that was going to be hard to draw (Asha seeing Mistyshore with the Hunter's Eyes on). I think I need to work on drawing the background faster...
    • (Mr. Kasak and Yuta): Kasak's size is.... The heads of Vritra (dragon) clan suras are small compared to their bodies. But the small part is not so small when you see it like that. The whole body is even bigger.
    • (excited Rana): Asha had been chosen as "The #1 magician you want to teach," as well as "The #1 magician you want to be your teacher." However, she sucks at teaching since her explanation of every subject is too simple. Well, I guess people just want to follow her.
    • (report card): This is a very simple-looking report card. The University here shows the previous grades of the courses that the student has repeated. Some companies only care about the final outcome, but some give a penalty for repeating a course.
    • Ran has completed all the courses offered at Mistyshore University College of Divine Magic (except for Intermediate Level Topology) since he's been a student for eight semesters.
  • The woman at the beginning of the episode is Taraka. She appears later in the series.[22]
  • We have a look at education in the Kubera world: there are colleges for magic, natural sciences, humanities, management, martial arts and arts. It appears that magic university education lasts 4 years.
  • Agwen is a 62-year-old Quarter, which is why the students are referring to her with terms such as 'eternal' and 'miserable old witch-hag'. She used to be a professor at Eloth University, where Asha studied.
  • Ran's brother Lutz Sairofe probably made the Hunter's Eyes, since he's the Priest of Creation in Eloth. Lorraine's latest shipment of goods did come from Eloth.[25]
  • In extra comics made for the Naver LINE app, Currygom reveals that Lutz tried to botch his magic exams to leave the position of Priest to Eloth to Lorraine, and return to his brother in Mistyshore. Sadly, Lorraine ran away, forcing him to accept the position.
  • Ran's embarrassing moment #2: calling Asha a pervert (again).

Episode 57Edit

Season 1 Episode 57: The Wavering King (7)

1-57 hungry bunnies

a bunny's best friend

Back at Rana's office, Ran continues to put his foot in his mouth thinking Asha is a man with a strange sense of feminine fashion, when Rana finally whacks him with a book to shut him up. She apologizes for his bizarre behavior and asks Asha if he's truly able to help her, and she replies that he has the attributes she needs. Asha then addresses Ran and offers to take him on an alternative quest so he can meet his graduation requirements. He rudely replies that he isn't interested and he intends to re-enroll next semester. Asha cuts him short, making it explicitly clear that his opinion does not matter.

Mr. Kasak thanks Yuta for simple-mindedly confirming his suspicions of him being a half-breed, which caught the boy off-guard. Yuta also reveals he is still in his 2nd stage, causing the dragon to tease him for being a slow poke. This annoys the boy, who chastises the younger dragon while demanding more respect. Mr. Kasak replies that if he wants respect then he needs to grow up, especially since Visnu seemed to have a reason for leaving Yuta in the human realm so he may have challenges ahead. Yuta is surprised that he knew Visnu personally. The dragon tells him that the god visited his family a few times, and always spoke in confusing riddles, including one predicting their meeting. "You meet one who is of two halves. He is older than you, yet younger. On the first meeting you are superior, Kasak. But the second..." Mr. Kasak then reveals that Visnu also mentioned Yuta's brother and sister. This gets Yuta excited, but before he can get any information, the dragon runs out of vigor, returns to human form, and promptly falls asleep.

In an icy forest near Rindhallow, God Kubera is feeding some starving rabbits with food he conjured up when Sagara drops by. She teases him for appearing younger than usual, and he explains that his larger form was too intimidating to the animals. He asks Sagara why she came, and that he will not get involved with Atera. She tells him that she's curious about Maruna and why he's willingly helping him out. God Kubera replies that it is a simple matter of finding something he is looking for, once their business concludes. Sagara grins and says she's envious of his ability to lie so easily with his expressionless face. But it doesn't matter to her, since they have the same goal and the means to reach it aren't important. She then asks him to pray that their attack on Atera will be a success, then jokes that he has nobody to pray to.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Sagara): The Wavering King chapter is over. I apologize to those who wanted to see more of Sagara.
    • I didn't really need to put the story about Sagara's past here, but I did because...
      Sagara's chapter is so far away!!!
      I'm afraid she's going to get so much hate for what she's about to do... But it won't be enough, I think.
    • (Rana smashing Ran over the head with a book): Ran is a Quarter and Rana is pureblood so it's okay for her to hit him with all her might.
    • (Kasak and Yuta): Kasak's entire body will be shown later. Since he only needs to age to grow, he is basically equivalent to a 5th-stage rakshasa. But he has some drawbacks since his real form is his human form. He can't always be at full power since he's always hungry, plus he's weak to certain magic spells. Note: We learn later on that unlike suras, Kasak is vulnerable to hoti yama.[26]
    • (God Kubera feeding the animals): Where did all that fruit come from? The same place where his pile of gold came from.[27]
  • Ran's embarrassing moment #3: calling Asha a handsome man pioneering in fashion by wearing skirts. Stay tuned for more![7]
  • Asha evidently doesn't care about the opinions of others. She is like this with Leez as well.[28]
  • Kasak mentions that half-breeds like Yuta should be theoretically impossible. In fact, it isn't possible for suras and Halfs of different clans to procreate.
  • Yuta tries to frame his slow growth in a positive way. Suras with stronger potential need to accumulate more experience to develop.[29]
  • Currygom's reveals in The Finite that dragons of the Vritra clan had to give up their ability to turn female as part of a deal to avoid extinction. Prior to that, no rakshasas were born to the clan, as falling in love with the same species would cause a dragon nastika to die. As a compromise, dragon Halfs would become the equivalent of 5th stage rakshasas after 100 years, save for a few aspects.[30]
  • Kasak does end up calling Yuta hyung-nim. But Yuta doesn't quite appreciate it.[31]
  • Visnu is shown several times throughout the series, always in flashbacks.[19][8][32]
  • God Kubera is feeding bunnies. He later picks bunny ears for Leez, so perhaps the bunnies remind him of her.[33]
  • It appears that Sagara has guessed the reason for Maruna's cooperation.
  • Sagara also mocks God Kubera for having no one to pray to. Agni also thought of something similar when he was confronting Gandharva.[34]
  • This is the last episode of the chapter (arc), "The Wavering King." The title could refer to:
    • Sagara, who does not enjoy the support of her clan, and thinks of the Way of the King with bitterness.
    • Possibly the other kings of the Ananta clan: Ananta who ultimately dies. Manasvin, who wants to let go of Sagara for the sake of her ambitions. Finally, Vasuki, who declines the throne for Sagara's sake.
    • Maruna, who is leading the suras of his clan for this mission, but whose wavering confidence in Gandharva allows him to be manipulated by Sagara.
    • Gandharva, who wavered in his past decisions, and is again in turmoil after being manipulated by God Kubera.
    • Yuta, who wavers between his chaotic nature and the Way of the King. More generally, the Way of the King calls for one's mind never to waver.
    • Perhaps God Kubera as well, whose impassive expression masks his inner doubts.


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