Episode 58Edit

Season 1 Episode 58: Rival (1)

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D997, Mistyshore. A younger Ran is about to begin his match at the Youth Martial Arts competition. Other participants gossip about him, noting that he was last year's winner, and that he's even stronger than a Half. Ran's mother helps him put on gloves, which she bought because she missed his birthday. Ran is excited because they are the ones advertised by 'Rao-hyung' after Rao won the last Fighter Championship. However, when he tries them out, his father, Tan Sairofe, berates him for playing childish games. Tan points out that many of Ran's friends have already graduated from the magic academy, whereas he hasn't even enrolled. He also adds that his brother graduated at the top of the academy and was accepted at Eloth University without an entrance exam. He insists that Ran's triple attributes are a gift from the gods that he should not waste, and that the only way to gain status is to become a skilled magician. When Ran's mother tries to shut her husband up, a crying Ran counters that his brother wanted to go to Mistyshore University instead and help him study, but his father forced Lutz to go to Eloth. He then runs off. Tan blames him for not studying, but Hana reminds him that Ran's mental age is only around 9. Since his parents always worked hard, Lutz was an older brother, friend, teacher, and parent to him. With Lutz gone, Ran would have a hard time until he finds someone to replace his brother.

It is the 2nd day of the 12th month of the year N15. Leez dreams about fighting over a barrel of yogurt. Her bracelet turns on, and she ends up damaging the wall. Seeing her fast asleep, Asha decides to order something first, only to see a bill drop out of the menu for a large amount of food. Annoyed, she wakes Leez by casting bhavati indra on her. The surprised Leez complains that she nearly died, but Asha claims that she wouldn't have died, plus she suffered less damage than expected. Asha then tells her not to order room service when she isn't there, since it makes the person who wanted to eat with her look like an idiot. Surprised by this admission, Leez offers to eat with her again, but Asha declines. They suddenly hear people causing a commotion over a Mr. Kasak. Leez realizes that Yuta isn't there and becomes worried. Asha spots Yuta from the window, and tells Leez they'll go and find him.

Ran attempts to read Learning in Pictures: Intermediate level Topology by Ignorance Publishers (Webtoons: Unknown Publishers). Frustrated by the math symbols, he throws the book aside. He wonders if he should go on that graduation quest,[1] but doesn't want to because Asha looks so vicious. Rana tells him not to miss the opportunity. When she realizes that he didn't recognize who the person is, she reveals that she's Asha, the 5th-ranked magician.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (kid Ran): Chapter 9: Rival has begun. This younger Ran appears to be 9 years old, but he was actually 18, and now he's 36 years old... Come to think of it, this means Leez wasn't even born yet during this time.
    • (kid Ran punching a rock): I worked on the characters' hair styles a bit without giving them too much detail because that's too much work... Ran's dad is a pureblood with a tail fetish and mom is a Half. You can see her tail.
    • (kid Ran with his brother): Lutz was previously mentioned in Ep.56 as the Priest of Creation in Eloth.[2] Obviously he is a Quarter, too, so he's twice as old as he looks. He will show up in flashbacks for a while. By the way, among the human characters, Lutz is the most handsome (except for a certain female?!) The brothers have similar hair but they are very different.
    • (Leez's food bill): 1 rarv coin = 50 Won (South Korean currency), approx. USD $0.05.
      1 silver coin = 5000 Won, approx. USD $4.60.
      1 gold coin = 50,000 Won, approx. USD $46.
      Five bowls of rice (Gonggibap) costs 10,000 Won, approx. USD $9.20. Quite expensive... Because they rip off super rich magicians!
  • About the trip to Mistyshore:
    • Kalibloom is a half-circumference away from Atera, or 20,000 km.[3] Mistyshore appears to be roughly a quarter-circumference, say 10,000 km (very roughly).[4]
    • Asha uses three teleports per day, and uses a Hunter's Eyes x50, which she got from Lorraine.[4]
    • Leez chased after thieves on the 22nd day of the 11th month.[5] She departed with Asha from Atera the day after, so on the 23nd of the 11th month. Here, we see that they have arrived in Mistyshore on the 2nd of the 12th month. Since the Kubera month has 36 days, this means the total travel time was about 16 days.
    • Assuming that the distance spent walking is minimal compared to the distance covered by teleport, this means that in 15 days, Asha traveled about 10,000 km using 3 teleports per day, so each teleport covered a distance of about 10,000 / 15 / 3 = about 222 km.
    • Accounting for the Hunter's Eyes x50, this means Asha's vision range would have to be 222 / 50 = 4.4 km. This is a reasonable range for a human to see, especially since Asha has perfect eye vision,[6] and the Kubera world doesn't appear to be polluted.
  • Ran's mother's name is Hana Lehn. Her parents, Nard Lehn and Hanuman, also appear in Currygom's side novel, The Finite.
  • Ran refers to Rao as Rao-hyung. This is the first of several indications that he knew Rao personally.[7]
  • Rao Leez won the Fighter Championship in D995. In Episode 1, we see a photo of him giving his medal to his wife, Anna Haias, as a birthday present.[8]
  • Asha chastises Leez for not caring about Yuta, even though Leez did try to find Yuta, but refrained from going too far to avoid upsetting Asha.[9]
  • Ignorance Publishers has also published another book: An Easy-to-read Summary of Bhavati Kubera. Incidentally, this book requires the reader to have learned Intermediate level Topology.[10]
  • Ran hates Asha because she wrote Topology is Really Easy,[11] and because Rana won't stop talking about how great she is.

1-58 Ran's gloves.png
ready for his match
1-58 two little brothers.png
two little brothers
1-58 bhavati indra.png
1-58 how Ran sees Asha.png
how Ran sees Asha

Episode 59Edit

Season 1 Episode 59: Rival (2)

1-59 helpful Yuta

baggage boy

Year D999, Mistyshore Public Academy of Magic. According to school regulations, Ran needs to get his long hair cut. He objects heavily, until his uncle knocks him one the head with his staff. Huan explains that his nephew treats his hair like his life, so asks for the school to make an exception. Since he is a priest, the staff accepts. Ran starts complaining that his uncle has too much free time, but his uncle turns around and shows the price tag still on his pink bunny costume, implying that he had to rush over. Ran nonetheless keeps complaining about the school, until he sees a cute, blue-haired girl. Whereas he sees all the other students as bugs, worms, squids or puffer fishes, she alone appears to be a 'female person' to him. Stricken, he promises to study hard. Huan is amused, but points out that Rana is a 10 year-old pureblood, even though she already passed the academy entrance exam. Since she'll age faster than Ran, he warns her not to get too close to her. He can see her as a rival, but he should either date another Quarter or wait longer and date someone around 20 years younger. Disappointed, Ran agrees to be only friends with her.

In present time, Ran asks Rana to tell him her age again. When she says 26, he claims his uncle lied about purebloods aging fast, since she looks like she's still in her teens. Rana claims it's from the makeup. Ran decides to look really close, and notices a few wrinkles. Her face red, Rana whacks him with a book, and tells him to go pack. Ran doesn't want to, since Asha is the one who wrote Topology is Really Easy,[11] and says he'd rather go on a quest with Rana. Rana ignores him and leaves the room.

At their lodgings at the Magic Guild, as Agwen puts her sleeping father to bed, she complains about the fact that he only made pants before falling asleep. She asks him where he left his earrings, as he can't sleep properly without them. As she leans his head back, his horns pierce the pillow. Leez wonders out loud about the relationship between the two, and Asha reveals that they're father and daughter. Leez looks surprised, and Asha reminds her of the aging difference between Halfs and Quarters.[12] She explains that Kasak Rajof is the only living dragon Half on the planet. Despite his looks, he's 132 years old. Agwen Rajof used to be Asha's professor when Asha was studying at Eloth University. She's a 62-year-old Quarter. Leez explains that the part that surprised her was not the age appearances, but Agwen's treatment of her father. Leez had only seen her father in photos, but she wonders if it's normal for a daughter to treat her father like that. Asha just tells her that Mr. Kasak wronged his daughter before and is now paying for it, but Leez should ask them directly if she wants to know more. Asha then suggests that everyone eat together, so Agwen offers to treat everyone to a meat buffet. Yuta, who carried Mr. Kasak and Agwen's bags over, also comes along.

Rana discusses Ran's graduation and quest with Ran's uncle Huan, Mistyshore's Priest of Water, and his aunt, Eline Haias, the dean of Mistyshore University's College of Magic. Eline asks if Rana is worried about Ran remaining a student for many more years when Rana is nearing 30, thus invalidating the conditions she agreed to. Huan asks Eline if she made some sort of wager with Rana, but Eline promises to tell him about it after Ran graduates. Rana informs them that Asha Rahiro agreed to accompany Ran's quest for a passage through the water channel. They realize that Asha needs him for his attributes, adding that magicians have been passing through the channel because suras from the Gandharva clan were behaving wildly. They realize that Asha must be heading to Eloth, Kalibloom, or Aeroplateau. They still find her choice strange, since Ran is only a BB rank, and brains matter more than his combat abilities in the water channel. They are then interrupted by someone with an urgent request for aid.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Huan in a monster suit): some ranting about being late and not being able to post often these days
    • (Huan in a bunny suit): SAbitRI is one of the top 10 Creation brands. Brilith's priest clothes are from this brand.
    • As of Ep.58, the date is N15/12/2 (Y/M/D). In Ep.5 we learned that Leez was born in N0 and is 16 years old.[13] Asha was born in D996 and is 20 years old. The year Leez was born was originally D1000, but it became N0 because of something that happened that year. It will be explained later. (Spoiler: It was the Cataclysm/Upheaval.) Anyway, the years go: ... D997, D998, D999, N0, N1, N2 ... something like that.
    • (young Rana): Magic classes are divided by test grades, allowing for admission and graduation at a young age. You can either graduate extremely fast or be stuck there for decades.
    • Quarters are usually married to other Quarters, or to much younger purebloods (often Quarters in their 40s to purebloods in their 20s).
    • (Yuta): Agwen is a Quarter... so she is actually strong enough to carry Mr. Kasak. Some people expected Yuta to carry him... Well, he's the bag carrier.
  • Ran's hair seems to be a hereditary habit: both his maternal grandmother Hanuman and his mother Hana wear their hair in braids.
  • The pink bunny costume worn by Huan this episode is of the Sabitri brand. We first see it mentioned as part of the Female Magician Fashion Bonanza in Eloth, in the year N12.[14] Brilith's original priest outfit is made by the same brand, which Lorraine refers to as a brand for "kiddie clothes."[6]
  • Suras can make their own clothes from parts of their body when they take human form. When Agwen complains about her father's lack of clothes, she's evidently implying that dragon Halfs can do the same.
  • The terms of Eline's bet with Rana are revealed much later.[15]
  • This is the first time Aeroplateau is mentioned.

1-59 Huan's staff.png
watch your language, nephew
1-59 young Rana.png
love at first sight
1-59 Huan's monster suit.png
pleased with the news of Ran's quest
1-59 Eline.png
secret deal with Rana

Episode 60Edit

Season 1 Episode 60: Rival (3)

1-60 kids at the meat buffet

#1 meat buffet

The year D1000 (also known as N0), Mistyshore. Ran takes a stroll with his mother. He complains about classes, but Hana points out that he never misses one. She guesses correctly that it's because of Rana. Ran wants to reassure her that she's only a friend, but Hana points out that she doesn't share his uncle's opinion. After all, she herself is a Half, but she married a pureblood. She adds that her parents differed even more: her father was a Quarter, a 30-year-old blind magician who appeared 15. Her mother lacked the concept of aging altogether, as she was the highest level of sura, a nastika. Ran doesn't believe her, as he heard that nastikas apart from dragons had no interest in humans. Hana admits that she's also skeptical of her father's claims, and believes her mother was probably a rakshasa. Ran decides to start courting Rana, but Hana tells him not to. She explains that the shorter-lived eventually become self-conscious and distant, while those who live longer also love longer. She wants him to find someone who will live longer than him so he won't be hurt. Surprised, Ran asks her if she has problems with his father, since they seem to be estranged. However, Hana decides to head to a meat buffet she spotted earlier. She reassures Ran that even if she fights with her husband, she'll never leave Ran behind, and will always love him best.

At the buffet, Agwen offers to take Asha to Kalibloom within a day, thanks to having the 'fastest car on this star.' Asha tells her it isn't needed, since she needs to visit the Temple of Chaos, which is only open during the month of Chaos, so they have time. Agwen asks Asha why she's going there, but doesn't inquire further when Asha doesn't respond. Rana suddenly appears and hands Agwen an emergency call for aid from Atera for someone to power the Fire barrier. After reading the report, Agwen hurriedly pays the bills and parts with Asha.

Rana then asks Asha if she's traveling alone. Asha points to Yuta and Leez, who are eating a huge amount of meat, as her companions. She describes Yuta as a Half and Leez as a pureblood. Rana warns her that Ran can't travel with a Half, so Asha will either need to find a different magician or exclude the Half from the party. She explains that Ran can't bear to be near Halfs. She starts to explain.

During the N0 Cataclysm, planets were being destroyed every day. People scrambled to migrate to planets further away. The gods battled superior suras in space, while magicians, college students, and even academy students fought the rampaging inferior suras. They needed the help of Halfs. Back then, purebloods and Quarters regarded Halfs with goodwill, and believed they would help. However, the Halfs were caught by the strongest case of emotional resonance in all of history, went berserk, and attacked their human friends and lovers, all while siding with the suras. Caught unaware, even stronger magicians ended up killed by their friends, and many people lost loved ones this way. In Agwen's case, her father killed her closest friend, her lover, and her mother. Agwen, being an adult, was strong enough to move on, but Ran was attacked by his mother and couldn't recover from the shock.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (smiling Agwen): Sorry for being late. I will try my best not to make this mistake again.
    • (Ran's grandparents): Like Ran said, it's widely accepted that there are no Halfs with a nastika parent (except for dragons). Why would they think otherwise? Rakshasa Halfs are very rare. Most Halfs are either upani Halfs or have two Half parents.
    • (meat buffet): My dad said they look like rice cakes, not meat.
    • (Agwen pays): Kasak's normal speed is faster than commercial airlines, but he has trouble maintaining his sura form so he needs to recharge in order to avoid dropping asleep.
    • 1-60 gods vs superior suras
      (superior sura fighting): This is an Asura clan sura. Yes, these are the suras who appeared in Asha's magic test[16][17] as well as the suras who attacked Leez.[3][18] There are also Halfs from this clan.
    • typo fix
  • The buffet that Asha, Leez, and Yuta go to is the same as the one mentioned by Hana.
  • Ran mentions that all nastikas except dragons show no interest in humans. This is because dragon nastikas can no longer take female form, so they can only mate with humans (mating between different sura clans is impossible). Even so, this is a rare phenomenon, as they are mostly emotionless.
  • On Ran's ancestry:
    • Hana's father is Nard Lehn. In Currygom's side novel, The Finite, he was briefly Taksaka's sponsor, which allowed Taksaka to enter Mistyshore and court Kasak's mother Ian Rajof.
    • Hana's mother is Hanuman, currently King of the Yaksha clan,[19] taking over after Shuri disappeared. We also see her talking to Gandharva in a previous episode.[20] Hanuman, Hana, and Ran all wear their hair in long braids. Only Lutz doesn't appear to have them.
    • Nard Lehn and Hanuman separated after a few years under unknown circumstances. For this reason, Hana's memories of her mother could be unclear.
    • Both of Ran's parents died as a result of the Cataclysm. In Season 2, we learn that Ran froze them in hopes of having them revived by his aunt, but it was in vain as the spell for resurrection had disappeared.[21]
  • The emotional resonance of Halfs in N0, and its impact—particularly in Mistyshore as well as on Ran and Agwen—was foreshadowed in multiple ways:
    • Mentions of Half sales in Mistyshore, and the fact that there was opposition to a Half rights bill.[22][23]
    • Leez contrasting this with the fact that her mother had Half friends, and wondering why things 'have changed'.[23][24]
    • Examples of inferior suras from the Gandharva clan going berserk due to emotional resonance. Sagara explains how emotional resonance affects both inferior suras and Halfs depending on the emotions of the King, and how those affected can't even distinguish between ally and foe.[20]
    • Example of a captured Gandharva half behaving violently as well, with more examples of people in Mistyshore who hate Halfs.[25]
    • Flashback of Ran and his mother in Mistyshore. In the flashback, there is no obvious discrimination against Halfs.[26] However, in the present time, there are no signs of his mother. Instead, he is being raised by his uncle and aunt.
    • Asha tells Leez that Agwen's Half father wronged his daughter very badly.[27]
  • What's unusual about the emotional resonance of the year N0:
    • We see Halfs from the following clans affected: Yaksha, Gandharva, Asura, Garuda, Kinnara, and Vritra. Basically, all races except the Ananta and Chaos clans, which were not shown here, were affected.
    • This normally implies that all the sura kings were angry at the same time. This is unusual, given that the Kinnara and Vritra clans are neutral, and Shuri taught Yuta to keep his mind calm.
    • This could also reveal that perhaps, something else caused emotional resonance.
  • The destruction of planets in N0 is also abnormal. A thousand years ago, after humans started siding with gods, suras started destroying planets in retaliation.[28] Currygom's side novel reveals that to protect humans, Visnu then used his powers to protect inhabited planets from being destroyed by suras. Thus, widespread destruction of planets should not have been possible.

1-60 Nard and Hanuman.png
Ran's grandparents
1-60 rampaging Halfs.png
Halfs affected by emotional resonance
1-60 Agwen defends herself from her father.png
Agwen fights her father
1-60 Ran and his mother.png
a boy in shock

Episode 61Edit

Season 1 Episode 61: Rival (4)

1-61 Kasak and Yuta


Leez lies in bed, warm and happy because she had two dinners. Asha informs Yuta that his non-human features are too obvious, so the party will be forced to choose between Ran and Yuta. After they discuss their options, Asha decides to say goodbye to Agwen before she leaves. Leez is disappointed that she won't get the chance to talk to Kasak. Yuta quickly leaves, since he wants Kasak to tell him about his siblings. As he passes by the courtyard, he hears Agwen lecturing employees for not bringing meat fast enough for Kasak.

Yuta finally arrives in Kasak's room, but he's surprised to see him looking completely human. Kasak teases him at first by pretending to be the wrong person. He then explains that his appearance is thanks to his earrings, which suppress the sura physique as well as the dragon indifference. However, it doesn't fool the checkpoints. He removes the earrings so show that he returns to normal without them; his hair grows longer, his horns reappear, and his hands become red claws again. Yuta asks him where they're sold, but Kasak tells him that they were gifts from Visnu to his father, who then passed them to Kasak when he no longer needed them. Yuta wants to borrow them so he can stay with his party. To his surprise, Kasak agrees. However, Kasak refuses to tell him about his siblings. He says he'll only tell him after Yuta develops into the next stage and beats him up. Yuta complains that he is being unfair, but he vows to do so, and yells from far away that he's not running because he's scared.

Left alone, Kasak plops back into bed (with the pillow he shredded by his horns earlier),[27] and keeps munching on beef jerky. He finds it interesting that Visnu knew all of this would happen. He recalls Visnu telling him that the choice will always be his. Visnu won't tell him the consequences of each of his decisions, then adds that the child may become Kasak's enemy, so it could be wiser for Kasak to kill him immediately. Kasak thinks that he may regret his decision, but he's too curious nonetheless, and wants to see Yuta's developed form.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (cute happy Yuta): I thought about how to not be late. An Ep.60 special would be weird, and Goobera is only for real emergencies. But sacrificing quality is a big no-no, and cutting down each release would be too hard....
    • (Asha checking Yuta's teeth): If you ever try to do what Asha did, your hands will disappear, and possibly even more.
    • (Mr. Kasak messing with Yuta): The two images are not copied and pasted. Kasak's lack of emotions is one of his sura traits, so his personality changes with the earrings. However, Yuta won't experience much of a change in his personality. Also, his hunger won't be suppressed.
    • (preview of developed Yuta): When Yuta develops, will his hair grow long like Maruna's? The answer is no. When suras develop, their hair usually stays the same, rarely growing longer. Even then it's only a small amount. Of course, nastikas don't care about that. They can choose any length they want.
  • When Yuta runs to find Kasak, he bumps into Asha, who remains uninjured. However, later on when Yuta bumps into someone, he breaks the person's arm.[29] This seems to imply that either Asha is stronger than a normal human, or she (or her mage suit) has resistance to damage.
  • Halfs must eat meat to recover vigor. That's why Agwen ordered a lot for Kasak.
  • Leez is disappointed that she's unable to meet Kasak this time, but she finally gets to meet him in Season 2.[30]
  • The story of Kasak's parents is detailed in Currygom's side novel, The Finite.
  • Kasak's flashback is a continuation of the one in Episode 57.[1]
  • As implied in this episode, Visnu's insight, stated on Currygom's blog to be the most powerful among all gods, allows him to see the consequences of all choices. In The Finite, Yama describes that this earned him the nickname Visnu of trial and error, as Visnu can in theory get any desired outcome by looking through every scenario. However, in a later episode, Visnu explains to Gandharva that the future is just a probability.[31] In The Finite, Taksaka also pointed out that Visnu couldn't or wouldn't prevent the destructions of the previous universes.

1-61 Leez in heaven.png
warm and cozy
1-61 Asha checks Yuta's teeth.png
sharp and pointy
1-61 Kasak eating jerky.png
meaty and delicious
1-61 future preview of Yuta.png
bigger and stronger

Episode 62Edit

Season 1 Episode 62: Rival (5)

1-62 Ran's mage suit

Ran all dressed up

The year N2, Mistyshore. Rana explains a math problem to 'Ran-oppa'. However, Ran is depressed. She slams her hands onto the table and tells Ran that the N0 Cataclysm must have taught him that strength alone isn't enough, so he needs to learn magic. He can't wait for his brother to come to help him, as Lutz has become a priest and must look after Eloth. She concludes that it is now his responsibility to protect those precious to him.

In the present time, Ran asks Rana if she recalls when she stopped calling him "oppa." She doesn't remember, and wonders if it's when she became taller than him. Ran blames her age for her failing memory, much to Rana's annoyance. When she tells him that it would make more sense for him to call her "nuna," he does so while saying that he doesn't want to go questing with the liar, but that just seems to annoy her. Rana throws a mage suit at him and tells him to put it on and meet Asha near the channel entrance at the hour of Creation. Ran asks her for her true reason for wanting him to go, implying that she has ulterior motives. Rana becomes tense and doesn't respond. Ran finally agrees to go. Rana turns around, only to see Ran removing his shirt, exposing his abs. When Ran chides her for gawking, she starts throwing clothes at him, telling him to put on the suit, not remove his shirt.

At the entrance to the channel, Leez asks Asha to describe the water channel, but she tells her to wait and see. Leez is happy that Yuta has earrings hiding his sura features now, but she sees him write down that he'll catch up later, before running off. Asha realizes that Leez has been feeding him cucumbers. She also realizes that the earrings don't help with his digestive system. Leez sees a crowd forming as the time to open the channel approaches. Asha explains that most are students who'll stay near the entrance to complete basic assignments. Few will try to cross to the other side. Asha expresses disappointment in Ran for being late, but Ran appears and tells her that she's the one who is late, as he arrived before the Time of Creation. Leez doesn't think the mage suit suits him, and he agrees, but he has no choice since they're traveling through the channel. He then asks "yellow Chickie" (TC/LINE Webtoons: yellow chicken) if she really plans to go in, dressed the way she is.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (young Ran): I planned to include a flashback of Lutz rescuing Ran, but it seemed to go beyond the scope of this episode. Since Lutz is going to be a very strong character, I was afraid he would become popular too soon, so it was left out. Maybe next time.
      1-28 currygom
    • (Rana searching for a suit): I have that Currygom costume. My profile pic is me wearing it. lol
    • Do you recognize any of these outfits from somewhere else? The one over the corner... (The sage-colored top with long sleeves, barely visible on the far right, was worn by Ran in the previous episode when Asha tells Yuta she can't take both of them because of Ran's fear of Halfs.)
    • (Ran): Ran is not really handsome, but I draw him to make him better-looking than he actually is, similar to Leez. (Currygom has previously said that she draws Leez with a beauty filter.)
    • (fog/mist): Because Leez's group originally arrived in Mistyshore in the early afternoon, the fog wasn't shown. However, the fog is a well-known feature of "Misty"shore.
  • In the flashback, Rana tells Ran that his brother has become a priest. In fact, according to the profile of Eline Haias in Currygom's blog, the previous Priest of Creation died during the Cataclysm, so a new priest was needed.
  • Eline Haias shares the same surname as Leez's mother, Anna Haias. However, in the Kubera universe, people with the same surname are not necessarily close relatives. Praul Ajes and Jibril Ajes, for example, are very distantly related. In a similar way, Peil Sairofe from Leez's village isn't necessarily closely related to Ran.
  • On Ran calling Asha a liar: Evidently, he's still not over the fact that Asha wrote a book that claims that Topology is easy.[11]
  • The Time of Creation is 6AM-8AM. Both TC and LINE Webtoons translated it as "Hour" of Creation, but that's not strictly accurate since the Time of Creation is two hours long. See also: Calendar
  • Ran starts calling Leez "Chickie" from this point onwards, much to Leez's dismay. He eventually explains the reason for it to her.[7]
  • Ran's suit is called "Blessing Terra," made by the Creation brand Forellica, and unlike its name and color suggest, it is has a water magic affinity.

1-62 Ran needs to focus.png
failing to focus
1-62 Rana picks out Ran's suit.png
choosing a suit
1-62 Mistyshore water channel entrance.png
waiting for it to open
1-62 reaction to Ran's mage suit.png
criticizing the suit

Episode 63Edit

Season 1 Episode 63: Rival (6)

1-63 speeding thru the water channel

feeling the need for speed

It's the 3rd day of the 12th month of the year N15. Rana wakes up to an admonishing alarm bell shaped like Laila Hemawati. She realizes that she fell asleep, then notices a letter from Ran along with some mango milk. In the letter, Ran admits that he was reluctant to go precisely because it was Asha. Rana always told Ran to follow Asha's example, and he was sick of it. Rana smiles and thinks that it was for Ran's benefit.

When Rana was 19 (university student) and Ran was 29 (appearance: 14, academy student), Rana found it amazing that Asha was accepted into Eloth University at age 13. She described her as being cooler than Ran, who only had brute strength. Later, when she was 22 (associate professor) and Ran was 32 (university student), she pointed out that Asha was graduating at the age of 16, unlike Ran the middle-aged man. Finally, when she was 26 (full professor) and Ran was 36 (still a university student), she got a photo of Asha and swooned over how amazing Asha was, making Ran mad when she wanted to show him the photo. Finally, in a distorted scene, Ran describes how Rana told him that the "intelligent and dignified and beautiful" Asha had "charitably" accepted to help him. She then tells him to pack up and get out. In this scene, Asha makes fun of his face. In reality, neither of them said anything of the sort.

Rana is a bit embarrassed by Ran's distorted vision of the events, and decides to apologize for stressing him out too much. However, in the next part of the letter, Ran explains that he realized that Rana is in love with Asha, so he'll go with "him" to see if he's worthy of her. Shocked and horrified, Rana realizes that Ran thinks that Asha is a guy.

Asha's group prepares to enter the water channel. Ran is worried because Leez isn't wearing much. Leez reassures him that the clothes are long-sleeved, and although she gets hot easily, she's fine with the cold. She adds that the clothes are special to her, as they were a present by the one she loves the most in the world. Ran deduces that Leez has a boyfriend, and when he sees Leez running up to Asha, he deduces that Asha is said boyfriend. He's worried about Asha's tastes. He then sees Yuta, the next party member. Appalled, he asks Asha why she's bringing along two children. He deduces that Asha likes gigantic boobs and is suspiciously dragging around two kids.

Within the channel, Asha forms a boat with hoti brahma to sail through the water channel. Ran is worried, however, since objects made with hoti brahma eventually disappear. Asha informs him that obviously, he should get them to the next area before that happens. From Asha's looks, Ran deduces that Asha is a scary guy who'd kill heaps of people and blame it on involuntary manslaughter by magical accident. Ran starts to say that it seems too dangerous to proceed, but Leez says she looks forward to swimming in the pleasant-looking water. Ran decides he can't manage the two kids and wants to head back, but Asha assumes out loud that he's scared, lousy, and incompetent, forcing him to proceed.

Using hoti varuna, Ran makes the boat sail ahead. Asha explains that although she can use the spell as well, triple magicians have a higher daily usage, and Quarters have vigor to spare. Ran suddenly stops the boat, since the area is different from how it was when he was younger. Asha confirms that the geography has changed. Normally, the paths only start changing from Area 51 onwards. She decides to proceed anyway, which Ran thinks is crazy, while Leez looks forward to swimming. Asha expresses more disappointment in Ran, then casts hoti surya. She then starts drawing a map for Ran.

Leez notes that she's never seen that spell. Ran is surprised by her lack of knowledge, since he thought she was a magic academy student. He explains that hoti surya allows one to see everything in the surrounding area for a very brief time, including things that are hidden. But it disappears so fast that it's hard to remember, so it is normally only useful to triple light magicians, with a high daily usage, or people with a photographic memory. Leez deduces that Asha was able to locate her multiple times thanks to this spell,[32][33] and when she couldn't, either her daily usage ran out, or she was outside the limits of the spell.[34] Asha finishes the map, and asks Ran if he can read it. Ran is annoyed by her pessimism, but then realizes that the map is extremely complicated. He picks a random direction, only to be informed by Asha that it's the other way.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Leez): Sorry for being late again... I keep having trouble finishing chapters (arcs). I want to stop being late, but the next chapter has lots of hard-to-draw parts, too...
    • A 4-Leez set: 1. 50% beauty, 2. 100% beauty, 3. 200% beauty, 4. Cheating.
    • These are close-ups of our main character, who will disappear for a while... She has appeared far more often than any other character because she was either the focus character, or alongside other characters when they were the focus. But I will miss Leez and co. (Asha, Yuta, Ran), who are my favorites.
    • A 4-Ran set: 1. Calm, 2. Surprised, 3. Fearful, 4. Wanna go home.
    • Ran's legs (in his current outfit) have not appeared so far... They are hidden behind his clothes, along with his pants.
  • Rana's alarm clock is shaped like Laila Hemawati, whom we first saw in Brilith's flashback about her exam.[35] Despite Laila's questionable fashion sense, Laila really is a beauty.[36]
  • Ran thinks that even Leez has a boyfriend to buy her clothes. Ironically, later on, he'll be the one buying her lots of clothes.[28]
  • Asha laments about the fact that she has to drag along two children. The first refers to Leez, but the second doesn't necessarily refer to Yuta.
  • This is the second time that there is a joke about involuntary manslaughter by magical accident.[37] As it turns out later, this isn't a joke.[38]
  • All events in the next 20 episodes of the chapter "The Night It Rained Fire" happened the night before Leez's group entered the water channel.
  • Ran thinks he can't manage the two kids, either. He has no idea how right he is.
  • This is the last episode of the chapter (arc), "Rival." The title could refer to:
    • the rivalry encouraged between Ran and Rana
    • the rivalry between Yuta and Mr. Kasak, who challenges Yuta to grow up and try to beat him up
    • the rivalry between Ran and Asha.

1-63 Rana drinking Mango Milk.png
Ran has it all wrong
1-63 maybe Ran is scared.png
Ran thinks it's too dangerous
1-63 Asha casts hoti surya.png
Ran can't use this spell
1-63 Asha's map drawn from memory.png
Ran tries to decipher Asha's map


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