Clari Utas is a half-blood of Gandharva heritage. She lives in Kalibloom and Zard Blain is her sponsor.


Clari looks like a young woman with short, blue hair and turquoise eyes. Her noticeable sura trait is her ears, in the form of dark purple fins.



During Gandharva's rampage in Kalibloom, she was caught up in emotional resonance. She was prevented from killing anyone by Zard Blaine, her sponsor.

Later, she admitted being ashamed of having endangered the people around her and that Zard had to subdue her.[1]


  • She participated in the test of the sword two previous times, but the first time a candidate drew the sword ahead of her and the second time her attempt failed.
  • Zard Blain, her sponsor, also stopped her during the N0 Cataclysm.
Clary Utas


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