I would like to thank all the contributors to this wiki, with special thanks to Rkrkaps5 who founded this wiki, and to IMacha who has contributed over 100 pages. Tigu basically shaped the front page of the wiki.

battradio, June 2012

This wiki was sort of "reborn" in mid-2013 with the addition of more contributors due to battradio's continued recruiting such as Tierra Nevada who did the translations for articles for transcendental skills and magic items (among many other things), Mizavari who added a ton of trivia information to the episode articles and expanded many other articles (notably Kubera Leez), Rojopixler who created many episode articles and populated them with images, Kitty1826xx who provided the PAD site to help us organize translations along with managing the workflow, and many, many others who helped (and continue to help) keep the wiki up-to-date.

I have to give a special shout-out to the our Korean→English translators. A lot of the wiki's content is thanks to Random-Webtoon-Fan. The most recent blog/afterword translations are thanks to Jay. We also appreciate those who helped us out in a pinch on occasion such as Internet and 0805*.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in the last three years!!
Horseshoe Crab, July 2016

Special listsEdit

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