Creative Fire
창조의 불꽃
Creative fire
Fire (Fire + Fire + Other for suras)
Target Individual
Effect(s) Restoration (permanent)
Creation (temporary)
Requirement Only effective on non-biological target
1% of required vigor is deducted from the summoner's vigor
Known user(s) Agni
Blog source Agni's skills

Creative Fire is a fire transcendental skill that can either create an object or restore.

Objects that are restored to their former state maintain their form permanently (only condition is to be already in existence). However, anything that has been created through this skill later disappears with a burst of fire.

Doesn't work for living creatures. 


Agni performed this skill multiple times: first on the vendor's display case that Leez destroyed and to create a flower of fire for Brilith.

Creative-Fire Agni-Brilith

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