Crescent Gate
신월의 문
1-70 Kasak and Agwen enter the Crescent Gate
Kasak and Agwen enter the gate[1]
Target distant location
Effect(s) travel to a faraway destination
Requirement 5th stage rakshasas and halfs over 100 years; sura form only
Known user(s) Kasak Rajof
Blog source Transcendental skills of supporting characters (2)

Crescent Gate is a transcendental skill that allows the user to travel the distance between the starting point and the destination in a far shorter time, but the two points must be located in the same realm. The door is only opened a short time, and closes shortly after you exit. It is a technique one should avoid abusing as there are things obstructing one's way and it is possible to get trapped in there forever.

The gate leads to a void between realms, currently filled with Taraka clan underlings, making it very dangerous to cross.[2]

Crescent gate

another view of the gate

Nastika-level suras have a similar transcendental, Full Moon Gate (만월의 문 - Gate of the Full Moon), but they cannot use it in the human realm.

5th-stage rakshasas and halfs over 100 years spontaneously get this ability. It is impossible for anyone else to learn this skill. Because 5th-stage rakshasas are rare and it is almost impossible for non-dragon halfs to use this transcendental (mainly because of the sura form requirement), it is primarily used by dragon halfs.

Kasak Rajof has used this skill three times so far in the story:

  • He transports his daughter Agwen Rajof from Mistyshore to Atera.[1]
    2-82 void

    temporarily trapped in the void[2]

  • When Agni sends Kasak from Atera to Kalibloom, the half dragon uses the gate to get to his destination as quickly as possible, but nearly gets trapped in the void by the Chaos clan suras and Taraka.[2] Yuta tells Kasak to not use the Gate of Crescent because they are completely different , because he has developed (meaning to 3rd stage sura see 2-97)
  • During his fight in space with Samphati, he freezes her before opening the gate and pushing her through.[3]


  • This skill earned Kasak the nickname "the fastest car on this star."[4]
  • Cloche remarks that Kasak uses this transcendental without much thought, and that he will learn a lesson once he gets "badly burnt."[5]
  • Currygom actually named this skill Gate of crescent in English on her blog, but since it sounds awkward in English, the fan translators decided to use the better-sounding Crescent Gate.
  • It is unknown at this point whether the entrance and exit are opened simultaneously or the exit is opened later as you pass through the gate realm.
  • This is the reason dragon half's ascertain this power at 100 years of age .In return for their Breath, dragons weren't capable of reproducing. Visnu prophesied that if things remained unchanged, the Vritra Clan would be the first sura clan to die out. In order to avoid such an outcome, he convinced Brahma to help. Brahma's spell enhanced the race's characteristics (numbed feelings), in return for dragon Halfs to become the equivalent of a 5th-stage rakshasa after a century. see history


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