Crimson Sunshine of Dawn
심훙의 새벽빛
Maruna - Crimson Sunshine of Dawn
Sky + Light + Fire
Target self-centered range
Effect(s) Damage (Physical, Heat, Electricity)
Requirement Human form only (without wings), Being Maruna
Known user(s) Maruna
Blog source Transcendental skills: Maruna

Crimson Sunshine of Dawn is a transcendental skill unique to Maruna.

When used, a circular area around the user is engulfed by a red glare and blown up. Its characteristic trait is that it turns the sky red. It is so powerful that it can pulverize entire mountains,[1] and takes effect with almost no delay. With enough vigor, it even enables the user to destroy planets.

It is not possible for Maruna to protect something/someone else inside the area of effect other than himself.

Maruna can only use it in human form, the greatest disadvantage of this skill.

It also gave the 'red sky incidents' their name.


Maruna used this skill to destroy Leez' village.[2]

He also used it to attack Atera[1][3] as well as during his fight against Leez in Kalibloom.[4]


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