Currygom occasionally holds Character popularity polls on her blog, and so far there have been seven polls.

Rank Poll #1 Poll #2 Poll #3 Poll #4 Poll #5
Poll #6
Poll #7
2-135 +
#1 Asha Rahiro Yuta Agni Yuta Gandharva Gandharva Yuta
#2 Agni God Kubera Yuta God Kubera Yuta Leez Haias Leez Haias
#3 Gandharva Asha Rahiro God Kubera Asha Rahiro Asha Rahiro Agni Gandharva
#4 Leez Haias Leez Haias Asha Rahiro Gandharva Agni God Kubera Saha On
#5 Maruna Agni Gandharva Agni Leez Haias Yuta Ran Sairofe
#6 Currygom Maruna Maruna Leez Haias God Kubera Ran Sairofe God Kubera
#7 Brilith Ruin Gandharva Leez Haias Maruna Ran Sairofe Asha Rahiro Agni
#8 Shakuntala Currygom Brilith Ruin Ran Sairofe Teo Rakan Teo Rakan Asha Rahiro
#9 Laila Hemawati Shakuntala Sagara Teo Rakan Lutz Sairofe Lutz Sairofe Chandra
#10 Lorraine Rartia Garuda Taksaka Brilith Ruin Maruna Kasak Rajof Kasak Rajof
#11 *see below Brilith Ruin Airi Yui Kasak Rajof Sagara Saha On Lutz Sairofe
#12 - Shuri Kasak Rajof Shess Kasak Rajof Brilith Ruin Sagara
#13 - Sagara Shuri Sagara Brilith Ruin Mirha Simon Maruna
#14 - Urvasi Shess Airi Yui Visnu Sagara Shess
#15 - Makara Kalavinka Rao Leez Urvasi Maruna Laila Hemawati
#16 - Laila Hemawati Visnu Taraka Taraka Airi Yui Mirha Simon
#17 - Ruche Seiran Agwen Rajof Kali Makara Rana Reimia Brilith Ruin
#18 - Airi Yui Ran Sairofe Hura Saha On Samphati Rao Leez
#19 - Lorraine Rartia Rana Reimia Riagara Agwen Rajof Laila Hemawati Airi Yui
#20 - Manasvin Lorraine Rartia Lorraine Laila Hemawati Lorraine Rartia Rana Reimia
#21 - - Kaz Lehn Elwin Rakan Claude Yui Claude Yui Agwen Rajof
#22 - - Vasuki Claude Yui Shakuntala Tilda Melliot Visnu
#23 - - Riagara Cloche Ananta Siera Sies Samphati
#24 - - Clophe Siera Sies Hura Akasha Hura
#25 - - Leny Pingara Hanuman Ruche Seiran Tilda Melliot
#26 - - Hura Zard Blain Clophe Urha Simon Lorraine Rartia
#27 - - Eiraheeari Catroshife Ruche Seiran Siera Sies Leda Halo Claude Yui
#28 - - Cloche Praul Ajes Lorraine Rartia Lilia Shu Jatayu
#29 - - Pingara Clary Utas Manasvin Natasha Ross Ruche Seiran
#30 - - Ruche Seiran Riche Seiran Parr Hael Erin Florussi Urha Simon
#31 - - - - Riagara - -
#32 - - - - Menaka - -
#33 - - - - Tilda Melliot - -
#34 - - - - Zard Blain - -
#35 - - - - Cloche - -
#36 - - - - Elwin Rakan - -
#37 - - - - Pingara - -
#38 - - - - Ruche Seiran - -
#39 - - - - Clari Utas - -
#40 - - - - Riche Seiran - -

Poll #1 write-in votes:

  1. curry mushroom eaten by Maruna
  2. Jibril Ajes
  3. Haas Lehn
  4. Brilith's autograph that Agni burned
  5. Asha's A++ magic license
  6. Kaz Lehn
  7. Asha's fur cloak
  8. Ruche Seiran
  9. Anna Haias
  10. Rao Leez
  11. God Kubera from the Prologue
  12. Peil Sairofe
  13. (tie) Asha's lollipop, curry soda, curry mushrooms
  14. Brilith's hat made for Asha
  15. (tie) Babo Kim's glasses, gold coin that met its end in room 512
  16. Garuda halfs from Episode 12
  17. bouquet Agni made for Brilith
  18. (tie) Roen Renode, Atera's barrier, Babo Kim's self-cleaning, fiery, fake muscles hoodie, float swimsuit and patch, Laila's mask, Leez's gold coin, soy sauce
  19. (tie) dark-haired girl (Prologue), guy hit in the face (Prologue)
  20. (tie) curry mushroom patch Gandharva slept on, ankle-biter who called Leez "Shorty", girl with blue ponytail (Prologue), fluffy things that authenticated an interesting face, Asha's blanket, weight of Currygom hammer, Currygom's Math Series 3, Gandharva's eye patch
  21. (tie) Atera's office lady, curry mushroom Leez chewed and spit out, mushroom skewers Agni got for free, Asha's lollipop wrapper, Jibril Ajes's heirloom, the 100 Curries book Agni read in Episode 15, animal held by Kaz in Episode 19, mysterious thing in room 512, mushroom skewers vendor
  22. (tie) Gandharva's clothes, Leez's clothes, babbling girl (Prologue), Rao Leez's autobiography, glowing necklace made by Agni for Leez, Agni's orange clothes, Asha's pajamas, temple guards in Episode 6
  23. (tie) administrators for the third magic test, Atera's male office worker, guard sent home early during the red sky attack, the guards who didn't believe him, currygom hat, currygom plushy, the summoned thing in Episode 6, the gold bracelet in Agni's insight, temple donations, God Kubera's cape, Gandharva's hair tie, Gandharva's fur-collared coat, the tree Gandharva leaned on, Gandharva's bottle of alcohol from Maruna's flashback, building Maruna stepped on, room 511 door Asha destroyed, scarf Asha wore during her magic exam, wall Asha leaned on, Agni's outfit during his first appearance, pillow Agni hugged while sleeping, glass display case Agni fixed, pitiful guy Agni will have a conversation with, Brilith's priest robes, boy who said he loved Brilith, snowman in the flashback from Brilith's childhood with Agni (when she threw a snowball at him), curry mushroom bag Leez tossed aside, tree Leez uprooted to hit Gandharva, guy from Gandharva's flashback who said never trust a god, suras that Asha killed in the third test, pillar Asha sliced in the third test, Currygom portrait in room 511, heart that appeared when Gandharva mistook Leez for Shakuntala

Poll #2 write-in votes:

  1. Rinn
  2. wisdom teeth
  3. the piece of paper Asha spent two hours writing on and Leez scrunched up
  4. Maruna's portrait of Shakuntala
  5. the woman in God Kubera's and Agni's insights
  6. organic popcorn
  7. dried persimmons on fire
  8. Visnu
  9. the snowman Agni apparently made
  10. the hair tie used to tie up 3rd-stage Maruna's hair
  11. the sofa Asha sat on
  12. the fish head
  13. (tie) The Golden Knight / Asha's fur cloak / the bouquet Agni made
  14. (tie) the hat Brilith gave Asha / the piece of paper where Yuta said he couldn't tell them his name
  15. (tie) Asha's blanket / Gandharva's eye patch / the flower necklace Shakuntala gave Maruna
  16. Gandharva's ice bath
  17. (tie) curry mushroom / the lollipop Asha unwrapped with her teeth / A++ magic license
  18. Asha's pajamas
  19. the food Yuta threw up
  20. (tie) the halfs Maruna rescued / Yuta's pen and notepad
  21. (tie) gold coin / Gandharva's hair tie / 2nd-stage upanis / Yuta's cloak / the cloak the woman in the insights was wearing
  22. Chandra
  23. (tie) Haas Lehn / Yuta's sword
  24. (tie) barrier seat / Hunter's Eyes x50 / vegetarian noodles
  25. (tie) Brilith's clothes / the tree Agni almost burned / the butterfly Agni almost burned / the birds following Yuta