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Dark Vermilion Flash
어둔 주홍의 빛
1-74 blog 10081063186 dark vermilion flash
Fire + Destruction or

Fire + Destruction + Destruction or

Fire + Fire + Destruction
Target long-range area
Effect(s) damage (physical + heat)
Requirement sura form only
Known user(s) Kasak Rajof
Blog source Transcendental skills of supporting characters (1)

Dark Vermilion Flash is a transcendental skill that shoots red and black streaks from a rift in the sky, which then spreads around the target.

When a target is hit by this light, the wound resembles the cleaving action of hoti marut plus burns to its target . It may look like lightning, but there is no electricity involved.

This skill requires relatively low vigor despite being a wide-area assault, but it is easy to evade and can only be used in sura form.

This is apparently one of Kasak Rajof's weaker attacks, since he uses it after noticing that all his attacks are only hitting "the little one" during the second attack on Atera.[1]


  1. KuberaSeason 1 Episode 74: The Night it Rained Fire (11)

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