Destructive Breath is a fire- and destruction-aligned unique transcendental skill of the Vritra clan.

Breath is a unique transcendental of all Vritra clan nastikas; however, the effect of Breath depends greatly on the source attribute. Most forms of Breath show fire or lightning effects, but Destructive Breath (also known as invisible fire)[1] has no visible effects at all, making it even more dangerous and harder to dodge.

At the moment, the only beings with matching attributes are the nastika Taksaka and a half of his bloodline, Kasak Rajof.

The Breath transcendentals do not necessarily need to be fired from a dragon's mouth, but the attack is more powerful and quicker that way.[2]


  • Taksaka is able to destroy stars with his Breath alone.
  • The strength of the Breath transcendental was the cause for the penalty that the Vritra clan received. See also: Vritra Clan


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

During the second sura attack on Atera, Kasak uses this attack after gauging the strength of the Ananta clan suras. Riagara refers to his skill as invisible fire. This attack causes Hura's first death of the night, after which Riagara orders Hura to use its Transcendental Trap in order to redirect all future attacks from Kasak to itself.[1]

In a flashback, Taksaka uses his Breath to puncture holes in nearby mountains in order to demonstrate that he is more powerful in human form than Vasuki is in any form. Vasuki complains that he fights for hierarchy even with those from different clans.[1]

Kasak later fires a weaker version of this attack from his hand while Maruna had his mouth clamped shut. Maruna dodges quickly thanks to his natural high speed, so Kasak barely clips his left wing.[3]


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