Divine affinity (Hangul: 신성친화도; RR: sin-seong-chin-hwado) gauges the talent for magic.[1] It is almost always set at birth. Pure-blood humans and quarters can train to increase their divine affinity through meditation and mental discipline, but the change is generally negligible.[2] However, some godly items, such as the Golden Knight, will increase the user's divine affinity by a fixed amount when worn.

All halfs have a divine affinity of 0. In some rare cases, quarters can have a divine affinity of 0 as well, but it appears to be practically unheard of for pure-bloods. A notable exception to this rule is Kubera Leez, who has a divine affinity that was measured at 0 during the Test of the Sword.[3]

Back when fiendish magic was available, there was no relation between divine affinity and fiendish affinity, but a person with a divine affinity over 1000 would usually have a fiendish affinity of 0.

See also: Magic 


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