Eline Haias is a pure-blood human and the dean of Mistyshore University. Her husband is Huan Sairofe, the Priest of Water in Mistyshore.


Eline appears as an older woman, with light skin tone and short light-brown hair. She wears a long black dress, short purplish gloves and a purple neck-piece that she wears over the dress. The neck-piece seems to come with a hood, and partially covers her arms, having furry endings on the arm-extensions.


Not much is known about her, but she appears to like reading books, and is not surprised easily, as the mentioning of Asha did not faze her.

She has a secret deal with Rana Reimia involving her nephew Ran's graduation, and she does not seem to have great expectations about Ran.


  • She has the same last name as Anna Haias; their exact relationship is unknown at this time.



Before the N0 Cataclysm she was the #3-ranked magician on planet Willarv and a triple-visnu. The two best magicians died during the Cataclysm and she would have gained the #1 ranking, but because Visnu disappeared and Asvins replaced him with a far weaker jurisdiction, she is currently ranked #22 as a triple-asvins.

Season 1Edit

8: The Wavering KingEdit

(6) Eline first appears in Ran's thoughts, while he is imagining everyone's reactions to him failing topology again.

9: RivalEdit

(2) Eline interrupts a conversation between Huan and Rana. She says that Rana must be worried since she is getting older with no signs of Ran graduating soon, and that by the time he does graduate the conditions they set may no longer be valid. When Huan asks if she made a bet with Rana, she just says that she'll tell him after Ran graduates.

Season 2 Edit

31: Your Justice and MineEdit

2-145 deal

(11) Rana has a flashback of her and Eline striking a deal. Eline shows Rana an item that can slow down aging, and offers it to her with the following conditions: She must get Ran to graduate, get engaged to him, and then Eline will give her the item.