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2-116 Eloth

city view[1]

2-102 Saha and Lutz

silhouettes of Saha On and Lutz Sairofe, the two priests of Eloth[2]


the last transport from Planet Carte, which landed in Eloth

Eloth (엘로스) is a northern city on the Garuda continent. The Temples of Creation and Light are located here.


This is the City of Light and Creation, but it has also been referred to as the City of Steel by Agwen Rajof.[3] The Human Search System is located here, as well as the renowned Eloth University.

This city is where the rescue transport from Planet Carte landed in the year N5 with Asha Rahiro on board.


Temple of CreationEdit

God of Creation: Brahma
Priest of Creation: Lutz Sairofe

Lorraine Rartia, as the #4-ranked magician, is higher-qualified to be the temple's priest, but she ran away and dumped the responsibility onto Lutz.

Ran Sairofe sent the Hide of Bondage to Eloth so his older brother Lutz could alter it. Ran wanted to send the Neutral Bow to be altered as well, but learned that it had already been altered by Lorraine at Riche Seiran's request.[4]

Temple of LightEdit

God of Light: Surya
Priest of Light: Saha On

Saha On is the #1-ranked magician of Willarv. His staff includes Tilda Melliot, his personal bodyguard.[5]


Eloth Magic GuildEdit

2-107 Eloth Magic Guild
2-93 Eloth Magic Guild 1
2-116 Eloth Magic Guild
2-93 Eloth Magic Guild 2

Tilda Melliot is the General Manager of the Eloth Magic Guild and personal bodyguard to the Guild Branch President, Saha On.[5]


Eloth UniversityEdit

Eloth has a renowned University of Magic. Agwen Rajof was recently a professor of Topology there, before she transferred to Mistyshore University. She is still remembered as the strictest magic teacher ever in the whole university.[6] Asha tells Leez that Agwen was her professor at the university.[7]


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