Elwin Rakan is a Yaksha clan half and a member of the Kalibloom Fighters Guild; Teo Rakan is her sponsor as well as her adoptive mother.[1]

She is one of the halfs that Teo sponsors. Her parents were halfs whose identity remains unclear. Teo adopted her after the Cataclysm, and so she took the last name of Rakan. Elwin was very young at the time of the Cataclysm, so she does not remember much.

Elwin is the first appearing half/quarter with matching inherited attributes.

She lives at the Fighters Guild.



Elwin has a very bright and chatty personality. She easily trusts strangers.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Elwin is able to hear sura speech, a rare ability among halfs.

She can run much faster than a normal half , she learned to fight from a friend of Teo. She has high transcendental skills, but her combat sense is still at a low level. Rather than weapon techniques, she has invested a lot of time in learning transcendentals.


Season 2Edit

Elwin was the one to find Gandharva pretending to be wounded outside of Kalibloom.

She ran into Yuta once outside of Kalibloom and advised him to take the safer path, not the one leading to some upani-level sura. When she noticed he could speak in the way of suras, she made him promise to teach it to her the next time they meet.

Elwin was abducted by Riagara during the Test of the Sword because the rakshasa thought she could be used to hold Yuta off. Later, she is left to die as sura food, but is apparently saved by Maruna who has nothing against halfs of allied clans. He later carries her off when a surafied Gandharva used Water Spout and Tidal Wave to attack Kalibloom.

After the invasion, it seems like Maruna let her go. She meets Gandharva somewhere away from the city. Ironically she then invited the nastika, who had altered his age and appearance, back into the city, thinking he was a half.


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