1-60 rampaging Halfs

Halfs under emotional resonance during the Cataclysm

Emotional resonance is a phenomenon experienced by inferior suras and halfs in which they feel the extreme emotions of their clan's king, and act accordingly, often violently.


The emotional resonance that occurred during the N0 Cataclysm caused friends and family alike to turn on each other; Ran Sairofe's Yaksha-half mother tried to kill him, and Kasak Rajof, a half-dragon, killed both his wife and his daughter's lover.

In the year N15, the last and most recent known case of emotional resonance was caused by Gandharva after Teo Rakan's death. His distress resonated with all the inferior suras of his clan along with all the Gandharva halfs. This, again, caused considerable problems for the humans protecting the cities from sura attacks at the time, but fortunately this case did not last very long.

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