This is the Prologue (teaser) for the Korean webtoon series Kubera: One Last God. All ten of the main characters, plus Rana Reimia, make an appearance.


loss - force - opportunity - promises - enemies - revenge - justice - protection - love


A blue-haired woman attempts to tutor math, only confusing a man with a long braid.

A green-haired girl (a girl with a god's name) eats some curry-flavored snacks.

We see a mysterious magician with very pale blue hair.

The characters are said to be stuck between suras and an idiot bum.

This is a multi-genre fantasy.

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I'm really sorry for those who had expected Episode 1.
Instead, I uploaded the prologue, which is full of future plot twists.
But it's rather (?) long for a prologue, so please bear with me... <cry>

link problems; amazement at so many comments

(thumbnail - Asha): I drew this prologue right after I was contacted by Naver to start a official webtoon, so the drawing style is similar to what I used in the Best Challenge version.

But from Episode 1 forward, many things will be different.


The ten main characters are (in order of appearance) Gandharva, Kubera, Maruna, Sagara, Brilith Ruin, Kubera Leez, Yuta, Ran Sairofe, Asha Rahiro, and Agni. Rana Reimia, the blue-haired woman, also makes an appearance. All ten make their first appearance in Season 1.

Gandharva's themes are Loss and Solitude.

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  • Throughout the story, we learn of his many losses: he is weakened, isolated in the human realm, searching for his daughter, who may be dead,[1] his wife is dead,[2] his friends are gone,[3] and his clan is devastated.[4]
  • His eye is also shown bleeding, probably in reference to the fact that he removes one of his eyes to fool the human checkpoints (it is on the wrong side here, however).[5]

Kubera's themes are Force, Opportunity, and Promises.

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  • Among gods, he has great physical strength.
  • He also commands the armies of suras to do his bidding.
  • He has made at least three separate promises:
    • towards Gandharva, whom he promised to help find his daughter[6]
    • towards Maruna, whom he promised to help find his siblings[7]
    • and towards Leez, whom he promised to protect.[6]
    • In Season 2, we learn that he also made a promise to Ananta, which he did not keep.[8]

Maruna's themes are Enemies, Revenge, and Transcendence.

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  • Leez swore revenge against him after he destroyed her village.
  • He also attacked Atera.
  • Transcendence refers to his use of transcendental skills.
  • He is also wearing a pair of red gloves. Gandharva gave them to him in Season 2.[9]

Sagara and Brilith's joint themes are Justice and Responsibility.

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  • Brilith puts her life on the line to protect her city out of a sheer sense of responsibility.
  • Sagara looks down on this dedication, and also thinks bitterly of her own clan which refuses to support her goals.
  • The scene shown is when Sagara and her army attack Atera. Sagara is using one of her transcendental attacks.

Leez and Yuta's joint themes are Love and Protection.

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  • Yuta has a crush on Leez the moment he meets her. The scene shown occurs at the end of Season 1.[10]
  • Leez also cares for him as a little brother.
  • Both have tried to protect one another throughout the series.

Ran and Rana are shown studying math.

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  • Rana is a university professor and has been tutoring Ran for a long time.
  • Ran keeps failing to graduate, especially because of Topology.


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